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Episode 5x16 / Jacob dead?...Maybe not
« on: May 14, 2009, 02:56:51 PM »
I have never started a thread before, so be kind.  And if I’m duplicating a thread, I’m sorry and just combine this into the other tread for me.

So, Black Shirt was able to take the form of Locke because Locke was dead, and Black Shirt made sure that would be the case by telling Richard to tell Locke he had to die.  Now, we also know that Christian was dead when he came to the island and then “came back to life” or whatever.

Which makes me think that Jacob and Black Shirt can only take another form if there is a body that came to the island already dead.  In fact, I would go as far to say that the Christian we see walking around the island in 2007 is Jacob in a new form, much like the way Locke is now Black Shirt. 

I think that Jacob new that Black Shirt would find a loop hole and kill him in the way that he did so Jacob took a preemptive step and took Christian’s form back when 815 crashed.  Meaning, the Jacob that we saw die is not really Jacob. After all, the role that Christian has played on the island is very similar to the role that we saw Jacob play when he visited the losties off island.  So when Jacob revived Locke after his fall and apologized to him (right?) he was doing so because he knew what Locke would eventually be used for.

Jacob is there to "save us all"  right?

…Just a thought ;)

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