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Episode 6x12 / When Jin and Sun were running to each other....
« on: April 21, 2010, 03:07:09 AM »
Did you just for a second hope that the fence would kill them both? xD

Theories & Speculation / Young Ben talking to Richard
« on: September 14, 2009, 05:05:01 PM »
First the facts:

While re-watching Season 3 I noticed something i had not before. Ben running out into the jungle and meeting "young" Richard and their dialog. As we know the fence is on when Ben arrives on the island (the sonic one) so Smokey can not possibly pass through to impersonate anyone inside the Barracks. Even if we lay out the hypotheses that there is some way for Smokey to project the dead people without entering the barracks parameter you too see the surprise on Richards face when young Ben tells him he that his mother did not die on the island.

As we know and can see Smokey can only impersonate/create/make an illusion of people who actually died on the island and that would explain the strange burial habits.

We have not seen anything else other than Smokey impersonate any dead people (at least not that we know of) (this will cut out the idea that lets say Jacob or someone else appears as Bens mom).

As we know these things we can state a few sure facts:
Ben is special and was special before having his wound or whatever healed by the hostiles.
Bodies of those who died on the island can be manipulated by Smokey.
Bodies of those that did not die on the island can NOT.
This sort of excludes the god of death theme and idea. If Smokey had some sort of god of death connection I doubt Richard would have shown any surprise that Smokey impersonated anyone whos dead.

This in the end leads to my theory. Ben is and has been the leader of the Others all along. Locke was just a mistake made by Richard because of the time traveling done by Locke and the confusion (especially when he picks the knife) It seems that Locke is just Esaus loop since if we assume he and Smokey are the same (that makes the "I just ate" that "Esau" said a whole lot creepier) Locke just sees him as a beautiful light...not a dark smoke... Think about it! In the end Ben was the one who had to stab Jacob, who had to be angry who COULD kill him.

Didn't have much space for "thread" but oh well....

In season 3 episode 9 something that sounds pretty logical occurred to me. (Yes i am doing my own rewatch xd) As Kate and Sawyer are rowing the boat back to "their" island they have an argument about whether they should or should not come back to help Jack and Sawyer asks what Kate thinks that the bunny killer (aka Ben) would do to them if they came back.

Then that guy...uf he is the boyfriend of Alex i suppose (blah don't remember his name) says: "He will kill you"
 and then he says "God loves you as he loved Jacob". Considering he was in that room being brainwashed  for who knows how long and that one of the first things that he says is about Jacob and how much god loves him? Doesn't sound like much of a good guy if he has to be brainwashed to believe Jacob is good....than again he might just be hallucinating and tired...

Another possible mention of Jacob in a Desmond flash back (Episode 17 Season 3)

00:22:40,954 --> 00:22:42,189
Is your sister in?

00:22:44,667 --> 00:22:47,866
Leave... now.

00:22:49,914 --> 00:22:51,328
Let him be, derek.

00:22:57,539 --> 00:22:58,747
Hello, ruth.

00:23:04,030 --> 00:23:05,677
So you're a monk now,
are you?

00:23:05,678 --> 00:23:08,055
Well, technically i'm still
what they call a novice,

00:23:08,361 --> 00:23:08,960
Till the abbott says--

00:23:08,961 --> 00:23:10,659
Why are you here, desmond?

00:23:13,247 --> 00:23:15,338
Well, now that
my initiation is done, uh...

00:23:17,432 --> 00:23:19,614
i felt like
i owed you an explanation.

00:23:20,270 --> 00:23:21,838

00:23:22,517 --> 00:23:26,389
you can never begin
to explain what you did.

00:23:27,051 --> 00:23:29,144
You left one week
before the wedding.

00:23:29,145 --> 00:23:31,645
Everything was planned,
bought and paid for.

00:23:32,267 --> 00:23:34,860
You just disappeared

00:23:34,978 --> 00:23:36,381
I had a calling.

00:23:37,065 --> 00:23:40,176
We dated for six years,
and the closest you ever came

00:23:40,177 --> 00:23:43,558
To a religious experience
was celtic winning the cup.

00:23:43,559 --> 00:23:47,590
Look... yes, i was scared
about the wedding,

00:23:48,052 --> 00:23:50,579
So i had a few pints
too many, maybe. I...

00:23:52,965 --> 00:23:56,697
i raised my eyes,
and i asked,

00:23:58,129 --> 00:23:59,548
"Am i doing
the right thing?"

00:24:00,981 --> 00:24:02,600
And that's the last thing
i remember.

00:24:02,954 --> 00:24:04,141
And when i woke up,

00:24:04,694 --> 00:24:06,582
I was lying on my back
in the street,

00:24:07,038 --> 00:24:08,379
And i don't know
how i got there.

00:24:08,717 --> 00:24:12,848
And there was this man
standing over me, ruth...

00:24:13,367 --> 00:24:15,024
and he reached out his hand

00:24:15,280 --> 00:24:16,476
And he said to me,

00:24:17,954 --> 00:24:19,831
"Can i help you, brother?"

00:24:20,463 --> 00:24:22,367
And the first thing
i noticed was

00:24:22,368 --> 00:24:24,557
The rope
tied around his waist,

00:24:25,314 --> 00:24:27,871
And i looked at him
and... i knew.

00:24:27,872 --> 00:24:31,656
I knew i was supposed
to go with him.

00:24:32,923 --> 00:24:34,633
I was supposed
to leave...

00:24:36,452 --> 00:24:38,542
everything that mattered

00:24:39,705 --> 00:24:41,505
Sacrifice all of it...

00:24:42,727 --> 00:24:44,495
for a greater calling.

Episode 5x16 / Jacob/Esau/Smokey/Temple based observation
« on: May 15, 2009, 01:46:34 PM »
Ok so we know a few things for sure one of which if the fact that the temple is the safe place where the others are to take cover and hide. Assuming the are following Jacobs orders of procedure (we know Richard is with them and we know that Richard knows how to contact Jacob (assuming Richard is on Jacobs side))  If Smokey actually is Esau why would Jacob send the others to hide in his home base?
A few ideas why Smokey is not Esau (he might be a part of him or he might have made him but he is not him)
1st We see Esau is too proud. He dislikes humans and their ways. Somehow he thinks he is better than them. Then he wouldn't follow orders, he wouldn't just be summoned by Ben.
2nd Smokey is almost always enraged, wild, untamed while Esau seemed intelligent and calm.
Still this does not exclude the theory that Smokey might be a part of Esau or that somehow Esau gave up his "humanity" (after all he says he went through a lot to find the loop hole and gave a lot to do it) and intelligence (or maybe separated the two-one remained hidden behind the wall of ahses the other primal and wild hid in the temple lacking the knowledge to know what to do and obeying orders from people)
That would be one theory as to why the temple is safe IF we assume the others are taking their orders from Jacob and not someone else.

If we were to assume that they are being ordered by Esau it would be logical that if he truly is Smokey or Smokey is his "pet" he would protect them at the temple BUT that would make Richard a liar and side him with Esau.

Another approach to the whole thing would be the assumption that Esau and Jacob are actually sided with one another or working tword the same goal (in the intro of the last episode i had the feeling that both of them have seen the end of the very world at least a few times) and if we think about one person living on and on in a continuous chain unable to die or be killed seeing the world end and end and end many times-i think that he would pray for death. Another thing that supports this is that Jacob knew he was going to be killed but still did not try to fight back or run off he just took it there (which might also indicate that knife and fire destroying his corporal form might not be enough to destroy him)

I will be glad to read your ideas about these theories.

Episode 5x05 / "This place is death" Wait.....what?
« on: February 12, 2009, 03:44:41 PM »
Well after finally finding the time to watch the episode i downloaded this morning (well no other way to watch em in Bulgaria >.< bloody 2-3 month delays when airing the next seasons on TV) and finding a lot of clues once again and many more questions (Oo like smokey....he was very bear-like this time....) one thing kept bouncing around in my head. Why this title?
This place is death? So...they are dead? Did she mean it literally? Was it metaphorical for what is happening to them or is really death?  Ideas lost fans?
Im thinking it might be some sort of place between death and life where the souls of the unfortunate get stuck or something.....i mean "death"?...that was just ignore...and still we don't get any answers....

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