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Title: Worm Hole?
Post by: CMurphy9 on February 15, 2008, 12:24:23 PM
I'm not sure if this was mentioned before or not, but I am thinking that more and more evidence is pointing towards the island existing in a wormhole.  Daniel warned Frank before he took off to follow the exact coordinates.  This comment struck me as rather odd, and I dont really know that much about flying, but I would think that if someone warned you to take an exact path, it must be the path itself that you were meant to follow, not the coordinates. Thus indicating the existence of a wormhole as the path.  Also, his experiment with the clocks seemed to point in that direction as well.  I read an interesting piece in Wikipedia, similar to his experiement

"Wormholes and time travel

A wormhole could allow time travel.[3] This could be accomplished by accelerating one end of the wormhole to a high velocity relative to the other, and then sometime later bringing it back; relativistic time dilation would result in the accelerated wormhole mouth aging less than the stationary one as seen by an external observer, similar to what is seen in the twin paradox. However, time connects differently through the wormhole than outside it, so that synchronized clocks at each mouth will remain synchronized to someone traveling through the wormhole itself, no matter how the mouths move around. This means that anything which entered the accelerated wormhole mouth would exit the stationary one at a point in time prior to its entry. For example, if clocks at both mouths both showed the date as 2000 before one mouth was accelerated, and after being taken on a trip at relativistic velocities the accelerated mouth was brought back to the same region as the stationary mouth with the accelerated mouth's clock reading 2005 while the stationary mouth's clock read 2010, then a traveler who entered the accelerated mouth at this moment would exit the stationary mouth when its clock also read 2005, in the same region but now five years in the past. Such a configuration of wormholes would allow for a particle's world line to form a closed loop in spacetime, known as a closed timelike curve."

Whether true to the island or not, it seems to be a similar idea. Also, his comment about the light scatter pattern seemed to point to certain theories of quantum physics.