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Title: theory on time travel and the show
Post by: Lost_viewer on June 27, 2008, 04:42:01 PM
O kay so I was really bored the other day and decided to rewatch some of my favorite episodes, and I came up with a crazy theory on Jack. People say that on the pilot, that Jack has gone back in time and come back to the island a second time, that is how he is in command of everyone and the leader and is not freaking out, he is calm and cool...Well I watched, "Man of Science, man of Faith"(s2ep1), and thought what if the first time Jack operated on his wife, he failed because at that point in the story he was a man of science.

Because in the flash forwards, Jack seems to be a man of faith, maybe he goes back in time and fixes his wife and when we(the viewer) see Jack on the island, that is his second tour on the island...