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BPC = Before Plane Crash, OI = On Island
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-- COMPLETE Timeline --

Date Event
Emily Annabeth Locke born [1x19] 
40-50Y BPC
'Adam & Eve' laid to rest in cave according to Jack's estimate of clothing degradation [1x6] 
Sawyer is born [1x8] 
  Sayid is born (he is 23 during the Gulf War in 1991) [2x14] 
Karen and Gerald De Groot found the Dharma Initiative with funding provided by The Hanso Foundation [2x3] 
Sawyer's father kills wife and self (assuming Sawyer's letter with stamp are from same year) [1x8] 
Training video for Station 3, "The Swan", created by DHARMA [2x3] 
H.G. delegation inspects Swan Station (according to the Blast Door Map) [2x18] 
Boone born [1x13, 1x21] 
Shannon born [1x13] 
  Suspected shut down date of one of the stations according to the Blast Door Map [2x17] 
Cacuceus station believed abadoned due to AH/MDG incident or cerberus malfunction (according to Blast Door Map) [2x17] 
Sawyer becomes con-man due to $6,000 debt [1x8] 
16Y 7M+ BPC
Lenny & Sam record NUMBERS during Navy listening mission in Pacific [1x18] 
  Sam uses NUMBERS to win 50 grand in bean guessing scam [1x18] 
16Y 7M BPC
Danielle's team shipwrecks [1x9] 
16Y 5M BPC
Danielle changes transmission of NUMBERS to distress signal [1x1] 
  Danielle's team becomes "sick" returning from Black Rock. She kills them all [1x9] 
  Danielle gives birth to Alex [1x23] 
  The Others take Alex [1x23] 
Theresa, Boone's nanny, breaks neck on stairs [1x19] 
Kate and Tom bury time capsule [1x22] 
Jan-Mar, 91
Sayid serves in Republican Guard during Gulf War [1x2] 
  Sayid is detained by Kate's father, Sam Austen, during the Gulf War and asked to translate for Tariq [2x14] 
  Sayid is compelled to torture Tariq under instructions from US agents [2x14] 
Boone's mother and Shannon's father marry each other [1x13] 
  Emily Annabeth Locke admitted to SRMHI [1x19] 
Walt is born [1x6] 
2-10Y BPC
Drug dealers from Nigeria crash on island [1x19] 
June 1995
Susan takes Walt and moves to Amsterdam [1x14, 2x2] 
Emily Annabeth Locke admitted to SRMHI [1x19] 
Michael hit by car [1x14] 
6-9Y BPC
Locke reunites with mother and father [1x19] 
Aug 1996
Susan visits Michael in rehab [1x14] 
  Michael and Susan have legal battle, and Michael allows Susan to take Walt to Rome. [1x14, 2x2] 
6-9Y BPC
Locke's father cuts off relationship after Locke donates his kidney to him [1x19] 
Nadia disappears or dies (Sayid says he's been holding on to hope she's still alive for 7 years) [1x9] 
  Sayid leaves Iraq [1x21] 
Grandpa Tito receives pacemaker (4 years before lottery, which was 1 year before crash) [1x18] 
4-7Y BPC
Locke begins attending Anger Management Meetings [2x3] 
  Locke meets Helen at Anger Management Meetings [2x3] 
Systemwide failure of Dharmatel intranet (according to Blast Door Map) [2x17] 
  Sawyer makes wish (probably just a sarcastic reference by Sawyer) [1x5] 
  Locke confined to wheelchair [1x4] 
  Sam Toomey kills self [1x18] 
Sarah blows out a tire and flips into uncoming traffic, hitting and killing Adam Rutherford [2x3, 2x1, 1x20] 
  Sabrina and Shannon go to hospital after Adam Rutherford is involved in fatal car accident with Sarah [2x6] 
  Boone and Shannon attend Adam Rutherford's wake/funeral [2x6] 
  Boone takes job in wedding business with his mother, and moves from New York back to Malibu [2x6] 
  Kate blows up Wayne [2x9] 
  Kate visits mother in diner before going on the run. [2x9] 
  Desmond wrecks on the island during a solo sailing race around the world and is taken to the hatch by Kelvin [2x3, 2x22]Date Confirmed 
  Kelvin tells Desmond about the computer, Radzinsky, the vaccine, and shows him the Orientation film [2x23] 
  The Marshal begins pursuing Kate [1x23] 
  A black horse jumps in front of the Marshal's car, causing a wreck which allows Kate to escape [2x9] 
  Systemwide failure of Dharmatel intranet (according to Blast Door Map) [2x17] 
  Kate visits her father while on the run [2x9] 
Kate visits dying mother in hospital in Iowa [1x22] 
  Kate and Tom dig up time capsule [1x22, 1x23] 
  Walt's family moves to Australia [1x4] 
  Tom killed when police shoot at car Kate is escaping in [1x22, 1x23] 
Hurley released from SRMHI [2x1] 
  Systemwide failure of Dharmatel intranet (according to Blast Door Map) [2x17] 
  Desmond trips blast door so Inman can work on map, Inman tells Desmond how Radzinsky killed himself [2x23] 
  Jin gives shar-pei puppy from environmental secretary to Sun [1x17] 
  Jin visits environmental secretary to deliver a message [1x17] 
  Jack and Sarah marry [2x3, 2x1, 1x20] 
  Hurley wins lottery [1x18] 
  Hurley quits job at Mr. Cluck's [2x4] 
Ray Mullen's wife dies [1x3] 
Jack operates on Angelo, but loses the patient [2x11] 
  Sarah leaves Jack [2x11] 
Claire becomes pregnant [1x1] 
  Locke begins talking with Helen [1x4] 
  Claire visits a psychic who refuses to give her a reading [1x1] 
Thomas leaves Claire [1x10] 
Kate hides out at Ray Mullen's farm [1x3] 
Henry Gale and his wife crash on the island in their balloon (if his story is true) [2x14] 
  Jack's father quits talking to him [1x5] 
Locke books walkabout tour [1x4] 
Walt's mother dies [1x1] 
Sawyer shoots Frank Duckett thinking he is the man responsible for parents' death [1x16] 
Michael flies to Australia to get Walt [1x4] 
  Sawyer buys Jack's father a drink at bar in Sydney [1x16, 1x23] 
Boone visits police about having Shannon's boyfriend arrested [1x13] 
  Sawyer arrested in Sydney [1x13] 
Sayid's friend kills self just before Sayid contacts CIA for seizure of explosives [1x21] 
  Sayid given plane ticket by CIA, but asks for next day flight so he can bury his friend [1x21] 
At 5:23 AM Michael and Walt have argument in hotel [1x23]Date Confirmed 
  Desmond follows Kelvin out of the hatch, and learns he is repairing the sailboat and planning to escape [2x23]Date Confirmed 
  Desmond and Kelvin get in a fight, and Desmond kills Kelvin [2x23]Date Confirmed 
  At 11:50 AM Jack meets Ana-Lucia in an airport bar [1x23]Date Confirmed 
  Eight hours before the crash, Oceanic flight 815 takes off from Sydney flying to Los Angeles across the Pacific [1x1]Date Confirmed 
  Desmond races back to the hatch, and sees the glyphs are in place, the magnet has started sucking things in [2x23]Date Confirmed 
  Desmond enters the numbers in, and resets the computer and magnetic anomaly, but may have affected flight 815 [2x23]Date Confirmed 
  Oceanic flight 815, enroute from Sydney to LA breaks into three pieces in mid-air and crashes. The middle and cockpit sections land on an island with 50 survivors. 22 survive from the tail section, landing on a different part of the island. [1x1]Date Confirmed 
  Turbine Man sucked into engine and killed [1x1]Date Confirmed 
  Jack peforms CPR on Rose, saving her life [1x1]Date Confirmed 
  Middle section survivors hear noises in jungle and see trees being toppled [1x1]Date Confirmed 
  Ana-Lucia uses CPR to revive Emma after Eko pulls her from the ocean [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Libby sets Donald's leg [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Goodwin appears at the edge of the beach calling for help rescuing Bernard in the jungle [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Ana-Lucia climbs up to help Bernard down from the tree [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Eko kills two attackers during the night [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Three people are taken during the night from the rear section survivors [2x7]Date Confirmed 
Kate takes shoes from a dead body [1x2]Date Confirmed 
  Jack, Kate and Charlie trek out to the cockpit to find the transceiver. [1x1]Date Confirmed 
  Jack, Kate and Charlie find the front section of the plane, and surviving pilot with transceiver. [1x1]Date Confirmed 
  Monster eats Pilot [1x1]Date Confirmed 
  Walt finds handcuffs [1x2]Date Confirmed 
  Sawyer and Sayid fight [1x2]Date Confirmed 
  Jack, Charlie and Kate return from treak to front section with transceiver [1x2]Date Confirmed 
  Sawyer, Sayid, Shannon, Kate, Boone and Charlie hike to higher terrain to use the transceiver [1x2]Date Confirmed 
  Claire feels her baby move for the first time since the crash [1x2]Date Confirmed 
  Sawyer shoots charging polar bear in the jungle [1x2]Date Confirmed 
  Jack removes shrapnel from the marshal, Hurley passes out while helping [1x2]Date Confirmed 
  Sawyer, Sayid, Shannon, Kate and Charlie discover French distress signal [1x2, 1x3]Date Confirmed 
  Marshal gives Jack Kate's mugshot and warns him that she is dangerous [1x3]Date Confirmed 
  Sawyer, Sayid, Shannon, Kate, Boone and Charlie camp out overnight during return to beach [1x3]Date Confirmed 
Sawyer, Sayid, Shannon, Kate, Boone and Charlie return to beach [1x3]Date Confirmed 
  Sawyer shoots the marshal in the chest in an attempt to end his suffering, but misses the heart [1x3]Date Confirmed 
  Jack euthanizes Marshal after Sawyer's failed attempt to put him out of his misery [1x3]Date Confirmed 
Locke uses a whistle he made to find Vincent and turns him over to Michael [1x3]Date Confirmed 
  Boars rummage through fuselage at night, startling the fusies [1x4]Date Confirmed 
Food from plane runs out [1x4]Date Confirmed 
  Michael, Kate and Locke go boar hunting [1x4]Date Confirmed 
  Michael is injured by a boar and taken back to camp by Kate while Locke continues hunting [1x4]Date Confirmed 
  Claire finds photos of Nadia and gives them to Sayid [1x4]Date Confirmed 
  Kate breaks the transceiver on the way back to camp with Michael [1x4]Date Confirmed 
  Locke encounters the monster and stares into the heart of the island [1x4]Date Confirmed 
  Donald is buried, having died from an infection from his broken leg [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Michael finds watch belonging to Jin in wreckage [1x6] 
  Sawyer gives Claire wallets from dead passengers for the memorial service [1x4]Date Confirmed 
  Jack has his first vision of his father [1x4]Date Confirmed 
  Locke returns to camp with a dead boar [1x4]Date Confirmed 
  Memorial service for dead, bodies burned [1x4]Date Confirmed 
Joanna drowns [1x5]Date Confirmed 
  Claire passes out from dehydration [1x5]Date Confirmed 
  Boone steals the remaining water in order to ration it [1x5]Date Confirmed 
  Jack follows visions of his father to the cave location where he finds his father's empty casket [1x5]Date Confirmed 
Rear section castaways catch a chicken [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Jack, Kate, Locke and Charlie hike to the cave location to get water [1x6] 
  Jin attacks Michael over watch [1x6] 
  Sayid and Sawyer break up fight between Michael and Jin and handcuff Jin [1x6] 
  Charlie steps on beehive [1x6] 
  Jack and Kate find two bodies in cave ('Adam & Eve'). [1x6] 
  Charlie gives drugs to Locke and finds his guitar [1x6] 
  Middle section survivors split with some moving to the caves, led by Jack [1x6] 
Shannon's inhaler runs out [1x8]Date Confirmed 
Jack gives Kate her mugshot [1x7]Date Confirmed 
  Charlie asks Locke for his drugs back [1x7]Date Confirmed 
  Jack and Charlie are caved in [1x7]Date Confirmed 
  Kate, Sayid and Boone prepare to traingulate the source of the transmission [1x7]Date Confirmed 
  Sayid is attacked by Locke while triangulating the transmission source [1x7, 1x21]Date Confirmed 
  Charlie gets his heroin back from Locke and throws it into the fire [1x7]Date Confirmed 
10D OI
Sawyer beats up Boone for going through his stuff [1x8]Date Confirmed 
11D OI
Shannon has an asthma attack [1x8]Date Confirmed 
  Sayid and Jack torture Sawyer, Sawyer is wounded in a scuffle by Sayid afterwards. [1x8]Date Confirmed 
  Sayid leaves the group of survivors, ashamed of torturing Sawyer [1x8]Date Confirmed 
12D OI
Ana grills Nathan after noticing he was missing for two hours [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Rear section castaways are attacked again at night and nine survivors are taken [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Ana-Lucia kills a female attacker during the night and finds a knife and list of names on the body [2x7]Date Confirmed 
13D OI
Sayid finds a cable on beach and follows it into the jungle [1x9] 
  Rear section group leaves beach [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Sayid is captured by Danielle [1x9] 
  Ethan and Locke hunt together [1x9] 
14D OI
First Island Open golf tournament [1x9] 
  Sayid leaves Danielle and heads back to camp [1x9] 
  Sayid hears the whispers in the jungle [1x9] 
15D OI
Tailies sets up second camp in jungle [2x7]Date Confirmed 
16D OI
Claire has a nightmare and sleepwalks in the early morning [1x10] 
  Claire is attacked at night [1x10] 
17D OI
Hurley takes census of survivors [1x10] 
  Sayid returns to the group [1x10] 
  Charlie and Claire are taken by Ethan [1x11] 
  Tide begins to rise [1x11] 
  Jack and Ethan fight [1x11] 
  Ana-Lucia begins digging the pit [2x7] 
  Jack and Kate find Charlie hanging in a tree and revive him [1x11] 
  Locke and Boone discover the hatch [1x11] 
  Ethan takes Claire to the medical facility [2x15] 
19D OI
Ana-Lucia throws Nathan into the pit [2x7]Date Confirmed 
22D OI
Kate and Sawyer discover two dead passengers in a pool, along with a case belonging to the Marshal [1x12] 
  The tide comes in and washes away the wreckage, forcing the survivors to move up the beach [1x12] 
23D OI
Jack and Kate dig up the marshal's grave to recover the key to the gun case [1x12] 
  Jack and Kate open the gun case [1x12] 
  Ana-Lucia discovers a banana peel in the pit [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Goodwin helps Nathan out of the pit and then breaks his neck [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Shannon determines the words on Danielle's map are lyrics from La Mer [1x12] 
24D OI
Believing the Others freed Nathan, Ana convinces the tailies to abandon their camp [2x7]Date Confirmed 
25D OI
Kate shows Jack Sun's garden [1x13] 
  Locke uses salve on Boone causing him to have a vision [1x13] 
26D OI
Locke teaches Walt to throw knives [1x14] 
27D OI
Charlie gets Claire's diary from Sawyer [1x14] 
  Michael throws the comic book into the fire [1x14] 
  Walt is attacked by a polar bear [1x14] 
  Tailies finds the Arrow Station [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  A young woman, possibly Alex, helps Claire escape [2x15] 
  Tailies finds blankets, glass eye, Holy Bible, and a radio in the Arrow Station [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Ana-Lucia and Goodwin hike to higher ground to try the radio [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Ana-Lucia confronts and kills Goodwin [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Claire returns to the fusies' group [1x14] 
28D OI
Ethan threatens Charlie and demands Claire back [1x15] 
29D OI
Scott is killed by Ethan [1x15] 
  Charlie shoots and kills Ethan [1x15] 
  Claire tells Charlie she remembers peanut butter [1x15] 
30D OI
Sawyer's tent is raided by a boar in the early morning [1x16] 
  Sawyer hears whispers in the jungle [1x16] 
  Kate returns gun to Jack [1x16] 
  Charlie and Hurley bury Ethan [1x16] 
  Kate and Sawyer play a game while camping out at night on their boar-hunt [1x16] 
31D OI
Locke tells Kate and Sawyer the story about his foster mom, sister and the dog [1x16] 
  Sawyer has his encounter with the boar [1x16] 
  Sawyer returns his gun to Jack [1x16] 
32D OI
Walt sets the raft on fire [1x17] 
33D OI
Sawyer brings Jin to beach for confrontation with Michael during which Sun speaks English [1x17] 
  Jin leaves Sun after feeling betrayed [1x17] 
  Locke and Walt talk about the burning of the raft [1x17] 
34D OI
Jin shows up to help Michael built another raft [1x17] 
35D OI
Hurley steals the maps from Sayid and heads out to find Danielle [1x18] 
  Hurley finds Danielle, gets a battery from her [1x18] 
  Claire's birthday, Locke builds her a cradle [1x18] 
39D OI
Locke and Boone attempt to break open the hatch with a trebuchet [1x19]Date Confirmed 
  Locke begins losing feeling in legs after trebuchet accident [1x19]Date Confirmed 
40D OI
Locke has vision of the Beechcraft [1x19]Date Confirmed 
41D OI
Locke & Boone find bodies and plane full of drugs from Nigeria [1x19]Date Confirmed 
  Jack diagnosis Sawyer with hyperopia [1x19]Date Confirmed 
  Boone makes radio contact with tail section [1x19, 2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Bernard makes radio contact with Boone, but Ana-Lucia thinks it's the others and shuts the radio off [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Eko talks for the first time in 40 days, since he killed the two attackers [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Boone is fatally wounded when the beechcraft falls over a cliff [1x19]Date Confirmed 
  The hatch lights up as Locke cries out in agony over Boone's injury [1x19]Date Confirmed 
  Desmond is planning on killing himself, when he finds a letter from Penny and then hears Locke banging on the hatch [2x23]Date Confirmed 
  Shannon and Sayid have a romantic getaway [1x20, 2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Claire gives birth to Aaron [1x20]Date Confirmed 
  Boone dies [1x20]Date Confirmed 
42D OI
Shannon and Sayid return in the morning and are informed of Boone's death [1x20]Date Confirmed 
  Jack sets out to find Locke [1x20]Date Confirmed 
  Boone's funeral [1x21]Date Confirmed 
  Charlie watches Aaron so Claire can rest [1x21]Date Confirmed 
  Locke gives Shannon Boone's backpack and apologizes [1x21]Date Confirmed 
  Locke brings Sayid to the Beechcraft [1x21]Date Confirmed 
  Locke gives Sayid the drug runner's gun [1x21]Date Confirmed 
  Shannon takes the gun case key [1x21]Date Confirmed 
  Shannon shoots at Locke and misses when Sayid grabs her [1x21]Date Confirmed 
  Sayid demands Locke take him to the hatch [1x21]Date Confirmed 
  Locke takes Sayid to hatch [1x21]Date Confirmed 
43D OI
Arzt warns the rafters they need to launch immediately [1x22]Date Confirmed 
  Locke and Sayid bring Jack to the hatch [1x22]Date Confirmed 
  Sawyer reveals to Kate that he knows her secret [1x22]Date Confirmed 
  Michael is poisoned when Sun attempts to poison Jin using Kate's idea [1x22]Date Confirmed 
  Sawyer exposes Kate's secret to the survivors [1x22]Date Confirmed 
  Walt tells Michael that he burnt the first raft [1x22]Date Confirmed 
44D OI
Danielle shows up in the morning and warns that the Others are coming [1x23]Date Confirmed 
  The raft mast is broken on attempted launch [1x23]Date Confirmed 
  Locke, Sayid and Jack take Danielle and Hurley to the hatch [1x23]Date Confirmed 
  Jack gives Sawyer a gun for the raft trip [1x23]Date Confirmed 
  Sawyer tells Jack about meeting his father [1x23]Date Confirmed 
  Charlie collects messages in a bottle [1x23]Date Confirmed 
  Sawyer makes anew mast for the raft [1x23]Date Confirmed 
  Walt gives Vincent to Shannon [1x23]Date Confirmed 
  Danielle takes Jack, Locke, Kate, Hurley and Arzt to the Black Rock [1x23]Date Confirmed 
  The raft launches with Michael, Walt, Jin and Sawyer on board [1x23]Date Confirmed 
  Survivors begin moving to the caves [1x23]Date Confirmed 
  Arzt is blown to pieces while handling dynamite [1x24]Date Confirmed 
  Danielle takes Aaron [1x24]Date Confirmed 
  Sayid and Charlie go after Danielle [1x24]Date Confirmed 
  Charlie takes a heroin statue [1x24]Date Confirmed 
  The monster drags Locke into a hole, but Jack and Kate uses dynamite to pull him out [1x24]Date Confirmed 
  Charlie and Sayid recover Aaron [1x24]Date Confirmed 
  Locke, Jack, Kate and Hurley blow open the hatch [1x24]Date Confirmed 
  Walt is abducted by THE OTHERS 15 miles from shore [1x24]Date Confirmed 
  Shannon sees Walt, and he warns her about pressing the button [2x1]Date Confirmed 
  Shannon hears whispers [2x1]Date Confirmed 
  Kate, Locke and Jack go into the hatch where they are confronted by Desmond [2x1]Date Confirmed 
  Michael drowns and is revived by Sawyer [2x2]Date Confirmed 
45D OI
Jin washes up on shore and is found by Libby and Cindy [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Michael and Sawyer make it to land, where they find Jin tied up and running from a group of people [2x2]Date Confirmed 
  Jin escapes and runs to the beach where he finds Michael and Sawyer [2x7]Date Confirmed 
  The computer is damaged when Kate grabs Desmond [2x3]Date Confirmed 
  Jack and Locke watch the Orienatation film [2x3]Date Confirmed 
  Jin, Michael and Sawyer are imprisoned by the tailies [2x3]Date Confirmed 
  Ana-Lucia goes undercover into the pit to find out more about the rafters [2x3]Date Confirmed 
  Desmond flees after failing to fix the computer [2x3]Date Confirmed 
  Sayid and Hurley are brought to the research facility by Kate [2x3]Date Confirmed 
  Sayid repairs the computer inside the station [2x3]Date Confirmed 
  Locke and Jack enter the numbers into the computer for the first time [2x3]Date Confirmed 
46D OI
Ana-Lucia, Libby, and Eko take Michael, Jin and Sawyer to another Dharma Station where they meet Bernard [2x4, 2x7]Date Confirmed 
  Claire finds the bottle full of messages [2x4]Date Confirmed 
  Hurley brings Rose to the station [2x4]Date Confirmed 
  Locke tells Charlie about Desmond and the station [2x4]Date Confirmed 
  Sayid and Jack explore a lower tunnel in the station [2x4]Date Confirmed 
  The fusies feast on Dharma food [2x4]Date Confirmed 
  Sun buries the bottle full of messages and loses her ring [2x4]Date Confirmed 
47D OI
Sun notices her ring is missing [2x5]Date Confirmed 
  Tailies set out to find fusies' camp [2x5]Date Confirmed 
  Michael disappears in search of Walt [2x5]Date Confirmed 
  Jin and Eko come across Goodwin [2x5]Date Confirmed 
  Jin and Eko see strange legs and teddy bear while searching for Michael [2x5]Date Confirmed 
  Sun finds her ring [2x5]Date Confirmed 
  Jin and Eko find Michael [2x5]Date Confirmed 
  Shannon and Sayid spend the night together [2x6]Date Confirmed 
  Michael, Jin and Eko return to tailies' group at night [2x6]Date Confirmed 
  Shannon sees Walt in jungle, he warns her that they're coming [2x6]Date Confirmed 
48D OI
Shannon trains Vincent to be a bloodhound to track Walt [2x6]Date Confirmed 
  Sawyer passes out during trek through jungle [2x6]Date Confirmed 
  Cindy disappears - possibly abducted by The Others [2x6]Date Confirmed 
  Tailies hears whispers and run [2x6]Date Confirmed 
  Shannon and Sayid see Walt [2x6]Date Confirmed 
  Shannon is shot by a startled Ana-Lucia [2x6]Date Confirmed 
  Ana-Lucia ties up Sayid, the rest of the tailies leave [2x8]Date Confirmed 
  Kate versus Jack in Island Golf [2x8]Date Confirmed 
  Eko, carrying Sawyer, runs into Jack and Kate [2x8]Date Confirmed 
  Eko, Jack, and Kate take Sawyer to the station for medical treatment [2x8]Date Confirmed 
  Eko and Locke meet inside the station [2x8]Date Confirmed 
  Tailies make it to the main camp, after Ana and Sayid resolve their problems [2x8]Date Confirmed 
49D OI
Kate sees a horse on the island [2x9]Date Confirmed 
  Shannon's funeral [2x9]Date Confirmed 
  Eko, Locke and Michael watch the Orientation video [2x9]Date Confirmed 
  Jack and Kate kiss [2x9]Date Confirmed 
  Sayid tells Kate that he saw Walt [2x9]Date Confirmed 
  Eko shows Locke the Bible containing a missing film splice [2x9]Date Confirmed 
  Sawyer wakes up, and leaves the station where he sees the horse along with Kate [2x9]Date Confirmed 
  Eko and Locke watch the missing piece of film after splicing it together [2x9]Date Confirmed 
  Michael receives a message on the computer seemingly from Walt [2x9]Date Confirmed 
  Locke changes the combination to the armory [2x10] 
  Locke teaches Michael how to use a rifle [2x10] 
  Eko and Charlie go looking for the drug plane [2x10] 
  Eko and Charlie have their encounter with the monster [2x10] 
  Eko and Charlie find Goldie's body [2x10] 
  Eko and Charlie find and burn the drug plane along with Yemi's body [2x10] 
  Michael seemingly communicates with Walt for a second time [2x10] 
50D OI
Michael locks Jack and Locke in the armory and goes after Walt [2x11, 2x22] 
  Locke, Sawyer and Jack go after Michael with Kate following behind [2x11] 
  Michael is captured by Pickett and Mr. Friendly [2x22] 
  Alex asks Michael about Claire and the baby, specifically the gender of the baby [2x22] 
  Locke, Sawyer, Jack and Kate have their confrontation with Mr. Friendly, Alex and The Others [2x11] 
51D OI
Jack asks Ana about training an army [2x11] 
52D OI
Charlie has his first dream about Aaron in the early morning [2x12] 
  Michael is brought to the Others' makeshift camp near some ruins [2x22] 
  Pickett draws some of Michael's blood [2x22] 
  Bea Klugh questions Michael about Walt [2x22] 
  Charlie has his second dream about Aaron, and wakes up holding Aaron by the water at night [2x12] 
53D OI
Locke moves his stuff close to Claire to protect her and Aaron [2x12] 
  Charlie sets a fire for diversion and takes Aaron [2x12] 
  Locke retrieves Aaron from Charlie and punches him three times [2x12] 
54D OI
Eko baptizes Claire and Aaron [2x12] 
  Locke places the heroin statues in the armory and changes the combination again [2x12] 
55D OI
Jack gives Locke the guns from the gun case to store in the armory [2x13] 
  Jack takes Sawyer's pills [2x13] 
  Sun is attacked by Charlie as part of Sawyer's plan to get the guns [2x13] 
  Locke moves the guns to prevent Jack and Ana from using them after Sun is attacked [2x13] 
  Sawyer takes the guns with Charlie's help and gives his new-sherrif speach [2x13] 
  Hurley finds the BAD TWIN manuscript [2x13] 
  Hurley and Sayid pick up WXO broadcast of Glen Miller's Moonlight Serenade using the radio from the Arrow station [2x13] 
56D OI
Danielle returns and takes Sayid to a net holding Henry Gale [2x14] 
  Sayid cuts Henry Gale down, and he starts to run when Danielle shoots him with an arrow [2x14] 
  Locke changes the armory combination again to allow Sayid to use it for interrogating Henry [2x14] 
  Sayid tortures and questions Henry Gale [2x14] 
  Jack restrains Locke, forcing him to open the armory door before the timer counts down to zero [2x14] 
  The timer reaches zero and 4 out of 5 glyphs lock into place before Locke resets the timer [2x14] 
  Jack stops Sayid's interrogation of Henry Gale [2x14] 
  Sayid tells Charlie about Henry Gale [2x14] 
57D OI
Aaron develops a fever during the early morning [2x15] 
  Danielle enters the camp and asks Claire if Aaron is infected [2x15] 
  Libby helps Claire remember pieces of events from the time she was missing [2x15] 
  Claire and Kate track down Danielle in order to find out more about where Claire was taken by Ethan [2x15] 
  Claire, Kate and Danielle discover the Dharma medical station, The Staff, Claire was taken to by Ethan [2x15] 
  Eko confesses his guilt to Henry about killing two of The Others [2x15] 
  Claire and Kate return to camp and Aaron's fever subsides [2x15] 
58D OI
Locke asks Ana-Lucia to question Henry Gale [2x16] 
  Sun gets a Widmore pregnancy test from Sawyer [2x16] 
  Ana-Lucia questions Henry Gale and gets him to draw a crude map to his balloon [2x16] 
  Ana-Lucia tells Sayid and Charlie about the map, and they set off to find the balloon [2x16] 
  Kate waits with Sun after taking the pregnancy test, which is positive [2x16] 
59D OI
Ana-Lucia, Charlie and Sayid find the clearing indicated on the map [2x16] 
  Sun tells Jin she is pregnant, and that she has never been with another man [2x16] 
  Henry Gale is let out of the armory to eat cereal [2x16] 
  Sayid, Charlie and Ana-Lucia find the grave and balloon [2x17] 
  A female voice comes over the speaker in in the station, counting down to the lockdown [2x17] 
  The blast doors come down, trapping Locke and Henry Gale in the station [2x17] 
  Locke is trapped beneath a blast door trying to slide underneath it [2x17] 
  Jack wins all the medicine from Sawyer in a poker game [2x17] 
  An ultraviolet light illuminates the station revealing a map of stations after the counter reaches zero [2x17] 
  Jack and Kate discover a resupply crate in the jungle [2x17] 
  Sayid, Charlie and Ana-Lucia run into Jack and Kate in the jungle [2x17] 
  Sayid confronts Henry Gale and tells him they found a male body in the grave, with a license identifying the remains as Henry Gale [2x17] 
60D OI
Hurley has a vision of Dave and finds a slipper [2x18] 
  A group of survivors argue over the distribution of new ly discovered supplies [2x18] 
  Sayid and Ana Lucia interrogate the prisoner further, and discover he is with The Others [2x18] 
  Sayid fires at the prisoner, but misses when Ana Lucia knocks the gun away [2x18] 
  Hurley pummels Sawyer after he's teased about seeing Dave [2x18] 
  Locke is given crutches [2x18] 
  Locke questions the prisoner and finds out he never entered the numbers and allowed the timer to run out [2x18] 
  Libby stops Hurley from following Dave off a cliff and convinces him that the island isn't all in his head - and they kiss [2x18] 
  Bea Klugh allows Michael to see Walt for three minutes, and then makes her deal with Michael [2x22] 
61D OI
Jack changes Henry's bandage, and tells him that he's going to attempt to trade him for Walt [2x19] 
  Bernard gathers a group to build an SOS signal [2x19] 
  Jack and Kate are caught in a trap while hiking out to find The Others [2x19] 
  Bernard abandons building the SOS signal when he learns that Rose believes the island has cured her [2x19] 
  Michael returns, collapsing by Jack and Kate having run through the jungle [2x19] 
  The Prisoner attacks Ana-Lucia in the armory and nearly kills her before Locke intervenes [2x20] 
62D OI
The Prisoner tells Locke that he was coming for him [2x20] 
  Jack and Kate return to the hatch with Michael [2x20] 
  Ana asks Sawyer for a gun [2x20] 
  Ana steals Sawyer's gun during their forest romp [2x20] 
  Hurley asks Libby to go on a picnic date with him [2x20] 
  Michael awakes and tells Jack , Locke, Kate and Ana about The Others [2x20] 
  Jack, Locke and Kate confront Sawyer about the guns and then realize Ana is armed and alone with The Prisoner [2x20] 
  The Prisoner tells Ana that Goodwin thought she could be redeemed [2x20] 
  Michael shoots Ana and Libby before opening the armory door and shooting himself in the shoulder, freeing the Prisoner [2x20] 
  Eko has a dream vision of Ana and Yemi telling him to help John and to find the question mark [2x21] 
  Jack, Kate, Locke and Sawyer are returning to the station when they run into Michael, who tells them that the Prisoner escaped [2x21] 
  In the hatch, Ana is found dead, Libby barely alive and The Prisoner missing [2x21] 
  Eko asks Locke to show him the question mark and knocks him out when he refuses [2x21] 
  Locke shows Eko the map reconstruction he has been working on [2x21] 
  Locke and Eko find the drug plane and camp for the night [2x21] 
63D OI
Kate goes with Sawyer to his tent, where his stash is kept, to get the heroin [2x21] 
  Eko climbs a cliff and sees a marking in the clearing after Locke has a dream vision [2x21] 
  Eko and Locke discover a hatch under the drug plane [2x21] 
  Hurley is brought to the station to see Libby when Kate and Sawyer return [2x21] 
  Eko and Locke explore the Pearl and watch another orientation video [2x21] 
  Libby awakes and says "Michael" before dying [2x21] 
  Michael burns list of names [2x22] 
  Jack, Sawyer, Michael and Kate start to make a plan of attack when Hurley reminds them the bodies aren't even buried yet [2x22] 
  Eko tells Michael the hell-hound story as Michael cleans up the blood on the floor [2x22] 
  Michael pukes in the jungle after cleaning the blood and hearing Eko's story [2x22] 
  Michael tells Jack that only Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Jack and himself can go to rescue Walt [2x22] 
  Charlie gives a vaccine kit to Claire that he says he found on the pallet [2x22] 
  Sawyer gives Sayid a gun and tells him he's coming on the Walt Rescue Tour, against Jack's advice [2x22] 
  Charlie and Eko have a falling out when Charlie learns Eko plans on abandoning the church construction to press the button [2x22] 
  Michael tells Sayid that he's been kicked off the Walt Rescue Tour [2x22] 
  Charlie throws the Virgin Mary statues into the ocean [2x22] 
  Sawyer tells Jack that he slept with Ana [2x22] 
  Locke removes his splint, indicating his leg has healed at an accelerated pace [2x22] 
  Sayid tells Jack that he believes Michael has been compromisd [2x22] 
  Ana and Libby are buried [2x22] 
  Jack, Sayid, and Sawyer swim out to sailboat that appear offshore [2x23] 
  Jack, Sayid, and Sawyer find Desmond on the sailboat [2x23] 
  Desmond tells them he tried to escape, but couldn't - that the island is all that is left [2x23] 
  Sayid tells Jack about his crazy plan to use the boat and a smoke signal to attack the Others [2x23] 
  Eko kicks Locke out of the station after Locke tries to smash the computer [2x23] 
64D OI
Jack, Michael, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley arm up and set off to rescue Walt [2x23] 
  Sayid asks Desmond if he can use his boat [2x23] 
  The Hurley Bird swoops over the rescue tour, and Michael tries to shoot it - discovering his gun isn't loaded [2x23] 
  Locke tells Desmond about the Pearl station and how he believes the button pushing is just a psychological experiment [2x23] 
  Jack, Michael, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley camp in the jungle at night [2x23] 
65D OI
Sun pukes over the side of the sailboat, as Jin, Sayid and Sun sail along the coast [2x23] 
  The sailboat teams sees the remains of a huge statue, all that is left is a calf and foot with four toes [2x23] 
  Desmond and Locke trip the blast doors, trapping Eko outside of the computer room [2x23] 
  Eko enlists Charlie's help in aquiring more dynamite to break into the computer room [2x23] 
  The rescue tour realizes they are being followed, and Kate and Sawyer open fire, apparently killing one of the followers [2x23] 
  Michael is forced by Jack to tell them that he is leading them into a trap, and he also reveals he killed Ana and Libby [2x23] 
  Eko attempts to blow open the blast door with dynamite [2x23] 
  Sayid discovers abandoned Other's makeshift camp [2x23] 
  The rescue tour finds a pile of cannisters and notebooks from the Pearl station [2x23] 
  The rescue team is captured by the Others [2x23] 
  Desmond begins to question Locke's belief about the computer, and asks to see the printout from the Pearl station [2x23] 
  Desmond tells Locke he thinks he may have caused flight 815 to crash [2x23] 
  The Others take their captives to a long pier, a sign indicates PALA FERRY [2x23] 
  The prisoner, who calls himself Henry Gale, arrives in a boat [2x23] 
  Desmond realizes the button is real, and wants to push it, but Locke smashes the computer [2x23] 
  As the timer expires, the magnetic anomaly begins to grow stronger, destroying everything nearby [2x23] 
  Charlie helps Eko up, but Eko insists on going in to be with Locke [2x23] 
  Desmond uses the failsafe key to blow the magnet up, causing the sky to turn a violet color [2x23] 
  Two brazilian men in a listening station detect a magnetic anomaly [2x23] 
  Listening post men call Penny Widmore to report that they've found it [2x23] 
  Charlie returns to the surviors, acting strangely [2x23] 
  Michael and Walt are reunited, and Michael is given a boat and told how to leave the island [2x23] 
  Hurley is told to return to the surviors to tell them never to stay away [2x23] 
  Claire kisses Charlie [2x23] 


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Ms Doctor said:

yeah, is this going to be finished?

Githyankee said:

i just had an interesting conversation about this, and went to the timeline to figure out the order-of-event: but it's not updated... =(

The question was: What is the timeline of the Oceanic 6 for Jeremy Bentham's visit to people and to when Ben kills Locke? Then how does Jack's timeline fit into this?

Mainly: How was there time for an Obituary to be put into the paper...and was Jack surprised to find Locke in the coffin?

Hopefully, someone can put together a "3 Years Later" section to put things into perspective.


Corrie Sloot said:

I agree. This timeline should be continued. I am sure with the help of the community, it could be done quickly? I for one would be happy to contribute.

anavrin said:

Add in the October '05 date from when Ben landed in Tunisia.

Novashannon said:

I wish you had continued this! Interesting to review that first season!

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