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Title: Spoiler about My Package....
Post by: I_Am_Jacob on September 24, 2010, 01:27:57 PM
that contained the Blu-ray box set. You all have a sick mind. Anyway! So the package comes as the base of a pyramid or temple of some sort. When you open the Lid, which has a large LOST emblazoned on it, the reverse side has a raised map of the island. Kind of topographical, but no real location markers or anything. Just a map of the Island. Has some girth and texture to it, its kind of nice. Back to topic. When you explore the fun contents of the packaging you find a black light pen. Seems a bit out of place. So I kept the black light pen out to play around with it and I closed the package up and put everything back together the way it was. I liked the Map as opposed to the LOST lid, so I placed the lid upside down so the map would show. I was playing with the black light pen, looking for fun things around the packaging, and was having no luck, until I shone the light on the Island Map now showing as a lid to the packaging. I saw a little violet discoloration. So I turned out all the lights and tried this experiment again. Clear as day, across nearly the entire island, was an image of the Donkey Wheel. This intrigued me, so I turned the lights on and started looking around the contents again. I started to think how this would pertain to the show's theme or story, and was starting to get confused. I looked back at the lid of the packaging. I noticed on each corner of the raised rectangular map there was a symbol. Directly matched up to these symbols were symbols on the lowered lid. The Symbols did not match. So i took a hold of two of the corners of the Map and turned gently. A slight give. Exhilarated, I turned until the map had gone 90 degrees to be creating a cross out of the two separate portions of the lid. I lifted the map away to reveal a hidden disc.

I have yet to partake in the hidden disc because I want my Fiancee to find the secret and we will watch it together. Anyway, I thought I would share that little story of LOST's last little gift to me. Everything this show gave use for 6 solid seasons will never be forgotten for alot of fans.  I am sure that once I watch the disc the Journey will officially be over, but the end is not what matters, but the path one takes to get there.
Title: Re: Spoiler about My Package....
Post by: lostlady on September 24, 2010, 09:48:39 PM
Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
Title: Re: Spoiler about My Package....
Post by: jugdish on October 04, 2010, 12:27:48 AM
Let us know what is on the disc