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Other shows / Michael Emerson discovers baseball and loves it
« on: June 04, 2014, 01:34:13 PM »
"Carrie and I are not what you would call “sports-oriented”— we’re the kind who go to a Super Bowl party and only watch the halftime show— but since I got to LA for my hiatus we have been having a blast going to Los Angeles Dodgers games! We love the view of the field and the city beyond the stadium, the transition from day to night, the messy peanuts and giant beers and all the crazy clapping and cheering rituals. And we love the stats and strategies and the personalities of of our players. We might actually qualify as Dodger fans! (At least until I go back to work in New York— I might have to get serious about the Mets or the Yankees!) Anyway, I’ll always remember the summer of 2014 as the season we discovered live baseball. Better late than never!"

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