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The Sticky List of Songs / Music References
« on: May 03, 2006, 04:39:57 AM »
As with the Authors / Books / Movies / TV List, I'm locking this thread and keeping it updated as needed.  Please feel free to discuss any and all music in the forum body.

“Catch a Falling Star” (Como, Perry; 1958) – The song which Claire remembers her father singing to her in her childhood, and which she requests a couple who will potentially adopt her baby sing to him one day (before she has second thoughts about the adoption). Also, the song that the plane mobile plays, in the flashback nursery scene with Ethan in "Maternity Leave".

"Intermezzo" from "Carmen" (Bizet, Charles; 1875) – Very possibly the song playing on Danielle's music box in "Solitary".

“Mer, La” (Trennet, Charles; 1943) – Shannon translated the notes on the sides of Rousseau’s map calculations to be lyrics from the French song (a memory of an ex-boyfriend’s son watching a children’s movie with this song triggered this association). It was the basis for the “Beyond the Sea”. Translated lyrics of the original are as follows:

The sea
which one sees dancing along the clear gulfs
has sparkles of silver.
The sea
Of changing sparkles
Under the rain.
The sea
Of summer sky confuses
its white sheep
With angels so pure.
The sea,
Shepherdess of blue infinity.
Next to the ponds
Those tall wet reeds.
Those white birds
And those rusty houses.
The sea
Has rocked them (like a baby)
Along the clear gulfs
And with a love song The sea
Has rocked my heart for life.

"You All Everybody" (Drive Shaft) – Near-one-hit-wonder of the fictional U.K. '90's band, created expressly for the LOST series. Band members: Charlie Pace, Liam Pace, Adam "SinJin" St. John and Patrick Gleason.

Commercial Songs Heard in Series by Episode (courtesy of

"Tabula Rasa": "Leavin' on Your Mind" (Cline, Patsy); "Wash Away" (Purdy, Joe)

"House of the Rising Sun": "Are You Sure" (Nelson, Willie)

"The Moth": "You All Everybody" (Drive Shaft)

"Confidence Man": "I Shall Not Walk Alone" (Blind Boys of Alabama)

"Whatever the Case May Be": "La Mer" (Trenet, Charles)

"...In Translation": "Delicate" (Rice, Damien)

"Do No Harm": "Heart and Soul"

"The Greater Good": "I Got You (I Feel Good)" (Brown, James)

"Exodus PII-III": "The Redemption Song" (Marley, Bob)

"Man of Science, Man of Faith" / "Adrift": "Make Your Own Kind of Music" (Elliot, Mama Cass)

"Orientation": [West African Music] (Giacchino, inspired by Djembe)

"Everybody Hates Hugo": "My Conversation" (Smith, Slim); "Easy Money" (Joel, Billy); "Up on the Roof" (Drifters, The)

"Abandoned": "Stay (Wasting Time)" (Dave Mathews Band)

"Collision": "Outside" (Staind)

"What Kate Did": "The End of the World" (Davis, Skeeter); "Walkin' After Midnight" (Cline, Patsy)

"The 23rd Psalm": "He's Evil" (Kinks, The)

"The Whole Truth": "Pushin' Too Hard" (Seeds, The)

"Lockdown": "Compared to What" (McCann, Les)

"S.O.S.": "These Arms of Mine" (Redding, Otis)

"Live Together, Die Alone": "Chains and Things" (King, BB)

"Live Together, Die Alone": "Voi che sapete" (Mozart)

"A Tale of Two Cities": "Downtown" (Clark, Petula)

Explicitly referenced songs in episode titles may include "House of the Rising Sun" (traditionally performed by Bob Dylan and the Animals), "Born to Run" (Bruce Springsteen), and possibly "White Rabbit" (Jefferson Airplane), "Exodus" (Bob Marley) and "All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes" (Townsend, Pete).

Other Goodies:

In "Born to Run", Kate & Tom (her childhood sweetheart) buried a "New Kids on the Block" lunchbox as their time capsule.

In the "Hunting Party", Hurley and Charlie find an album by Geronimo Jackson, who they have never heard of, and neither has Sayid.

Superbowl Ad was "Addicted to LOST", a spoof of the old Robert Palmer video.

Damon & Carlton said that there was a banner on the buildings pictured on an old Pink Floyd album cover "Animals" that was significant: It said "Widmore Construction".

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