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Episode 6x14 / The Rules of the game....
« on: May 14, 2010, 04:26:45 PM »

That is a link to a page with the rules of Senet, the game MIB found on the beach and the game that's been featured in Lost.  I've read through and thought there might be some similarities between the game and the happenings of Lost.  Have a peak and see if something jumps out at you. 

"#5.  A piece forced into the water loses any remaining throws. Once in the House of the Waters, a piece can't be moved. To reactivate the piece, the player must either throw a 4, or move the piece to Square 15 (right above Square 26) and lose a turn. A player may try for a throw of 4 as often as they wish, but they get only one try per turn. If they give up after repeated tries, they can move to Square 15 on their next turn."

I thought this part was interesting, just not sure if it has anything to do with Lost.

"Senet is played on a board of 30 squares arranged in 3 rows of 10 each. Each player has 5 pieces (some games use 7). Counting sticks are thrown to determine moves. The object of the game is to be the first to carry all your pieces off the board, while hindering your opponent by either blocking his way or sending his pieces back to earlier squares."

This was pretty eye opening for me.

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