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Title: Bittersweetly Perfect
Post by: I_Am_Jacob on May 24, 2010, 01:09:58 PM
  LOST has enveloped my life for 6 years and has effected me in such a powerful way, I am not really sure how to feel about it being over. I would like to start by saying that the finale was, in the only term I can think of for it, perfect. It reminded us all that the characters were what the story was all about, and the relationships that were molded on that Island would last through all time. No show on TV has ever illicited such an emotional response from me to the point I actually had to figuratively "Tap Out." (Charlie and Claire) I am so thankful for everyone involved with the show for giving me this gift over the past 6 years. I would also like to thank SWLS Forums for giving me a place to come and talk through my ideas. Without this place I am pretty certain I would be in circles now about what I saw in LOST, however I actually feel like I have a pretty good grasp on everything we saw in the show. That's right, I said everything. And with that said I am going to go of with my process of walking through my thoughts.

  As I said up there, I thought the finale was perfect in every way. It had the reight amount of twists, while remaining Lost to its core. The explaination of the Flash Sideways was excellently pulled off and completely made sense. As usual, there will be people asking questions that really have no bearing on what went on, and if they take a minute to think about it, the answer would come to them. (Why wasn't David at the Church is one of them) Along with giving us the conclusion to the flash sideways, they also tied up the War on the Island between MiB and Jack. Every person had a part to play and everyone played it. The game played out perfectly and had the right amount on suspense, and a perfect reward. We have ourselves two tragic heros in Jack and Desmond, both sacrifice themselves, but only one of them actually becomes truly tragic and dies as our final frame rolls. We have a true antagonist who gets his justice in the end. Absolutely fantastic stories playing out on screen last night.

  I know there are going to be questions people have about how everything was answered, but the story has been told. If your questions haven't been, they probably have been even if we haven't figured them out yet, then they won't be. The questions that mattered to the characters we love, and hated (Ana Lucia), have been addressed very well and completely. I really don't have any questions left about this show, and I am so grateful that TPTB gave us this gem of television history. Once again, thank you.