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Title: Question from Redshadow
Post by: redshadow on May 05, 2006, 06:05:23 AM
My question is abou the broken lines around the Dharma logo. Do they form some sort of cypher for the numbers? Have there been other instances of lines grouped like these other than in the Dharma logo? It could be just a design but so much done on the show is very deliberate.
Title: Re: Question from Redshadow
Post by: Pandora on May 05, 2006, 07:49:16 PM
If you refering to the pattern of 8 hexagrams surrounding the central yin yang symbol of the DHARMA Initiative, then these definitely have meaning.  The overall design itself is a Taoist symbol that is from the I Ching.  An undivided dash is for yang, and a divided dash is for yin; according to Taoism, all things in the world are made up of different combinations of these opposing forces.  They combine in the bagua to form hexagrams that are used for geomancy and feng shui determinancy.  From the one-two o'clock position, they have the following meanings:

yin-yin-yin (Kun) - earth - mother/receptive (lower fly of S. Korean flag)
yin-yin-yang (Kn) - mountain - third son/keeping still
yin-yang-yin (Kan) - water - second son/abysmal (upper fly)
yin-yang-yang (Sun) - wind - first daughter/gentle
yang-yin-yin (Chn) - thunder - first son/the arousing
yang-yin-yang (Li) - fire - second daughter/clinging (lower hoist)
yang-yang-yin (Tui) - lake - third daughter/joyful
yang-yang-yang (Chien) - heaven - father/creative (upper hoist)

It is unknown if these specific hexagram meanings have relevance to the plot.  It is probably more likely that the overall pattern of duality and binary code does, and the writers in podcasts have said that we should break the hexagrams down to their most fundamental units (which would be yin & yang).
Title: Re: Question from Redshadow
Post by: redshadow on May 10, 2006, 07:01:31 AM
very cool thanks