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Episode 3x20 / A plane on the island??
« on: May 18, 2007, 05:35:32 PM »
I just re-watched Man behind the curtain.  At about the 14th minute (according to ABC's viewer) we hear Roger talking to his friend about the attack from the "hostiles".  During Roger's accounting of events, he says "we were driving back from the plane."   At least I'm pretty sure this is what he says.  Does this have any significance?  Float plane or is/was there a runway somewhere on the island?

Episode 3x05 / The many signs of Juliette
« on: November 03, 2006, 03:48:57 AM »
I'm relatively new to the forum, so don't know if this has been addressed yet.  I was freeze-framing through last night's episode where Juliette is on the VCR video and showing the cards to Jack.  On the recorded VCR video, Juliette is recording herself in her own home from 'A Tale of Two Cities' (3x1).  I checked the backgroung in the VCR video and it has the same white columns and candles that we see in episode 3x1.  So we know Juliette recorded herself in what we know as her house in the Others village.  This leads to questions of timeline and of geography.  Maybe Sledge can help me with the timeline, but I sort of assumed that Juliette came into Jack's cell to show him the video soon after the funeral (maybe 6-10 hours).  Does this mean she left from the funeral and went back to the Others village, recorded the video, and returned to the Hydra to show it to Jack in a short period of time?  How far away is the Others Village from the Hydra station?  From the con revealed to Sawyer last week, It seemed like quite a haul and on two different islands.  I also saw that in the VCR video that Juliette appears to be wearing a long-sleaved purple shirt with a plunging neckline.  She is wearing a similar or the same whirt in Episode 3x1.  If it is the same shirt, she either a)wears it a lot or b)recorded the video on the same day that flight 518 fell from the sky.  Is that a little crazy or what.  The production people seem to pay alot of attention to the clothing that every character wears.  (The losties have to have the same clothes for long lengths of time, etc.)  It opens a whole other can of worms if Juliet is videotaping herself with the cards on the same day that the plane falls from the sky.  discuss....

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