Author Topic: My Alternate Timeline Theory (sorry, kind of a long read)  (Read 2108 times)

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My Alternate Timeline Theory (sorry, kind of a long read)
« on: April 12, 2010, 07:27:35 AM »

I'm going to try my hand at a literary comparison. (you guys are way better at it than I am lol) Anyway, I used to watch the show "Supernatural" before I couldnt handle that show anymore because of some of the corniness... I once saw an episode with a wishing fountain and an ancient coin. The original wisher (used the ancient coin) to wish for the woman of his dreams who never gave him a second look. The coin worked and proceeded to give every wisher (no special coin needed) any wish they desired. The catch was that every wish eventually turned bad. The woman the original wisher got turned out to be over bearing to the point where she killed women for looking at "her man". One of the main characters on the show wished for a cheesesteak hoagie which he later threw up because of bad meat that tasted delicious... How does all of this relate, you ask?

I beleive it has everything to do with MIB and the alternate timeline... Let me set this up for you a little bit here:

Sayid- Wants Nadia to be alive and happy
Kate- Wants Claire and Aaron to be together
Claire- Same as kate
Hurley- Wants to not have bad luck
Ben- Wants a good relationship with his father
Jack- Wants to prove to himself he has "what it takes"
Sun and Jin- Want to be together, no matter what
Sawyer- Wants to avenge his parents
Desmond- Wants the approval of Charles Widmore

I left out a few people because in the island timeline, they're dead. I feel like their lives in the ALT are not going to have any bearing on this theory. This theory is based around the fact that in the ALT all of the losties who are alive in the island timeline will get what they want the most in the ALT, thanks to the MIB, but with a twist that keeps them from realizing it to the fullest potential.

Examples in ALT:

Sun and Jin are together, however they are not married and Mr. Paik wants no part of Jin being with his daughter. Also, she tells Jin she was pregnant after she is shot in the stomach, this means it is highly likely that Ji-yeon will "cease to be" as Widmore stated

Jack's dad still dies, but he now has a son. Through his interactions with his son, he realizes that his own father was completely wrong about everything negative he said about him. The irony here is that Jack always wanted his father to be proud of him... That never happened.

Sayid also got his wish, Nadia is alive and well in the ALT but Sayid doesn't get to have her... how cruel is that?

Kate and Claire sort of go together. Claire gets turned down by the expected adoptive parents of Aaron and then thinks she's in labor. Kate helps with all of that by bringing her to the hospital and making sure she's allright. The twist here? Kate is still a fugitive on the run. I haven't quite figured out the Claire twist...

Hurley still won the lottery, becomes a business owner and nothing bad ever happens to him... We've yet to see what may be a twist here because we haven't yet seen his ALT story. This week's "Everybody Loves Hugo" should shed some light on that.

Ben Finally has a relationship with his father... To boot, he has a great relationship with Alex. The only thing he had to give up was his power, the thing that means the most to him in the island timeline

Sawyer is kind of a tough one. He already avenged his parents death in the original timeline, but in the ALT he will do it as a cop, at which point, he would basically courtmarshalled if he just outright kills a man. In the original timeline, he gets away with it scot-free on the island.

Desmond is the linch pin here. He finally gets the approval of Widmore, but at the cost of Penny. When Desmond realizes this, he gets that glimpse into the original timeline that he wants to show everyone.

The point of all of this is that desmond will likely show everyone on the plane (that is still alive in the original timeline) what exactly they have given up in their "deal with the devil" or in this case the MIB. This will ultimately be the turning point and the defeat of the MIB

I would LOVE thoughts and rebuttals of this theory as it is my first elaborate, well thought out theory that I couldn't find any holes in myself. Thanks for reading and I apologize for the long read

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Re: My Alternate Timeline Theory (sorry, kind of a long read)
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2010, 02:22:21 AM »
Some interesting stuff to think about here.
I noticed some of those twists too, how they got what they wanted, but not really.
The Kate stuff is still fuzzy to me. Her desires should should be more about her (Kate) than Claire and wanting Aaron safe.

And I see the Ben stuff the other way around. Ben wants Alex to be alive, having the relationship with his father is the bonus.

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Re: My Alternate Timeline Theory (sorry, kind of a long read)
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2010, 09:49:52 AM »
Great job -

So I believe what was shared in the package is that the life they are living is that  "dream come true, or if I had the perfect life scenario" is not really where they are suppose to be.   Daniel said this directly to Desmond.

I think that we are still getting some of the background on Kate and Claire because they didnt' flesh those out completely.

i believe someone said there is a converging giong to happen.