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Episode 5x16 / What if they are not brothers?
« on: May 20, 2009, 02:19:42 PM »
Hope I'm not speculating on something already discussed, but I don't get to read everything on the site.

It seems everything I've read about Jacob and the man in black, immediately jumped to the conclusion that they were brothers in a big struggle against good/evil, loss of birthright, etc.  Maybe that's what the writers wanted us to believe and maybe that is in fact true. 

However, the man in black clearly wants Jacob dead for some reason and at one point says to Jacob "my dear friend" in a very sarcastic way as if he's trying to make a point that Jacob deserves to be dead.  Have you ever, or have you ever heard anyone else refer to a relative as a friend when they are really, really mad at them?  When you want to bring home the point that someone has done something terribly wrong to you... so wrong that you would wish them dead... the blood is thicker than water thing always wins out.  Even if your brother, sister, mother, father, cousin was in fact also your best friend, at a moment of hatred for that person's actions it is more common to say "my dear brother," "my dear father," my dear cousin," etc. in that totally disgusted tone that relays the "how could you do this to me, we're family" message.

So, I'm not convinced that they are brothers.  I'm not sure where that leaves this relationship and who they might be, but I'm leaning toward arch rivals who were once best friends, something like Caesar and Mark Anthony or Roman mythological gods like the statue might point to. 

Anyone else think the writer's wanted us to make this brother assumption to get us off track? 

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