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Hello, I am new (as a poster not, not a viewer of course). So, please be gentle!
The reason I decided to finally post is because I had a thought that I have yet to see anywhere. So I thought I would throw it out there and see what happeneds. I'm sure there are some holes in this theory, but maybe  someone can add to this so that it makes more sense...

Is Walt the one making the people on the boat kill themselves?

When we first met Walt, we saw that strange things happend around him. IE The birds flying into the glass and killing themselves
Then when Walt was in the other episode (that I barley remember ) there were birds all dead by the window of the room he was in. I just can't remember where he was.( Maybe with the others, right before they floated away on the boat.) What is that about ? Could this be the same thing that is happing to the people on the boat if Walt is being held hostage? (if I remember correctly, the others  were very willing to let Walt off the island . They even said he was "special".

Hope this is in the right spot.  ???

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