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Episode 6x11 / Laugh Out Loud Moments-Dynamite and BMWs
« on: April 14, 2010, 07:49:05 AM »
Okay, these weren't exactly funny, and my wife looked at me like I was crazy, but they were so sweetly unexpected and forwards-moving that I laughed out loud at these two events and wondered if anyone had similar moments last night.
When Ilana just blew right up.  It was like, and.... she's done.  Moving on.
When Desmond ran over Locke.  I guess my body had no way of processing this, so it defaulted to laughter?

Episode 6x04 / So it's magic, then?
« on: February 28, 2010, 10:31:48 AM »
Remember when we used to debate whether or not there was "magic" on the island?  Are we just taking that for granted now?  We used to worry about how the pillar of smoke functioned.  How precisely does it transform from a pillar of smoke/display screen for the brain into a corporeal representation of anyone whose dead body appears on the island?  Are we now accepting that the island is a hub of supernatural "magic" that the powers-that-be have no need to explain to us viewers?  The polar bears got explained.  Dharma is no longer a mystery.  The healing powers are explained by the energy of the island.  We now know the physical cause of the crash of flight 815.  They seemed to go out of their way to remove the mysticism in earlier seasons, but now we've got another plane crash unexplained, a superhuman transporting Jacob, dead people appearing to their loved ones separately from Smokey (Ben's mom did not die on the island and Christian and Claire appeared off-island which doesn't fit with Smokey's MO), a magical mirror, and a magic shifting smoke monster, all with no rational (or rational enough) explanation in sight.  So all along, it was just magic or supernatural, huh?  And we're okay with that?

I pulled this idea from another post of mine because it evolved beyond the topic there... I hope I don't get in trouble for that.

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