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Spoiler Theories and Speculation / Spoiler about My Package....
« on: September 24, 2010, 01:27:57 PM »
that contained the Blu-ray box set. You all have a sick mind. Anyway! So the package comes as the base of a pyramid or temple of some sort. When you open the Lid, which has a large LOST emblazoned on it, the reverse side has a raised map of the island. Kind of topographical, but no real location markers or anything. Just a map of the Island. Has some girth and texture to it, its kind of nice. Back to topic. When you explore the fun contents of the packaging you find a black light pen. Seems a bit out of place. So I kept the black light pen out to play around with it and I closed the package up and put everything back together the way it was. I liked the Map as opposed to the LOST lid, so I placed the lid upside down so the map would show. I was playing with the black light pen, looking for fun things around the packaging, and was having no luck, until I shone the light on the Island Map now showing as a lid to the packaging. I saw a little violet discoloration. So I turned out all the lights and tried this experiment again. Clear as day, across nearly the entire island, was an image of the Donkey Wheel. This intrigued me, so I turned the lights on and started looking around the contents again. I started to think how this would pertain to the show's theme or story, and was starting to get confused. I looked back at the lid of the packaging. I noticed on each corner of the raised rectangular map there was a symbol. Directly matched up to these symbols were symbols on the lowered lid. The Symbols did not match. So i took a hold of two of the corners of the Map and turned gently. A slight give. Exhilarated, I turned until the map had gone 90 degrees to be creating a cross out of the two separate portions of the lid. I lifted the map away to reveal a hidden disc.

I have yet to partake in the hidden disc because I want my Fiancee to find the secret and we will watch it together. Anyway, I thought I would share that little story of LOST's last little gift to me. Everything this show gave use for 6 solid seasons will never be forgotten for alot of fans.  I am sure that once I watch the disc the Journey will officially be over, but the end is not what matters, but the path one takes to get there.

« on: August 24, 2010, 02:48:51 PM »
Hey Guys and Gals. Its your friendly neighborhood IAJ here. Just wanted to start up a topic for anyone to talk about the Blu-Ray Box set. Just picked it up and it (so far) is fantastic. I haven't even gotten near a Player for it, but the packaging is amazing by itself. It seems there are still a few secrets left for us to find which is pretty awesome. Anyway, here it is. For anyone that still frequents SWLS, Let's do this!

Episode 6x16 / Questions?
« on: May 25, 2010, 11:00:28 AM »
Okay so I keep reading about questions people have about things on the show. I feel very comfortable with how everything was tied up, and have stated that many times. Every time I ask someone for specifics on questions they still have on the show I am left with another explaination about how the show left questions unanswered. No specifics are mentioned. You'd think with this plethora of unanswered questions I could get a new list to work on. So I figured maybe I would start a new thread. Specific questions will get specific answers. If a specific question elicits a longer response that has already been answered at length to my knowledge I'll llink to it. Not being a prick with this, I am just trying to help.

Episode 6x16 / Numbers...Valenzetti....An....swer?
« on: May 24, 2010, 04:01:25 PM »
So remember the backstory of the Valenzetti equation? THE numbers were numbers that were inherent to an equation that would lead to the end of the world. People worked to change a number so they could save the world. Maybe the number that was changed was Locke's switched with Kate's....Just thought the whole misdirection about Kate kind of mirrored the "change a number" thought on the Valenzetti. Probably nothing, but this is how I think about my theories.

Episode 6x16 / LOST: For dummies
« on: May 24, 2010, 02:19:33 PM »
Disclaimer. Not Calling any particular person on here a dummy. Just venting.

The Island is a real place with a real Purpose.

Dharma was really there. Dharma made possible the side effect that allowed Desmond to make MiB vulnerable.

The Island never let anyone have babies to keep Societies from building up.

815 Crashed on the island.

There were 42 Survivors.

Relationships were formed.

They made their way off the island and were brought back because they had a purpose there.

The purpose turns out to be replacing Jacob and protecting the Light on the island.

Jack steps up and takes the job. Replaces Jacob.

Final battle with MiB. Defeated and Light replaced by a self sacrificial move by Jack.

Jack makes Hurley the new protector.

Hurley selects Ben as his assistant.

Jack dies.

A good amount of the survivors of 815 start their afterlife, beginning their jouney where their lives converged. On Flight 815.

They Land and go about the lives they have constructed in order to redeem themselves from their former lives. (Kate wrongfully accused, Sawyer a cop, Jack a good dad)

Near death experiences in the ALT seem to trigger memories from the island.

Desmond is Awakened, and gains realization in both timelines.

Desmond starts gathering all the people who had strong connections to each other on the Island to prepare them to cross over.

Once they gain realization of their own deaths they all meet at the Church where Jack was going to bury his father.

Jack gains realization after touching his father's coffin. He goes in to join all of the people he grew connected to over his time on the island.

They all cross over together.


This is the chain of events that makes up the core story behind the show. Just for those people that are still confused about whether anyone survived or not.

Episode 6x16 / Bittersweetly Perfect
« on: May 24, 2010, 01:09:58 PM »
  LOST has enveloped my life for 6 years and has effected me in such a powerful way, I am not really sure how to feel about it being over. I would like to start by saying that the finale was, in the only term I can think of for it, perfect. It reminded us all that the characters were what the story was all about, and the relationships that were molded on that Island would last through all time. No show on TV has ever illicited such an emotional response from me to the point I actually had to figuratively "Tap Out." (Charlie and Claire) I am so thankful for everyone involved with the show for giving me this gift over the past 6 years. I would also like to thank SWLS Forums for giving me a place to come and talk through my ideas. Without this place I am pretty certain I would be in circles now about what I saw in LOST, however I actually feel like I have a pretty good grasp on everything we saw in the show. That's right, I said everything. And with that said I am going to go of with my process of walking through my thoughts.

  As I said up there, I thought the finale was perfect in every way. It had the reight amount of twists, while remaining Lost to its core. The explaination of the Flash Sideways was excellently pulled off and completely made sense. As usual, there will be people asking questions that really have no bearing on what went on, and if they take a minute to think about it, the answer would come to them. (Why wasn't David at the Church is one of them) Along with giving us the conclusion to the flash sideways, they also tied up the War on the Island between MiB and Jack. Every person had a part to play and everyone played it. The game played out perfectly and had the right amount on suspense, and a perfect reward. We have ourselves two tragic heros in Jack and Desmond, both sacrifice themselves, but only one of them actually becomes truly tragic and dies as our final frame rolls. We have a true antagonist who gets his justice in the end. Absolutely fantastic stories playing out on screen last night.

  I know there are going to be questions people have about how everything was answered, but the story has been told. If your questions haven't been, they probably have been even if we haven't figured them out yet, then they won't be. The questions that mattered to the characters we love, and hated (Ana Lucia), have been addressed very well and completely. I really don't have any questions left about this show, and I am so grateful that TPTB gave us this gem of television history. Once again, thank you.


Episode 6x14 / Probably nothing but...
« on: May 17, 2010, 12:52:22 PM »
Anyone else have about 6 seconds of soundless black before the episode started up? I had an issue where I thought my DVR was hiccupping. Like I said, probably nothing but a DVR hiccup, but I am wondering if it was on ABC's end or maybe it was intentional.

(If you couldn't tell I am SO anxious for tomorrow's Ep that I am SEARCHING for ANYTHING to analyze)

Episode 6x14 / Answers to The Statue and Fertility...You're Welcome
« on: May 14, 2010, 11:46:05 AM »
So I kept reading about how alot of people were having trouble with the Fertility issues not being answered along with why the Statue was built. So I used a skill I have. I posted this in another thread, but I am pretty cocky  ;D  So I thought it could use its own thread.

Here's the thing with the fertility issue. I have a feeling this is an instance where we are going to need to use our critical thinking skills we practice so fequently when dealing with this show. What if they have NEVER been able to concieve and carry a child on the island. I think the answer to the fertility question has been staring us in the face all series. We KNOW Ethan was born on the island apparently before people lost the ability to carry a baby full term on the island, and that seems to put a wrench in that, but what if Ethan was concieved off island like Aaron was. I believe we are told at some time during the season that apparently at one time the ability to carry full term was just lost, but what if that time was just after people were no longer brought to the island. This also ties in to the statue. (This is making a whole lot of sense to me) The statue was erected to the Egyptian goddess of fertility right? Maybe it was erected to appeasse her as the builder's people were having trouble having children. It stands to reason that if the Light needs to be protected, that as a Protector of it, you would want to make it so that a long lasting society cannot be built up. And if people are going to inevitably find their way to the Island by accident sometimes, What's the best way to prevent them from establishing a long lasting society? Not let fetuses carry to full term would work.

You're welcome. I just tied up The Reason for the Statue, Why Aaron is important to the mythology (Maybe not as important as people wanted, but just a link to the fertility issue), AND the fertility issue.

Episode 6x14 / What If....
« on: May 13, 2010, 11:05:38 AM »
Yeah I know thats a dirty tactic to get you to read a topic, but I couldn't think of anything else to name it.

Remember how we saw Walt with the Polar Bear Comic, and then a Polar Bear Showed up?* Remeber how Bernard believed Rose's Cancer would be cured and then it was? Remember when John was told the ONE thing he would want would show up in the Magic Box, and then his father was there? Remember when Eko Believed he would find Yemi's plane, then he did? Remember how Charlie was going through withdrawals and then that was answered with Yemi's plane as well? Remember how Ben believed that using the toilet thing would Summon the Smoke and then it attacked the Mercenaries, and then it did? There are others.

Sorry for the list of memories and I promise I have a point here. What if the way to make things come to be on the island is to believe they will. Now I know that's a little bit animated Disney style, but I think it holds at least a little bit of water. What got me thinking is the FDW construction mystery. MiB had this Grandious Idea that if he created and operated a contraption that channels the Light and Water that he would be able to leave the Island. Now THAT is the explanation given to us by a man that "Just Knows" this is going to work. Then he is attacked by his mom, dragged up a ladder and the hole is filled in without the contraption being completed. The next time we see the contraption it is buried in a wall and already put together it seems. Also the wheel does EXACTLY what MiB thought it would do before it was built. We are given no technical reason as to why that would work, it doesn't make ANY sense. They didn't explain it as anything that was so complex that we would just believe it (Wormholes in space time) for example. We are given "Channel Light and Water and out comes...A ONE WAY TICKET TO TUNISIA"  Now I know we may not get implicitly told this is how things work, but I am keeping this in mind as a possibility. Maybe it will help me resolve some things in my own mind. It also kind of explains the rules and stuff As to Why the rules are in place. What if just willing something makes it a reality. Like when Mother said "I've made it so you can never hurt each other." Now I know that didn't stop Jacob from beating MiB's face in, but it does stop them from Killing each other.

*Also just a disclaimer. I KNOW Dharma was doing work on Polar Bears so that one can be explained reasonably. I just remember how we all first felt before we knew about Dharma. ALot of the talk was that Walt Manifested that. Maybe that's his power. He can use that Manifestation power off the island.

Episode 6x14 / We have a Winner (IMHO)
« on: May 12, 2010, 11:49:42 AM »
I thought when he was pulled into that light thing it sucked all the "light" out of him and all that is left was the dark part of him. IDK, I was really confused by the shiny water concept

Felt that this needed it's own thread. I REALLY like the way this one works and it kind of ties ALOT of our unanswered questions up nicely. Discuss.

Theories & Speculation / My theory du joir for MiB's identity
« on: May 05, 2010, 07:52:36 PM »
Alright. So we know next week we are going to get MiB and Jacob's story. At least alot of it. So here is what I think we are going to get regarding our favorite Locke impersonator.

MiB is going to be Jacob's brother. They both arrive at the island through a crash, or however they get there. Once on the island they are going to meet the person responsible for keeping Smokey at bay. Maybe Smokey IS in fact Cerberus guarding the gates of Hell. So Jacob and his brother go about their story on the island and they grow up. In their thirties or so (as we know them know) MiB gets duped by someone (Smokey) into doing something bad. Jacob riles back and kills his own brother out of rage. Smokey then inhabits MiB's body and we have our story. Jacob is bringing people to the island to prove to "Cerberus" that not all people can be corruptible. They laid out the rules of the game and went forth. So every time Jacob sees MiB he is reminded of the evil he himself committed. Also the game he is playing is not with his "brother" but someone impersonating him.


Episode 6x13 / And we have closure on THAT topic...
« on: May 04, 2010, 11:21:30 PM »
So does this FINALLY put to rest the issue of whether MiB is good or bad? If not, I'd LOVE to hear how twisted you sound.

LOST Talk / Anyone ever....
« on: April 26, 2010, 03:23:35 PM »
start forming a theory about the show, and before you can articulate it in your mind you stop yourself midsentence and call yourself an idiot?

Here's the way mine went.

"What if the first smoke monster is something else entirely and MiB has just been PORTRAYING himself as the smoke monster like he is portraying John Lo....I'm an idiot, that's insane."

So we have all been kind of thinking that we can only have one outcome or another regarding our two universes. What if that is the case for each individual Lostie? A theory was posed in another thread thinking the whole thing was a sort of test. Each time this test was carried out, everyone always choosed the "Better" life in the Sideverse. Jacob is looking for someone to stay behind and choose the island in spite of knowing there is another universe out there they could be living in. MiB is hoping that none of the players choose to stay so he can win the game. Also if he kills all the players and Jacob has no replacement he gets to go free.

What if every one of the Losties gets their choice in some way. So Sawyer can live in the world where he is a cop, and Jack can choose the Island. They can BOTH exist for different people. Just using those two characters as examples, but you know what I mean.


Alright so for a while we have all been wondering how the Sideways is going to tie into the Island. A great many of theories like the idea of it being what happens AFTER our finale this year. I had a sort of epiphany this moring getting ready for work. (I may or may not have been showering) Remember Faraday's mouse? Or maybe a rat, not sure. So Faraday flashed its consciousness forward. When it came back to present, the mouse knew the maze as it was already taught the maze. So how does this apply?

What if the Side flash is what WOULD happen if they go the current course. The Losties have their conciousness flashed ahead and are living in the sideways at the same time as Island events are playing out. Maybe Jughead caused this shot of consciousness. Desmond is showing them all what they are living without in the Sideways. Maybe the endgame of the sideways is to have all the Losties still alive on the island flash their consciousness BACK to the island to alter a course of events.

So this course of thinking would say that maybe in episode 6x16, everyone gets together and makes the decision to have their consciousness flashed back to the island so they alter the course of events. Now I know its flimsy, and it sounded alot better this morning, like my singing did. I could see this being the case. The Sideways being a simple epilogue seems a little too obvious for Lost. Anyway. Have at it guys.

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