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Episode 6x03 / Why Sawyer could see the boy
« on: February 17, 2010, 12:18:16 AM »
Does anyone else think that Sawyer seeing the boy meant that Sawyer was THE candidate that would be the new protector of the insland. I think that seeing the boy proved to MIB/Unlocke that he was the new man in charge to replace Jacob. Unlocke seemed so surprised that Sawyer could see the boy. It reminded me of when Ben was surprised that Locke could hear Jacob in the cabin.

Ben and Locke both tell the O6 they need to go back to help the ones left behind but the ones left behind seem to be enjoying a nice life with the DI. At this point they do not need the O6 to return to save them. They did need Locke to turn the FDW to stop the flashes, but did they need the O6 to return also?

I think the reason of returning to save those that are left behind is just a con to get them back to the island in order to save the island not to save those left behind.

Episode 5x08 / What happened to Rose and Bernard
« on: March 05, 2009, 10:00:25 AM »
What ever happend to Rose and Bernard?

Since we did not see them in the DI with Sawyer and his group could the Others have found them? If the Others did find them did they kill them or bring them into thier group? It seemed like Sawyer and Jin were still looking for the O6 + Locke to come back, so if they were looking for signs of the O6 + Locke returning  for the past three years wouldn't they have found Rose and Bernard?  Do you think that Sawyers group tried to look for Rose and Bernard or do you think they just assumed they are dead?

I hope they explain what happend to them at some point.

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