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Episode 5x16 / Re: You found your loophole
« on: May 16, 2009, 01:02:38 AM »
I take the "loophole" to be all the work Nemesis did to arrange for Locke to 1) become the Leader of the Others (even though he was not special); 2) die while Leader; 3) have his corpse transported back to the island so Nemesis could assume his form (via bringing back all of the Oceanic Six, and making sure Locke's corpse came with them).  This allowed Nemesis-as-Locke to demand access to Jacob's inner sanctum, force Ben to accompany him inside, and motivate Ben to kill Jacob (via appearing as his daughter).

On the other hand, it sure doesn't appear that Jacob was going to try to persuade Ben to stand down.  It's as though he either wanted to die at that time (as we saw, he had been intervening in everyone's lives for decades in order to set something up), or he is really big on free will.  He all but dared Ben to stab him.  Meanwhile, Ben has been more or less under the sway of the island ever since 1977 when Richard saved his life at the temple.  So does he, or any of the characters, actually have free will?  That seems to be the central question of the show this season, and the answer thus far has proven to be No.  Every "choice" they think they are making is actually pre-ordained and ultimately orchestrated by, presumably, Jacob.

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