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I'm like Jack - I'm having a hard time letting go.

Now I have to figure out if I am in the real timeline or my imaginary purgatory timeline.  Hmm.......

Lmao! good one ESB!  good one.

Episode 6x16 / Re: last thoughts, goodbyes, annoyances, and stuff :)
« on: June 01, 2010, 02:17:16 PM »
seems to me, everyone,  that " I am jacob"  has all the answers! wow, you really DO Think you are jacob. so Jacob. Please, can you tell me how the manifest of jacks father came to the the hospital and off the island if he was smokey and smokey couldn't leave?????? 

Who the hell is Ben Sledge really?  Can we canonize him? What is a mod?  What are their real powers?  Can they grant absolution?  How does JB and Cowboy have so many posts?  What's a ute? (sorry... wrong show / movie.)

LMAO Holland. 
 and the answer iiiiiis,

Episode 6x16 / Re: Unanswered Questions
« on: June 01, 2010, 01:09:05 PM »
Darlton just said that to cover up for all the stuff they didn't address...  "Nothing to see here, move along, move along..."   :D

I'm just playing at this point -- those aren't truly "unanswered questions" but more like just odd little things I noticed.

Didn't darlton say if you still have unanswered question you missed the point of the show...just sayin...continue...

NO i AGREE Madam P! that's just B*LL S*IT.  Missed the point my A*S.
Cowboy, sorry but if you except that you are more gullible than i ever would have thought. They Cr*ped out and gave us this lame excuse. and everyone is like" ooooh yeah, ok. it's tptb so it must be so wonderful. they are Gods ,so we should just be happy with it like they tell us to, or we "don't get it"."  way to try and make ppl feel stupid if they don't like the finale or if we don't except the fact that they strung us along and acted like they knew what they were doing.  ::)

Community Lounge / Re: ~the ((LiL)) Lovely Thread~
« on: June 01, 2010, 12:56:28 PM »

                                              HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!            


Hi Mi mi!!! Happy Monday! I'm wide awake at 2 am!!!! I don't know why I have this stupid insmnia so I'm going on everybodys threads and posting nonsensical blatherings.

Hubby bought Faith a movie about Meatballs or something. Like it's raining meatballs? I have no idea what it's called but apparently it's a good animated movie. Maybe I should watch it now????

Arrrrghhh!!! I hate this!!!!


count sheep, it really works. it's like a form of meditation. (im not kidding) i love this word you said... Nonsensical lol. a kokoisum.

BTW, Mrs H, I love the way you put it in terms of following someone else's imagination instead of of your own.  Well written.  :)

Thanks ESB. I really did love the finale. just wish this  season had more guts. Hope you are doing good!

But... but... the mysteries did have a purpose... at least, they had an impact on your life, if not on the storyline. They got you to come on here and make friends, and discuss things, and to do research on things you might not have done before.  :-[ They brought you to me! I

Awww, yes they did! I am VERY grateful for Lost for that! Really think, in the end., that that was one of the best things about the show. the relationships it created in real life. because real life goes on ...

Mrs. H I see your point here and no sense , as you said loosing sleep over it.  I believe, including myself, that the general populus made mountains out of mole hills and they played on that.

In the end it is over and from what I understand buying season 6 DVD might not only line the pockets of those who created this but give closure to the viewers.

Personally I say we just take our own imaginations and come up with our own conclusions.
So mine is that Hurley recruited Walt to protect the island.  And MIB didn't really die  he just became a boar on the island terrorized whomever fell up on it and then they killed the boar cooked him and he multiplied all over the island.

ah forget coming up with my own conclusions. It's over and Im just going to "move on" lol . I wont give them my money by buying the dvds since there is no ah ha moment to go back and watch and understand better.  I'll wait till someone buys it and tells me what is on it or posts it on youtube if im even still interested at that point. lol but that is a good conclusion i'd say LiL. great imagination and funny! btw......HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

Anyway, I guess what I mean is that the creators are probably just as curious as the rest of us, and if they were Lost fans they'd be curious about the things we're curious about. But they still chose to focus on character development instead. At the end of season 4, when they moved the island, people (including myself) were upset that the show had jumped irrevocably into the sci-fi genre, and Darlton replied, "What kind of show did you think you were watching?" I think the finale made a jump away from sci-fi and mystery into the realm of spirituality. I think they tricked us about the sci-fi thing. They just used it to get characters' reactions. That's why things were left open for interpretation. They spelled out what they really wanted us to know and left the peripheral facts to be discussed among us, lol.
Mrs H! I miss talking to you too. I wanted to have more time to do other things and watch other shows, but I guess we're going right into a rewatch for the podcast.  :-\ Which means I still won't be on here very often. Is it weird that when I got to the Italian part of the international food aisle and the grocery store, I thought of you? lol!
That being said,

Hey Mrs A! Nice to see you , it's been forevaaaaa! great post and great story about your tattoos! and totally not weird about the grocery store thing. Lot's of times i see things throughout the day that make me think of people here . Starbucks, cookies, tea. and I TOTALLY think of you when I hear about any Vegan topic , since you are the only one I know who is vegan.  so, your good.  ;) and im flattered!
anyway, I understand what you are saying when you talk about why we didn't get answers and all that jazz, it all sounds good and all  but and of course there is a but, lol I don't feel that they left out answers purposefully. and for all those deep insightful reasons that you meantioned.. that is the funny part. I feel like they kind of crapped out in the end and everyone is giving them credit for being so wise and deep and saying ' it wasn't about the mysteries" HOW CAN IT NOT BE ABOUT THE MYSTERIES!???  that is my question. why ? how? that just boggles my mind. imagine if all the  mystery books out there left out the last few paragraphs from of the end of the books with the sloutiuon to the mysteries. would you still by them? Your reading a mystery book not just for the mystery but for the whole story. no? otherwise you would buy a different type book right? If i wanted to use my imagination, I would daydream and or write my own book, or story. I was following someone else's imagination and going a long for the ride. and I thought that ride was going somewhere. I just feel they were misleading. i don't always want all the answers i just felt this situation was unfair. and really i thought they were sloppy.  just for the record. im not losing sleep over this or walking around pist all day. I really have "let go" but when I think back on all the theorizing , i just have to shake my head and chuckle to myself. I almost want to re watch JUST to find out exactly how much stuff they did hype up just to toss aside later. I think maybe they got themselves in a bit of a jam, lost track of all the darn questions and in the end panicked and so they splattered a bunch of paint on the canvas and called it art. and everyone is buying it.  :-\

Mrs H, it's so nice to see you back posting away here.  :)

Thanks ESB! How ARE you??? Long time.  :(  I just couldn't help myself. Had to find time to come and give my opinion. I just knew it was going to happen and still I can't believe it. They left us hanging. So,,,.. what is your take on the way it left off? Do tell! ;D

Re: Walt.... Ironically, Holland posted this on his facebook and we had a brief convo about it. Hope you don't Mind if I pass this on here Holland.

Eta... LMAO, Koko, you are hysterical, and OH SO cute!

Oh Holland CONGRATS on the new house! How nice is that! I don't know , by the time you're done signing all those papers you might be too sore and  might not be able to type a reply.  lol
This is one of the things I enjoyed about this site, was to have discussions on two vewpoints and try to see all sides. One person I used to do that a lot with was Jackii! PL, and Lakie too. there are more I'm just not going to remember at the moment. I miss that. Thanks to Lil for giving me the Tea party room a few yrs ago. It was my safe place. lol. ok, well, Good luck at the closing!  whoot whoot!

Thanks Kokonutpie!
Yes, they could have answered the questions in the following episode or so ! they didn't need to pile up all the mysteries for so long and then it wouldn't have taken so long to answer. someone could have asked Ben , why did you take walt and want him off the island? and he could have .... GIVEN US AN ANSWER or SOMETHING! right then and there.  look at that! what a concept.  right?! lol

Lol, We are in mourning after all Holland. I'ts ok to put Michael Giacchino songs on repeat and sulk!
Ok, so going with your train of thought, why did I really watch the show?... ok. My Theme that drove my love for the show WAS yes, most definitely the intellectual side of the show with all the Mysteries etc.. as you put it. the character plots were a big part of it for me too but I liked that it was a balance of both. in the end we only got gratification to One of the two. why does that have to be enough? If I invested my time in both areas, I would have liked an acceptable return. Being a loyal fan that was given false hope of finding out some of the mysteries makes me offended. like no prize in the cracker jack box. it's expected!!  Why even play so many mind games with us and give us this hope, if they didn't plan on having this big reveal of the answers. (some at least) ok, follow me on this , If they gave us questions and mysteries and then left them alone, then didn't give us answers well then im the fool, then ok, BUT what did they do? they gave us a mystery, saaaaaay, the numbers, and then they RAN with it. they gave Easter eggs they sprinkled them around like salt everywhere , they had them on for HOW MANY seasons??? when you put out the questions and don't give the answers a few shows later and DELIBERATELY dangle them for 6 seasons you feel like it's building up for something big.  that is just wrong. a tease. I would expect that if they were making such a big deal about them it is because they are going somewhere with it. That is what it implies anyway.  They are MAKING  us want to know. taunting us. HENCE the reason for this whole web site! look at all the threads and questions and theories. all the screen shots and investigations! the MILLIONS of posts on trying to figure out the answers!!!  with out the mysteries and the connection with History and the book lists and the naming of the Characters after people they felt tied in with them and their story, and the sci fi . with out all that ,it would have been just another show. and there are plenty of them out there, but I chose LOST because it was deeper than just Character plots.  I grew up with my Grandmother who watched a lot of daytime tv. and all I could think of as the season finiale ended was , ..."as the Island turns" and  Like Sands through the Hourglass, So are the" Days of our Lives"

I noticed it was a different dog too ! lol

Episode 6x16 / Re: Dan, Penny and Lipidas...???
« on: May 26, 2010, 02:38:43 AM »
Why would he create a child with Juliet as mother?
Kate prooved to be a good mother and she wanted a son.
Because Juliet can create life where life isn't supposed to be?
Because Kate was married with Sawyer after leaving the island in real time.
And both Juliet and Jack were waiting?

Opgelost, funny you should say that about juliet. I was wondering  more along the lines of "why would Jack create a life where he married and divorced Juliet? who thinks divorce is something you would create in your head as a thing you would want!??  OMG.  and so why not just create a life with Kate? and Juliet a life with Sawyer. oh i know . and I'll tell ya! no dramatic reconnection moment. aaaaahhhh lol oh those ptb. got a little sloppy in the end there. but I really  like your reasonings. I'll except them as to make the finale easier to swallow.   ;) so thanks!

Episode 6x16 / Re: Dan, Penny and Lipidas...???
« on: May 26, 2010, 02:31:24 AM »
Desmond realized they were in perg but so did  eloise. Charlie was getting there, Hurley probably knew and didn't need Desmond. (we never saw Hurley find out. and Im thinking if he was the new Jacob, that he would have been the one to "show" everyone.)  I still thought Desmond was going to be much more important than he wound up being. but im not trying to knit pick. i was just trying to work it all out in my head after the finale. Not too sure how I felt about Jack never having a son. that one hurt. I felt a little tricked. but all in all, i liked it.
Do you mean the moment Hurley became aware of the Island life?  We saw that when he kissed Libby on the beach.

The whole thing with Jack having a son is probably the one thing that bothers me about the ATL.

aaaah yes, i forgot hurley remembered when he was with Libby! Thanks holland.( I can always count on you ). but still, don't you think Hurley being the new "jacob" would be sort of a higher power  and would have known all this when he died. ? they just tried to make desmond more important because they worked him up so much all these yrs as being different. I feel , anyway.

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