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As discussed at length before and discredited by many, we now have confirmation of the following:

The Doc washed up on shore dead with his throat slit on the island BEFORE his throat was slashed on the boat.  Keamy's buddy received the Morse code from Daniel WAAAYYY after he sent it and the guy told them, "no the doctor is alive on the boat".  So the doctor was both alive and dead, in two separate threads of time.  Desmond was also operating in two separate threads of time (parallel universes or just threads of time?) but only as an out of body experience, not as two separate beings located in two separate moments in time.  Because the doctor is dead in the future, this avoids the paradox of having two living people in two separate places at once.  The dead body can't 'do anything' but be dead so there is no consequence of having the two bodies in two separate palaces.  But if they were both alive in both threads of time, this would be evidence of multiple parallel universes.

Time traveling is going on.  Sure Desmond 'mind traveled' ( a cop out if you ask me, but ok), but Alpert is clearly time traveling.  He is alive in the 1950's trying to recruit Locke as a young child, and again as a teenager to come work at Mittelos Biosicence.  Alpert, the ageless wonder, is able to time hop and affect events (or at least try to) in other timelines.  Why he does not age is still a mystery.  He clearly knows that Locke will arrive on the island in the future and is special and is trying to guide his life journey.  His test to Locke, which object to pick up? was also a mystery.  Which one was the correct object to pick up?  It's not clear but I think it may have been the "Book of Laws".  The camera panned to that book twice.

Does the Universe really always course correct?  I'm not sure it does.  Alpert is clearly trying to manipulate events for the future by going back to the past and changing things.  Who said here on this board that things in the past or future can't be changed?  That's exactly what he was trying to do, change John Locke's life path to course correct for him to be on that island (wayyy before he actually ended up on it by the way).  It didn't work the way Alpert wanted to however, but Locke still arrived on the island, just 20-30 years later than was intended.

Those who die on the island are not necessarily completely dead.  They have spirits which 'live on' because their work is 'not done'.  We see Horace Goodspeed as evidence of this.  This must be the source of the whispers, all of those who have died (many members of the Dharma Initiative for instance) have died and are "watching" the events unfold (Cindy to Jack: "We're here to watch") but are powerless to do anything about them.  I believe Claire is also now a 'watcher'.

The 'undead', like Goodspeed (and I would even venture to guess Claire), are 'unstuck in time'.  'Only fools are enslaved by time and space'.  Time looping is evident here: Goodspeed clearly loops through several scenarios of speaking to Locke while cutting down the tree for the cabin, cutting the tree down several times and repeating himself "hello there" to Locke in several looped versions of time that John was experiencing.  Locke was seeing Goodspeed build the cabin 'before' it was even built.  Locke tripped back to the past to get his instructions from Goodspeed (where to find the document that showed where the cabin was, in Goodspeed's pocket).  This was the weirdest and coolest part of the show IMO.

Goodspeed's nose is bleeding, evidence of his time hopping, but can it kill him? He is already dead.  Maybe until Goodspeed's work is done (showing John how to find the cabin) -and therefore save the island- can his spirit rest and stop time looping and tripping, he can now be truly dead.  What is Claire's 'purpose' then?

Episode 4x10 / I See Dead People
« on: May 02, 2008, 03:19:10 PM »
Interesting now that all of the dead people are showing up as actually being 'alive' on or off the island.

Hurley thinks "they are dead" off island ('they' being the O6). 

People who died on the island appear alive off island (Christian, Libby and Charlie), people who died off island (Yemi, the drug lords, the little African boy) appear alive on island, while people who died on island appear alive on island (Goodspeed, Boone)

Michael comes back to the island "to die".  Methinks their may be something going on with people living in one timeline, and dying in another.  Goodspeed says "I've been dead for 12 years".  How could he be dead for 12 years, yet now alive?

I know this is an unpopular theory on here, but it's beginning to gain credibility in some corners of the Lost cyberspace on DarkUFO and The Tailsection.

It will be interesting to see if when the O6 Losties get to the freighter, if Keamy has in fact not yet "left" for the island and the Doctor is still alive.  Would be cool if the Losties could kill Keamy, thereby preventing him from ever getting to the island and killing Rouseau and company.  Would be even cooler, if Micheal, the proverbial hated Lost character, could redeem himself by offing Keamy and his goons, thereby saving death and destruction on the island.

The no time travel brigade on this board must be shucking and jiving all over the place today trying to explain last nights episode, which was awesome, and it showed what I've believed to be all along:

-Ben uses time travel to affect current and future events to his own ends.  It's the ultimate power high- to be able to change events- but how can he do it if the Universe always course corrects? Is it a temporary solution until the Universe gets it right- buying Ben some more time?  Or is the Universe not as smart as it thinks it is, and Ben can outsmart it with his time hopping? (meaning, he's the only one who has this ability?)
-It's 'good night, Irene' for the "there is no time travel on Lost" contingent.  They'll have to come up with another explanation, even the "mind time travel only" theory was debunked last night.
-Ben CLEARLY time traveled from the island to the Sahara desert in 2005.  They SHOWED YOU, and he verified the dates, so there should be no more denying and debating on this.  (no, he did not take a boat and a plane from Fiji  :D) It's amazing what people will still believe, (or not) even when they've been shown directly something that is happening. 
-Ben DID NOT mind travel, he body traveled.  If he only "mind traveled", why then the Sahara? Why would he choose that and not Tunisia or Iraq, where he ended up to do his dirty work?  He time traveled, and got his body as close to where he needed to be as he could.  They clearly do not have so much control over the time travel that they can get it exactly right, but close to the intended destination.
-Ben was wearing an Arctic style DHARMA jacket, if he knew he was going to mind travel to the desert, he wouldn't need that jacket, and if he knew exactly where he was going to end up, he wouldn't have worn it.  Clearly something happens during time travel where a cold weather jacket is needed.
-Since the reason for Ben's traveling to Iraq or Tunisia was to meet Sayid and possibly try to change events, there was no mind traveling that would make sense.  Desmond 'mind traveled' back to his flat in London where Penny was, but that was his connection to another timeline.  Ben has no connection here, other than to try to change events in the future that will affect the present, or change events in the past that will affect the present. There is no other explanation.
-There ARE multiple timelines in this show, just accept it. The timelines may not be months or even years off, they may be days difference, but there are multiple timelines.  The doctor is DEAD with his throat slit on the beach, but he is also alive on the freighter.  How can that be?  I still believe that the Oceanic 815 at the bottom of the trench COULD BE (and I stress could be) another version of the 815 that went through a time warp and duplicated itself.  I think the writers are playing with us on this idea, and they feel like they can go either way with it, depending on what the audience will accept.  It could be a setup by Widmore, or it even could be- GASP! - another version of the plane.  This would explain the tortured version of Jack, Hurley and Sayid ("we have to go back") in 2005, realizing that they are supposed to be dead and that somehow they are not synched with the rest of the Universe, a Universe that wants them, (and has fated them)to their deaths on Oceanic 815 in 2004.

All in all a fantastic episode and one which IMO sets up things in such a way that the denial theorists must play nicely in the sandbox or take their toys and go home to pout. ;D

Episode 4x03 / Future Ben "The Vet" is the same Ben seen in Miles' photo
« on: February 15, 2008, 11:13:35 AM »
The Ben we see removing the bullet from Sayid's shoulder is the Ben in Miles' photo with the striped shirt and vest, with round glasses photographed near the computer. (that has no power cord, lol)

This shows that time is clearly being manipulated and that the time on the island is different from the time off of it.  Miles has come "from the future" with knowledge that Ben is a bad guy and must be stopped "in the past" in order to keep that prophecy from being fulfilled (i.e., he must change the course of history so that Ben doesn't get to become a bad guy off island in the future).

Somehow the 'loop of time' must then be reset so that events can play out in a world with no Ben, which is what 'the corporation' (or whoever Widmore's people represent) wants.

I think there is no question but that this is what is taking place.  How and why, I do not know, but that is what I see taking place in the show right now.  The time differential from future to present has to be more than 31 minutes (the amount of time Faraday recorded for the missile to reach the island from the boat), so it must be a reiteration or "loop" of 31 minutes (say, 31 minutes multiplied by 1 million or something).

How is it that "God cannot see the island", (per Henry) and "light scatters differently" , according to nerdy physicist wannabe Faraday?

An article here entitled New Theory: How to Make Objects Invisible suggests how a physical property could be "cloaked" using science.  Of course this involves light, electromagnetism,  protons and neutrons, and all of the other little scientific goodies Lost has cleverly dropped into the lexicon of the average TV viewer over the last few years.  Naturally, the study involves very small objects at the Quantum Physics level, but conceivably using 'pseudo-science' perhaps something as large as an island could be rendered invisible by actually bending light rays and scattering them differently, something that our intrepid Faraday has made note of.

I think it stands to reason, that Wacky Whispers Island is effectively hidden by it's unique light bending electromagnetic properties, which render it 'invisible' to radar, sonar or other devices that use light waves. Is it really invisible? No, of course not, because we can see it, but it is invisible to the devices that we use to locate things in our universe.  The shield is invisible (the island is not literally a 'snow-globe', but a man-made one) and 'covers' the island and causes unique things to happen:

-light scatters differently
-cloaking (only while the shield is up, when it comes down or is pierced, others can enter or leave- how I don't know)
-no communication in or out (unless you are within a certain radius of the island, or have pierced the shield)
-strange 'weather events' (maelstroms), causing the chopper to go down, lightning to flash, rain to come and go on cue, etc.

As an aside, I believe Locke has a special ability to "feel" the magnetism or appreciate the light bending effects, warning him that rain is beginning or ending, for instance.  Henry and the Others didn't seem to alarmed by the 'purple sky' effect, leading me to believe that they also know about these special properties of the island.

Here is an excerpt of the article, the full one can be read at the link above:

New Theory: How to Make Objects Invisible By Robert Roy Britt, LiveScience Senior Writer

posted: 28 February 2005 01:00 pm ET

High-tech cloaking machines could one day render very small objects nearly invisible and perhaps improve military stealth technology, scientists said Monday.

The idea is straight out of science fiction -- cloaking technology made Romulan spaceships disappear in Star Trek. A humble version of the device could become a reality, according to Nader Engheta and Andrea Alu of the University of Pennsylvania.

But don't expect to hide yourself or your spaceship anytime soon, at least not in the standard sense of invisible. In practical terms, the research is more likely to lead to improved technical and research devices, and even these applications are years away.

How it would work

The proposal involves using plasmons -- tiny electronic excitations on the surfaces of some metals -- to cancel out the visible light or other radiation coming from an object.

"A proper design ... may induce a dramatic drop in the scattering cross-section, making the object nearly invisible to an observer," Nader and Alu write in a scientific paper that was made available to the public Feb. 14.

But cloaking ability would depend on an object's size, so that only with very small things -- items that are already microscopic or nearly so -- could the visible light be rendered null. A human could be made impossible to detect in longer-wavelength radiation such as microwaves, but not from visible light.

A spaceship might be made transparent to radio waves or some other long-wavelength detector.

The idea is in an infant stage but appears not to violate any laws of physics, according to an article Monday in, an online companion to the journal Nature, which provided advance copies of the story to reporters.

Episode 3x20 / Episode Failed to Deliver
« on: May 10, 2007, 12:14:49 PM »
True to form, this episode was also built up but failed to deliver.  I know some people are going to hate on me- I love the show but it is not bulletproof.  Some of my observations:

-  the actor playing Ben's father was PISS POOR. Not a very convincing performance at all

- the boy actor playing Ben was also not very good.

- Ben as a boy mythology was SO NOT revealing or mysterious.  Ok, so he was a weird geeky kid who never said anything.  They could have made it much more interesting as a "Walt-like" kid who was 'special'.  Ok, so he saw his dead Mom, big freakin deal- so has everyone else on that island.

- the Purge was a MAJOR letdown...gassed DHARMA?  Please, since when does gas from a small cannister kill people who are all scattered about outside anyway?  The atmosphere would suck up the poison gas and it wouldn't be strong enough to kill, maybe knock out but not kill.

- the way Ben killed his father...totally bogus.  The father did not even try to open the car door to get out of the gas, he just sat there and contrived!

-Jacob as 'invisible friend' of Ben.  Wow, what a stretch.  Talk about asking the audience to suspend disbelief...sheesh.  I did not like the setup or the scene...Ben appeared to be wacko psychosis suffering mental patient, as opposed to manipulating mastermind -which is what we have come to know him as.  No crazy person could ever pull off some of the mental manipulations he has been capable of.

-Locke getting killed...I don't know what to say about this scene...ok so he's going to come back from the dead or get healed.  Maybe a shark jumping moment for a later episode?

Episode 3x19 / OK The Brig was awesome! Go spoiler free next week!
« on: May 03, 2007, 05:36:11 PM »
Ok, I know I've been critical of a few of the past episodes, but just to be fair I wanted to make a post giving praise as well.  The Brig was a very cool episode, the best of the season along with "Flashes".

I went spoiler free- didn't read any of the pre rumours nor did I watch the clips, and the epi was much much better.  I highly recommend spoiler free for all!


The big reveal should have been Juliet giving up at least SOME info (even if it was lies) to Sayid and Sawyer who had her cornered WITH GUNS and let her go.  Instead what do they do?  They allow her to just walk away because she knows a secret about them, big whup.  Like the rest of the Losties don't know that Sawyer is a bad guy, and that Sayid has tortured someone?  Hell, he tortured Sawyer right there in their camp, its a KNOWN FACT.


Juliet's sister has cancer, she doesn't have cancer, which is it?  Juliet beleives Ben or she doesn't, which is it?  This show tries to 'outmystery' itself.  Instead of just giving a few answers or let a character for once be even a bit transparent (as we all are as humans), every character has to have 3 sides to their personality and the viewer is left to try to figure out which side- for EVERY circumstance!  This show is tiring to watch at times.

Jack over rules everyone- again.  Even in the most silly of circumstances, the beachies allow Jack to force them to accept someone who has been part of kidnapping, killing, and in general terrorizing them for 3 months.  So much B.S.  And you know if would NEVER happen in real life.  People would be up in arms- screaming, rebelling, and yes, even kicking Juliet's ass as payback.

An "implant" in Claire?  Please, give me a break. I thought this was craphole island in the middle of the Pacific with no resources.  Now we get implants put in someone like they are at the Mayo clinic for an exam?  Man, those Others are really resourceful, aren't they?  Next week we see Gilligan and the Professor make a short wave radio out of a coconut and they get rescued! Yippee!


The big reveal- Juliet is plotting with Ben...oh my! Never saw that coming!  So, so dissapointing.

The Others can't concieve.  Wow, another big mystery solved.  We all knew that already.  We still don't know why/how.

The only really good part was Mikhail 'at the controls' of the satellite feeds.  Pretty interesting that they were monitoring the crash all along.  I wasn't convinced that the video of Juliet's sister was real or not.  Final thoughts- the episode was poorly written and conceived.  It could have been much better if the characters were really allowed to behave logically... (something that the 1st season lacked as well- there's a monster in the jungle that kills people? Ok, lets go run in the jungle!).

Episode 3x15 / Jack has been "compromised"- The real 'long con'
« on: April 09, 2007, 03:01:48 PM »
There is an elephant in the room, and it is Jack.

I believe Jack has now become fully compromised- in the context of what is the 'greater good' for the Losties as a whole.  Maybe he is in with the Others, maybe he isn't, but he's surely in it for himself.  Juliet is in on the long con.

As proof I offer:

Jack and Juliet both have the same shared goal- to leave the island.  They almost got off the island before Locke foiled their plans inadvertently.  Does this mean that no one else wants to get off the island? Of course not, but the other Losties do  not have the insight that now Jack has about the Others(and Juliet will have about the Losties by being on the beach).

Jack faked his unconsciouness from the gas canister, IMO.  There is no way he could have been unconscious for over 24 hours and while Kate and Juliet were in the jungle, he just 'happens' to wake up the exact moment Kate walks in the door. Jack did this to make Kate and Sayid believe that he was also a victim of the Others.

Jack and Juliet are now a team.  They were going to be allowed to go 'home' together, but now their plans have been altered. J & J are now forming a team to save themselves.  Even at the expense of the Losties or the Others, they are only in it for themselves.  Are they helping the Others? Maybe, but only as it relates to them helping themselves.  Are they helping the Losties? Maybe, but only if it advances their agenda.  Jack is using Juliet to find out more about the Others and help himself, while Juliet is using Jack to (infiltrate) and find out more about the Losties so that she can help herself.  In the end, they are actually helping advance each others' agenda.

Juliet is not a part of the Others (she's been branded), but she's not a part of the Losties- they don't trust her.  She has no "family" on the island. Her only way to save herself is to get off the island.

It seems as if the writers and TPTB are setting up a face-off between the two groups- the Losties and the Others.  Whose side will J & J be on?  Neither, but they will use either or both groups for their own benefit, while really not being on either side.

I believe that possibly that one of the "Game Changers" could be that J&J have both been compromised.  Jack as not being totally loyal to the Losties, and Juliet as not been totally loyal to the Others. In this way they can play both groups, gathering as much intelligence as they need in order to get off the island.

New here so be gentle.  ;D I 've been listening to Sledge's podcast and reading the site for over a year now, thought I would contribute a theory I have now after watching "Flashes Before Your Eyes".  It's long and I did post it on but thought some here might appreciate it.  It's long so bear with me. My theory involves Multiple Parallel Universes.(MPU's)

Multiple Parallel Universes.

There are actually multiple 'threads of time' all going on in parallel universes all at the same time, we are just not aware of them. While there may be an infinite number of threads- for our purposes, think of 3 strings, all of them seperate threads of time, all side by side. Events are taking place in each of the "strings" or threads, in parallel but not exactly in the same way. You as a person exist in multiple threads of time, but you are conducting and influencing events somewhat different in each. You are only 'self aware' in the event that you are currently in. In other words, you aren't aware - in normal conditions- of what is going on in your life in the other parallel universes or strings of time. Desmond has encountered something fantastic that has not only made him self aware of the multiple threads of time, but to exist in them and possibly influence all of them with slightly different occurences and outcomes.

Somehow Desmond was able to 'live' in another string of time, if for but a short period- after being exposed to the huge EMP discharge combined with either being struck on the head or because Smokie took him there, I'm not certain. In this way, Desmond gets transported to 'one' of his parallel universes, the one in which he DOES buy the ring, and DOES leave Penny in the end- he also doesn't join the military, and DOESN'T give Penny the picture. As you will recall, Desmond DOES join the military, leave Penny, and keeps the picture to himself in another 'thread' in time- the one we saw initially.  In still another, it appears Desmond gave PENNY the photograph.  So we may be looking at at least 3 different threads of time here, 3 multiple parallel universes- all coexisting without our awareness.  Our intrepid hero, however, has now become aware of the other MPU's, and this changes the game considerably.

As further proof, remember the jewelry shop lady Ms. Hawkings said "NO! you aren't supposed to buy the ring, you are supposed to walk out that door! (note the words 'supposed to' because he DID do this action in another parallel universe, in a simultaneous thread of time that was happening at the EXACT same time, only in another time, another universe.)

Charlie's Dead

Another example is Charlie's death. In one thread of time, Charlie drowns. Desmond told him so- "Charlie it was you who drowned". Note he used past tense. He didn't say "you will drown". He said you drowned already. Now did Des save him, or did he die? In another, Charlie is struck by the lightning, in still another, he is saved (he MUST have been saved, because there he is on the beach talking to Desmond about saving CLAIRE, not himself- so we must assume he is still alive in OUR thread, the one we are watching) In the thread that we saw, CLAIRE is saved, not Charlie. So Desmond saved Charlie by saving Claire.  So Charlie is really dead in various other threads of time, but not in the particle thread of time that we are just NOW watching on the island. However, Charlie's destiny is TO DIE ("cause to die" from the glyphs in the hatch), so Charlie WILL DIE no matter what Des tries to do to alter the thread of time (or will he?). He will die in ALL OF the threads of time, because no matter what Des does, the universe will 'course correct' and kill Charlie somehow. If it fails once it will try and try again.  Can Desmond do anything to save him?

The hatch implosion 'caused' Desmond to be aware of the multiple threads of time (either through Smokey or through EMP discharge or whatever)- ripped the fabric of time, and allowed him to 'travel'- not his body but his mind, back to a time BEFORE when he was on the island (Nov. 2004) to circa 1997 London. He was in another thread of time, however, he was 'self aware' that he had been on the island at one time 'in another life'- another thread of time. ("See you in another life").

Time Travel or MPU's?

It's one thing to 'time travel' but quite another to be 'alive' in mulitple threads of time. The kicker is that if you are self aware of the multiple threads. That's because you then know that you can 'influence events' (or not) by your actions (Mr. Eko saying "don't confuse coincidence for fate"). This awareness would create, in my opinion, a mental illness that would ultimately drive the person crazy. Sorta like knowing what was going to happen to you before it happened and being able to predict your own demise, etc. You could try to change it and you might do things differently in multiple threads of time, but your ultimate destiny would be the same (push the button, etc.).  Look for Desmond to start going crazy in future episodes.

One other thought- when Desmond leaves Widmore Industries and sees Charlie it triggers a flood of memories (flashbacks or flash'forwards'?) of actions he took in exactly that same spot in another 'time'. Was Desmond remember before or after the island? Or both?  Des said:

- He told me I was not worthy of his daughter
- I took off my tie
- I threw my tie on the ground
-Penny said "what happened to your tie" (all flashbacks)
-I saw you (Charlie) standing here and recognized you (flash forward)
- and then it began to rain (flash forward)

Note that Penny was no where in the sequence of events that we saw on the street corner. But in 'another sequence' of events in a parallel universe, in another thread of time, Penny did say this. Des was aware of the multiple instances of time and the different sequences of events, and in his confusion, got them mixed up together. The sequence was slightly altered but it didn't have any effect on the outcome, Des still went to the island, pushed the button, and met our Losties.  Perhaps at that time he was not 'self aware' of the MPU's and therefore did not try to do anything major to affect them.

Time Loop?

A 'time loop' would imply only one reality, in which one set of 'tasks' are lived and re-lived day in and day out until the magic task is completed or changed in order to break the loop-  A "Daybreak" sort of loop if you will.

This isn't what Desmond described. He has actually seen several versions of Charlie dying, and Ms. Hawkings described a different version of Desmond's reaction to the ring. Since Desmond had his own reaction, that makes 2 versions of the ring incident. Desmond also described a different version of encountering Charlie on the street corner, one which involved Penny (see above). But Penny was not present in the reality that we witnessed. To me this implies several versions of reality, several universes, or several 'threads of time'.  I suppose a loop would involve only one thread of time that keeps repeating over and over, until some sequence of events is changed.  But the events would all have to happen (loop) in exactly the same way over and over again for it to qualify as "a loop".  Only you can change the loop by changing the events.  However, we see different instances of loops going on here, different realities, different time threads.

The "Game-changer":
TPTB described in their podcast that this episode was a 'game-changer', "either the audience is going to buy into it or they are going to leave in droves". MPU's are a game-changer, if there ever was one.  There can be no other reason to describe the episode this way by the writers.  A dream is not a game changer, nor is a mental patient having delusions.  These have all been done ad nauseum in a TV series or movie before.

"Suspension of reality":
MPU's obviously require a healthy suspension of reality, and are definitely pseudo-science, maybe even science fiction. This game changer is going to delight all of the 'geek' watchers of Lost, but will alienate all of the casual viewers who want Kate and Sawyer to kiss, and are worried about who Sun's baby daddy is, and other sorts of PG-13 nonsense. These events are nothing more than distractions. I would even go out on a limb and say DHARMA is also a distraction to what is really going on in island time. Just a vehicle in which to weave a story, but not the real story.  The secret of the island lies in its mystical powers, not the DHARMA Initiative or the Others.  The true secret to the show is "what is going on with that weird island?"

The Whispers

It could be surmised that Ms. Hawkings and the whispers are somewhat the same. I saw another post that said the whispers are simply people in another dimension (maybe trapped in between dimensions) of time, who, via the rip in the fabric of time are speaking and who's voices are heard in our dimension, the one we are witnessing, on the island.

Ms. Hawkings comes through loud and clear however. Or maybe it's Desmond himself who is coming in loud and clear, with the ability to mind travel in between the two different threads of time, to see and speak with people, with the self awareness that he has been in another time thread. It seems the Losties aren't able to clear the hurdles to get to other time threads, other MPU's, and therefore can only pick up bits and pieces (the whispers) of people in other dimensions.

What will be interesting to see will be that now that the walls have been broken down, the barriers to entry  lowered -(due to the EMP discharge and implosion of the hatch)- will the Losties (other than Desmond) be able to reach out to these other universes where the whispers are, or are they limited because they aren't "special"- like Walt and Desmond?  Will the whispers get louder now or go away that the EMP discharge is complete?  No more pushing buttons that cause small releases of magnetism- the full blast happened, ripped open the fabric of time, and now we wait for the consequences.

Course Corrections

As it stands right now- I believe that it matters not what they try to do to 'course correct' themselves, the end result will always be the same. Ms. Hawkings told us that. (or is she bluffing?)  However, if Desmond can "course correct", can he change the course of events, the ones that do spell out "the end of times"?

The way it is explained by Ms. Hawkings (a take on physicist Steven Hawkings by the way) is that while Desmond may try to alter events by for instance, saving Charlie over and over again, eventually the universe will course correct and kill Charlie. It's not about the process, but the results. All events in all threads of time will eventually lead to Charlies death utlimately, but with slightly different scenarios. It's not about them 'completing the tasks until they get it right' as much as it is about them allowing fate to control their destiny, and allowing the events to play out as they are supposed to. Only Desmond so far has been able to "look behind the curtain" and see what is going to happen- but he still can't change the ultimate outcome- at least that's what we are lead to believe.

Another example as mentioned before is Desmonds encounter at Widmore Industries and then again at the pier:

- he gives Penny the photograph (we KNOW this because we see it on her nightstand in the present, and we know there is only one copy)
- and yet still another (which is the time thread that we witness) we see Desmond keep the photograph and it's in the hatch

In both of these scenarios, he still ends up on the island pushing the button. It's his destiny.

The Numbers

We know that the numbers are the makeup of the Valenzetti Equation, the numerical predictor of the end of time. Only one number in the sequence of numbers needs to be changed in order to alter the equation and 'save the world'.  If Desmond or one of the Losties can 'change their fate', perhaps this affects the equation and saves the world. The question is, can he?

Destiny vs. Fate vs. Free Will

But if what Ms. Hawkings says is true, Desmond must push the button or 'they will all die'. Which is true? Fate vs. free will...which is the right choice? If they allow fate to happen w/o changing events, does this ensure the safety of the world? Or if our Losties (can) use free will to change their fate (and hence change the numbers) does this alter the course of world destruction and "save us all". (Locke said destroying the computer "just saved us all", while Desmond said "no, you just killed us all".)

Perhaps the island is the "consciousness of the universe" and wants to be destroyed, maybe it is the 'destiny' of the universe to destroy itself. Perhaps ol' Smokey is the protector of that consciousness, trying to influence events and keep man from intervening on this path of destruction. But what if man can alter events and intervene, thus saving the world? Only one number in the equation needs to be changed to make this happen, and perhaps Alvar Hanso and even DHARMA are on to this, but just don't have the right technology (mind power?) to pull it off.

Only by seeing the other 'threads of time' and observing what happened in them, can man attempt to change them, and thus change the final outcome (the numbers) and perhaps save the world.

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