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Title: On to Marital Problems....
Post by: puff6962 on April 04, 2007, 12:33:31 PM
On this I am an expert.

Sun's dad was not going to allow Jin to marry his daughter, stating why would i give my daughter to a man who gives up his dreams so easily, until Jin replies..."sir, your daughter is my dream."  great line.

Jin is later the manager in the old buys car company when there is an accident in his department.  Jin is apologetic before the father....who realizes that this guy is good for nothing except as a bruiser....and tells Jin the he is being promoted to his special assistant.

In all these flashbacks, and in the lives of the survivors on the island, we get to see that things happen by degrees and the we become the slaves to our past decisions.  slaves!  jin should have never taken the job with the father.  jin should have stuck to his guns.  fear, that pervasive and corroding thread, permeates the lives of the survivors and makes us do things, make decisions, that later haunt us and turn us into things that we never wished.  great episode so far.

what is the language in the korean painting when jin walks into the home of the environmental officer (behind the daughter on the couch?)?

hurley is on the television in the background when Jin delivers his message.  Genius.

the dog that jin gave to his wife was from the environmental officer.  irony.

what are the chinese symbold on boone's shirt?

in his discussion with sajid about shannon, boone gives a warning that shannon is a user.  his jealosy is apparent.  when shannon gets ditched (initially) by sajid, shannon knows immediately that boone has been influenced by sajid. was boone judged by the island for not letting go of shannon?

Title: Re: On to Marital Problems....
Post by: puff6962 on April 04, 2007, 01:16:44 PM
Jin's father is great.  Such a peaceful man, so full of humility, so happy.  Jin states that "In a good world, she would hate her father, not me."  Jins father replies that "It is a good world" and encourages his son to start over.  Is that what the island demands, a new start with faith in the island?

Walt is owed by Hurley the sum of 83 thousand dollars.  Locke and Walt both don't want to leave.  Walt states that I've been moving places my whole life.  I don't want to move anymore.  I like it here.  Locke replies I like it here too.  Locke and Walt again share a communion.

We never actually see Walt setting the fire.  Did Walt burn the raft down with his thoughts?  We never actually see Walt setting the fire.