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Title: Was the Island "missing" for 3 years?
Post by: RM on April 23, 2010, 12:32:55 PM
They probably won't get around to addressing this, but . . .

Why is Widmore only just now coming to the Island in 2007?  I know it disappeared in early 2005 when Ben turned the Donkey Wheel.  But didn't it reappear when Locke turned the Donkey Wheel?

Ben was spat out in Tunisia in October 2005 (9 months later?).  I forget when Locke was spat out and how long he was in the real world before dying and then the return flight of Ajira 316.  (Anyone?)

But didn't the Island reappear as soon as Locke reset the Donkey Wheel?  Shouldn't it have been immediately visible again to the real world since the Looking Glass is disabled?  Or were Eloise's calculations saying that it only briefly reappears now and the next time the real world could see it would coincide with Flight 316?

I would have thought that, as soon as Widmore saw Locke show up in Tunisia, he would realize that the Island "was back" and head there immediately.  Instead, it seems he barely shows up a couple of weeks after the Ajira flight.

But Richard told UnLocke that he hadn't seen "John" for 3 years, right?
Title: Re: Was the Island "missing" for 3 years?
Post by: MachThree on April 23, 2010, 02:43:51 PM
It seems to me that with the aid of computers and calculations, Hawking and/or Widmore could predict where the island would be given enough time to compute its course. 

I think "Jacob" (really MiB) told Locke to move the Island not because the island would dissappear, but because doing so would change its course through space and time, invalidating all of Hawking/Widmore's existing calculations and forcing them to start over in order to find the island again.  So this is what happened when Ben turned the donkey wheel the first time - perhaps it was simply because the island changed course when Ben moved the wheel, or perhaps because after Ben moved the wheel the wheel was knocked off axis and kept moving around, making the island's course unpredictable.   Hence they were protecting the island by preventing Widmore from sending another mercenary team there any time soon.  I think when Locke later turned the wheel and restabilized it, the island returned to its original course, or one that could be computed and predicted more easily by Hawking / Widmore. 

Since it seems it was MiB who told Locke to move the island, I'd almost say that MiB wanted to save the island and thus has been anti-Widmore all along.  Especially considering it was Smokey who attacked the mercenaries when Ben summoned him.  But then it also seems it was Smokey who later had Locke stabilize the island and make it vulnerable again to Hawking/Widmore - although I guess it was for his own alterior motives - yes he was making the island vulnerable to Widmore but he was also establishing his loophole to try and leave and kill Jacob.
Title: Re: Was the Island "missing" for 3 years?
Post by: opgelost on April 23, 2010, 06:26:46 PM
I see Hawking being totally on MIB's side.
Christian (MIB) told Locke to find Eloise, Eloise told Ben to bring them all back to the island, including dead Locke, who
was going to be a substitute. Eloise told Jack to give Locke something of Christian, to be a substitute for Christian.
But Christian was MIB and Locke becomes a substitute for MIB.
Eloise told them how to find the island again and she told Desmond that she did that to help her son.
I don't think she is on Widmore's side in the crashtimeline.
Title: Re: Was the Island "missing" for 3 years?
Post by: RM on April 28, 2010, 02:17:54 AM
I guess I'm just generally confused about when the Island is "visible" to the outside world at all.

- Somehow the Army found it -- a one-time thing? on their own and/or Jacob brought them (only to order Richard to have them killed)?

- Somehow Dharma (and later the Others) was able to come and go by submarine on a regular basis
- Somehow the Others knew how to come and go above water via the correct heading (325)

- Yet at the same time it was "invisible" to the outside world (I guess only if you didn't already know where to look?)

- When Desmond turned the failsafe, it created a disturbance that Penny's igloo men were able to tell her (and Widmore) where to look and so the freighter (and Penny's boat) showed up in the correct spot

- The Looking Glass was jamming (the tranmission of Rousseau's message from the tower) but not Mikhail's communications to the outside world?

- When Locke stablized the Donkey Wheel when was that as far as the real world is concerned?  Did Widmore immediately set out for the Island at that point?  Wasn't there a few months in between Locke showing up in Tunisia and the return flight of Ajira 316?

- Or did the Island reappear so that Widmore could find it by sub only after the time-jumpers returned from 1977 to 2007?
Title: Re: Was the Island "missing" for 3 years?
Post by: opgelost on April 28, 2010, 02:10:48 PM
I understood that everybody is brought to the island by Jacob.
Including Richard, Dharma, the army, Rousseau's team and now Widmore.