Author Topic: Jacob's moves, [Esau]'s moves  (Read 1077 times)

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Jacob's moves, [Esau]'s moves
« on: May 17, 2009, 09:10:34 PM »
If this really is a game between those two, what moves have they made?

- Kate: visited/touched her as a 10yo
- James: visited/touched him at his parent's funeral, gave him a pen
- Locke: visited/touched him after he fell from the building window, brought him back to life
- Sun & Jin: visited/touched them at their wedding
- Sayid: visited/touched him in '05 after he was back from the Island and reunited with Nadya
- Hurley: visited/touched just before they came back, left him with guitar case
- Ilana: visited her in a Russian hospital, asked her to help him (we don't know when this was, though)

- Kate: appeared to her as a horse?
- James: appeared to him as the horse Kate saw?
- Jack: appeared as his father when they first crashed, also in L.A. after he returned
- Locke: appeared to him as Christian in the cabin, at the bottom of the well; and as Walt at the Purge pit?
- Sayid: appeared to him as Walt just before Shannon got shot?
- Hurley: appeared to him as Dave on the Island, as Charlie, Ana Lucia, Eko, etc. off the Island?
- Ben: appeared to him as his mother as a kid, as UnLocke

Have Sun, Jin and James ever had any apparition visits that were personal to them?  (James said, "I don't speak 'Destiny', which seems to be [Esau]'s angle with everyone else.)

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Re: Jacob's moves, [Esau]'s moves
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2009, 02:14:29 AM »
Wasn't James charged at by a boar at an appropro moment?

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Re: Jacob's moves, [Esau]'s moves
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2009, 05:22:11 AM »
the situation is same as in season 4 when ben and widmore were the nemesis teling everyone that the other person was bad ..untill now i thought they were playing everyone but it turns out that jacob and black shirt are the master players ,playing everyone ...what is interesting is that nobody actually knows everything about the island , ben didnt even know jacob till now

who knows who is good/bad and who has the best interest of the island as sawyer said - a man does what he does because he wants something for himself