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Sorry...been off the forums for quite a while...stupid real life interfering with my LOSTness.

This is something I've been rolling around for a week or two..

In "Meet KJ" it is very obvious that Michael has two distinctly different sets of monitoring equipment in his hospital room.  This has been attributed to him dreaming of Libby coming into his room, however they made this VERY evident and....................................

what if this was not a dream but rather a flashback?

Remember Michael was in "another" car accident before the crash of 815 when he was hit by "the car of mystery".  One set of monitoring equipment seemed older than the other.  Is it not possible that this is when Libby came to him bringing the blankets?

I believe that Ben/Widmore or some other powerful person (being?) could have set up his accident (remember Mr. Burke) and then sent Libby to him in the hospital, at a low point, with an offer to help him get his son back.  This would buy his loyalty and place he and Walt both on O815.

I believe that Libby was definitely connected to one of our big players.  We saw her actions help lead to Des being on the island.  When she just happened to loan him an expensive sailboat to use on his race around the world; after about 30 seconds of conversation in a coffee shop.  We also saw her at Santa Rosa while Hugo was a patient.  She lied to Hurley about interacting with him on the plane, in fact we still have NO evidence that Libby was ever on Oceanic 815.  It's pretty easy to buy that she was a plant like Ethan or Goodwin.

Michael was obsessive about Walt ("MY BOOOOY!!) and has shown he would sell his own soul to protect him.  This probably gets easier each time he does it, starting before they ever got to the island when he took Libby's offer.

Michael also seemed much more upset when he shot Libby (even now being haunted by her on the freighter) than he was killing A-L, was this because they knew each other?

In the next two seasons I think we will find that several Losties were placed on that flight/island as pawns in a much larger game.

OK..fair game...tear it apart if you can.

Episode 4x02 / Gas Masks
« on: February 08, 2008, 02:52:32 AM »
The gas masks in the trunk that was thrown from the helicopter makes me think that these people were sent by DHARMA or are somehow connected to them.  It also shows that they have knowledge of the purge and how it took place.

Any thoughts?

Theories & Speculation / Theories on new logo?
« on: January 15, 2008, 09:50:59 PM »
So what are everyones' theories on why the new logo features a reflection of a skyline in the water rather than that of the island?

Theories & Speculation / "The Fountain"
« on: June 18, 2007, 01:53:23 PM »
This weekend I watched the movie The Fountain and one scene really got me thinking about LOST

There is a scene where Hugh Jackman, who plays a brain surgeon (in the current time) that is researching ways to stop brain tumors and has a wife with an inoperable tumor; is told by a coworker basically "You can't fix everything" and his response is  "Don't tell me what I can't do".

This similarity to Jack and using Locke's favorite quote made me look for other connections to LOST.

I know that there are connections between TPTB and this director.  I can't remember his name but he also directed PI, a movie about numbers that hold the meaning to life and was supposed to direct some episodes of LOST at one point.

The movie also combines symbolism and mythology from several different religions.  The tree of life/tree of knowledge/fountain of youth/garden of eden is the axis that everything revolves around.

The plot centers on a man that is searching for the the Tree of Life seemingly for the woman he loves.  It takes place in the past (Inquisition era Spain/South America), present (New England?) and future (outer space).

I think that this ties in with a lot that we have seen this past season: the flashforward and Des' flashes; fate/destiny and trying to "get another chance" to do things right; Richard's lack of aging i.e. fountain of youth; the combination of Budhist, Christian, Hindu and other religious imagery; and self-sacrifice.

This fits with my "Dark Tower" theory that our characters are carrying out a loop until they "get things right".

Has anyone else seen this movie and noticed these or any other connections or am I just becoming obsessed?

I actually didn't like the movie that much.  It was beautiful in a Stanley Kubrick/Terry Gilliam sort of fashion and I liked the idea of the plot.  The downfall was that you don't really buy into the characters and care about them - the opposite of LOST.

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