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LOST References (Books, Movies and Music) / The Turn of the Screw
« on: May 25, 2006, 03:01:40 PM »
Don't forget Turn of the Screw mentioned both by Locke in last night's episode and in the novel, Bad Twin.  I think it's a Sherlock Holmes book, but I've never read it.  Anyone who has that can enlighten us on the plot line??

Spoiler Theories and Speculation / Re: Problems With The Finale
« on: May 25, 2006, 02:59:32 PM »
Libby seems to pop up everywhere.  THat was my first OMG moment when I saw her give the 4 bucks to Desmond.  She has to be an OTHER and help manipulate, gather info. for the group.  Right?  Or just a really back case of coincidence...

I was left with so many questions and many more theories.  Kelvin, the former CIA operative that knew Sayid, just happens to end up on the same island as Sayid and his friend's daughter (Kate).  I don't believe in coincidence and believe everything here is planned.  So here goes.  I think Flight 815 was supposed to fly over that island and that Kelvin was supposed to lead Desmond away from the hatch during that specific time period so that the electromagnet field could build up and pull the plane apart-therefore leading to a crash.  Nobody would be in the hatch to press the button to release the magnetic charges.  I'm sure he was aware that he had a slash in his suit and the Desmond (a former military man himself) would notice it and follow him out of the hatch.  All of this is so cleverly orchestrated!

So if not pushing the button maybe caused a plane to pull apart and crash, what does turning that key do?  And where in the world does it happen?  Very strange that the man at the end (French, Russian????) looked exactly like Jack with glasses!  I thought the same thing!  My husband thought I was nuts.  My first reaction was that he was Jack's twin (as in Bad Twin by Gary Troup).  I wonder.... :-\

This show makes me crazy with all of the possibilities!!!

Spoiler Theories and Speculation / Re: Henry Gale
« on: May 25, 2006, 02:46:12 PM »
So after watching the finale last night, what do you think of Henry's role in the group?  He was upset that Zeke wasn't wearing his beard, or was he worried?  Sounded bossy like.  He seemed to be calling the shots, but I guess that doesn't mean he's in charge of the whole operation, maybe just the OTHERS on the island.

I like the comment about the journals going to a waste land....Got me thinking that maybe Eko and Desmond were right.  Locke was maybe misled.  Eko (I think) asked Locke about the possibility that the men in the observation hatch (Pearl) were really the ones being observed.  Maybe every hatch thinks they are the ones in charge of some monumental importance and they are all being watched to see how they handle their different responsibilities when faced with being "keepers of the world."

Theories & Speculation / Re: Who is Him? Poll & Discussion
« on: May 24, 2006, 07:16:49 PM »
Remember that the CIA guy-AKA Clancy Brown- was also friends with Kate's dad and of course knew Sayid.  Wouldn't that be an interesting connection! 

I do not think Jack's dad is Claire's dad.  I got the feeling like the daughter he was talking about was younger.  The mother didn't look old enough to have  daughter Claire's age, but who knows-it's possible I suppose. 

Also, with Ana-Lucia dead, Jack will never know that she and his father knew each other and that he does have a sibling in Australia.  Too bad!  We also won't find out about Libby and why she was in the hospital with Hurley.  As a spy-or because she was admitted.  Is she really a psychologist or a liar? 

I think Locke is heading in the wrong direction (HA, HA) because it seems that this show is trying to tell us that we are not the creators of our destiny there are others out there that manipulate and control it.  I think Locke was allowing himself to be controled by the island a while ago and now he is going to try to take some control over what happens.  Does that make him a good one, or not?

Spoiler Theories and Speculation / Henry Gale
« on: May 24, 2006, 07:03:41 PM »
A while back, Henry said that Jack wouldn't be able to trade him for Walt because he had messed up his mission and "He" (whomever that is) is a powerful, but unforgiving man.  So, why was Michael instructed to get Henry out and let him escape in exchange for his son, Walt.  Is Henry more important than we are led to believe?   Were the OTHERS testing Michael's commitment to getting Walt back?  This is a socio-psychological test-no???  Would you kill two innocent women for your child?  A child that you don't even know and doesn't know you?  What do others think?

I actually read, and finished the book last night.  I couldn't put it down-not because it was good, but because I kept thinking that there was going to be some monumental clue just waiting for me on the next page.  Sadly, nothing huge jumped out at me.  There were a few small things that others have also pointed out: the dog, Hanso Found. is on floor #42 and such.  A couple other things I'll add:  the twins were born (I believe) 23 minutes apart on either side of midnight making their birthdate actually 8/14 and 8/15.  The code to the gate going up to the family home was the boys' birthdates 81415.  Now where does the #4 fit in????

Cindy was featured in the book as the flight attendant to Australia.  There were almost too many references to purgatory and too many other books were used as a means to explain situations that cropped up.  For instance, King Lear, Dante's Inferno, The Lord of the Flies, The Turn of the Screw, etc... That was a bit obvious.  There were also, what I felt, a few important passages.  One given my a minister talking about good and evil and how nothing we do is really our choice, but decided for us by a larger force. 

John Locke the philosopher was mentioned and so was the Escape Hatch.  Other than that, no great mysteries were solved-yet.  I'll have to think some more.  Anyone else come up with good stuff?

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