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Episode 4x07 / Random thoughts based on what we know now.
« on: March 14, 2008, 07:41:00 PM »
Here are some quick thoughts:

Sayid gets off the island and is one of the ocanic 6, he feels compelled to work for Ben as an assassin. Do all of he people he kills work for or with Widmore? Does this prove that Ben is good and Widmore is bad?

Ben is still able to travel on and off the island it would seem as I don't think he would have tried to pass as one of the 6 when they were rescued.  How is he able to do this without the sub?

The guy that set up the boat team crew and visited Hurley in the hospital works for Charles Widmore.  We know that they are not able to find the island again in the future for whatever reason. How were they able to find it before and not now, is it hidden once again?

We also know that the chopper crew must not get off the island with the 6, otherwise they would be able to dispute the story that the Oceanic 6 are telling to the press and there would be no reason for them to try and get the truth about how many survived out of Hurley in the mental hospital.   Are they now stuck with the rest of the 815 survivors or did they get killed?

Episode 4x06 / Bens secret room and John Locke...??
« on: March 07, 2008, 02:22:33 PM »
Just thinking of this now because of Locke's has been expressing SO much interest in Ben and what he is up to, so much that he agreed to let Ben go free just for some information.

I seem to remember Locke holding a gun to Sayid as he was running out of Ben's secret little room.  So I am curious WHY Locke did not investigate that room or if he did is not asking Ben about anything that he found in there (money, passports etc..)  Seems very odd to me.

Episode 4x04 / Re: Meaning of Eggtown
« on: February 23, 2008, 03:38:15 PM »
I think the title "EggTown" has something to do with the following:

Locke making eggs for Ben for breakfast, then smashing them when Ben gets him upset
Locke tells Ben "I Made you the last 2 eggs"
Locke kills a chicken (they made a point of him answering the door with the chicken blood on his arms)
What is with Locke making such a big deal of spending all day cooking dinner for everyone?
Locke made many references to him being a "dictator" of the new town both to Kate, Hurley and to Sawyer as well. 

Could "Eggtown" be a name of the new "town" that is run by Locke?

My first post here after reading for 2 years...go easy.

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