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Title: Sayid - A man for all seasons?
Post by: Rebel 3:16 on February 12, 2010, 06:24:39 PM
Or elements....

I was a big fan of the UK sci-fi series from the late 70's early 80's 'Sapphire and Steel' which was all based around time, space and the elements, hence our two main characters Sapphire and Steel (time bending special agents played by Joanna Lumley and David McCallum), along with a couple of other agents, Lead and Silver (amongst others who werent portrayed on screen).
It basically focused around people being effected by rips in time, the past would slip through into the present and the agents would try to allign time, yes it was complicated and very hard to follow  :-\ .

However it now transpired that our very own Iraqi torcherer has been subjected to several 'elements' - first he was electricuted (silver (Ag), copper (Cu) and gold (Au) are the best conductors of electric) by Danielle after she caught him in her net in season 1, he was shot (bullets traditionally made from lead? - Pb) and almost died in season 5, he was drowned in LA X (water - H20) and that latest episode saw him burned (Carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and hydrogen (H) are most flamable).

Has anyone else suffered as many different and varied injuries? It seems a little OTT that he has been shot, drowned, burned and electrocuted.... even for a former torcherer that seems a little drastic.....

Thoughts would be appreciated, thanks again for reading.
Title: Re: Sayid - A man for all seasons?
Post by: Rebel 3:16 on February 14, 2010, 10:48:58 AM
Also I was thinking - we presume Sayid has changed since he was drowned in the pool and came back to life, become infected even.
However was that really the moment he changed?
When the Ajira flight crashed the guys were basically split into two groups, the ones who just vanished and appeared back on the Island ending up with Dharma and the group who actually crashed with Lapedus (sp?). Jack, Kate, Hurley etc back in 1977 and Sun, Ben and Locke's etc body in 2007.

While Sayid ended up in 1977 he was seperated from the rest and eventually captured and held prisoner. Then we saw him do something that I felt even for a former torcherer was a bit out of character - he shot young Ben.
So its quite ironic that now Sayid is shot, and just like Ben, taken to the healing pool suffering a gunshot injury.

So I was wondering why Sayid was seperated from the others, where he was and if indeed it was his time apart from the rest of the group that changed him? Did he actually meet Smokie while he was alone in the jungle or was he asked to kill Ben (maybe by Jacob) so as to ultimatley protect Jacob (from Ben killing him). Once again, it would have had to be his choice.....
Title: Re: Sayid - A man for all seasons?
Post by: LostinLock on February 14, 2010, 11:01:21 AM
Ah Rebel you and MB are both great at looking at things in a different light.

You know this is a good point in season five Sayid did not want to come back to the island and yes, he was seperated from the group.  So what happened in 1977 did change his "persona" so to speak.  But I think when he shot young Ben he was trying to stop the future.  Ben used him to kill the off island people so his shooting young Ben was his anger towards the adult he became, (in my mind).  I do not see Smokey/Infection being the cause of his shooting run Ben for that reason.

Though you are correct to point out that both he and Ben were shot.  So will that indeed make Sayid a future Ben? 
This season is suppose to be close to season one and this has me pondering what was Sayid like in season one, a bit removed, he was a bit tough on Saywer, he placed the role of torturer to a degree. 

These events were meant to happen in the time line of the island and the people involved with the island so...