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Community Lounge / Re: Pet Peeves
« on: July 21, 2010, 09:40:26 AM »
Or not responding to your texts! I have one friend who just doesn't answer his texts. It drives me and my hubby crazy.

Maybe they're having an ACTUAL conversation with someone, in which case it would be EVEN MORE rude for them to respond to your text.  Or they could be driving.......or eating........or going to the bathroom.......or having sex.......or any of a million other things that can't be immediately interrupted.  My pet peeve is texts in general.  If I have my phone on me and I'm free to talk....CALL ME!  If I'm not free, leave a message.  I don't text - ever.  So I don't pay for unlimited texts, which means that I get charged every time someone texts me instead of taking a moment to just talk to me instead.  Call me 'old-fashioned'!

Community Lounge / Re: Come again?
« on: June 04, 2010, 10:27:47 AM »

5-Hour Energy.....the extra boost you need while saving the world!

Community Lounge / Re: Come again?
« on: June 03, 2010, 10:20:28 AM »

Mark Pelligrino: Well, what do we do now?
Titus Welliver: How should I know?  You were supposed to be the one with all the answers!
Mark Pelligrino: Jacob was just a character. Anyway, it turned out he wasn't so all-knowing after all.
Titus Welliver: That makes two of you........I can't believe they're all gone.  I miss everyone, especially the catering department.  Hawaii is expensive when you're out of work!
Mark Pelligrino: You don't have to tell me, wardrobe took all the clothes, too.  I don't even have a pair of shoes.
Titus Welliver: Hey, we should talk to Daniel Dae Kim.  Maybe he can get us on the new Hawaii Five-O!
Mark Pelligrino: It would sure beat going home.  Go talk to him, I'm gonna get a little sun.
Titus Welliver: Who died and made you the boss? You go talk to him!


Episode 6x16 / Re: A Summary Of 6 Years Of "Lost"
« on: June 02, 2010, 12:49:01 PM »
Yeah, I'd love to know who wrote this.  They make it sound like they were in the room, but I doubt they were.  I like the summary for the most part, but I disagree with one thing.  I don't think Jacob drew the characters there to kill MIB.  I took it to be that the candidates were brought there because Jacob knew that MIB would eventually succeed in killing him and he needed a replacement.  If the replacement could find a way to kill MIB, something he was never able to do, that would be great, but he didn't seem like he was ever actively looking for a way to kill MIB, at least not like the way MIB was plotting to kill him.

Episode 6x16 / Re: Hurley and Ben Epliogue? True or false?
« on: June 02, 2010, 12:33:13 PM »
I read the spoilers for awhile and Walt did fly to Hawaii toward the end of shooting.  I was expecting him to be in the finale, but he wasn't.  Could be an extra for the DVD's or he could have been just making appearances for the finale.  Emerson spoke about 12-14 minutes of video that took place after Hurley became #1 and before the finale, so that doesn't sound like something he's making up.  Can't wait to see it!

Episode 6x16 / Re: Unnecessary Escape...
« on: May 28, 2010, 11:59:18 AM »

Miles has his diamonds to spend

I totally forgot about that!  Awesome!   ;D  Wonder if he'd share?  Chip in a little to help buy Ricardus a fake passport?  Fund Aaron's college?   :D

Richard is probably already set from his Mittelos front.  Sawyer and Claire should be getting the same payoff as the O6 and Aaron already has his.  Actually, Miles is probably the least well off except for Frank, but they could sue Ajira for a similar payoff like Oceanic!  Makes me want to take a chance and fly more!   ;D

Episode 6x16 / Re: Unnecessary Escape...
« on: May 27, 2010, 03:14:36 PM »
If the show was reality, then yeah, it turns out they didn't really need to escape the island that second after all.  But since it's a show, and they needed to tie things up for us at the end, then:
1. Jack needed to know they got off the island before he died, and
2. WE needed to know they got off the island so we'd know they lived out their lives before they met again at the church.
We weren't going to have time to find out whether Hurley COULD change the rules and, if he could, how and when they would get to leave, etc. 

Episode 6x16 / Re: "The long con."
« on: May 27, 2010, 12:46:20 PM »
Please don't tell me this is yet another Lost-bashing thread sugesting that we've all been long-conned by TPTB!  If, so, the moderators should just merge it with the other ones that go nowhere.  Otherwise, if it refers to Sawyer telling Jack his plan to kill MIB was a long con, then what's there to discuss?  It was a pretty slim long-shot.

Community Lounge / Re: Come again?
« on: May 26, 2010, 03:21:40 PM »

Jack: Wow, that was amazing, but I wish you'd cut your claws!.......Cigarette?

Episode 6x16 / Re: Positive thoughts on the finale
« on: May 26, 2010, 03:12:33 PM »
I loved when Jack stood up to Flocke and told him he was going with him to the cave and then he would kill him.  The look on everyone else's face was priceless!  Ben has shown he can take a punch willingly to further his plans, Kate has kicked some serious ass, Sawyer is as bad-ass as they come, and Desmond had a new sense of confidence and peace about him, but they gaped at each other, shocked at Jack's lack of fear.  Even Flocke himself looked a little taken aback and unsure of himself, which is unusual for someone who doesn't even blink at bullets!

Episode 6x16 / Re: Nadia
« on: May 26, 2010, 02:53:39 PM »
Everyone who knows how much I obsessed over Lost asked me what I thought of the finale. I said every time, "I loved it! Except for the Sayid/Shannon foolishness."

I really wasn't surprised that Sayid ended up with Shannon.  His happiest time was the time he spent with Nadia, but the most important time in his life was on the island.  That's where he redeemed himself.  That's where he changed into a better Sayid.  I'm happy with the Sayid/Shannon reunion.   

This makes the most sense of any way I've tried to look at it. Because otherwise it just makes Shannon a booby prize.

I hated that 'twist' also (which I think they added last minute when the Shannon actress became available), but SOL's explanation makes it more tolerable for me.  Also, his connection to Nadia wouldn't give him the 'epiphany' moment he needed to remember his time on the island, accept his death and move on.  He needed Shannon for that. 

I've always thought that it's possible to truly love more than just one person in your life, not to mention friends and family, and that if there is a Heaven it wouldn't be just an eternal continuation of the life you had at the time you died.  Sayid wouldn't be choosing between his love of Nadia and Shannon.  In other words, there would be no 'couples', just universal love (and I don't mean that in the dirty sense, get your minds out of the gutter!  ;D )  I'm not saying Rose and Bernard or Sun and Jin would no longer be together, I just don't imagine Heaven as an eternal 'Othersville' with separate houses and families.  Honestly, I usually try to look at things logically, which is why the concept of Heaven is a tough one for me to follow at all!

Yeah, how was Christianity front and center?  The whole point was that they were meeting together in some kind of purgatory/limbo situation.  Christianity doesn't even believe in purgatory.  I think that's just a Catholic thing.

LOL...This was kind of funny to me. "Christianity doesn't even believe in purgatory...I think that's just a Catholic thing." The reason it's so funny to me is Catholic's are Christian. To be Christian one has to be a follower and believer in Christ. Catholics are just that. Not sure why people seem to think Catholics are not part of Christendom. I'm not Catholic, but I am an ordained minister, and just wanted to throw my two cents in.

lostandfree wasn't saying Catholics aren't Christians, just that not all Christians believe in Purgatory.  Different factions of Christians follow different beliefs, which is why there are soooooo many branches.  I've belonged to different congregations and I've seen major differences.  The Lutheran church for example, although they believe in the saints, they don't pray to them (not even to Mary) and they display no statues.  And their cross is just the cross, no body of Christ is displayed. 

In Christianity, there are stories where gatherings of people are hearing the Word of God, whether through the Holy Spirit or the apostles, and they each hear it in their own language.  I loved how Lost seemed to be doing just that.  As a Christian, I saw the island as the Garden of Eden.  I theorized how MIB could be the fallen angel Satan (back before we knew he was just a man once).  A small part of me even wondered if Jacob was going to rise up again on the third day (boy was I way off on that one!) and after that weird 'madonna and child' dream sequence with Claire and Aaron (definitely Christian themed there, no doubt!) I thought Aaron was the second coming of the Messiah (another one just slightly off!).  But the point in the end was that we could all see the story from our own perspectives and translate the meaning to fit our own beliefs.  The only 'faith' that wasn't supported in the end was 'science'. 

Now that it's all over, I'd like to thank the members who've supported my 'Christian-leaning' posts (we did start off in the beginning with a dead guy named Christian Shephard!  Seriously, what was I supposed to think?!)  But also, thanks to the members who've politely disagreed without being insulting.  That's respect.  That's acceptance.  That's class.  That's what the world needs more of.

Episode 6x16 / Re: What was with the crash scene at the end?
« on: May 26, 2010, 09:18:45 AM »
Thank you all for the reassuring posts.  I don't have to lie awake at night now and wonder what it meant!   ;D

Episode 6x16 / Re: So it's left to our imagination
« on: May 25, 2010, 02:22:52 PM »
Here's a new thought... so Boone and Charlie and Ana Lucia and anyone who died over the course of the show and appeared as ghosts (especially to Hurley) and probably weren't the MIB, how come they were aware of everything when they appeared as ghosts, and then in the sideways, they're suddenly unaware of everything and are sucked into the illusion?

I took it to mean that the ATL is their LAST stop before moving on for good.  In other words, Charlie (for example) dies for real on the island.  His spirit/ghost remains so that he can appear to Hurley and do what he needs to do.  He is aware because he hasn't moved on to the ATL yet.  Eventually, he does move on to the ATL/purgatory/waiting life, where he no longer remembers the events of his life until everyone has gathered and he is awakened again, ready to let go and move on one last time.  Christian said the most important part of their lives was the time they spent together, which is why they need to 'live' in the ATL until everyone has passed over.  The folks missing from this group, the ones who are not ready, are still waiting for those that were most important in their own lives.

That is a great theory and explains  why Ana Lucia didn't remember Hurley when she was in the Alt. She wasn't ready yet. When Hurley got stopped by her in season 4 she was a ghost and did remember him. Thanks!

This is a perfect example of a small detail that, if they tried to explain it in the show, would have been tedious to watch.  I actually winced when Hurley asked Michael, "So the whispers are dead people who can't move on?".  This isn't "Blue's Clues", folks, sometimes it's better if they leave some things to our imagination.  We may have different opinions about what we see, but at least we're using our brains.

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