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I know we've said this 100 times, but next week seems like an episode that has to be packed with new info. Jack has spent a lot of time with the Others. He has talked to a lot of people, including some of the tail section captives, perhaps. He has all sorts of personal knowledge of how they were living. He has to have learned something interesting related to how they go back and forth between the two islands.  When Jack talked to Kate 2 weeks ago right before leaving, the viewer was forced to believe that he couldnt talk to her in detail because they were listening in.  Now, he should be ready to talk.

Juliet may or may not be forthcoming and may or may not be honest if she is, but if the writers are fair, we should learn a great deal from Jack. 

Stick with me here.  We've seen Kate see the dead agent walking around.  We've seen Jack see Jack's dad. We've seen Rose see Bernard when Bernard was nowhere near the front section beach.  We saw Eko see Yemi.  All of these things are questionable, none have been seen by anyone else.  You may or may not be able to add Shannon seeing Walt to that list.  In any event, the Eko episode gave us some reason to believe that the image he saw of Yemi was actually the Black Smoke Monster in another form.  Now John is seeing his father.  But you'll notice that Ben and the recruiter guy didn't interact with Locke's father. They simply opened the door and allowed Locke to walk in and see what he saw.  Is it possible that it's actually the Smoke Monster? And that every time we've seen someone wandering around who shouldnt have been on the island, it was actually the same smoke monster merely taking different forms? Or even simply reflecting what the person gazing upon it wanted to see?

It is certainly possible that the Others simply sent someone to go get Locke's dad and bring him back to the island for the purposes of using his presence to con Locke in one way or another.  But I'm wondering if something more mystical is at play.

Episode 3x08 / Notice the song on the juke box in the pub?
« on: February 15, 2007, 03:01:37 AM »
Hadn't seen this mentioned, but the song Desmond recognizes in the pub juke box is the Mamas and the Papas song we hear blasting in the hatch the very first time we saw inside the hatch in Episode 2x1.  I thought that was a nice little connection by the writers.  You can barely hear it in the first pub scene. And it isn't clear what song it is in the 2nd scene either, until right when Jimmy Lennon comes storming in with his bat.

..."Did Alex ask about me?"...."No, we took her home last night."

To me, these 4 lines were the most interesting of the episode.  The first two were heard when Alex stormed the work site.  The second two was an exchange between Juliet and Benry right before he went under for surgery.

I'm interested in them for a few reasons.  First, the fact that Benry's lieutenants appear to be lying because Alex clearly asked for Ben. Why they're lying, I have no idea.   

Second, I think it's very interesting that Alex was able to get to the 2nd island without anyone knowing (so you can get back and forth by some other means than swimming the English Channel is possible), and also that that she wasn't supposed to be there.  Clearly, there is more of a rigid heirarchy to the Others than we know about. It appears that certain Others are stationed on the main island, and another group is stationed on the 2nd island.  It also appears that some Others don't have clearance to be with the group stationed on the 2nd island.  The question is, what is this main island Others tribe doing? Who is running them since Mr. Friendly has been chilling on Island #2 for a while? Where are they stationed?  What relationship do they have with Benry/Juliet/Tom, etc? 

I think we had speculated that there could be multiple outposts of Others, but this seems to clearly confirm it.  Maybe that explains why those Others on the main island seem so different (barefoot, raggy clothes, dirty) than the Others we saw at the book group on the day of the crash, and now interacting with Sawyer, Kate and Jack after capture.


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