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Episode 6x16 / Re: My musings on the finale (and I didn't like it)
« on: May 24, 2010, 07:04:22 PM »
honestly i want to know what you wanted them to answer.   To me it was great.  I got all the answers i needed.  

What questions  were not answered??

Seriously?  I had about 3 pages of them that I posted on the "unanswered questions" thread.

Episode 6x16 / Re: David
« on: May 24, 2010, 01:23:55 PM »
The explanation makes sense for some, but not for all.

Why would Locke choose to be in the wheelchair in his "happy" version of life, with his father an invalid from the crash he caused?  Why would Sun choose to be shot and for her father to disapprove of her relationship with Jin, rather than imagining a happy marriage?  Why wouldn't Sayid imagine himself with Nadia, instead of having her with his louse of a brother setting him off on a killing spree?  Kate's still on the run.  Claire is still in a predicament.

Episode 6x16 / Re: Unanswered Questions
« on: May 24, 2010, 01:20:07 PM »
Dude, you have issues!

About six dozen of them!!

Episode 6x16 / Re: My musings on the finale (and I didn't like it)
« on: May 24, 2010, 01:11:27 PM »
It still felt like two completely different stories.

It didn't matter what happened on the island.  Might as well have been the cast of The Office or Seinfeld or Babylon 5 or anything else, any 50 people who have something in common, then tack on 10 minutes at the end where they all meet up after they've died.  Why bother to weave such a compelling story about this mystic island if it's not germane to the conclusion?  If you're not going to tell us anything about it?  It feels as if the Sideways was the story they wanted to tell all along and the island is throwaway, which stinks because the island is what kept a large lot of us watching.

Episode 6x16 / Re: My musings on the finale (and I didn't like it)
« on: May 24, 2010, 12:48:00 PM »
They said the island was a character on the show.  Vincent was a character too.  Your problem is that you were too focused on the mysteries.  When you think about most of the things they didn't answer, while they might be cool to know, they wouldn't have affected the story and there was really no organic way to answer a lot of those questions.  If they were to just explain a lot of the lingering mysteries on a dvd, that would be cool.  But I don't think the show should've revolved around answering those mysteries.  They probably could've connected some of the mysteries together in a cohesive whole better, but oh well.  There are only a couple lingering mysteries that I think they really should've spent time on, like mystery boat shooting at them during the flash.  I feel it could've all connected better.  But still, a minor complaint.

I do think the finale could've been better though and I can understand why people would be frustrated with the whole alt timeline thing.

But the mysteries are what kept us watching for years.  The whole "all these people are linked and meet up in some nether space after they all die" is completely unsatisfying and, frankly, quite trite after 6 years.  Did we really watch for six years to be satisfied with "we all live our life and meet up with important people after we die?"  I didn't.  The story was interesting precisely because of the mysteries of the island and the strange people whom the Losties encountered.  I had no great emotional moment when Jack was talking with his father and realized that he and everyone in that "reality" were dead.  Just joining in the great collective groan.

Episode 6x16 / My musings on the finale (and I didn't like it)
« on: May 24, 2010, 12:08:25 PM »
I'm aggravated. And I'm not alone. For the past six years, several million viewers and I have anxiously awaited and devoured each new episode of what was one of the best and most clever television shows of all time. We followed loyally. We ate up the side games and webisodes, hoping for additional clues. We sought out screen captures and grasped onto the Easter Eggs, trying to solve the mystery before they could tell us. We spent our late Wednesday nights dwelling on theories, unable to sleep, and spent our Thursdays hashing things out with our friends, real and "imaginary."

For six years, we followed along, trying to piece it all together, with the promise of answers. An end in sight. The greatly-anticipated finale. Well, we should have known that it wasn't going to go well when we still had so many old questions looming with half a dozen episodes left. With three episodes left. Two. One. There was no way to wrap up such an enormous and complicated plot with so many unanswered questions in just two hours.

What is perhaps the main point of my frustration came to me on the brink of sleep last night, after an hour of brooding. So much of the plot of this series was focussed on the island and its mysteries. Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Cameron Cuse even said, in the commentary to the first season on DVD, that a critical point to this series was that the *island* was a main character of the show. Yet, when it came to the finale, precious few questions were answered about the island at all. Instead, we got to see everyone come together in the "flash sideways" (which was, admittedly, gratifying) only to learn that it's just where they ended up after they all died. What?!

Even if I buy that theory, I felt cheated to have that all patly wrapped up in the last 10 minutes of the show AND I feel downright raw at the questions that the writers and producers left unanswered. To me, it felt like the producers were back in college, writing the ace answer to an essay exam, and then looked up to see 5 minutes left on the clock before they had to hand in their blue books. Ninety-five percent of what was written was spot-on and a the very top of the game, but the last bit was crammed in to fit into time constraints, leaving a large gap in details between the body of the work and the conclusory paragraph.

I wonder whether this is to some extent a reflection of the 2007-2008 Writers' Strike, which (if I remember correctly) cost Lost between five and eight episodes in its 4th season. While the plotlines in some of those shows seemed a little hurried, shouldn't they have been able to recover that ground in two years? Or was this always the plan? The cynical side of me believes that the plan may be even more devious and greedy, requiring folks to purchase the DVD set to gain the answers not freely given on last night's broadcast, an idea which gains some backing form the MTV News headline this morning, "'Lost' Creators Promise More Answers After The Finale."

In any case, I will miss this show, which I anticipated with glee every week. I will likely buy the season 6 DVDs to round out my collection. I'll miss these characters, which the "finale preview" correctly pegged as people we've come to know and love over the years. But I don't know that I'll ever be able to look back on this series fondly as long as the enormous list of questions remains unanswered.  And I don't know that I'll ever go back and watch the series through again, as I had hoped to do to connect all of the dots and clues and Easter Eggs together.  There is no "Aha!" moment, like in the movie The Sixth Sense, that would allow me to go back and watch the entire season with a new vision.  Now that I know that the dots and Easter Eggs were not clues at all, what's the point?

Episode 6x16 / Re: So were there any survivors of 815?
« on: May 24, 2010, 11:53:49 AM »
So that was the Oceanic plane on the beach at the end for sure?  Someone had suggested it was Lapidus'/Kate's/etc. plane.  I didn't watch closely enough to say.

It was DEFINATELY Oceanic. This story happened. They all crashed on the Island our Losties survived, and played out their story.

Not saying that the Oceanic plane didn't crash, but was the wreckage at the end from that plane or another?

Episode 6x16 / Re: So were there any survivors of 815?
« on: May 24, 2010, 11:33:41 AM »
So that was the Oceanic plane on the beach at the end for sure?  Someone had suggested it was Lapidus'/Kate's/etc. plane.  I didn't watch closely enough to say.

Episode 6x16 / Re: Who WASN'T at the church and why?
« on: May 24, 2010, 11:30:39 AM »
Charles Widmore?

Episode 6x16 / Re: Unanswered Questions
« on: May 24, 2010, 11:28:19 AM »
From the end of the note I posted on Facebook:

In the Flash Sideways, at the end:
*Where were Michael and Walt?
*Where were Rose and Bernard, who had both appeared in the Flash Sideways earlier?
*What about Ana Lucia, Eko, and all of the other lesser characters? Ilana? Naomi? Arzt? I mean, Shannon and Boone show up...
*Why was Penny there with Desmond? She wasn't truly part of all of this. Daniel's mom was there, but where was Widmore?
*What becomes of Jack's son? How'd he get there? Did he ever really exist? Does Jack have to leave him to move on, or does that not matter because he never really existed?
*Claire is reunited with Aaron, who left the island. Why are Jin and Sun not reunited with their daughter? (So, Sun is pregnant, but it's not quite the same. Sun has met their daughter. Is she ready to "move on" without her?)
*What about Nikki and Paolo???? (LOL)
*Ben was there. Juliet was there. Where was Richard? He got a gray hair last night, but is he still immortal?
*Ben wasn't ready to move on. Was he wanting to spend more time with Alex? Or did he just need more time in purgatory (if that was what that was) because of all his evil deeds? If so, then what of Sayid?
*The island was on the bottom of the ocean. Did that really happen?
*Was the Flash Sideways supposed to be just a construct of their collective subconscious? Is it purgatory? Why do they have to be "ready" to move on? What's the point of landing there, instead of going right from death to the ultimate location?

Island questions:
*Michael came back to Hurley as one of the whispers, trapped on the island. We never got an explanation to that. Why didn't he go on to the Flash Sideways?
*Why was Demond stuck on the island pushing buttons in a hatch?
*What about the numbers? Why those numbers that needed to be pushed, in sequence? Was it just coincidence that they were Hurley's winning lottery numbers and connected to Rousseau's distress signal?
*Why couldn't women conceive/carry to term babies on the island?
*How many sets of Others were there? How did they get there? What did they want?
*Why did they kidnap Walt?
*Who built the four-toed statue? The temple? All of the carved pieces (like the "plug") down in the cave with the light in the end? All sorts of Egyptian symbolism, but no explanation.
*Was there no meaning to all of the "special" people? Locke, Walt, Aaron? What about the Australian psychic's ravings that Claire had to raise Aaron? Just meaningless ravings? A red herring?
*What happened to Lapidus' plane after they took off? Did they get back to the real world and live out their days? Was it their wreckage on the beach at the end?
*What happened to Hurley and Ben back on the island? What was their fate? The island's? Hurley drank the water, so something had to happen that he died.
*How about the wheel in the lighthouse? What was THAT all about? How did THAT work?
*How did Jacob, who didn't believe there was anything other than the island, leave the island to touch all of the candidates as younger folks? How did he know to choose them? How did he know what they would become? How did he know they'd all be on that one plane that crashed years or decades later because Desmond didn't press the buttons? (Or did that not REALLY cause the crash?)
*What about Richard's visits to people, like young Locke? (When he presented him with the knife and compass?)
*Does the island "select" people? Do pregnant women have some significance? (Jacob's and MIB's mother? Rousseau? Claire? Sun?)
*What was MIB's name?
*What was all that stuff about a virus or sickness infecting people? Rousseau talked about it. The Others had all sorts of medical injections for it. The temple people detected it in Sayid. Claire went a little crazy herself, but apparently recovered?
*Why was Smokey going around killing people? From the very first episodes, where he was yanking people out of camp and the pilot out of the plane, etc.? What was the motivation?
*What was the series of flashes that appeared in Smokey sometimes?
*Why did ash and the big pylons keep Smokey out?
*Why were the Others kidnapping people out of the camp? What happened to Cindy and the kids from the plane? Did we find them in the temple after all of these years as an Easter Egg only to have them immediately killed by Smokey?
*What was the deal with Ethan and Goodwin and all of their crazy evilness?
*Why and how did Ben have extensive dossiers on all of the Losties? Everything he did when we first found him at Dharma camp led us to believe he was very powerful and had a global network, but did that not exist? If not, how did that all happen?
*How did Ben come to lead the Others?
*Why did Ben steal Alex from Rousseau?
*Who were the people in the temple, particularly the Sensai and his Hippie friend? How did Cindy and the kids flash back in time to be with them?
*After the second electromagnetic event, when Desmond was flashing back to England, what was that? Was that Flash Sideways? (Death?) Time travel?
*The Dharma Initiative (bunnies!) and Farraday seemed to be interested in time travel and the island. What was THAT all about? And the island jumping around in time. What was that about, too?
*Why is the island invisible to radar and how does turning a strange wheel underground move it and drop the turner in Tunisia?
*So, I think we were told that Dharma were the ones who brought things like the polar bear to the island, but how did the polar bear skeleton end up in the desert? Was the appearance of the polar bear in Walt's (Hurley's?) comic book just a coincidence?
*Why did Ben recruit Sayid as his henchman after they left the island? Who were the people still trying to kill the Oceanic 6 (like the guy on the golf course)? And why?
*Who was dropping supplies to Desmond?
*What did Widmore want with the island? Why was he so at odds with Ben about it that it led to murderous intentions?
*Was Hurley crazy? What about all of the dead people he saw, on and off the island?
*How did MIB become Smokey? Yet, Jack and Desmond and Hurley all went into the cavern and didn't become smoke monsters. Why MIB? Why didn't Jack become white smoke?
*Does Vincent ever die?

I'm sure the questions will keep flowing, but the well of answers has dried up, like the spring when Desmond took the plug out, leaving just a rumbling, angry volcanic cavern, waiting to explode.

It was spelled out pretty well why. His soul is stuck on the island because of what he did. His own personal hell. Remember he told Hugo he could not leave?

But lots of people on the island did bad things there and still showed up in the Flash Sideways.  Most notably, Keamy.  (Although he was a very bad guy there, too, and got killed -- even though he was already dead?)  Ethan was there.  The Japanese guy from the temple.  Of our Losties, Sayid, Kate, Locke, Jin, and Sawyer all did very bad things, many of them on the island.  Ben, too.  Rousseau.

Episode 6x14 / Re: Probably nothing but...
« on: May 18, 2010, 01:57:33 PM »
I saw the lady crawl up onto the beach, but then it froze up.  I was able to get it to start playing right as she was asking questions of the lady who found her, right before she went into labor.

Episode 6x13 / Re: Game mentioned in the last seconds
« on: May 04, 2010, 11:52:13 PM »
yep, he was holding up the light and dark pieces when he was explaining the game to walt.
what's 'go'?

So... does Walt have something to do with the resolution?  Taxing my memory here, but wasn't he one of the first ones on the island who seemed to have some sort of gift?  Wasn't he the first one taken by the Others?  And isn't he the only one who has left the island and returned, truly, to regular life?

He's not on the candidate list, though, but what does that mean?  Oh, what does it all meeeeeean???

Episode 6x04 / Re: Jack's Wife in the sideverse
« on: February 24, 2010, 04:14:00 PM »
While I don't think it's Sarah or Bai Ling, I don't think we can rule them on the basis of your stated reasons.  We can't import all pieces of information from the original timeline when, clearly, so much has changed.  (Jack is a father, Locke is still with Helen & apparently on good terms with his father, Kate didn't kill her stepdad, Shannon stayed in Australia, etc.) 

Kate didn't kill her stepdad?  Why is she on the run in the sideverse then?

Episode 5x02 / Re: Now back at the beach
« on: January 22, 2009, 10:34:09 AM »
I was wondering what would happen if they went down into the hatch and then the island shifted to a time before the hatch was built...

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