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Episode 5x05 / Who's the leader?
« on: February 12, 2009, 07:42:00 PM »
This is something thats been bothering me... (i know Ben told us this but) If you turn the FDW, that means you can never come back right?  So if Jacob/Christian/the island wanted Locke to turn it in the first place... who is supposed to be the leader of the others? Is the island unhappy with Locke? does it want Ben to be the leader? i'm confused and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts to maybe help me wrap my brain around this.. Thanks

Episode 5x02 / Butcher Ticket 342
« on: January 26, 2009, 10:02:40 PM »
Did anyone else have a feeling about the number on the butcher shop ticket? My first thought was, "well, there's one of those numbers again" because the 3 in 342 is faded a bit bringing 42 out of the background. But something just hit me... Could this be our new bearing? it has changed once already... 325, 305... 342? I guess Daniel will tell us when he's done with his little gadget lol.

Episode 5x02 / What about...?
« on: January 25, 2009, 05:35:22 AM »
Henry Gale? Do you guys think we're actually going to see the real Henry Gale come to the island? Will he be a Widmore ally? Could be why he's dead but doesn't really explain why he's buried.

Whoa! Just had a thought... what if Henry Gale is really future Walt coming back to the island and he dies because of "flashes" and one of the losties buries him out of respect... IDK

Any thoughts?

LOST Talk / A Few Things I Thought Of....
« on: September 21, 2008, 10:21:42 PM »
Hello all,

I really don't know where to post this, and everyone seems to be reading and posting here, so I thought I'd give it a try... so here goes. I rewatched the pilot episode the other day and I noticed something... Charlie was supposed to be IN the aisle where the plane broke apart... essentially, he would have died had he been there... (being flung from his chair) then Jack picked him up when he, Jack and Kate were running from, then unknown, smokie... Then Locke gets him off of the heroin... and then we all know about Desmond saving him so many times... I guess what I'm getting at is... Was Charlie supposed to die BEFORE getting to the island? There were ALOT of times where he was "supposed" to die but someone or something saved him. I have absolutely no idea what could be behind this so I'm really on here looking for others thoughts here. Anyway, I was also watching a special LOST thing where they showed "White Rabbit" and had the kind of stuff that we saw in the "enhanced episodes" with little tidbits of info along the bottom from time to time. It said on one of those things that "it's been said that certain people were supposed to die and others were meant to live because they 'have work to do' for the island". So I saw this and I asked myself... "what did Charlie DO for the island?" I couldn't come up with anything except for when he helped Jack get out of the cave collapse...

So anyway, thanks for listening to my ramble and I'd love to hear your thoughts... Thanks again.

Episode 4x12 / Something interesting I found
« on: May 26, 2008, 11:55:56 PM »
I was just reading some posts here and and I read something that made me want to go back and watch the season 2 finale "Live Together, Die Alone". I know this isn't high priorety stuff but interesting none-the-less. (and since people are still posting here, I figured it's as good a place as any) Anyway, I noticed that when the Portugese guy calls Penny to say "we found it" her alarm clock reads a time of 3:05. Foreshadow? Purpose? Who knows but the TPTB... I thought it was kind of cool either way.

Episode 4x11 / Question...
« on: May 12, 2008, 10:03:16 PM »
I just have a question, and since people are still posting here, I thought I would too. Where are we going to be posting for the next 2 episodes? There's no threads. I'm hoping there will be. And if there is, and I'm overlooking them, could someone please direct me to them? thanks

Episode 4x10 / 4 years missing?
« on: May 02, 2008, 12:27:42 AM »
Hey gang. I think I just put something together (which I don't normally have the brain capacity for).  :D Anyway... Horace (sp?) was in the previews right? said he's been dead for what 12, 13 years? even if its not him, hes DHARMA, thats for sure. But he died in the purge 12 or 13 years ago while Russeau (sp?) had been there for 16 years. Am I missing something or are there 4 years that should be accounted for? thoughts?

Episode 4x09 / 2 people watching
« on: April 30, 2008, 12:57:13 AM »
Hey all. I was just rewatching this ep. and noticed that when Sayid tackles Ben, there are 2 people watching it go down. Any thoughts on if they're important or not? Usually D&C don't put anything in the show with no relevance.

Episode 4x09 / Why would Ben need to ask the date?
« on: April 25, 2008, 01:10:56 AM »
Ben asked the woman at the hotel, room and board thing what the date was. Then he asked, "2005?" like he was trying to confirm that he was in the right place. Is this proof of time travel? He did look like he was wigging out when we first saw him in that jacket in the desert. Thoughts?

Episode 4x08 / Okay, here's one... How did Tom get off the island????
« on: March 21, 2008, 07:03:33 AM »
OK, no one is asking this, and I don't have a clue as to how Tom got off the island without the sub. To my knowledge and quick analysis of the timeline, the sub is definately blown by the time "the christmas season" comes around.  Help?! feedback? anyone?

Episode 4x08 / Russeau on Ben's side?
« on: March 20, 2008, 11:37:45 PM »
Why was Russeau so agreeable to what Ben was saying. Why, all of a sudden does she seem to trust him? An while we're on it, who the heck was shooting at them? I was thinking Ben set them up but then I saw someone say that it might have been the guy from the boat that Lapidus brought over... he was skeet shooting earlier in the episode.

LOST Talk / Found this on the time difference...
« on: February 28, 2008, 05:38:22 AM »
Thought this was interesting, I can't take credit for it, but I thought it was worth posting. Its a bit long and I apologize for that, and it says who posted it and where at the bottom. Thanks

"This article is 100% my theory, i didnt reference anyone else or lostpedia or anything, this is a pretty long article but i hope you enjoy! : )

Wanna learn an something crazy?

ok remember the second episode of season 1? (Pilot-Part 2)

well thats the episode where sayid, boone, shannon, sawyer, charlie, and kate go to see if they can get a signal with there radio device, well during that scene where they transmission repeats the "interation" it ranges from 17294531 to 17294535, according to sayid the message is roughly 30 seconds long.

ok so check this:

i started with the first interation number i heard which was "17294531" that was the first day on the island "Day 1". on the last episode of season 3 jack and the gang go to the radio tower where they go to remove roussoue's message, i heard the interation number then, i listened to it at least 5 times just to make sure i wasnt making a mistake.

The number was "17550445"

so basically i was curius as to how long they spent on the island ( how long they spent until that day that turned off the distress signal) so heres how i figured it

17550445(day of eliminating distress) - 17294531 (day of arrival) = 255914 (amount of 30 second intervals spent on the island)

so i needed to get the amount of seconds spend so i multiplied that number by 30

hence the number 7677420 (amount of seconds)

now i have to get minutes 7677420 / 60 = 127957

now hours 127957 / 60 = 2132.61666...

now days 2132.61666... / 24

total days equals 88.9 days..... (88 days 21 hours 36 minutes)

now check this

i found out that the episode "Through the lookinglass" that that was day 93

i know what your thinking OMG!! thats different from your equation, could this be because of the 30 minute 18 second delay as the rocket was? lets see.....

could there be a 30 minute 18 second delay per day on the island as from the real world?

well lets see lets add 30 minutes and 18 seconds per day to the 88 days 21 hours and 36 minutes that i got from my equation, well i gotta turn the 88 days blah blah blah back into minutes then add 30 minutes times 88 days, i wont write that down i dont want to bore you so just one second.....

well i did it and it turns out at the time of removing the distress tape and the actual time at the mainland differs 1.85 days or 1 day 20 hours 22 minutes, now i am off by 3 days, but thats not because i did the equation wrong, its because the interation isnt exactly 30 seconds and because i do not know the exact hours o and minutes of day 93. also i rounded a lot to get my equations, if i had a better calculator that my computer i could most likely figure this out damn near exact.

now you wonder why did i bring this subject up? well for one this had to of meant that the producers knew that the time would be different at the end of season 3, but thats not really relevant to anything, my major point is is that all these people who have been having theorys about how the time is different must actually be somewhat true ( and im not talking about the island itselfs time difference) i mean all these theories of going into different time/ dimension realms or whatever, i mean this is one hell of a confuseing concept, but with this proven fact (from the show not real life lol) this could open up all possibilities for new episodes that we havent even thought about, i mean think about it its not really december 23rd on the island its december 18th, that means that there is two locations with different times (significant ones) i mean the longer someone stays on this island the farther and farther the time on the mainland goes ahead, ben has spent damn near his whole life on the island, hes probly a couple years younger than he would be if he was on the mainland.

could this time difference have something to do with why ben was born early? is it possible that he is the reason for time difference or something? or like he was meant to be on the island? and what about the supposably "Fake" plane? is it possible that one plane was split into two planes due to crossing over to another time plane?

i use to think that this was rediculous, that the creators couldnt do the whole " time dimension thing" but as soon as they did the whole "30 minute 18 second" delay, they opened up a whole new range of possibilities, do you think this is pretty accurate? do you think that the other plane could be a time split? does this time thing have anything to do with the pilot on the fake airplane not having his wedding ring on? like once he crossed the time zone he for some reason took it off? for who knows what reason?

what im saying is is that if this time split theory that i have going on is true (which it sure as hell looks like it) that one pilot on one plane had different actions that the other?

now that i think about it i might have it semi-backwards, ex. instead of ben being a couple years younger hes a couple years older

what other possibilities does this open up for the story of lost?

What do you think of this? does it sound reasonable/logical? or am i talking out my ass? because it sounds ok to me

(if you copy this article to show it to someone or post in another forum please make sure you say it was created by LS1234review at

thank you"

Episode 4x01 / Head Peeking From Behind the Basketball Goal
« on: February 08, 2008, 06:14:54 AM »
I was just rewatching this episode and i noticed something creepy. When Jack tell Hurley he wins the game of horse and walks away to get his jacket, the screen goes really wide for a minute and you can see over the backboard someone or something (its black... abaddon?) pops up behind the backboard. spy? smokey? no idea... i need feedback

Episode 4x02 / "Don't tell them my last name"
« on: February 08, 2008, 12:12:33 AM »
why would Miles be worried about "strom" do we know any strom's? or did he just not want to give the losties too much info?

Episode 4x02 / A Man on Their Boat
« on: February 07, 2008, 11:27:33 PM »
this is just utter speculation and my initial first thought, but could this me Michael? Ben did tell him to go a certain direction.

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