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1)  Do not post or link to anything defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material of any kind.  Moderators will take each instance on a case by case basis, and we reserve the right to delete or edit posts which we find offensive.  Keep in mind that this site is frequented by people of all ages.

2)  Respect your fellow posters.  If you disagree with someone, debate and obvious sarcasm is fine, but attack the post and the ideas behind them, not the poster him or herself.  We take abuse and harrassment seriously.  Every story has two sides, so if you feel like you are being targeted, then please save all PMs and/or emails, and let one of the mods know.  If the abusive statements are in a thread, you may want to take a screenshot of the thread, in case the poster deletes it before a mod has had a chance to investigate.

3)  Do not link to unlawful, harmful, or threatening material, including, but not limited to, any material which encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, violate the rights of others, or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national or international law.

4)  This site exists for the non-commercial exchange of information. Sponsors of this site are given webspace in accordance with the sponsor agreement. All other posts that are deemed to be commercial in nature and/or part of a marketing ploy (SPAM) are a violation of this user agreement and will be removed.  Self-promotion of non-commercial sites which is intrusive and irrelevant to the topic at hand will also be removed.  If you would like to promote your own site in a non-intrusive way, put it in your signature line as a link.

5)  Please try and do a search before posting, to make sure you are not repeating something that has already been recently said.  Do not double post the same messages more than once in order to get more attention, these will be removed.  The staff may merge, move or split topics to their proper locations as we see fit.

6)  A troll is someone who comes into an established community such as an online discussion forum, and posts inflammatory, rude or offensive messages designed to annoy and antagonize the existing members or disrupt the flow of discussion (Wikipedia definition).  If you see these types of posts, the best course of action is to PM one of the mods (OTHERS) or Sledge (HIM), and we will handle it, possibly with a ban.  Do not continue the cycle by flaming them back with rebuke and offensive language, as this usually feeds the fire, and makes things worse; it's also the kind of reaction they are looking for.  Trolls love attention, and usually go away eventually when ignored.

7)  We allow signature line pictures (use the IMG tag, just as you would in a post), but please limit the size to 600 pixels (width) X 175 pixels (height).  This is to keep them from being too much of a distraction to other readers scrolling through many messages.  See also rule #1, obscene or hateful pictures are also not allowed in avatar and signature line pictures.

8 )  Please be considerate to others on this forum who do not wish to be exposed to spoilers.  We have 2 forums where you are free to explore spoilers; all others are considered spoiler-free, unless you put the material in spoiler tags (see HELPFUL HINTS section to learn how to use this function).  Please report violations of this to moderators.  Deliberate and repeated evasion of this rule despite warnings may result in a ban.

9 )  This is our official definition of a Spoiler, and applies to any forum posts or comments posted by the users of SWLS.
SWLS considers a spoiler to be any information about upcoming episodes, including cast, characters, crew, photographs, and synopses, released by any source (including ABC Medianet). Any and all information about Lost is considered a spoiler until (any of the following):

    * It has been revealed in an episode of Lost that has aired on ABC in the Eastern time zone in the United States.
        (this DOES include previews shown at the end of the episode)
    * It has been revealed in officially authorized spin-off media released to the United States general public, including but not limited to:
          o Books, such as Bad Twin
          o Video games, such as Lost: Via Domus
          o Alternate reality games, such as The Lost Experience and Find 815
          o Mobisodes, such as Lost: Missing Pieces
          o DVD releases
    * The administrators and moderators have determined by consensus that the information has been revealed by the producers of Lost to the mainstream media and is sufficiently widespread across mainstream and non-Lost related Internet media that it can no longer be considered a spoiler.

10 )  When Posting in the Off Topic Discussion areas of the site (this includes TV & Movies, Websites, and Community Lounge) the thread starter controls the topic and any rules that may need to be associated with the thread are determined by that user.  These areas of the site are "off-topic" which means that you are free to start topics that are wide opened and can allow for any discussion.  However if the user who starts the post wishes to set a purpose and rules for responding in that thread, please respect their wishes.  If threads of this nature should veer off-topic, the user who started the thread (and only the user who started the thread or a mod) has the authority to ask the posters to please keep it on topic.  If an offending user continues to ignore the request to keep it on topic, then they will receive a warning by a SWLS mod.  Bottom line, have respect for your fellow users and the threads/topics that they start.

See also SMF's USAGE AGREEMENT for more details.
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