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Episode 6x16 / Re: So were there any survivors of 815?
« on: May 24, 2010, 01:04:57 PM »
Many people misunderstand this, and it makes the difference between a good ending and a bad one.

To be clear...the wreckage over the credits does not imply that everyone died in the crash.  There are footprints in the sand walking away.

Everything in the show really happened
...except what was shown in the Alternate Reality, which was a kind of purgatory.

Everyone died in their own time, as depicted in the show.  Libby died early on, Jack died at the end of  the finale, Hurley and Ben ruled The Island for an indeterminate period of time, and Kate, Sawyer et al flew off to live back in the World for an indeterminate period of time.  They all meet together in the church at the same "time" because it's a place where time doesn't pass.

Ben is hanging out in purgatory because he still has some things to work out.  He may want to spend time with Rousseau and Alex, who themselves are not "invited" because they were never part of the clique.  This clique is a group who meet in this communally constructed "heaven" because of the bond they formed on The Island..which was REAL.

Michael is not there because, as he told Hurley as a ghost in "Everybody Loves Hugo":

HURLEY: You're stuck on the Island aren't you?

MICHAEL: [nodding] 'Cause of what I did.

HURLEY: And...there're others out here like you, aren't there? That's what the whispers are?

MICHAEL: Yeah. We're the ones who can't move on.

Presumably, this goes for Mr Eko too, although the reality is probably actor/ego related rather than it being written that way.

Ya, I was hoping to see Eko, Michael, and Walt in the final scene but I guess we can't be that lucky.

Episode 6x16 / Re: So were there any survivors of 815?
« on: May 24, 2010, 01:03:54 PM »
of course they didn't die in the crash. They left the island and were celebrities. And they were able to die off the island as well. And at the end it sure looked like Oceanic wreckage from the pilot episode. Probably just a look back at how it all started and that the island is still above water like it was at The End.

Episode 6x16 / Re: Unanswered Questions
« on: May 24, 2010, 01:00:10 PM »
anavrin, I was wondering if someone else was wondering the same as me about the following question...

*How did MIB become Smokey? Yet, Jack and Desmond and Hurley all went into the cavern and didn't become smoke monsters. Why MIB? Why didn't Jack become white smoke?

My theory is that the smoke monster was the devil in disguise as he could only take the form of dead people, but still how did he get released, just by having MiB fall into the hole? Wouldn't he have had to remove the "cork" and he obviously didn't. That is the only mystery bothering me. It just doesn't make sense.

Theories & Speculation / Jin will replace Jacob and kill the MiB.
« on: March 26, 2010, 10:22:07 PM »
Jin will replace Jacob and kill the MiB. Exactly as you read.

Here is my theory:

If Locke confronts Sun and kills her, I think Jin will have to become Jacob to get redemption on MiB and therefore, kill him eventually, and if not kill him they will live along side as Jacob and MiB did with Locke and Jin instead. I think in the episode where Jacob meets Jin and Sun at the wedding, he touched Jin first, therefore he is the Kwon on the list, and he is the next Jacob. In the Jin/Sun episode, Sun was not married and therefore was Ms. Paik and Jin as Mr. Kwon so this is a clue as to which one it is. Jin is number 42 on the list. If that means anything, I don't know, but I do know that Jin is the next Jacob.

My theory on the rest is that everyone else has something to go back to off the island so they will go. Jin has everything in Sun on the island so he will be the chosen one.

LOST Talk / Re: Writer's Strike Could Distrupt Lost Season
« on: November 05, 2007, 06:31:25 PM »
I hope so

LOST Talk / Re: Writer's Strike Could Distrupt Lost Season
« on: November 05, 2007, 05:28:40 PM »
Haven't the producers said that the story has already been finished.


you would think the writers don't give these people their work all at once, so I wonder if this season is all accounted for writing wise.

LOST Talk / Writer's Strike Could Distrupt Lost Season
« on: November 05, 2007, 02:21:22 PM »

If any of you haven't heard the writers of Hollywood have gone on strike. Does this involve the Lost writers? Probably. Will it affect the show? Maybe. I haven't got any details on which writers involved but to my knowledge it involves almost all of the writers in Hollywood so I am curious to see how this affects our favorite show. If anyone has any knowledge of this, post here.

Theories & Speculation / Re: Jack is Jacob
« on: May 27, 2007, 03:23:31 AM »
After reviewing Wednesday's episode, I noticed a resemblance between Jack and Jacob.  Not just the beard, other things. Nose, forehead, etc.  Although exaggerated on Jacob.  Then I started thinking (always a dangerous thing).

Is Jacob Jack?  Jack is now, we know, fighting to get back to the island. Is it possible that the vision we saw of Jacob a transposition of Jack in some way? Maybe a hologram? Trying to contact Locke for "help".

Help to gain the faith to get back to the island?

Obviously, there are holes to this theory. Although Jacob's reaction to Ben would be appropriate if, in fact, Jacob is Jack, how would he throw things at him if it was just a hologram. So I need everyone's help on here.

BTW - I've been checking SWLS for a long time.  Finally decided to join the forum after dealing with some of the idiots on ABC's Lost forum. Glad to be here.

I'm not too sure, that Jacob looks a more like Christian to me.

Compare this pic with Jack on my banner.

Episode 3x22 / Re: Is Mikhail Really Dead?
« on: May 25, 2007, 04:01:39 PM »
I am in the navy, When there is a swimmer/bad guy in the water we use a grenade.

Is that swimmer/bad guy as in "bad guy swimmer", or is it "swimmer OR bad guy"?

Soldier 1: There's somebody in the water.
Soldier 2: Is it a bad guy?
Soldier 1: No.
Solider 2: Is it a swimmer?
Soldier 1: Yes.
Soldier 2: Hand me a grenade. *KA-BOOM*
Soldier 1: We should come to the YMCA more often!

It think Mikhail might live. It's the lost law, unless it's 100% confirmed, nobody who dies is really dead. See: Charlie, Mikhail (fence), Locke, and Mikhail (spear).

So that means Christian is still alive! I knew Sledge was a believer!

Episode 3x22 / Re: CHRISTIAN LIVES?
« on: May 25, 2007, 02:47:02 PM »
a. Jack is crazy and doped up and thinks his father is alive.
The chief of surgery does give him a crazy look when he mentions Christian. & Jack doesn't let the pharmacist call his office (because he's dead)


b. Jack has been shifting around through some time/space warp and doesn't realize that his dad is dead in this reality.

There you guys go again with your time space warp, alternate reality explanations for Christian being alive. I think the evidence of him being alive outweighs these speculatory theories.

Ha, that's just ridiculous.

Episode 3x22 / Re: CHRISTIAN LIVES?
« on: May 25, 2007, 02:41:29 PM »
atleast the people who are saying jacks alive arent being rude about it...they are stating there case with show facts... not providing podcast references which 90%+ of the regular viewers probably dont even know about... so if you took a poll of every "lost" watcher you'd be hard pressed to find a majority who think he's as much worm food as some of you are SHOUTING ABOUT!!! as for those who are so adamaent about not having to bring this up again... noones asking you to read this thread or even reply to it... if you dont like hearing peoples theory on the possibility that someone who's body has never been accounted for, has been made reference to and seen, which in my opinion makes him more of a ghost or spirit or a apparation... then dont open this thread.... go make ya signatures and leave the ones who are happy to debate the issue to it.... they are never going to convince you and of course your never going to convince them....

R.I.P Mr.Eko

BRILLIANT! At least the show is showing damn good evidence that Christian is alive! He's missing from his coffin, and Jack references him being alive in the future and uses his father for a prescription, when we all know you can't get a bloody prescription from a dead doctor. We hear his voice over the intercom, and everyone says it's smokey, blah blah blah. Everytime we say Christian is alive, your rebuttals are horrible and you haven't debunked a damn thing. The producers are going to say he is dead because Jack thinks he's dead. Oh and when in doubt, just blame it on Smokey. And when he's missing from his coffin, lets create an alternate reality that he just fell out from his coffin. Or when in the finale Jacks references him to being upstairs you guys say he's just a junkie with nothing relevant to say. OK, then why do you think so strongly about his conversation with Kate, he's just a junkie as you say and nothing he says is relevant. Unless there's a cemetary in a hospital building, Christian is alive. Go ahead, bring up your evidence from outside the show, it's not relevant at all. This season finale was just a knockout blow and you guys are still in denial that we are right.

Theories & Speculation / Re: Who is "Good" and who is "Bad"?
« on: May 25, 2007, 02:31:02 PM »
Wow only 16 episodes each! That blows! Well maybe the season premiere and finale will be 2 hours long so it will really be more like 18. I like 3 more seasons but such short seasons suck, unless it runs with no breaks.

Theories & Speculation / Re: My Theory on the Future Flashbacks
« on: May 25, 2007, 01:29:38 AM »
Maybe they're not really "future flashbacks".

Maybe, they are Desmond's flashes, which we know if somebody changes the events leading up to the flash, can in fact change the way things happen.

Ooooohhh  :o

Desmond has flashes, lol, not entire episodes!


Theories & Speculation / Re: My Theory on the Future Flashbacks
« on: May 25, 2007, 01:20:51 AM »
My theory:

-FFW are in the future (our real time lets say)
-They are not rescued yet, and certainly not by naomi's friends
-jack want's to go back 'cause he really has nothing to go back to! On island he is a leader, a doctor everyone needs, and most love and see as a smart, good man. Inthe real world he is just a survivor, who hasn't got anyone home to run back to, Kate is taken (maybe), father dead, mother hate's him, yada, yada, yada, you get my point....
- the casket... well, someone who wants to get back on the island as bad as Jack does, don't know who yet

His father is not dead! LOL! And I believe it's Ben, who was forced off the island by Locke, because Locke is not a killer as we know unless it's Naomi, some dumb trick. And Ben would want back on the island just as bad as Jack.

LOST Talk / Re: how much do you think the actors get paid?
« on: May 25, 2007, 01:14:19 AM »
I think that was tabloids trying to push the idea that Josh wasn't too pleased with Matt

lol yeah, they say anything for a story.

hell I doubt he's unpleased, he got Kate! w00t!

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