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Title: Why the snow in Berlin?
Post by: Lion of Atreides on February 17, 2008, 09:28:52 AM
Another thread included a tangent on when Sayid's FF occurs.  I offered some speculation, but I just realized that actual evidence to solve this question lies all over the street Sayid is walking along: snow. No way the Producers would spend the money to dump ice all over the Honolulu street where this was filmed if they didn't do it for a reason.  So, since the street is supposed to be in Berlin, here's its climate info:

Tho it dips close enough to the freezing mark as late as April, February to mid.March is more probable.  Therefore, that marks the latest possible date.

The beginning of the potential window for Sayid to begin his hits can be no earlier than mid-January or so.  More likely is a tad later than that.  Since the plane crashed on Sept 22, 2004, and Jack says it's been 100 days since the crash, that makes it ~Jan 1, 2005 when the Boaties arrive.  Assuming Sayid gets off the island quickly, he still has to have some torrid romance that ends badly, which is then used by Ben to recruit Sayid.  That would probably take a few weeks at least.

Since it has taken 3 full seasons + 2 eps to reach 100days on the island, that means the full run of the series will probably not go past 200 days of island-time.  That means it's unlikely that the snowy streetcape is as far away as the N. Hemisphere winter of 2005-2006. 

So, the likely window for Sayid's days as Ben's hitman are late Jan '05 - mid March '05.  Since he at least has put the hit on Mr. Avellino in the Seychelles, which happened prior to Berlin, that probably pegs Berlin somewhere in the six weeks from e. February '05 - mid March '05.
Title: Re: Why the snow in Berlin?
Post by: LostAndSeek on February 17, 2008, 10:20:33 AM
It's pretty clear from investigations done wrt the S3 finale that Jack's flash forward took place in 2007 or later. Cell phone models, car models, etc. Too many for them all to have been prop errors. Also, you gotta figure it'd take more than a few months for Jack to decline from the Hurley ff to the Jack ff.

I'd guess Berlin as no earlier than winter of 05/06.

Side note: Did we really miss Christmas on the island? Dang!
Title: Re: Why the snow in Berlin?
Post by: Blackrock Bob on February 17, 2008, 10:25:58 AM
I think that our flashforwards took place at least a year after they got back. It could be a few years later.
Think about it, the shock of coming back and being a big media hit, and for it to die down, takes a few months.
Title: Re: Why the snow in Berlin?
Post by: jugdish on February 17, 2008, 10:26:33 AM
There is no limit to how late the flashforward is going to be. They do not have to show us every day on this show. it could easily be 2007(as stated above) or later. We just have no idea
Title: Re: Why the snow in Berlin?
Post by: Lion of Atreides on February 18, 2008, 01:34:52 AM
I had thought about how long the publicity would hound the Oceanic 6, but in light of the proverbial 24hr news cycle, my guess is that they would have their 5 minutes.  Within days or maybe a week, other stories would supplant the tale of Oceanic 6.  Gawd knows that Brittany &/or Paris are always doing something that merits full-press coverage.  And how likely is it that a year or two would go by, with the Oceanic 6 still so fresh in so many peoples' minds?

Although, sure, Ben & Sayid could be wintering in Berlin years into the future, I suspect otherwise.  With such an imminent threat to the island, is Ben the type of murderous SOB to wait one, two, or three years before hitting back at his enemies?

On the other hand, Jack's flash forward contains some additional clues.  We know that he had to have been ok at first, as shown in Hurley's flash forward.  Then he had to lose his marbles.  Then he had to take multiple trips across the Pacific, but only one per week.  That could take us into Fall '05 & onwards.

Finally, Sayid could've begun working his hit list while Jack was still ok, and continued stalking his prey as both Jack & Hurley lost their marbles.  Again, I feel that Ben will be striking quick, and striking hard.