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Episode 3x20 / Re: Episode Failed to Deliver
« on: May 14, 2007, 05:36:02 PM »
Maxor, I thought the big pile of tubes was explained because, now that we know there was a "Purge," we know there was nobody left to pick up the tubes once they were delivered.  The Swan Station (was that it? or was it the Pearl Station?  Sorry I'm not as "up" on the different stations' functions as I should be...) kept automatically popping up the tubes with the reports in them, but now there's nobody left alive to go get 'em.   Hence the pile.

Or am I crazy?

Episode 3x20 / Re: Speculation about Richard Alpert and Ben
« on: May 14, 2007, 05:16:55 PM »
I want to see Ben without his shoes on.

Maybe he only has four toes.   ;)

Episode 3x20 / Re: You've Had Your Fun
« on: May 14, 2007, 05:08:02 PM »
Sorry if I'm being dense, but what body with a bullethole in the head?  Do you mean in the mass grave?  Or are you talking about the brief glimpse we got of Jacob with what looks like a hole in his head?

Also, TMack, are we sure that Ben had gotten ahold of Locke's gun and that's what he used to shoot him?  I was assuming he had his own gun.  Didn't Locke reach for his gun but didn't get it in time right before Ben shot him?  I thought I could see the handle in the waistband of his pants.  You may be right, I just assumed Ben had his own gun.  I'd think he would.

Seems to me that Ben is allowing Alex to get away with giving Locke a gun, and allowing Locke to sort of "push him around" in front of the Others because, for some reason, the Others have respect for Locke.  Ben has to be careful.  They think Locke is somebody important and they're starting to wonder about Ben - (someone here had the theory that the Others are waiting for a prophesied leader who has miracle healing properties and will kill his father...) they had originally thought it was Ben and Ben was playing it up with talking to or pretending to talk to Jacob, but now the Others are starting to doubt. 

Remember, Ben got cancer -- that could have triggered their doubt that he's not quite as powerful as they thought -- his "miracle healing" is now in question.  Maybe he's not the prophet after all?  Maybe it's this Locke guy?  Let's bring his father here and see if he'll kill him, and then maybe HE will be the fulfillment of the prophecy...   

So Ben knows his leadership is being threatened, and if Locke can hear Jacob, well, then, hey... Ben just definitely HAS to shoot him or risk losing his position.

Just a thought...

Also, lots of people seem to think that Ben spoke to Jacob like he was speaking to a child...   It could also be interpreted as speaking to someone very very very old.  If Jacob is anything, he's probably older rather than younger.  Sometimes old folks are somewhat "childish" -- Ben seemed to me to be speaking to a crotchety old guy maybe?  The slow speech in "Help me..." sounded like an old person.

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