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General Spoiler Talk / Re: Episode 22/23 - Season Finale!!!
« on: March 26, 2007, 04:12:52 PM »
2 things, first I always wondered what w00t meant? Maybe bayrodney can tell me, I presume its something to do with excitedness?
Secondly has anyone else read the rumour that the season finale will end with Penny (Desmonds ex) turning up on the Island? Remember season 2 finished up with the 2 guys in the antarctic watching for signs of the Island, well it looks like they found it.
I had dismissed this as unlikley, that was untill Cooper showed up this week. Ill try and find the link and get back.

LOST Talk / FOOD DROPS........
« on: March 25, 2007, 04:31:03 PM »
After 'Enter 77' we know that the food drops were ordered and maybe also routinley dropped off. The question is how and where from?

Now Id imagine a food drop to be from a plane or helicopter but someone would see or hear it so how and where exactly do the drops come from, and if Dharma is finished why are the drops delivered with Dharma wrappers/boxes/bottles etc.

This one question is bugging me as much as any other as I just cant figure out an answer I am totally happy with.

Got to remember that the explosion in 'Enter 77' consisted of a complete bunker rigged with explosives, I think Locke only had 1 'pack' of explosives in his ruck sack. Therefore the explosions would look different.
Looking at the trailer for this weeks show theres a snippet of Locke looking into a shaft, judging by the 'hands up' picture it looks more likley that he blew the shaft up rather than the sub.

Splitting the trailer up Im pretty confident that Locke with his hands up and the explosion behind him (pretty sure thats the Sub going boom) is present time, on the Island.
The Locke we see with the gown on, black eye being lifted onto a bed is the past, Im sure this is the flashback showing Locke and how he ended up in a wheelchair, looks like he blew something up there too.

Kate and Sayid were there to rescue Jack, however Locke wasnt interested in Jack, he just wants the Sub and judging by these scenes it seems he wants to blow it up so that no-one leaves the Island.

Locke is happy here, he can walk, he is in control of his own destiny and to a certain extent he has respect. He can support himself (hunting) and he can stick up for himself too, notably the spat he had with Jack over the hatch. John Locke seems to know, more than any other survivor, how this Island ticks, he seems to have some understanding of the inner secrets of the Island.
In the real world before he was on the Island Locke was looked down on, not just because he was in the wheel chair but because he seems very easily led. His father used him for his kidney, his boss had no respect for him, he became infactuated with a woman on a phone line (think we will find out more about the mysterious Helen characted in this episode) and most recently he was working for a comune who were growing weed  behind his back.

The John Locke on the island is a very different John Locke in the real world, he is stronger, more respected, can fend for himself and is very strong willed too. No wonder he wants to stay here!  ;)

Totally nothing to do with the topic but I always wondered what the heck w00t means, Ladybug?

Sounds like a spoiler :)
It looks very much like Locke blew up the sub once again cementing the fact that John Locke is very happy to stay on the Island seeing how the sub seems to be the main transport to and from the Island.

Just watched it again and it really does look like Michael, it even sounds like him. Would be cool if it was him but unfortunatley it sounds like he is just an Other :(

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