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I just watched it. And I liked it.  I think it was good to show us (the people that will buy the DVD's)  because I think the average viewer would not really get why they were showing us this. 

TV & Movies / Re: Happy Town
« on: June 08, 2010, 05:07:56 PM »
man  i like it alot.  I hope some other station will pick it up.   

TV & Movies / Re: Happy Town
« on: June 04, 2010, 05:23:05 PM »
I think it was on this past wednesday.  I havent watched it yet but it was at the top of my dvr list.

TV & Movies / Re: Happy Town
« on: June 01, 2010, 07:57:41 PM »
yea it got pulled.  Pretty sure the remaining episodes that have already been made will be shown soon  but after that i have no idea.

Episode 6x16 / Re: Why pregnancies failed on the island..?
« on: May 29, 2010, 04:27:42 AM »
I think that once we discovered what the statue was of, we all stopped believing in the theory that the incident caused it.   For the statue to be of the goddess of fertility then we can assume that the people there even before the black rock had trouble having kids as well.

Episode 6x16 / Re: Unanswered Questions
« on: May 27, 2010, 06:40:27 PM »
It might be useful to publish a book about the answers of Lost. You'd make a million!

Want to help me.  My writing abilities are not all the great.  Ill answer questions and your write them out.   We will make a million.

Episode 6x16 / Re: My musings on the finale (and I didn't like it)
« on: May 25, 2010, 10:28:52 PM »
I do agree with that Nora.  And I did love all the little things in the story.  My fav season was Season 2 when we were learning all about the Dharma stuff.  I just dont see what answers havent been answered yet.

Episode 6x16 / Re: Unanswered Questions
« on: May 25, 2010, 09:55:09 PM »
From the end of the note I posted on Facebook:

In the Flash Sideways, at the end:
*Where were Michael and Walt?
Michael is stuck on the island as a whisperer for the rest of eternety.  Walt didnt need a place to meet because his most important times of his life didnt occur on the island.
*Where were Rose and Bernard, who had both appeared in the Flash Sideways earlier?
Rose and Bernard were happy on the island. They didnt need to go meet with everyone becasue they didnt want to be with everyone.  They wanted to be alone.
*What about Ana Lucia, Eko, and all of the other lesser characters? Ilana? Naomi? Arzt? I mean, Shannon and Boone show up...
Eko didnt need it. He left with his brother after he died.  The other characters were as you say  "lesser characters" showing them would not have been as significant or emotional
*Why was Penny there with Desmond? She wasn't truly part of all of this. Daniel's mom was there, but where was Widmore?
Desmond help create the universe and for him Penny was his world.  Widmore was all out for vengeance he hasnt learned about his happiness on the island yet.
*What becomes of Jack's son? How'd he get there? Did he ever really exist? Does Jack have to leave him to move on, or does that not matter because he never really existed?
He does exist.  Only this other timeline though.  This timeline was a redemption timeline that the characters created for them selves.  They created their selves and created what they always wanted.  For Jack it was a son and for him to be a great father.
*Claire is reunited with Aaron, who left the island. Why are Jin and Sun not reunited with their daughter? (So, Sun is pregnant, but it's not quite the same. Sun has met their daughter. Is she ready to "move on" without her?)
Sun and Jin are essential to each other.  The bond and love they had for each other was rediscovered on the island.  Claire learned to love Aaron on the island.
*What about Nikki and Paolo???? (LOL)
Exactly.. what about them.
*Ben was there. Juliet was there. Where was Richard? He got a gray hair last night, but is he still immortal?
No he is not immortal.  That was the point of showing the grey hair.  His best times were with his wife.  His best times were not on the island.  Since him being relieved that he is actually mortal.
*Ben wasn't ready to move on. Was he wanting to spend more time with Alex? Or did he just need more time in purgatory (if that was what that was) because of all his evil deeds? If so, then what of Sayid?
Ben didnt go in because exactly what you said.  He now has a chance to be with the only person that has made him happy. Alex.
*The island was on the bottom of the ocean. Did that really happen?
that was shown to us becasue it shows us that what we are seeing is what happens if the island doesnt exist.
*Was the Flash Sideways supposed to be just a construct of their collective subconscious? Is it purgatory? Why do they have to be "ready" to move on? What's the point of landing there, instead of going right from death to the ultimate location?
It wasnt Purgatory. and it wasnt created in their imaginations  it was created with the bomb.  They all wanted to see what would happen if they never landed on the island.  and they got that.  They created that buy blowing up the bomb.
Island questions:
*Michael came back to Hurley as one of the whispers, trapped on the island. We never got an explanation to that. Why didn't he go on to the Flash Sideways?
because of what he did on the island.  He killed the innocent.  Therefore he is condemned to the island forever.
*Why was Demond stuck on the island pushing buttons in a hatch?
Dont understand this question.  He was told that he had too or the world would end.  So he did it.
*What about the numbers? Why those numbers that needed to be pushed, in sequence? Was it just coincidence that they were Hurley's winning lottery numbers and connected to Rousseau's distress signal?
They were the remaining numbers that coincided with the remaining candidates.
*Why couldn't women conceive/carry to term babies on the island?
Rule made by Jacob?  He brought who he wanted to the island.  He didnt want people making new people.
*How many sets of Others were there? How did they get there? What did they want?
They didnt want anything they were all brought there by whoever was the current leader. as candidates to replace said current leader.
*Why did they kidnap Walt?
They couldnt have kids on the island. Therefore they took kids to keep there society going.
*Who built the four-toed statue? The temple? All of the carved pieces (like the "plug") down in the cave with the light in the end? All sorts of Egyptian symbolism, but no explanation.
Egyptians.  Just another group that was brought to the island at one time.
*Was there no meaning to all of the "special" people? Locke, Walt, Aaron? What about the Australian psychic's ravings that Claire had to raise Aaron? Just meaningless ravings? A red herring?
Locke was special because Richard saw him in 1950 something and then again in 2004 in a hatch.  Walt well he was a kid. Aaron.  I dont think he was every special.  That guy was just pushing Claire to that plane crash.
*What happened to Lapidus' plane after they took off? Did they get back to the real world and live out their days? Was it their wreckage on the beach at the end?
They made it home safe and sound.  Jack saw them leave. Christian Shepard said that they all died, just some later than others.  No it was 815.  Most series finales end with an empty set during the credits ex.Fresh Prince, Friends, Boy meets world.
*What happened to Hurley and Ben back on the island? What was their fate? The island's? Hurley drank the water, so something had to happen that he died.
He lived out his role as leader of the island.  If you want to know that answer then we have a new show with 6 more seasons.  It was showing us that Jack did his job to save the island and now there has to be a new leader.
*How about the wheel in the lighthouse? What was THAT all about? How did THAT work?
It was something created by Jacob to watch all of his candidates at anytime.  How did it work.  IDK we dont really need to know that.
*How did Jacob, who didn't believe there was anything other than the island, leave the island to touch all of the candidates as younger folks? How did he know to choose them? How did he know what they would become? How did he know they'd all be on that one plane that crashed years or decades later because Desmond didn't press the buttons? (Or did that not REALLY cause the crash?)
He touched his candidates.  With the lighthouse we have to assume that there were 360 candidates so not all of them were brought to island on the flight 815.  I think we have to assume that some were on the black rock.  Some were in Dharma.  Henry Gale might have been one.
*What about Richard's visits to people, like young Locke? (When he presented him with the knife and compass?)
Locke told him to go Young Locke when the flashed back to 1955
*Does the island "select" people? Do pregnant women have some significance? (Jacob's and MIB's mother? Rousseau? Claire? Sun?)
Jacob selects people.  NO
*What was MIB's name?
Not knowing his name adds to the mystery of the man.  Really knowing his name to be Cody or something wouldnt really mean anything other than we call him Cody instead of MIB.
*What was all that stuff about a virus or sickness infecting people? Rousseau talked about it. The Others had all sorts of medical injections for it. The temple people detected it in Sayid. Claire went a little crazy herself, but apparently recovered?
Some of it was from MIB as we see with Sayid and Claire.  And the other just seems to be a cover for the Dharma/Others to keep people where they are supposed to be.
*Why was Smokey going around killing people? From the very first episodes, where he was yanking people out of camp and the pilot out of the plane, etc.? What was the motivation?
He didnt want people on the island.  he believed that people corrupt.
*What was the series of flashes that appeared in Smokey sometimes?
I think he could see if they were candidates that way.
*Why did ash and the big pylons keep Smokey out?
The ash it seems were some sort of ash from Jacob.  The pylons were just to have a story telling device to keep him out. 
*Why were the Others kidnapping people out of the camp? What happened to Cindy and the kids from the plane? Did we find them in the temple after all of these years as an Easter Egg only to have them immediately killed by Smokey?
The kids were taken because they couldnt have kids.  Cindy was taken because i believe she was an other as well. Before the plane crash.
*What was the deal with Ethan and Goodwin and all of their crazy evilness?
They were doing there job.  At the time the losties saw the others as evil people So they have to act weird and evil to keep that image.
*Why and how did Ben have extensive dossiers on all of the Losties? Everything he did when we first found him at Dharma camp led us to believe he was very powerful and had a global network, but did that not exist? If not, how did that all happen?
Why do you not believe that, that all existed.  At that time Ben used his power as leader a little to harshly.  He was kind of evil at the time.
*How did Ben come to lead the Others?
He was chosen by Richard.
*Why did Ben steal Alex from Rousseau?
He really wasnt as bad of a man as we were lead to believe.  up until then we saw him as a killing machine.  Then we learned that he couldnt kill Russou because she had a kid with her.  So he tried to prove that he killed russou and brought the kid back.
*Who were the people in the temple, particularly the Sensai and his Hippie friend? How did Cindy and the kids flash back in time to be with them?
Everybody on the island during the flashes. Flashed back.  except for those that were there on the island before.
*After the second electromagnetic event, when Desmond was flashing back to England, what was that? Was that Flash Sideways? (Death?) Time travel?
Just like Flashes Before There Eyes.  he was shown an alternate life.
*The Dharma Initiative (bunnies!) and Farraday seemed to be interested in time travel and the island. What was THAT all about? And the island jumping around in time. What was that about, too?
Story telling device that gave us many answers from the past history of the island.
*Why is the island invisible to radar and how does turning a strange wheel underground move it and drop the turner in Tunisia?
you can only get to the island by a certain bearing.  the power of the light is very powerful when mixed with water.
*So, I think we were told that Dharma were the ones who brought things like the polar bear to the island, but how did the polar bear skeleton end up in the desert? Was the appearance of the polar bear in Walt's (Hurley's?) comic book just a coincidence?
It was surely a test of to see if the wheel actually worked
*Why did Ben recruit Sayid as his henchman after they left the island? Who were the people still trying to kill the Oceanic 6 (like the guy on the golf course)? And why?
He knew Sayid was a killer. people who worked for Widmore.
*Who was dropping supplies to Desmond?
Do we know it was every actually dropped.  The losties did say that they never saw a plane or helicopter fly over head.
*What did Widmore want with the island? Why was he so at odds with Ben about it that it led to murderous intentions?
Widmore was one that new that the island was very powerful and he wanted vengence on the man that took it from him.
*Was Hurley crazy? What about all of the dead people he saw, on and off the island?
Crazy.  No.  He thought he was crazy because he was seeing those dead people.  But then he learned that it was a power that he had and it should be something used in a good way.
*How did MIB become Smokey? Yet, Jack and Desmond and Hurley all went into the cavern and didn't become smoke monsters. Why MIB? Why didn't Jack become white smoke?
MIB was sent into the cavern by Jacob.  Jack and Desmond went there on there own regards.  They thought they were doing good. IT was not MIB's time to die so the island turned him into the monster that his soul really was.
*Does Vincent ever die?
Surely.  Prolly lives to be between 10-13 like an average dog would.

I'm sure the questions will keep flowing, but the well of answers has dried up, like the spring when Desmond took the plug out, leaving just a rumbling, angry volcanic cavern, waiting to explode.

Answers are never dry.  Just have to think a little harder for some them.

Spoiler Theories and Speculation / Re: Spoiler?? about Illana
« on: May 25, 2010, 09:47:20 PM »
they never said that they had everything planned out.  They always said that they knew what was going to happen.  They didnt know what small storylines would occur to get to the final conclusion.

Episode 6x16 / Re: My musings on the finale (and I didn't like it)
« on: May 25, 2010, 09:31:56 PM »
I was totally ok with everything about the ending until Jack opened the coffin. I get the whole thing with his dad, but srsly?

Quite honestly, I think the explanation for sideways was lame considering all we've been told and given by the writers for the past 6 years. It really came out of left field, IMHO - that all the Losties, unknown to each other, created their own alternate universe to meet again. What? ??? We had no hints of such a thing. They broke all the rules they had established over previous seasons. Sadly only one thing -- the way Juliette died/she discovered Sawyer (with the whole go dutch for coffee thing) was really satisfying, like it was planned out that way all along - the way they promised us they had.

I think that was Darlton's mistake - making promises.
At one time, people weren't getting the gist of Lost and ABC was yanking it all over the schedule and people were losing interest: "What the hell is this and where is it going??" So Darlton came up with "oh, we know how it will end, we've known all along, hang in there" to save the show. BUT when they did that, they raised the level of expectation for the ending, even years before it did end. If they had been more cautious and said, "we have an idea how it will end, but are hashing some things out" that probably would have been better and fans might not have expected so much. I really think Darlton knew as much as Matthew Fox said he knew on Kimmel - that it would end with Jack's eye closing. And that's all they knew.  If they really had known, they would have sprinkled more throughout the whole run of the show, not just this last season -- more death's like Juliette's where it really truly came full circle in the end. If they had done that, I think more people would have liked the ending.

I also kind of feel that they had one last "f*ck you" to the fans with the way they purposely introduced things and didn't explain them - like what happened to the people on the plane, how did their lives end and the people left on the island. I DO want to know what happened to my favorite characters, Sawyer and Hurley. Did Claire make it home to be a mom to Aaron? I think they could have addressed this in one of those musical montages where they just show the characters in their lives without the dialogue. THAT would be satisfying.

Overall, I did like it. But you really shouldn't have to think as hard as you have to to wrap your head around the 'alternate universe' and all the new questions it poses, like, Jack never had a son, right?  ???  


They did show us what happened.  They made it safely off the island.  that was the point of the plain flying over Jacks head. 

If every story had a set in stone ending then every story ever created would absolutely suck. 

Ill compare it to a little simpler show called Friends.  This show ended with everyone walking out of the apartment.  The last line is from Joey.  He says   Has this apartment always been purple.  its funny because the show was about friends and laughter.   
Now Im sure if you watched this show.  Then you would be truely pissed that it ended this way becasue we didnt get to see all of our Friends grow old and die and see exactly what happened after they all left the apartment that they were in for 9 years. 

I REALLY DONT GET IT. How anyone can want anymore answers.  Because we got all of the ones that were essential to the storytelling.

Episode 6x16 / Re: Ajira Plane
« on: May 25, 2010, 09:18:07 PM »
how bout you fly to some other small island crash land and run away.  get on a boat and go home.  end of story

Episode 6x16 / Re: Just had to share my final thoughts
« on: May 25, 2010, 09:09:39 PM »
Okay  Im not attacking your opinion here because everyone can have their own.  I just want to point a few things out.

1) What were the rules that governed Ben and Widmores relationship?

Are there really rules here.  Or just mutual respect because they were at one point or another in charge of the island.  Obviously at one point we were told that they couldn't kill each other.(when Ben was in Widmore's hotel room)  But Ben ended up shooting him in cold blood anyways.  So he can kill him.  Just seems like the rules they were following were just one of Jacobs rules.  No leaded can cause physical harm to any new leader or member of said leaders family.  But since Jacob is dead.  Rules are gone.  Ben kills widmore.

2) Who the hell is Eloise Hawking and why did she always seem to know exactly what was going on?

Eloise is just like Desmond.  She is special.  We see this in season two when we first meet her in Flashes before your Eyes.  To me now that I think about it.  This is really the first time we get a Flash Sideways in the show.

3) How did the Donkey wheel work and why did it dump you in the middle of the Desert?

MIB explained that the wheel connected water and light.  Again go back to Desmond and see what occured to him when the hatch exploded.  The wheel took the power of th elight and mixed it with water.  Then you come out in the desert because your body is transported there.  Really if you ended up in a storm drain in the middle of New York City, it doesnt really matter.  Its just where you are transported

4) Why was the time on the island different than the rest of the world?

Pretty much explained with the only way you can get in and out of the island is by following a certain bearing. 

5) Why did the oceanic 6 have to make the Ajira site as close to the Oceanic flight as possible?

I dont really thing that they had to make the Ajira flight as close as possible to the original.  Eloise just already had her epiphany and knew what occurred on the Island which means she knew who had to go back to the island.  And since Locke was dead she knew his body had to go back that way MIB could use it.

6) Why did some of those people go back in time and others did not.

They went back because they were always there in 1977 in the Dharma Initiative.

7) I could go on and on and onů.

ME TOO....

Episode 6x16 / Re: My musings on the finale (and I didn't like it)
« on: May 25, 2010, 05:23:29 AM »
agree with louisianna girl.  The Eloise thing is very simple to me.  She is also special like Desmond.  We pretty much discovered this in flashes before your eyes.  When Des ran into her and she was known as the ring lady.

This show was and has always been about the characters.  And the finale did a tremendous job making those characters stories end.   

To me.  Questions were answerd this season that needed to be answered.   All big season one questions were answered pretty much straight forward to us

Who are adam and eve
what is the smoke monster and where did it come from
what are the whispers. 

ALL answered.

Episode 6x16 / Re: My musings on the finale (and I didn't like it)
« on: May 24, 2010, 10:15:14 PM »
honestly i want to know what you wanted them to answer.   To me it was great.  I got all the answers i needed.  

What questions  were not answered??

Seriously?  I had about 3 pages of them that I posted on the "unanswered questions" thread.

Yes seriously.  Go for it.  Ill answer every single one of them i bet with a real answer or the hey the people shooting from the outrigger boat were most likely the people from Ajira.  Since you know they found the Ajira bottle in the boat.   

Sorry to be a smartass but really if they would have shown that seen from the shooters perspective.  And it was Illana and them from Ajira.  I guarantee you everyone here including yourself would have gone well duh we kind of already knew that.  They didnt need to show us.

Episode 6x16 / Re: My musings on the finale (and I didn't like it)
« on: May 24, 2010, 04:36:01 PM »
honestly i want to know what you wanted them to answer.   To me it was great.  I got all the answers i needed.   

What questions  were not answered??

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