Author Topic: 5 Other Dharma Stations  (Read 1734 times)

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5 Other Dharma Stations
« on: May 27, 2006, 09:16:01 AM »
Ok, so the Swan, as we now know, was a hatch built for containing the electro magnetic force the island has. So what are the other 5 for? I belive we saw that one was a medical hatch in Clair's flashbacks and the tailies hatch, if I remember was like some kind of storage? I might be wrong, but if the Swan's activities were so importent, why wouldn't all the stations built for the same purpose?

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Re: 5 Other Dharma Stations
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2006, 09:35:36 AM »
Well, I don't know if we know if one station is more important than another, they all seem to be structures that are supporting one another, or playing off one another.

I guess all we do know:

Pearl - Observation (or is it a sham?)
Staff - Medical
Arrow - Storage--maybe?

We still have the Flame to come, and a lot of people suggest that's where the power source is located.  After that, we have the two unnamed ones (C3 & C4), and the one that is scribbled out.

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Re: 5 Other Dharma Stations
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2006, 01:26:12 PM »
maybe one was all that was needed?

who knows...

maybe if they had 10 hatches dedicated to pushing the button the island would pretty much have no more "juice"