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Title: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: AstroJones on May 11, 2006, 08:46:56 PM
This is a thread that will guide players just joining The Lost Experience (online webmaze game sponsored by LOST creators, and tied into the show).  It is created to help users navigate through the website(s) included in the game.  It will be locked to prevent clutter of tangential comments and speculation, and mods will add only integral clues as they come up. 

EDIT:  This is now a time capsule for the events of The Lost Experience.

Troubleshooting Problems with Password Acceptance

A few possiblities to consider:

1)  The update might not be working for you because you have missed a step along the way (they should be done in order; the site logs cookies).  Try loading ( (literally, you can replace that with any word except "persephone" or "hole#" and it should load a clean page).  Then start over again from the first clue, see below.

2)  If you are having problems where flash is freezing up, try reinstalling Macromedia ( Flash.

3)  A newer update to the site may have made this clue obsolete, and it can no longer be entered because it is outdated.  Sorry, probably not something that can be solved in this case.

In-Game, Out-of-Game

There are a number of fraud or hoax sites made by people who have nothing to do with the official writing of the ARG (alternate reality game).  Here is an Official vs. Fraud or Fan Sites Primer ( which lists various websites, and how to tell the difference.

It is discussed in the primer briefly, but I am making special note here that there are 3 "puppet blogs" set up and sponsored by ABC.  They are run by Speaker ( (USA), The Lost Ninja ( (Australia) and The Other Girl ( (UK), and are "anonymous" personalities who live in "our world" (are playing regular fans like you or me), but who actually have some insider info.  They will not be giving very obvious cheater hints on solving the game, but can lead people in the right direction to avoid confusion (such as confirming in-game or out-of-game sites).

Up-to-Date Summary Without the Details

EDIT by PandoraX:  I got a request for the super-duper slimmed down summary of the walkthrough, for those who don't want to read all the details, but just want the meat of the passwords and clues (for a fuller summary of details, read through the posts that follow).  This may be better for those who don't want to be spoon fed and just want an occasional reminder of passwords (which are in red) and which clues they missed.  It will be updated on Friday of each week.  Here it is, click on spoiler buttons to read:

Week 1
  • Go to (, and Sign Up for Newsletter.  Where it says password, use breaking strain (from the 877 HANSORG number).
  • Click on Active Projects, and in the WWP DP map, there's a hidden clickable in the Bermuda Triangle area.  This translates to MISSING ORGANS in ASCII. 
  • ( was also found to give out clues about site updates from the hacker persona, Persephone.
  • Next, click on Executive Bios, and Hanso's bio will have changed, so that the date is clickable.  At the end, there is Morse code, which may translate to either SAFE G or SAVE ME.
  • Last update is that the clock on the THF site changes, so that at 15 and 16 minutes after the hour, it changes to OB:EY.  When you clicked on this before, it would take you to (, where if you clicked on the screens 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 times, it gave the password heir apparent.  This is the password used on Mittelwerk's bio page, to unlock his secrets. 
  • During this first week, there's also been a lot of "attack ads" run by THF against the book Bad Twin (spin-off mystery novel from LOST producers, which appears part of this Lost Experience).  Random clips of fictitious author Gary Troup (in an "interview") appear in random places on the internet, see detailed walkthrough for links.

Week 2
  • In the source code of the main THF site, a second site was discovered: (  He is a conspiracy theorist who puts out weekly podcasts, many of which are against THF (podcasts are linked from the archive; first one on 5/16 is direct, but others require extra steps).
  • There was also an update to the main THF section, where you can click on the ERI page, and it changed into a clickable image map.  At coordinates 629,291, click, and it takes you to (  If you align the compass dial with 108 degrees, you will be taken to a backsite with mailboxes of THF employees.  Clues are found in Thompson's and McIntyre's mailboxes; in particular, one points to the mouth piece as being the password to unlock McIntyre's secrets (click on his bio, and the yellow highlighted portion that says "family man").

Week 3
  • Peter Thompson's bio was now updated, with flashing letters across his pictures.  Together, this anagramed out to survivor guilt, which ended up being the password that unlocks his clues.  His login is a little bit more difficult to find, it is in a hidden textbox beneath his photo.
  • Persephone also continued to put out hints through (, including "A mouse does not rely on just one hole".  This led to the finding of a photo of a man with no face, at (
  • Also, from a TV commercial and a new link that appeared at the bottom of THF, a new site was found at (  In each of the job listings, there are some grayed out letters; taking these out and anagramming them spelt out inmate asylum.  This password is used in the Board of Directors (leave name blank) at THF to unlock their dirty secrets.

Week 4
  • Sublymonal was updated, so that various words could be entered to draw either Sprite ads (or later, wikipedia definitions).  Only one so far that led to a concrete clue was 108, which unlocked DJ Dan's 5/26 podcast.
  • Next, if you go to THF and click Active Projects > MFI, the MFI logo/symbol became clickable.  On the map, there are areas of interest that are marked, and one that isn't, in the area of Asia; it has a backwards message about someone who once worked for THF.  In 3 of the marked clickables, there are blanks to be filled.  The answers are: US GDP 2005 est = 42000, Sudan Population Growth Rate = 2.55, Italy HIV/AIDS Death Rate 2006 = 10.4/1000, respectively, before clicking on the symbol in the Indian Ocean to move on to more clues.
  • Next, DJ Dan has a new podcast for 6/01, but it is indirect, and leads back to ( again.  The task with lining up to 108 is unchanged, and the backsite mailbox now revealed that owelles folder had been updated.  One of these is a link to a YouTube video, that is Dan's newest podcast (with images). 
  • Lastly, Persephone, through ( once again revealed her hand, and led to the finding of a second image at (  This was another faceless face, only this time the clue was solved by deciphering the word "D2O" under one eye; which led to the password, heavy water.  In THF in the WWP DP section again, there was another update; this time, in the press release.  The word "miracle" became clickable, and that password is used there.  Scroll around a while to make sure you don't miss clues on the Cape Town Inquisitor microfiche machine, including a ringing phone, and a 'blank' page that starts to drip with goo, with a secret message to Persephone hidden behind it.

Week 5
  • Another TV commercial (and a clue at the main THF site, Genomic Advancement page) linked to a new site, ( (ROT).  It is chock full of weird connections to our own dog Vincent, including implications on the psychic abilities of dogs, and hints that the main ROT site is in fact a fake front.  Enter your real email, and you'll get a strange email form letter in your mailbox.
  • Stranger yet, enter the word porter, and you will be led to a backsite which is set up like a message board between supposed technicians who are contracted to work for THF, but who secretly plot against him, think he's evil, and support subversive hacking and theories about Hanso.  One link goes to the Verizon site, (, the next password was found: parthenogenesis.  This is used on the Active Projects > Genomic Advancements page of THF again, in a hidden textbox below the image of the teacher.
  • Lastly for this week, DJ Dan had a link to his 6/8 podcast, found at (, where he gets a threatening caller.

Week 6
  • A new clue appeared on (, translating to "Timeless Together" and a number that revealed a new faceless image at (  By taking the names of all the hole pictures and translating to ASCII, the anagram light sequence again was found.  This could be entered into the Mental Health page of THF under Inquire Today.  It makes you play a diabolical game of Simon, revealing a clue after sequences 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 are repeated, which gives the DHARMA acronym.
  • DJ Dan gave away a clue on his site; clicking on the radio tower icon in his page went to a secret directory, which was decoded to the password conspiraspies.  This was used in the Active Projects > ERI page of THF, where now if you clicked on the image of the ionosphere, Persephone would ask for this 'magic word'.
  • The next day, he finally put out his podcast for 6/13, through ( (through the backsite message board, where a new link was posted in the "Too legit to quit" thread; it went to (; a little bit later, there was another new thread that led to a real Verizon site, (, which featured, among real people, DJ Dan.
  • At the end of the week, we got a second podcast from DJ Dan, this time through (; the password is BigD (found on the same page, in the icon image "fallout1" on the bottom right).
  • Also towards the week's end, the biggest update posted: ( was updated with an image this time, which led to the finding of a new password recluse. From THF > Active Projects > Life Extension Project, click on "mortality" and enter this password there.  Just don't blink!  Because after this very big update that is chock full of info, you will be SHUT OUT of THF's site, and it won't allow you back in.

Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough
Post by: AstroJones on May 11, 2006, 08:52:46 PM
[Cont. from above]

Week 7
  • If you let the warning message on the now "down" site run for a while without moving the mouse, the sound crescendos louder, with the secret message orientation_testing_issue_1980 in red font in between the other words.  Go to  ( and view this video there; new logo & screencaptures of all 114 images found in video located within the main thread.
  • A name appeared in the source code of the old THF site: Rachel Blake. ( became active, and appears to be Rachel's blog, of her travels in Coppenhagen.  The password to the backsite (entered in "Extra Info" field) was obtained through the new ( clue (a lady speaking numbers backwards, which are translated to): evident agenda.  Logging in, we can see a video she has made of herself, where she reveals her true identity--Persephone the hacker.
  • A new video appeared on YouTube by "jeepchannel" (the account that posted previous clues), an apology to DJ Dan: (
  • She meets online a secret contact called Mel0Drama, who offers to help expose secrets.  One is (, where she has a video which is in the 2nd row, 3rd from the left.  In her blog, she mentions a new mystery, Allied Coppenhagen Marine Merchants, and a "fan" to her blog (one of the writers planted there) helps shed some light on how ACMM may be tied into The Black Rock and Magnus Hanso.  She is still seeking a password.
  • She discovers that Hugh McIntyre is dating a woman from the GWC: exposing more corruption (
  • DJ Dan has a new podcast for 6/21 (, back on the compass backsite again (in the owelles folder).
  • Go to (, reply to any message, and then click on "objectionable comment," you'll get a login where you enter RBlake and password 105years.  The Korean in the video is translated within the main thread.
  • Go to ( for a conversation between wtkFleet35 and OpenersHep (Persephone).
  • New video found at (  Enter truth safe reckon copenhagen alvar sumo into ( At the single entry box, type better tomorrow.  The link goes to a secret directory, (, where there is video and a letter in box 48.

Week 8
  • Rachel continues to put out new posts and videos on her backsite blog (; one at this Jeep Compass site (, when you click "removeable flashlight" and then view the demo.
  • After escaping this brush with the Hanso lackey, she flies to Iceland, on the heels of a story that the Vik Institute burned down, killing a mathematician named Bernoffski.
  • Rachel convinces Dr. Zander to meet with her, and secretly videotapes him (; the same hieroglyphics are brought up in relation to the equation.
  • DSLerator and some of the other ROT technicians have made it clear that they may give clues out by AIM.
  • They direct to the MySpace blog of Mandrake Wig (, who also has a mysterious Flickr photo album ( with cryptic hints.
  • There is a new ROT newsletter, and through it, Mandrake's blog, and AIM, a string of clues reveals the unfinished sentence: WELCOME YOUR NEXT VIDEO NEEDS YOUR...
  • The newsletter also reveals that the new password for the ROT backsite has been changed to polar bear.
  • The newsletter also reveals a new special word, BLOOD, which eventually led to clues MONEY and SORROW; each is added to the end of the ( site to lead to hidden images, which layered and combined produce a letter about the Spider Protocol project (
  • DJ Dan has a new podcast for 6/30 ( at the ROT site; more is revealed about Valenzetti.
  • Rachel confirms she is Persephone; GidgetGirl tells her that Mittelwerk may have flown to San Remo, Italy, where Valenzetti is from.
  • Manny's Flickr photo album ( adds two more photos ("grass" and "Bole with pie").

Week 9
  • The clue word string is completed, as WELCOME YOUR NEXT VIDEO NEEDS YOUR EXPERIENCES CHECK TOMORROW, with the clue directing us to the site: (  The username and password required at the end of this were revealed to be rblake and allveggie, respectively, and led to a video in Italy, where she continues to seek Valenzetti.
  • ( was revealed by Speaker to be in-game.
  • Rachel makes a secret recording of Mittelwerk and some Hanso execs talking, which can be heard here ( with username rblake and password organharvest.
  • Rachel has a secret meeting with an anonymous nurse who talks about Mittelwerk getting bizarre treatments; recording can be heard here (
  • DJ Dan has a new podcast for 7/5 (
  • Rachel stumbles upon a Hanso Foundation boat called the Helgus Antonius at the wharf.

Week 10
  • DJ Dan has a new podcast for July 10 (
  • Gidgetgirl reveals to Rachel that she is personally involved in this drama, as Hugh's mistress, in a recording that can be found HERE (, with username RBlake, and password FalseDegree.
  • A new THF commercial, starring Mittelwerk (, was shown during a LOST rerun.
  • Rachel is convinced to meet someone claiming to be GidgetGirl while in France; however, she was enticed there, and then stood up.  It turns out that GidgetGirl is really Darla Taft, Hugh McIntyre's mistress from the GWC (who left him a message in the original 877 HANSORG number), and that both were killed in a car accident that they were probably set up for.  Rachel posts a video at, which can be viewed when you enter listen, click on the artist's right eye, and then enter username rblake and password milkcartonman.  The video gets cut off as someone starts shooting through Rachel's video, and she is seen panicking.
  • The ROT technicians believe one of their own (BroadBandBeatnik) has been 'compromised' and is now working for THF, because he allowed Mittelwerk to post a THF commercial on (

Week 11
  • Mandrake Wig sent out a new cryptic newsletter, all about 'change' in life; he later in the week has another cryptic blog entry about asserting independance in life.
  • New Rachel Blake video found at Jeep Compass site (, when "crush zone" video is viewed (the way this was discovered was going through the admin site of LetYourCompassGuideYou ( by clicking in the 8 o'clock area, for which the username rblake and password honourbar were used).
  • Two new THF video ads appeared on DJ Dan's Eyes on the Man page (, by clicking on the 2nd & 3rd images of Mittelwerk (links to LEP & MFi commercials).
  • Continuation of the previous Rachel Blake video is found at a location (, in which the "fixer" claims he is trying to help, not hurt, Rachel.
  • The ROT password changes to Steinbeck (clue given by AIM).
  • There is a new video hidden at ( by clicking "Fuel Passions", then clicking on a small light in a small building underneath the "" text, and entering username rblake and password hoo-gonchoi; the video is of Darla's last words, where Rachel is led to Sri Lanka in pursuit of questions about the Spider Protocol and Helgus Antonius, which turns out to be a hospital ship.

Week 12
  • Rachel Blake made a live appearance at Comic Con '06 in San Diego, and interrupted the LOST panel Q&A with an outburst that included the introduction of  See HERE ( for video from Comic Con.
  • The rest of the week has been devoted to finding glyphs with fragment codes for video clips for said site; 70 in all, which will be pieced together for an important video from Sri Lanka.  Clips found by 7/29 include (in alphanumeric order): 
  • Mandrake Wig added 3 new photos to his Flickr photo album (, pictures of statues located in the US, UK and AUS.
  • New ROT ( thread, where BroadBandBeatnik tries to prove he is not a traitor by posting a picture of the back of his head at a Comic Con panel discussion

Week 13
  • Nothing but fragment code updates this week.  Clips found by 7/29 include (in alphanumeric order):

Week 14
  • Fragment codes found by 8/12 include (in alphanumeric order):
  • ( went online.  Later in the week, free chocolate bar giveaway dates and locations across major US cities were announced.
  • The discovery of Rachel Blake's Flickr album ( led to a letter to Dr. Hackett, discussing how a beverage made by Apollo was being used to disguise viral spread and inclusion of psychotropic compounds
  • DJ Dan had his first live podcast on Aug 11 at 11PM PST at (  Real life fans, Speaker and Lost Ninja were among the callers.  Also, Malek ("fixer") from Rachel's videos called in a message to Rachel, which was disguised as numbers that used pages from Bad Twin as a cipher; this was decoded to the message “I know where he is. I can set it up.”

Week 15
  • Fragment codes found by 8/19 include (in alphanumeric order):
  • SubLYMONal MySpace page ( found.
  • A video, "The Chocolate Factory" ( is found online, which has a secret message in sign language from Mel, that talks about Apollo's background, and how production may have been sabotaged..

Week 16
  • Fragment codes found by 8/26 include (in alphanumeric order):
  • Apollo Candy giveaways also offered to U.K. fans, through Forbidden Planet comic book stores.
  • Apollo Candy giveaways begin, and it is found that the URL printed on the candy bars is (  This time corresponds when that website opens up, and allows people who find the bars to post their photos with them.  A few rare bars have "Golden Oracle" codes on the back, which are entered into the site, which logs the percentage found.

Week 17
  • Nothing but fragment code updates this week.  Clips found by 9/1 include (in alphanumeric order):

Week 18
  • Nothing but fragment code updates this week.  Clips found by 9/8 include (in alphanumeric order):
  • The Sri Lanka Video is now complete, and viewable on YouTube, placed in order by thousands of devout fans; view a completed 70/70 & ordered version HERE (, or view the complete transcript on HERE (

Week 19
  • This week was all back-and-forth communications in coded messages between Rachel Blake ("R") and Malek ("M").  The basic story between them in that Rachel, after near-capture by DHARMA scientists while filming the Sri Lanka video, managed to escape from Colombo with the help of de Zylva, Malek's friend, who is now missing and presumed dead.  After some caution about whether or not Rachel could trust the man claiming to be Malek in the communications, he proved his identity by quoting what she said in Paris (that the Mental Health Appeal was started to save a loved one).  Rachel then agreed to meet Malek in NYC at one of her old apartments, with the iron brand name that she hit him over the head with as the password.
  • DJ Dan announced he will have a second live podcast Sep 24, 8PM.

Week 20
  • ( updated with a graphic collage that said "UNITE" (formed by pictures of those who got Apollo bars), and Rachel reminded us of DJ Dan's live podcast on Sunday.
  • ( closed down today, with a secret link to a YouTube video ( showing William T Kilpatrick getting kidnapped by Hanso goons (as he is trying to reveal the truth about the organ harvesting scandal and the association with Jeep) and a link to the ( file in the Trash folder that proves these allegations.  From a chat log in the same folder, it appears that the Hanso people have something evil planned for Kilpatrick and know where Rachel lives.

Week 21
  • DJ Dan's 2nd live podcast aired at the very beginning of this week.  It ended with a recording of The Hanso Foundation getting raided by law enforcement (but Mittelwerk blowing up the building and getting away, and Rachel calling in to link her video from Norway.  On this video, we see her finding Alvar Hanso at last, who realizes he has let Mittelwerk go too far; and then reveals the secret that he is her real father.
  • Hanso posts an epilogue "regret letter" to wrap up the story to (
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough
Post by: AstroJones on May 11, 2006, 08:55:43 PM

...In the beginning, the phone numbers were released...

May 2nd - UK
A press release from The Hanso Foundation (from here on abbreviated as THF) was revealed May 2nd. A phone number can be seen at the bottom of the page, but it only goes to the voice mail of Hugh McIntyre of the Hanso Foundation.

A UK phone number was shown on a Hanso Foundation commercial in the UK, which aired during the premier of S2E01 ("Man of Science, Man of Faith") on British TV. Calling it revealed some interesting information from the Hanso Foundation.

A password was revealed to be breaking strain, used later on the website advertised (see below).

To hear the audio files for the phone call and view the pdf file of the Hanso Foundation press release, visit this thread: Audio File Thread ( (or to hear all of the phone options pressed together, CLICK HERE (

On May 2nd, at approx. 4:30pm EST, The Hanso Foundation ( website went back online at, after having been down for months.  There had been an old ABC sponsored LOST webmaze at the same URL which was similar and simpler.  This new one is based in Flash, so make sure you have the latest update from Macromedia ( and that you have the minimum requirements to play. 

After a short introduction by an Asian female, the main structure of site is as follows:


Mission Statement
Executive Bios
Active Projects
Joop's Corner
Newsletter (Sign up)
Television Ad

May 2

WWP DP Map & Joop's Corner/GWC Letters

Two sections yielded clues, after entering breaking strain in the newsletter section (does not matter what login name you choose, only the password makes a difference).

In the WWP map, links to Somalia, Ethiopia, and Guinea are readily available. But there is a hidden one in the Bermuda Triangle Region (shown below), and there is code also hidden here ( that, after doing a letter-number switch, reveals the words M/I/S/S/I/N/G O/R/G/A/N/S.


In Joop's Corner (the 105 year old orangutang involved in the LEP), no matter what you type to Joop, you will be led first to typing from a mysterious character named Persephone, who is never seen.  Persephone on the site appears to take the persona of a "hacker" who is trying to reveal secrets to us, and guides us along in several sections.   Background info (not from webmaze): Persephone is a Greek goddess (daughter of the goddess of Spring, Demeter) who was kidnapped by Hades and taken to the Underworld to be the queen of the dead.


Persephone's typing leads up to the next graphic, which is similar to a Petri dish with circled, dividing colonies (see above). Click on the circles, and they lead to the letters shown below.  These are addressed to THF, from an organization called the Global Welfare Consortium (GWC).  The letters appear concerned about the spread of a strain of meningococcal disease (an infection of brain membranes) in Africa.  It appears from the first that the GWC originally suspected primate research THF had been doing within their Zanzibar facility was responsible for the spread of this disease, and had compromised public health safety in that area.  Click here ( for more real life background info on meningococcal disease in Africa by PandoraX.


The first letter is accusatory and urgent in tone.  It is from a man named Jacques Maillot (then Director General of the GWC) and addressed to Dr. Roderick Johnson (Clinical Director for the CDC) / CC'd to THF execs & board members.  The second changes tone significantly and is apologetic, saying that THF could not be linked to the epidemic, and thanking them for their cooperation.  This letter is from Peter Thompson, who uses the GWC letterhead and appears to have taken over Maillot's role as acting Director General of GWC (but can now also be seen as Vice President and Secretary of THF on the website, an obvious conflict of interests--hinting at deep-set corruption within the organization). 

Also, on the letter from Peter Thompson, if you click his name (below his signature), an audio message plays a womans voice saying "The Hanso Foundation, setting world speed records for subverting authority".

The next time you attempt to log into this section, Persephone will tell you that you have no new messages, until there is an update to the page.

May 3rd - US
The US phone number, released during a Hanso Foundation commercial, is 1-877-HANSORG (1-877-426-7674). It appears to me that the message you get when calling is exactly the same as the message for the UK. Use the link above for the audio files.

Images courtesy of truffula and sledgeweb

It appears that many of the images from THF site are from Getty Images ( (a real-life company that leases stock photography), including Joop, Peter Thompson, the mental health doc, etc.  This is not considered in-game.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough
Post by: AstroJones on May 11, 2006, 08:59:09 PM
May 6

Persephone Clue #1

If you visited ( on this date, you saw a link to recent news. This took you to a pdf file that made mention of a hack into their system.  By highlighting all of the text, near the bottom is the hidden text (  This is a hidden subsite within the main THF site, which will reveal clues directly from our "hacker" Persephone.

Going to this site revealed the following code:

106 98 111 32 117 98 115 32 114 115 110 102 32 102 118 32 102 118 101 71 32 49 32 108 110 90 32 116 117 98 46 83 69 71 32 103 110 32 111 118 32 116 98 73

The final message was translated in ASCII to:

Log in at May 8. This safe for now. 

It should be noted that the actual site, ( IS NOT part of the Lost Experience.  Please avoid the site.  When saying, it was apparantly referring to (

May 7

Persephone Clue #2

If you revisited the secret ( page on this date, there was a new coded message there. It read:

72 65 83 32 87 73 78 32 72 79 83 84 32 80 67 32 73 78 32 78 73 76 32 85 82 71 69 46 32 56 44 32 110 111 116 32 49 32 97 110 100 32 54 46

This message was translated using ASCII into:

Has win host pc in nil urge. 8, not 1 and 6.

This anagrammed to:

Sign in with Hanso PR clue 8, not 1 and 6.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough
Post by: AstroJones on May 11, 2006, 09:05:19 PM
May 8

Hanso Update (Where in the World is Alvar?)

On the Hanso website, on the Executive Bios page, under the image of Alvar Hanso there was a date listed (October 23, 2003). Clicking on this date brought up the following image, and the message:

""Notice the grainy far away picture?... It doesn't match anyone else?" and circles the date several times.


Next, what comes up is a world map that showed locations and dates when Alvar Hanso was last seen. Those dates and places are:


London June 14, 2000
Copenhagen, September 11, 2000
Copenhagen Jan 1, 2001
Paris Feb 23, 2001
Geneva July 7, 2001
Rome Sept 18, 2001
Madrid, Dec 31, 2002

After the dates were shown, there was a short segment of morse code. The best I can tell from evidence on the web, is that the morse code spells out: SAFE G, though there is debate over whether or not this actually spells SAVE ME.

Googling October 23, 2003 revealed that it was the date that one of the largest recorded Solar Flare's occured, shooting electrically charged gas directly at Earth.  Other events did occur on the same date, however, this one could be related somehow.

Images courtesy of truffula
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough
Post by: AstroJones on May 11, 2006, 09:08:52 PM
Gary Troup Interview Clips

Several clips have surfaced on and other online bookselling venues of the author of Bad Twin, Gary Troup, talking with an interviewer Laird Granger about his book. The Videos can be downloaded below:
Troup Clip 1 (
Troup Clip 2 (
Troup Clip 3 (
Troup Clip 4 (
Troup Clip 5 (
Troup Clip 6 (
Troup Clip 7 (


There appear to be 9 short clips in total (which match up end-to-end in a brief interview), and as of June 11, 6/9 have been released.  Here is a YouTube video ( where all the ones found so far are pieced into one continuous video.


{EDIT--Going to keep them all together in this one post, since they are continuous, and this is less confusing.  Check back at a later date to see if more are found, this post will be updated.}

Transcribed clips

==Part 1==
Granger:  Hello, I'm Laird Granger, and welcome to Book Talk.  Today, we're talking to Gary Troup, novelist and nonfiction author, whose works include Valenzetti Equation, and his newest mystery novel, Bad Twin.  Welcome Gary, nice to have you here.
Troup:  Thanks, glad to be here, Laird.
Granger:  Bad Twin, what inspired the novel?
Troup:  I was game fishing off the Florida Keys, and I got to talking to the boat captain; he started telling me about this other business that he had, which was ferrying people and things in and out of Cuba--illegally, of course.
Granger:  Interesting.
Troup:  Ah yeah, I thought he'd make a great character.  And that was the spark that got the book going.
Granger:  But the books not really about him.
==Part 2==
Troup:  No, no, the boat captain is just a point of departure.  But here's this guy--One day he's taking families fishing, and the next day, he's making smuggling runs.  And it was that duality that intrigued me--how we all have good and bad sides to us.
Granger:  Is that what the title Bad Twin refers to?
Troup:  Uh, yeah, the book is about a private investigator named Paul Artisan, who is hired by this rich man to track down his missing twin, the supposed bad twin from the title.
Granger:  But without giving anything away here, who is bad and who is good?  That's all part of the mystery, isn't it?
Troup:  Yes, yes, very much so.
==Part 3==
Granger:  Your book mentions a lot of real life people, places and institutions.
Troup:  Yeah, I try to incorporate real life stuff into my fiction--just gives a lot more [ferocity? veracity?]
Granger:  Like Alvar Hanso  and the Hanso Foundation. 
Troup:  [Smirk] Right.
Granger:  Did including them have anything to do with your nonfiction writing?
Troup:  Absolutely, I wrote a nonfiction book called the Valenzetti Equation.
Granger:  About the, there was a Princeton mathematician Enzo Valenzetti and his famous theorum?
Troup:  Yes.
Granger:  Is that what they say it was about?  I have to confess, I can't find a copy.
Troup:  Yeah, I know.  First of all, it was a small printing.  And, allegedly,
==Part 4==
now, I emphasize allegedly--Alvar Hanso bought up all the available copies, and he bought the rights to reprint.
Granger:  Why would he do that?
Troup:  That's a good question.
Granger:  Your book was critical of him?
Troup:  No.  But as I was doing my research, I discovered that Alvar Hanso is the only guy in the world who has an actual copy of the Valenzetti Equation.  Now, despite repeated requests, I was categorically denied access to it.  In fact, no one outside the Hanso Foundation HAS access to it. 
Granger:  Now what about inside the Hanso Foundation?
==Part 5==
Troup:  Alright, from what I have been able to learn, even within the Hanso foundation, the, the Valenzetti Equation is one of the most closely guarded secrets.
Granger:  That must have made it hard for you to write the book.
Troup:  Beyond that. Look, at every turn, Alvar Hanso and the Hanso Foundation...they tried to stop me from writing it. I mean, for whatever reason, they want to keep Valenzetti and his work a secret. They don't want the public to know anything about it. [3 second pause] You know what, we're here to talk about Bad Twin.
Granger:  Sounds like you've got your next piece of nonfiction in the works yet.
==Part 6==
Troup:  The Hanso Foundation promotes itself as "bettering humanity", and that's all I'm gonna say about it right now, 'cause I am gonna be writing a book about this. And I'll tell you this, that as soon as people find out what's going on inside this huge, famous, supposedly BENEVOLENT Foundation, it's gonna shock you.
Granger:  Tell me about Cindy.
Troup: [Laughs] This isn't gonna air until, after the book's published, right?
Granger:  That's right.
==Part 7==
Troup: Okay. I, well, I...I'm an inveterate bachelor, I mean, I never even THOUGHT about coming close to getting married until, you know, I started doing research for Bad Twin...
Granger:  Which required lots of travel to Australia.
Gary: Eight times, actually. Yeah, I'm kinda a research fanatic.  Anyhow, a large part of the book takes place down there, so...
Granger: Of course, your love for deep-sea fishing and the Great Barrier Reef had NOTHING to do with it.
Gary:  Hey, hey, c'mon, that's research.
[Granger laughs]
Gary:  Anyways, either coincidentally or by fate, there is this... incredible woman, Cindy. She's a flight attendant--

Also, you can visit for more information on Valenzetti and the author.  Valenzetti was mentioned on the Blast door map in Lost, and appears to refer to an equation by a reclusive mathematician.

Image courtesy of lametterey from LOST-TV (Troup capture) and The Tail Section

Hanso Anti-Bad Twin Propaganda Ads

On May 9 & 10th, several national newspapers ran an ad by THF. It appears to be taken out by Peter Thompson, and rants against the book Bad Twin badmouthing of THF.  Click below to read the clipping yourself. This information was obtained from

Philadelphia Inquirer image (
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough
Post by: AstroJones on May 11, 2006, 09:24:12 PM
May 9

SubLYMONal & Mittelwerk Update

Go to the Executive Bio page, and either change your computer's clock (or wait) so that your clock reads 15 or 42 minutes after any hour.  The clock on the Hanso site will change to OB:EY. When it does that, the clock turns into a link which takes you to 



On this site you click each television screen the following number of times.... 4,8,15,16,23,42, until they are all lit then you go to a screen which gives you the code "heir apparent".  There is a hidden link which takes you back to

On, go to executive bios and click on Mittelwerk.   You get his bio with a little input bubble.  Enter the code like this: heir apparent

Next you will be taken to a room, with a wheel chair sitting to the left, and a woman with her back to us.  Click on the woman and she will turn around.  We never get a good shot of her, but its been suggested that this may be Persephone, the woman helping us.


From here you are taken to a tuition bill.  Many parts of the bill are obscured, but you can clearly see the words "GARY TROUP KNOWS TOO MUCH." beneath the red Xs, and then "HE MUST BE SILENCED" beneath the blue Xs.


Persephone tells us:

Caltech has no record of this guy in their
Alumni database! He's never made a tuition
payment...does he even have a college degree?
Why does he call himself a Doctor? Of what.
Who is this clown?

Many images courtesy of truffula and one of

It should be noted that the website sits on the same server that is owned by Coca Cola company, which owns Sprite, who has the slogan, OBEY your thirst.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary for Those Joining the Game)
Post by: AstroJones on May 17, 2006, 01:15:34 AM
May 16

DJ Dan

Following in their so far systematic updates of the Hanso website on Tuesdays, if you go to, and View the Source code (in most browsers go to the view menu at the top, and select View Page Source or View Source Code).  At the very top of the screen you will see the website,, embedded in the code.

This website appears to be a Conspiracy theory site, and purposefully amateurish in quality.  On it, djdan claims to have discovered that Alvar Hanso has been cryogenically frozen and current is in a lab in Phoenix, AZ. 

Also on the site are images of a shark found at the Great Barrier Reef with the dharma logo on it:


...And an image of a mapinguari (a mythical beast which was also mentioned in a previous webmaze from last year, in another official site called -- click for screencap of fake script, with "Mapinguari" written in lower right corner (; leading us to think this may be another red herring/inside joke from TPTB):


Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary for Those Joining the Game)
Post by: Pandora on May 17, 2006, 09:42:00 AM
Here's some other ties to the LOST world:

EYES ON THE MAN section features Hanso, links back to


MERCHANDISE section (which doesn't have any options for customers by purchase items) has a t-shirt featuring button pushing:


ICONS with relevance to THF or taken directly from it:

BIOS has another mention of Terre Haute, IN (Peter Thompson's biography on says he is from there), and it's said that he is an Operation Desert Storm vet who worked in radio communications (similar to Sayid & Sam Austen, Kate's stepdad).

A very plausible idea is that "DJ Dan" is actually Javier Grillo-Marxuach, former writer of LOST (who remains involved to an undisclosed degree with the show).  Similarity of the character featured on the front page:


With Javi, from his official site:

Same red fonts, site structure, radio theme, plugin used for Ask Javi, and appears to be Javi posing as DJ Dan's pic (above, compare with his publicity photos).  Also, allusions in his blog, and Javi is alumn at USC (like Tanya from site).  May be possible that this clue is meant to be a red herring.

Highlights from the podcast:

Below is the complete transcript.

A= Announcer
D= DJ Dan
T= Tanya
C#= Callers 1-?

5/16 Podcast Transcribed
A: Coming to you live, from your suspicious gut... [DJ DAN JINGLE]  You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

D:  Damn right I'm shutting it down, 'cause they're lying and I'm not. Welcome, Conspiraspies, to hour 2 of "You ask, I answer."  Caller 1...

C1:  Dennis from Duke, love the show.

D:  Can't hide from the truth, Dennis. Scam, hoax or conspiracy.. you ask, I answer!

C1:  Ok, how about plate tectonics?

D:  SCAM! Two words: Earthquake insurance.  Don't buy it.  NEXT!

C2:  Frank from Roswell, New Mexico.

D:  Careful Frank, slowing up the subliminal UFO frequencies! You ask, I answer Frank.

C2:  War of the Worlds radio broadcast.

D:  Ohh, Frank, you little devil. Tanya, my producer at large, er, what's your take on that?

T:  Hoax?
D:  WRONG! Conspiracy masquerading as a hoax! That was what, er, 1938, Frank?

C2:  Er, dunno.

D: SHUTDOWN!  It was 1938.  First colour photos of Mars had just come in and shock of shocks, the thing looks like a frackin' Christmas Tree. Nothing but red rocks and green heads. Now the US government alien agenda doesn't want a real panic next, so what do they do? They get Orson Welles to do War of the Worlds.  Geddit?  They cause a FAKE panic, expose it as a hoax and everything goes back to normal. Couple of years later when the pictures do leak, everybody thinks it's another hoax. But that's the truth. And Welles using alien film technology to make Citizen Kane, you heard it hear first, folks! NEXT CALLER!

C3: Jessica from Boise, Idaho.

D:  Little known fact: Idaho itself is a hoax! Whatcha wearing Jessica?

C3:  My Conspiraspy T-Shirt, Dan.

D:  Ohh Jessica - you ask, I answer.

C3:  What about cryogenics?

Dan:  Ohh boy, cryogenics! Someone just had to go there, didn't they? For anyone who doesn't know already - this is how cryogenics works:  You die, they freeze you and then scientists of the future thaw you and cure whatever disease killed you in the first place. I swear, people are really doing this. People like, er, Uncle Walt frozen like the Matterhorn. People like baseball legend Ted Williams - he froze his head. Guess one day they will thaw Ted's head, screw it on a robot body and the Red Socks will *finally* win the series.

T:  Dan, the Red Socks did win the series... 'bout a year and a half ago.

D:  Really? I'm a geek Tanya. Not a sports geek, but I can do you one better: Try this on for size. ALVAR HANSO. Yeah, conspiraspies it's yet another story accounting for the whereabouts of your favourite arms dealer turned mad scientist.  We've heard it all.  Hanso's a figurehead.  A proverbial Mr. Cluck.  He's floating in orbit -- VIP guest on the Mir Space Station. So on.  But this one, it comes from inside the organization.  According to my source, old Alvar's in the Deep Freeze in The Hanso Foundation's lab near Phoenix, Arizona.  Now this makes sense.  This explains why the guy hasn't been spotted in years.  Now, I'm gonna get serious. We like to have our fun, but when it comes to The Hanso Foundation consider this the brussel sprouts portion of the DJ Dan delicious meal, folks.  Now, if you know my show you know that if the Hanso Foundation is doing something it is not good. Sure they want you to believe they are saving humanity with their top secret science projects -- but we're smarter than that. And thanks to the hacker Persephone, we now have proof. We all know what's really going on, don't we? Frozen or cooked, I don't want you thinking for one second that Alvar Hanso and his cronies are any less dangerous.  Anyway, as you can see these cryogenics people really get me. This Hanso Foundation and their ilk pray on the week and the sick and I want you to shut it down.  So my suggestion to you? Stay warm, dear conspiraspies. Drink a cup of cocoa, and for goodness sake - Don't Freeze Your Head!  That's all I got...

A: You're listening to DJ Dan. Shutting down The Man.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary for Those Joining the Game)
Post by: Pandora on May 17, 2006, 07:35:01 PM
May 17

Let Your Compass Guide You & McIntyre Update

Go to the ERI part of Active Projects; as of 3PM EST, they just changed this section.  It is now an image map where you can click on coordinates.  Under the picture of the magnetosphere, the date changed from 2001 to October 62, 9291. 


Place your cursor at coordinates 629,291 (from the date) and click (it is very close to where the axes meet on the graph).  It will take you to this site:

This is a site with a compass (the lady on the front page is reflected in the glass; see below).  This is one of the harder tricks, but you've got to line the point of the compass (the one with the dot on it) to exactly ESE (about 4 o'clock position).  A hint to getting this done is to with one hand try to get the dial to line up, and with the other, hit the TAB key a few times).  You will get the following map:

(   (

Note, that in the right corner when the map comes up, the letters:
(DI9FFTR731, same as on the food DHARMA is dropping on the show)

At this point (as if the other task wasn't hard enough); try to freeze the dial of the compass and click on the 108 of the map (best way to get this to work is to keep clicking once you get your cursor nearby).  You will get a pop up message asking if you are good person:


(Not that OPENERS HEP = acronym of PERSEPHONE!)  Click "Y" to say you are a good person (you will just get shot back out again if you click "N"), and you should be led into a directory (, where there are a bunch of interesting goodies, especially in McIntyre & Thompson's mail folders.  Most of the others are empty, but many have interesting names (for example, jgranger = Janelle Granger, fictional 815 survivor & author of the original ABC LOST Diary).



Compare the signature above, to the one below from the GWC letter; the two are NOT the same at all.  So who's the impersonater?


I'm not going to link all the letters and goodies in their mailboxes, because there's a lot, along with many more letters and correspondence from Jeep Chrysler.  Please explore them for yourself, including the videos, images & codes:

McIntyre's Mailbox (
Thompson's Mailbox (

In one of the Jeep ads in McIntyre's mail folder, you'll find on closeup examination, that it says the mouth piece next to the Buddha (see below, left).  This is redundant in other areas; binary code within the site also reveals the hidden words the mouth piece; also, there is a link to a Jeep ad on YouTube which has the following image at the end (see below, right).  It spells out ECHO ME UTEF HIT, an anagram for the mouth piece once more.

(  (

Now enter this into McIntire's bio, which has changed (has a login now).  It seems like he is not such a good family man after all....



Click on the pink slips that are falling with pills and credit cards, and you'll see restaurant bills:

(  (

One image courtesy of goAlvar

It should be noted that the is sponsored by Jeep-Chrysler.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary for Those Joining the Game)
Post by: Pandora on May 19, 2006, 04:13:26 PM
May 18

Persephone Clue #3

If you revisited the secret page on this date, there was a new coded message there. It read:

106 103 157 162 235 45 122 202 39 122 26 39 162 218 222 151 42 39 142 87 168 186

In base64, this translates to


An anagram of this is

A mouse does not rely on just one hole.

Note that this also is a phrase that is in Latin on the blast door map.

May 19

Peter Thompson Update

Today, when you log in to Thompson's exec bio page, you will see large block letters flash across his picture very fast, almost too fast to read.  We have decompiled the files behind the flash, and they spell out the password survivor guilt.

Thompson doesn't have a login box like the other bios, but if you click below his photo on the left side, you will see a secret textbox.  Enter the password here, as shown:


You'll see some secret legal files that Persephone leads you through (it is believed she's written what they are about:


Followed by images that correspond to what the corruption has done.  An image of either Dr. Candle, or someone wearing a very similar labcoat (down to the lapel, pen & nametag placement), is seen superimposed on top lightly:


Additionally, the words "Don't believe his lies" scroll across some quickly.

I'm not going to link all the files & images to save space, but just transcribe them; to move from one file to the next, click the underlined words:

1998 Defended Globoco Oil... and successfully made the world safe for chemical polluters and dumpers of carcinogenic industrial waste in the Florida panhandle -- the incidence of cancer in the area has grown by 75%!

=> Image of toxic waste dump in swamp

1994 Defended the Williamsburg Tobacco Company against a class action suit on behalf of cancer victims: set a new precedent for corporate vindictiveness by countersuing and driving 40 plaintiffs into bankruptcy!

=> Image of tobacco field

2001 Was in the process of making sure the citizens of Southern Georgia got their glow-on by bullyragging the local courts into ignoring widespread protests against a nuclear power plant when he was struck by cancer -- looks like Alvar Hanso saved the wrong guy!

=> Image of toxic dump with nuclear power plant stacks in the background

I work for criminals, always have, always will.

Images courtesy of dragon44 & rvturnage
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary for Those Joining the Game)
Post by: Pandora on May 19, 2006, 06:55:54 PM
May 24

Hugh McIntyre "Guest Appearance" on Jimmy Kimmel

The webmaze character of "Hugh" appeared live on Kimmel (ABC talk show), and honestly, it wasn't worth watching, and didn't have many clues--only served as further promotion for the ARG.  He was "in character" the whole time, and it was a confusing bit that did not add much to the game.


Watch the whole thing as a clip by clicking HERE (

Image courtesy of lametterey of LOST-TV
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary for Those Joining the Game)
Post by: Pandora on May 24, 2006, 09:44:24 PM
May 24

Hanso Careers & Board of Directors Update

A new link was added to the bottom of THF:

Takes you to: (http://"")
In every job description there is at least one letter shaded gray, rather than black. So far I have N S L U T M I E M A Y A
Personal Assistant: N S
Organ Courier: L U T
Art Therapist/Psychologist: M I E
Simian Veterinarian: MA
Anger Management: Y A
This anagrams to Inmate Asylum
Go to Board of Directors page and leave the login name blank, and enter that as the password.
Persephone comes out and says "These guys know a thing or two about the betterment of society... check this out...
...but just a couple of months later...


Images courtesy of The_Island

It should be noted that is sponsored by
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary for Those Joining the Game)
Post by: Pandora on May 30, 2006, 01:35:08 PM
May 26

SubLYMONal & DJ Dan Updates

The ( site was updated, now with new passcodes:


listen & pulse

...later updates to the site draw allow you to enter any other word, and it will take you to the Wikipedia definition (insigificant to the game).

Most of the new pages that link from it are commercial ad-related, and it is hard to say if any of those contain clues to the game itself, or are just ways of paying for it; I won't post all of them, but mostly just highlights of some that relate back to the THF storyline (some may turn out to be more important than they initially seem, please explore).

For entering Persephone:


The voiceover in the background asks the same as the written text on the right: "In the Olympic pantheon, Persephone had a father: According to Heseon's Theogeny was the daughter produced by.."

The answer is Zeus and Demeter, but not sure if they are to be used as passwords or anything later.

For entering 108, you get to DJ Dan's newest podcast. 

Highlights from the podcast:

Below is the entire podcast transcribed.

5/26 Podcast Transcribed
A: Coming to you live from the Bermuda Triangle...[DJ DAN JINGLE] You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

D:  Tanya, why am I in such a great mood?  Do you know, can you guess?

T:  [Sarcastic] Uh, does it have something to do with yesterday's interview maybe? The fact that you shut down the man?

D:  Oh, Tanya. Sweet Tanya. Before I answer that, I gotta rant. Guys, I hate to tell you this, but I gotta tell you. You are OWNED! If you're like me, you're like most of the suckers who rent instead of own, lease instead of buy, use credit instead of cash. You are OWNED. 30% of you is owned by the government, and the government is owned by THE MAN. You know what I'm talking about, I'm talking global corporations, like your Widmore corportion. Companies so big, so evil, so powerful, that even when you stand up, you are picketing with signs made on their paper, while drinking coffee picked on their cocaine -- oh, ho, lordy, I mean, uh, Colombian coffee plantations. Now this is nothing new, Conspiraspies. It's been this way since way back when before Charleton Heston parted the Red Sea. So why does it feel like things have changed?

T:  Uh, because they have?

D:  No, SHUTDOWN. Because the stink has risen to the surface. These companies aren't even trying to hide it anymore. I want my Candlestick Park back. I want to walk through the campus of my state university and feel like I'm in that state, not the corporate headquarters of the bank that owns the business school. Which brings me to yesterday's question: Why are college students building electromagnetic superweapons? Electromagnetic superweapons, people. Here's the sich [situation]: We've got a student, gets an astrophysics scholarship at a state school. What he doesn't know, what he couldn't know until he's there, what they don't put in the brochure next to the pictures of the cafeterias and the cheerleaders, is that he's running research simulations for classfied electromagnetic superweapons. And when he decides, 'Hey, I'm 18, I don't need to be contributing to the corporate war machine,' they pull his scholarship. They pull his scholarship. They sue him and turn his life upside down. And with nothing to lose, he comes on my show and he dishes it straight. Tanya, roll the tape.

[Tape begins]

D: So, uh, you have no idea who is funding this research program?

?:  No, I have an idea.

D:  An idea? A theory? A CONSPIRACY THEORY?

?:  Every week some guy picks up our simulation, so I followed one, and I lose him in the crowd outside the Widmore Corporation building.

[Tape ends]

D:  Uh, Stop right there, Tanya. Widmore Corporation. Do you have any idea whose offices are housed within the Widmore Corporation building?

T:  Uh, does it begin with Hanso?

D:  Uh-oh, you're gettin' paid this week, Tanya. For those of you who don't know, the Hanso Foundation is one of those non-profit organizations whose sole purpose seems to be researching everything you see in a bad sci-fi movie. Now, if you're like me, you're dying to know: what are these people up to? Of course, nobody knows, not even this Persephone chick who's hacking their website, and just the same, nobody knows where that guy went in that crowd. Now, what we do know is that yesterday's show made a stink. My source on the hill says he hasn't seen senators this pissed off since the Kennedy suicide. And all of a sudden, the plug has been pulled from the weapons program. WE SHUT DOWN THE MAN! And why? Because our Hanso Foundation, our insert name of evil corporation here, they heard my interview, and this last bit made their blood run cold. Roll the tape!

[Tape begins]

D:  So, uh, then what are the possible applications of this research?

?:  Pretty much, we were asked to simulate an electromagnetic pulse strong enough to knock a space-borne body out of its recurring orbit.

D:  Uh, space-borne body. Like what, exactly?

?:  Like, the moon.

[Tape ends]

D:  Okay, that's nutty even for me. But apparently it wasn't for them. This stuff is happening folks, open your eyes. DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

A:  You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

Passwords found by The Lost Experience Clues Blog
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary for Those Joining the Game)
Post by: Pandora on May 31, 2006, 10:17:44 AM
May 30

MFI Forecast Map

Click on the new logo that shows up:


Click the logo as it pops up again, and you'll see the MFI Forecast Map.  There are many icons that are clickable:


Enter these numbers in the three places that allow you to do so (the info was easily obtained from Google, and mostly from a CIA factbook):

1. US GDP 2005 est = 42000

2. Sudan Population Growth Rate = 2.55

3 Italy HIV/AIDS Death Rate 2006 = 10.4/1000

Note that there is also an area that is not marked by an icon, along the North Chinese border.  Its pointer has the phrase "She was an employee of the foundation" backwards.  There's no major Chinese landmarks I know of in that area... could it be the Gobi Desert?


After you've done these steps, click on the funny mark that shows up in the Indian Ocean:


Persephone says "The Hanso Foundation - Starting wars so you don't have to."  Memo is the "Minister of the Interior Mugato."


Some images coutesy of The_Island and lametterey
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary for Those Joining the Game)
Post by: Pandora on June 02, 2006, 04:42:02 PM
June 1

DJ Dan & Let Your Compass Guide You Update

DJ Dan put up a new podcast for 6/01 (  It's a bit more indirect to get to it though, this time.  It links the compass ( page again, and again, you have to get the point to line to 108 (a little easier this time, it seems), and click it; this time OPENERS HEP (Persephone) asks you if you believe (enter "Y", again).  It takes you back to the usr mailboxes.  The difference this time is that owelles, which once had nothing, now has 2 files in it. 

One is and leads to a YouTube video, which is his next podcast.  Audio content itself is not that interesting (to me), seemed to be mostly DJ Dan having to defend allegations that he is a sellout and overdoing the commercial sponsors (sarcasm by the writers in response to fan complaints of commercialism of ARG? :)). 

Highlights from the podcast:

I will still include the full transcribed podcast below:

6/1 Podcast Transcribed
A:  Coming to you live, from Area 51... [DJ DAN JINGLE] You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

D:  Milton from Fresno, please tell me you're not still here.

C1:  I'm still here, DJ Dan.

D:  Tanya, you're fired.

T:  I'll leave when you start paying me.

D:  [Laughing] Okay, now Milty, before I kick you off, what were we saying?

C1:  I was saying that I think Persephone is just some hacker for one of the Hanso Foundation's competitors.

D:  Oh, so, uh, you think the Hanso Foundation is uh, what, some kind of victim in all this?

C1:  No, no, I'm just saying how do you know they've done anything wrong?

D:  How do I know? How do you know you want to stay away from the business end of a skunk, Milty? How do you know if Mrs. Withers is going to hand out pennies every Halloween? You just do. SHUTDOWN!! Alright, time for DJ Dan 101. Don't you get it, people? The Hanso foundation and their competitors, they're "The Man". And The Man don't hack The Man! It's simple, folks. All The Man wants is for you to keep quiet and keep kicking your hard earned wage to him and his moon-class cronies. And I'm not talking corporations and governments, I'm talking global mega corporations, meta-governments, people whose scope goes beyond nations, beyond planets. Don't you see? They can control what you think, what you feel, what you see...then they can do anything they want. They're hiding the truth because if we know what they know, we'll SHUT EM DOWN!! They keep us busy doing nothing. Thorn from Seattle, go ahead...

C2:  I don't get it DJ Dan, how can you talk about The Man when you're the biggest corporate sellout of them all! Your website is covered in ads from Jeep, Sprite....

D:  ...and  So what?  You ask me, sponsors are a pretty small consession to make for my voice to be heard.  I mean, who says I gotta wear sackcloth and walk around barefoot to fight The Man, huh?

C2:  These are more than just sponsors you have....

D:  Look look look, Sprite is a competitor. These days there's more beverages than ever. So why do I like Sprite?  'Cause it's delicious.  'Cause I like lymon.  Just saying it makes me feel cool. And what's wrong with helping Americans get jobs?  How do you think I got this job?, that's what the internet is good for ConspiraSpies; finding loonies like me to appeal to the hearts and minds of loonies like you.  And my Jeep?  I love my Jeep Compass.  Do I ever go offroad?  No. But, do I live with a sense of security knowing my four wheel Jeep Compass will get me and my family to safety when the bombs fall and the highways buckle? You bet your Agnew I do! But enough of that. As long as we're teaching DJ Dan 101, I want to talk about something else.  So, I go to the old mailbox this morning, and I find a letter from Jessica in Reno, Nevada, and I quote, "I listened to your show on rapid weight loss, DJ Dan, and I don't understand why you hate science so much."

T:  Oh, snap!

D:  Oh snap indeed, Tanya. How many times do I have to repeat I do not hate science!  It's science that lets me broadcast from the road, moving from secret location to secret location, with only my laptop and the wind in my um....scalp.  My trusty mic, and of course Tanya, who, Lord knows wonders science herself.

T:  It's called a gym, DJ Dan.

D:  No, its called you versus gravity, Tanya... According to research established by scientists, to understand the mechanics of the human body... and what a body it is, Tanya.

T:  Aw, shucks, DJ Dan.

D:  However, if science offered me a way to look like Tanya, with just a snip of the genes and a wave of the scalpel; would I take that offer?  No.  No way.  And trust me, ask my wife, she'd much rather have Tanya coming home to her than me.  She says I walk heavy.

T:  Get carpet.

D:  That is with carpet!  Look, you see Tanya, The Man, people like the Hanso foundation, they've made a statement.  Science and technology are the answers to every single one of our problems; its just 'push a button, we'll be okay', but we won't be okay.  Jessica, to answer your question, I don't hate science, I'm afraid of science.  I'm afraid of the consequences of science that moves so fast, that we don't have the chance to stop and think and analyze what's going on.  We have blind faith in the people who, who already render the product we bought five minutes ago obsolete by ruling out version 2.0 three minutes ago. So if I get that surgery in gene therapy and come out looking like Tanya, do they care that I melt into a hoodwinked puddle in three weeks?  No, cause I'm LOST.  I'm a corporate recall, I'm a mediary step between Tanya and the Tanya disco triphop remix. And why?  Because I stopped asking questions. This is DJ Dan making way for his hotter, younger replacement, DJ Dave.

A:  You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

Video portion is of still image flashes, including screencaps from the webmaze, screencap of lostpedia page of the (, the masonic symbol, photo of a UFO, a photo of a generic laboratory, an aerial shot of the Chrysler complex, words "tanya isn't there" and also:

Satellite map of Area 51/Groom Lake...

Painting Proserpine (the Roman Persephone), Dante Gabriel Rossetti , 1877.

Note that the above image of the painting is likely taken directly from the following website:

...because in addition to the photo, it also shares with the subLYMONal page ad the quotes that were given earlier, plagerized word-for-word:

In the Olympian pantheon, Persephone is given a father: according to Hesiod's Theogony, Persephone was the daughter produced by the union of Zeus and Demeter.

Unlike every other offspring of an Olympian pairing, however, Persephone has no stable position at Olympus. Persephone used to live far away from the other gods.

She was innocently picking flowers with some nymphs (or Leucippe, or Oceanids) in a field in Enna when he came, bursting up through a cleft in the earth;

The other link is named B/0/0/G/10/5/5/16/3/15/13/16/1/19/19 and just leads to a print ad for the new Jeep Compass (truck).  Letter-number switch decodes the above to 2/0/0/7/J/E/E/P/C/O/M/P/A/S/S.

Images courtesy of lametterey
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary for Those Joining the Game)
Post by: Pandora on June 02, 2006, 05:36:22 PM
June 1

Persephone Clues #3 & #4, Hole2/3 Images, WWP DP Update & Cape Town Inquisitor / Organ Harvesting Scandal

Subsite again gave several clues ("2" and then "+1", respectively, when added to previous anagram "a mouse does not rely on just one hole" in Persephone Clue #2 gave the names "hole2" & "hole3").  These led to discovery of the following images:

One was located at and is named q9als2002.gif, and appeared on 5/22:


In conjunction with previous clues, image located at and which is named t9agen75.gif, appeared on 5/31.  The words "save me" appear under one eye.  When layered with transparency over the previous day's 'face', the following image was revealed:


D2O is now seen under his right eye (on the left side of the page).  D2O is the chemical symbol for deuterium oxide (a radioactive isotope of water used in nuclear reactors); AKA "hard water".  This was deduced to be the next password.

Go to the WWP DP page and click on Press Release.  Scan the passage, and find the word "miracle"; it is clickable.  A box will pop up; enter the password "hard water" here.

It will take you to a microfiche machine.  You can read through pages of an article in the Cape Town Inquisitor, a fictional South African newspaper.


...if you scroll down to the blank page below Joop, you can see the image change, and yellow goop coming down, with the creepy image of a humanoid creature standing there; if you wait long enough, over the yellow, is the message "Persephone, if you can read this, I know who you are."  Color-manipulated image to make it more legible:


The phone rings.  You can pick it up, and it is someone who claims that THF did a big cover-up to keep the organ harvesting scandal under wraps, implying that they bought off the newspaper to keep word from getting out that they were connected to this attrocity.  This is supported by the fact that in the upper corner of the newspaper slides it says the Cape Town Inquisitor is now a "Hanso Publication."

Also of note:  Dr. Amy Honale has an unknown role in this story, may be an anagram.  And the chest X-ray in the newspaper article (not sure why ventricle area is circled) appears to be the same one as in the Genomic Advancement page of THF; unknown if this is a real connection, or if they are reusing photographs again. 


Some images coutesy of truffula & lametterey and
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary for Those Joining the Game)
Post by: Pandora on June 10, 2006, 02:56:39 PM
June 6

Retrievers of Truth

During an episode of "Boston Legal" (and subsequently, a rerun of LOST the next day), a Hanso ad aired that had the link to (  This is a very strange site about Golden Retriever dogs and their connections to Man.


It is purportedly a site that was started by founder Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bole (note that Wally Bole = anagram for "yellow lab").   He is a strange looking man:

(note resemblance to both George Lucas & Stephen Spielberg, and the past devotion of huge Star Wars fanatics JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof, whose initial meeting had to do with striking up a conversation over a Star Wars t-shirt)

... with a strange past of neglectful parents:

(mother Valerie bears almost identical resemblance to an old TV image of Julia Child, with her face photoshopped over:)

... leading to his fateful meeting with a yellow lab that would inspire him to his life's work in canine parapsychology and neuroveterinary medicine at La Ville Du Chien Jaune Université ("City of the Yellow Dog University").  He believes that yellow labs have a psychic connection to their human caretakers.

Explore around the site and you will find more interesting things under the ROT homepage: 

"It's not just that they're trying to talk to us, they're also listening... intently."
-- Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bolé, at a conference in Australia, 9/22/2005
<= (note date is exactly one year after Flight 815)

"The things that aren't said can be more important than those that are."
-- Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bolé, to the members of Hanso Foundation, 9/21/05

Canine Clairvoyance Facts page:


The government knows this. Why do you think most US presidents own dogs?

Secret Presidential "Breed Quality Life Enhancement" testing has been going on for years culminating with Buddy the chocolate Lab assigned to President William Jefferson Clinton.

When Buddy was killed in a car accident he was immediately replaced by another Lab.

His name is Seamus or SAME US - "one of us."  <= (yet another anagram)

History and Notoriety Page:


Points of interest above: 

"Ceci est tout faux" = French for "This is all false".

Story of Australian lab sound familiar?  Porter = last name of Brian, Walt's stepfather who married his mother and adopted him; also, original owner of Vincent; Lloyd = Walt's last name from mother Susan.

Lord Dilfer of Trent <= Trent Dilfer = football star

Government secret testing at a hidden facility at Yellowstone National Park??

Much of this seems to point to the fact that the ROT site is a made up "front" for another page & sort of a joke site...

If you enter your real email address into the field to the right, you will receive the following email back:

You're about to enter...

First let's start this by saying, "thank you."

There's a word into which dreams can come true. This email is your
gateway to that word and more that will open your mind and your

Imagine a field - a field of yellow... yellow labs running free,
playful, and enjoying each other's company. But in their hearts they
are not complete. They miss an integral part of their being and the
thing that makes their existence complete. That one thing is the "word"
for which we all search - mankind and labkind.

But first a story.

I was checking into a hotel and a dapper porter escorts me to my room.
As we're going up the elevator in total silence I decide to ask him
his name. He replies, "Mandrake Wig" and immediately starts to explain
the odd name, his German ancestry, and his mother's preoccupation with
botany. He ends the story by saying, "my friends just call me Manny."

We continue talking about our lives, hopes, and dreams as I'm getting
settled in my room. When he's done I offer a generous tip but he
refuses saying, "Let me give you a tip, a single word that will enrich
your life, as it has mine." I accept.

The next day I go to the front desk to leave a tip for Manny. They tell
me no such person works there. I question everyone with no luck. I
think about what he told me and write down his name so I don't forget
it. As I write I see something in the letters. I rearrange a few and
create the words, "waking dream."

The word he gave me that day was - YOU.

Yours truly, Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bole

(Note again, a reliance on anagrams, but it is unexplained where the "waking dream" or YOU fit into the story)

Yet more interesting still, instead of entering a real email into the field on the main ROT page, try entering the word porter (present on both the History page and the email).

You will be led into a bizarre "backsite" of ROT, where the retriever logo is changed from a yellow lab head to:


...and instead of saying they are "supported by Hanso", it now says that it is:


We've discovered that our beloved company, Verizon, is being used by the Hanso Foundation to further their plans for global domination - think rebel alliance vs. evil empire. We couldn't just sit on the farm and not get involved. So we got... involved.

We didn't want this job. We tried to ignore what was happening. But we saw something no ones else seems to have noticed... yet. The devil is not in disguise, he walks among us. He is the Hanso Foundation and he wants nothing less than our very souls. So we packed up our apathy and climbed the nearest electronic rooftop and shouted. And this is our voice. Open up your eyes, throw off your tattered skepticism and read in... the TRUTH

The "backsite" appears to be a hidden message board for "Verizon techs" that had once been contracted to work for THF, but are now cynically denouncin THF to be an evil organization.  Most of the chatter appears to be jokey and from the perspective of these characters that are "on the same level" as us webmazers, in that they are just figuring out the secrets within THF at the same time as us.  A lot of insider jokes by the ARG webmazers likely. 

Going to put some observations of their msg board conversations in spoiler tags, to save room.

The revolution starts not with a bang but a whisper DSLerator 04/12/06
BroadBandBeatnik - 5:10pm Geek is the new Black... and Red.
Fiberoptician - 5:15pm - So then Wednesday is black and red from now on?

(continuing black/red duality theme from the show, which also airs Wed's)

I have a very bad feeling about this BroadBandBeatnik 04/19/06
Fiberoptician - 10:17am - That conspiracy theory you've been forwarding proves nothing. The Hanso people were just visiting the headquarters on tour. It was some PR photo op, man! You see Bill Gates kissing a baby, you think he's gonna start opening MS summer camps??? LOL
iobiSeeingYou - 10:20am - Haha! We've got a nonbeliever here...
DSLerator- 10:23am - Ok. First Of All. Have you no idea who these people are?? They don't NEED any PR. They probably own every news network between here and Pluto! Second. Mittelwork doesn't just ride around on publicity tours. What is he doing glad-handing with our bosses??

(shoutout to the internet "conspiracy theorists" as the "techs" start to get suspicious; also points to Mittelwerk having visited Verizon headquarters, later gives link to
DSLerator - 10:30am - How about this for some fun? Now this...( is art.
iobiSeeingYou - 10:40am - Oh man, the dude on the right looks like that Hansoid a little.
BroadBandBeatnik - 10:42am - Yeah - cloned over and over.

(the link is to a real site not associated with the ARG to date, and probably just put in for fun; the last line seems to be another reiteration of the cloning theme)

What are they trying to hide right under our noses DSLerator 04/26/06
DSLerator - 9:45am - Back to the Hanso site... did you check out that Alvar Hanso guy? What kind of an executive photo is this?
BroadBandBeatnik - 10:01am - So is this taken when he did jail time?
iobiSeeingYou - 10:06am - The man obviously doesn't want to be recognized... shady.
DSLerator - 10:28am - And it's not just the photo. Some reliable water cooler sources have been hinting that all the big wigs are cashing in their stock options "just in case something happens". Gotta run, the boss has been on us about meeting deadlines. Be back later.

(pointing more suspicion at the mysterious Hanso photo, and a suggestion about cashing out stock options)

Fiberoptician - 3:40pm - A password in Korean?
BroadBandBeatnik - 3:42pm - A password in Inuktitut?
iobiSeeingYou - 4:40pm - You know what I'm thinking? That Hanso logo is a rip-off of a yin-yang symbol.
BroadBandBeatnik - 4:42pm - Oh, I get it. They are Good and Evil. Very dramatic.
Fiberoptician - 4:45pm - Personally I always thought of it as an Oreo cookie, but if we have to go with iobi's theory, the question is, are they more EVIL than good?
iobiSeeingYou - 4:50pm - Brush up on your Orwell. Peace=War, Good=Evil.
DSLerator - 5:00pm - I'd say that Yin is definitely hijacking the Yang in the Hanso version.

(as the "techs" debate whether or not to make their message board public, there's another hint at Korean ties to the story, and more talk about the themes of duality and yin/yang, and a hint at Orwellian double-talk)

The dog ate my board work. DSLerator 04/30/06

(seems to be uneventful, just patting each other on the back for creating the new "front" site of ROT, with the morphing logo presumably being the red Verizon phone => yellow lab head of ROT)

Pay no attention to that elephant in the room DSLerator 05/3/06

(more suspicion pointed in Hanso's direction)

You'd be amazed at what you can find if you look. Fiberoptician 05/10/06

(the "techs" go through the same steps as us webmazers go through, calling the 877 HANSORG number and finding out password "breaking strain"... appears to be reiteration that "they are lost, just like us")

Man smart, monkey smarter. DSLerator 05/17/06

(as they explore the THF site, more jokes about Joop, cloning and "talking monkeys")

Hanso in da house!!!! DSLerator 05/24/06
DSLerator - 10:04am - Mittelwerk just walked by my desk.
Fiberoptician - 10:08am - What? He's back on the premises?
iobiSeeingYou - 10:10am - Take a Polaroid! See if he melts when the flash goes off.
DSLerator - 4:14pm - Been googling HANSO and really odd sites come up. - "access disabled indefinitely?" Projects on hiatus? Bizarre with a capital B?
BroadBandBeatnik - 4:20pm - Why am I not surprised?
iobiSeeingYou - 4:25pm - All their "activities" seem to happen under the radar.
DSLerator - 4:30pm - There's more to this then meets the eye...
Fiberoptician - 4:34pm - My car turns into a robot... or does my robot turn into a car?
DSLerator - 4:41pm - Ugh! By the way, M. is in with the boss. I can swear I just saw him snatch a folder off the shelf!!
iobiSeeingYou - 4:45pm - Get back in your cubicle! If Hansoids suspect anything you'll be history along with this forum.

(more hints at a conspiracy with Mittelwerk & the Verizon bigwigs, who the "techs" work for... their linking site is strange and confusing because this is a known fan/fraud site and NOT part of the ARG - I actually know the webmaster of this site, and that he definitely is not a webmaze writer - and likely just a nod in the direction of webmaze fans who take the time out to explore and/or a red herring to misdirect us from real clues)

The media is their weapon of choice. iobiSeeingYou 05/31/06

(more chatter about Gary Troup & Hugh McIntyre on Kimmel; nothing new for webmazers)

The gospel according to The DSL. DSLerator 06/07/06
DSLerator - 11:35am - Did you know that my mother was a major influence in my life? My physical features are identical to hers. That woman put all her hopes in me after the death of my twin brother.
Fiberoptician - 11:45am - If I were you, I'd wonder who my father was.
DSLerator - 11:49am - Funny you mention him. My father wasn't in the picture growing up. I've never even seen the man. Mom raised me completely on her own.
iobiSeeingYou - 11:55am - Well it's common for praying mantis females to bite off their partner's head right after mating.
Fiberoptician - 11:58am - And comments like that are why you don't have a boyfriend!
BroadBandBeatnik - 12:30pm - I believe there is a Japanese mouse in this building. The kind that's been through the maze so many times, it lost track of its original purpose. And now instead of working of the greater good of humanity, the experiment has turned on itself and the Laws of Nature have been torn to shreds...
iobiSeeingYou - 12:35pm - You have to admire the species that cling to survival. Survival is the source of our strength and some say even the meaning of it all.
iobiSeeingYou - 6:30pm - Update: is up. My best effort to date.
DSLerator - 10:01pm - ------
If you are reading this, you've found your way to the truth. Thank you and welcome. We seek to unite with like-minded people out there to bring an end to the HANSO Foundation and their evil schemes. This message board was started to create a circle of trust among a select few. Since then, we've discovered several suspicious activities surrounding our company that all point to HANSO. Check back often and read up on our latest discoveries in our quest to find out the honest to goodness.
-- The Retrievers of Truth

(perhaps the most interesting post to date on the "tech message board"; note the very curious hints DSLerator is dropping in our direction, about being identical to her mother, and father "never being in the picture"; and later hints about a Japanese mouse and species clinging to survival; and then the link to, which is a Verizon-sponsored site - these hints tie into the next update to THF)

Most images courtesy of truffula of LOST-TV

It should be noted that is sponsored by Verizon.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary for Those Joining the Game)
Post by: Pandora on June 10, 2006, 03:27:36 PM
June 7

Genomic Advancements Update

If you logged in at the beginning of the week and clicked on the Institute for Genomic Advancements page of THF, the word "disease" was clickable.  If you had clicked, you would have been shown a 24 hour countdown, and a message from Persephone:

Maybe it’s cuz I’m on no sleep… Having trouble breaking through… I’m gonna need more time.

If you logged in about a day later (though it didn't end up being exactly 24 hours), there was an update.  First off, the pictures of "mutant and normal cells" to the upper right were flickering, and if you mouse "hovered" over certain spheres, it would display the message "Retrievers of Truth" in the chest X-ray picture (yet another way of knowing about the ROT homepage (

Previously, ROT had linked us to, which appeared to be the only link which yielded clues.  In the source code of this page (go to View => Source in browser toobar), one of the last lines is:

var _vb="parthenogenesis"; // <--

This is an unusual word to end up in the source code of a Verizon site.  Parthenogenesis is an obscure biology term for a form of asexual reproduction in which unfertilized eggs (with DNA from only the maternal side) can produce cloned offspring.  Combine this with the other clues from ROT, above, which include DSLerator's comments about her and her twin sister's features being identical to those of her mother's, with her father never being around... a hint at a Japanese mouse (according to the wikipedia entry (, a Japanese mouse named Kayuga was one of the first successes in creating fatherless mice at Tokyo University), and many hints dropped about cloning on the message board, and "parthenogenesis" sticks out even more.

It turns out that this is the password that can be inserted into Hanso site in a hidden textbox.

This (or clicking on the word "disease", which is still present for some webmazers) gives access to the next hidden update:



This appears to be yet another "DHARMA shark" that died of a wound...only this time, the symbol is that of the backwards Swan logo.

Most images courtesy of The_Island
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary for Those Joining the Game)
Post by: Pandora on June 10, 2006, 05:48:02 PM
June 8

DJ Dan Update

DJ Dan's podcast is now up on

It's back to audio-only.  Highlights from the podcast:

Complete podcast transcribed:

6/8 Podcast Transcribed
A:  Coming to you live, from the part of you that refuses to lie down... [DJ DAN JINGLE] You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

D:  No, no, no, no, Tanya. Darwinian evolution is a lie. Intelligent design is a bigger lie to make evolution look like less of a lie. I’m sick of it and I’m shutting it down. Sam from Cleveland—Go!

C1:  Uh, hi, DJ Dan.  I’m a fan, but are you saying evolution is fake?  Like birds don’t come from dinosaurs?

D:  No, I’m saying there’s more to it than that. That the mega-science corporations, they want us to believe that the unnatural work they’re doing, their genetic engineering is just part of Ma Nature’s master plan. Take the Hanso Foundation. If you’re a loyal listener, Sam you know I have issues with this bunch of crazy monkeys. Now I’m aware some of the stuff we talk about on this show is a little fuzzy around the edges. But the Hanso Foundation, these guys are as real a threat as we’ve seen. I’ve been saying it for years, but now, the hacker Persephone, she’s serving us all up a batch of proof puddin’. The Hanso Foundation, you’ve seen their ads. They’re bringing us a better future, science is gonna save the world, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… And I say don’t believe it.

C1:  Oh. Why not?

D:  Why not, Definitely not because company founder Alvar Hanso, an arms dealer with ties to the original atom bomb, refuses to reveal any of the true details about his programs. Oh, definitely not because their letch spokesman Hugh McIntyre refuses to say one word about their human rights violations. No. Because every day we become more and more advanced, even closer to the end, the Hanso Foundation perverts say they’re gonna prevent. And genetic engineering, you know what that is? Changing our babies’ DNA to give them blue eyes instead of brown or to give them the know-how to juggle flaming bowling pins in the cradle. It’s all a lie. You know what happens when you start shuffling your genes around?  No. Nobody does.  But I’ve seen those steroid cases, guys whose growth plates have turned back on, they’re Neanderthals.  There are consequences to our actions, people.  Don’t you see? They want us all to look the same. To be ashamed of who we are and where we’re from. Because once they’ve done that to us, once they’ve let us give away our individuality, they’re gonna swoop down from the sky and take over without a fight. Yeah, we got Lou from Chicago. Deep dish Louie, convince me otherwise.  C’mon.

C2:  Hey Dan. I think you’re overreacting. I mean, look, I have a birth mark or two. One looks like a potato, the other looks like Italy.

D:  The boot or Sardinia?

C2:  Actually, Tuscany. But I’ve always wished they could be more like tattoos. Couldn’t we play with the DNA and give our kids cool birthmarks?

D:  So what are you talking about, like a family crest, a cute little bird, how about a barcode so we can keep track, huh? Is that what you want?

C2:  Yeah.

D:  Well, congrats, Louie. You just made my top three DUMBEST THINGS I EVER HEARD. SHUTDOWN. Who’s next?

C3:  Richard, from Alexandria, Virginia.

D:  Tricky Dick from Alexandria.

C3:  Listen, Dan. I kinda heard what your last caller said about the tattoos, and I think people are already doin' that, but with animals.

D:  Uh, what do you mean, Dick?

C3:  I mean I was divin off the Great Barrier Reef last year, and we cam upon this shark, right? It’s reefed, thing is toast and on its tail is like a, well not a tattoo, it’s like a black octagon with some word on it that starts with a “D”. Thing’s pretty rotted away.

D:  Dick. Dick, Dick, Dick, Dick, Dick. Tell me you got pictures of that shark.

C3:  Of course. I can send em right over.

D:  You know what I think, Dick?  I think you’re Conspiraspy of the Month!  We gotta take a break. More with Dick and…

T:  Wait a minute, Dan.

D:  What?

T:  I’ve got a caller here.  Says he has to talk to you right now.

D:  Really?  Well what are you waiting for Tanya?  Put him back on.  C’mon.  Caller you’re shuttin down the man.

C4:  You’re going to want to be more careful, Dan.

D:  Uh, okay, and who am I speaking with?

C4:  You think you can just keep taking shots at the Hanso Foundation with no fear of retaliation?

D:  Uh, once again, who are you and why are you calling me?

C4:  You think you’re safe to smear good people because you broadcast from different locations? Just like the second floor motel room you’re in right now off of the 5 freeway. Driving your green Jeep Compass, license plate... [Muffled by Dan]

D:  Hey, hey, hey easy there little troll. Hey, what’s this about?

C4:  It’s about your fragile life.

D:  Oh my god, c’mon.

C4:  How easily it can be exposed, the way you claim to expose others.

D:  Okay, that’s enough. That’s enough.

C4:  How easily your address...

D:  Okay, that’s enough!

C4:  ...and your real name...

D.  Hey.  Hey I’m not gonna--

C4:  ...and where you really work...and your wife’s...

D:  THAT’S ENOUGH!  Hey!  You one of their goons?  Is that what this is about?  Well you can tell your boss I ain’t backing down. This is not the first threatening call I’ve gotten, buddy, not by a long shot.  My real name is DJ Dan, my real location is inside your web of lies and my job is shutting you down.

C4:  Dan, you’ve been warned.

D:  Wow. Did you hear that Tonya? I guess we’ve been warned. Well, that was special. [Cue music] If you didn’t think there was proof before, there you have it folks.  DJ Dan, I guess I better name a successor...

A: You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary for Those Joining the Game)
Post by: Pandora on June 13, 2006, 08:10:07 PM
June 12

Persephone Clue #5, Hole4 Image & Mental Health Update/DHARMA Acronym

Once again, Persephone has been busy giving us clues through the hidden ( subsite.

The newest code was: 43 49 32 116 105 109 101 108 101 115 115 32 116 111 103 101 116 104 101 114. In ASCII, this translates to “1+ Timeless Together”. Adding 1+ the previous hole3, that gave us the clue located at ( Yet another faceless face (which was not present before at that URL):


Don't know how the hole2 and hole4 pictures fit in yet (hole3 seems to be solved, with the D2O = "hard water" clue), the three faces to do not combine well (they are slightly different sizes and angles).  But if you take the names of these jpg files:

q9als2002 t9agen75 u8egnce86

...and convert the middle numbers to ASCII letters (9=i, 8=h), and then anagram the result, you can get: "light sequence again".  This is the next big clue.

Go back to the Mental Health page of THF.  Click "Inquire Today" and then in the "Tell us a little about yourself", type that.  You will be shown a computer:


A letter from Dr. Armand Zander (hospital director of the Vik Institute) to Dr. Mittelwerk, threatening to resign over an issue of a "secret ward where experiments are done on autistic savant patients and their memory, which he has no clinical access to":


Then, you start a 'game' which is sort of like Simon (remember that one?) from Hell.  You have to press 5 buttons and repeat a sequenced pattern of colored heiroglyphics (same as from the countdown clock), in which each turn adds one more.  You will be shown more and more of an answer after completing sequence of lengths 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 (you are promised "an Apollo bar" if you get to 42, though this seems like just part of the game).  If you do decide to play it, I would just open up a notepad (either on the computer or on paper) and replace the keys with 1-5, to help remember (it requires concentration so as not to lose your place; if you screw up, you have to start over from scratch, and the pattern is different). 


I'll be honest, it's highly monotonous, time-consuming and probably not worth playing, because I'm about to show you the answer below (there is nothing beyond sequence #42):


It appears we now know what the D.H.A.R.M.A. acronym is!  For those who are unfamiliar with heuristics (a psychological and philosophical theory for decision making), here is the wikipedia entry ( on it.

Images coutesy of lametterey, manar and dragon44

Clue first discovered by JustWillow

Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary for Those Joining the Game)
Post by: Pandora on June 13, 2006, 08:47:28 PM
June 13

DJ Dan Clue & ERI Update

DJ Dan updated his site today, but not a direct link to his podcast, as promised on this date.  Instead, the link went to the Retrievers of Truth ( page, which doesn't appear changed (maybe it is, but we haven't found the password to unlock it yet?).  There was a hidden change, however.  In the bottom row of crazy icons, the radio tower is now clickable:


Clicking it leads to hidden directory.  This appears to be a "magic eye"/3D optical illusion thing, though the color palette could be changed so that it yields the image:


CONSPIRA + SPIES (name of directory) = conspiraspies, the newest password.  You will note that on the main THF site, the Electromagnetic Research Institute page has now been reupdated, and the "early morning" picture is now clickable to reveal a more staticky image.  Note the faint image of a radio tower, same as the icon on DJ Dan's page.  When you click on this, Persephone will ask you:

Want to know more about this "Crucial Force"?
What's the magic word?

Enter conspiraspies here.  You'll be led through the following images:




It appears that despite the goodwill this Hoo-Gon Choi (Minister of blanked out words?) wants to maintain with THF, the ERI research and offshore is causing problems near the coast of Korea, including the appearance of deformed fish in nearby waters.  Not 100% sure where the satellite images are pointing exactly just yet, but it seems to be in that general area of the Sea of Japan.

Clicking on the signature takes you back to THF, but clicking on the second "off-shore" word actually takes you to DJ Dan's site.

Images coutesy of The_Island, lametterey and Lostpedia
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Post by: Pandora on June 14, 2006, 06:30:10 PM
June 14

DJ Dan Update

Well, it was a day or two late, but DJ Dan did finally show up with his newest podcast.  The previous day, he had linked to the ROT ( homepage, but that was the same.  But now, if you go to their backsite message board (with the password, porter), you'll see there's a new post by DSLerator, called "Too legit to quit."  Inside, you'll find the link to Dan's newest podcast, which still audio-only.

Highlights from the podcast:

Complete podcast transcribed:

6/13 Podcast Transcribed
A:  Coming to you live from your conscience...[DJ DAN JINGLE] You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

D: Mind control, people. We're talking about mind control. Come on. We all know why MDMA and LSD and PCP and GHB and LMNOP are illegal. Because the Man doesn't want you to have the very weapons he's dumping in our drinking water and mac and cheese! So I ask, have you been brainwashed? Are you BEING brainwashed? Do you WANT to be brainwashed? We're taking your calls.

C1: Hi, I'm Debuque from Albuquerque.

D: Yeah, you're kidding, right?

C1: Parents can be cruel, DJ Dan. Dan, I feel like you're right. We ARE being brainwashed. I'm pretty close to Los Alamos and other nuclear experiments, and I just feel this pressure on my brain, all the time.

D: Uh yeah, That could just be your sinuses, Dub, just throwing it out there...

C1: What I'm saying is I noticed when I was making my Cinnamon Raisin Toast, my toaster, it blocked the rays. When I was toasting, I felt just as clear as day.

D: [Dismissive] Fascinating, Debuque. Turn on your toasters, people. Next caller!

C2: It's uh Jerry, from Ontario

D: Uh oh! We got ourselves a canuck!

C2: Yeah, we come in peace. Listen, Dan, I want to say in response to what you were saying earlier about the Hanso Foundation, do you really think they're involved in mind control?

D: Tip of the iceberg, Jerry, tip of the iceberg! It's like, who are these guys? Recap for those who missed it: my legion of conspiraspies have been following the Hanso Foundation since '92, when they were forcefully ejected from the Congo. I mean seriously, to be forcefully ejected from the Congo? How bad do you gotta be? What does a clown have to do to get ejected from the circus? What does a rat have to do to get ejected from the sewer? So uh, some of my conspiraspies went deep sea fishing off the coast of east Asia, cause they heard about our little Hanso friends' little offshore research platform. And they can't see it. But what they can see is this skinny little line sticking way up into the sky. Now what do you guys think that might be, eh? Who are we kidding! Hope you've got your foil helmets on boys and girls! Next caller!

C3: Dan, this is Franklin, I teach bioengineering at a Big 10 university.

D: Hut hut Franklin, hike me the info!

C3: Well, what I'm worried about is nanotechnology.

D: Uh, nanotech-whuh?

C3: Nanotechnology? It's essentially the minuturization of machines down to the molecular level.

D: Uh wait whoah whoah whoah, you mean robots so small that they're invisible? That sounds awful! Why would anyone want to do that?

C3: Well, there's lots of useful applications. Medicine, computers. For example, you could capture billions of these nanites--

D: Nanites? Is that geek for invisible tiny robots?

C3: Right--you could capture them in an electromagnetic field and have them float over--say--wheat fields, acting as a poison-free pesticide.

D: Whoah whoah wait a minute--what does that even look like? If a bunch of these nano-thingies got together--

C3: Something like a--storm cloud.

D: [Laugh] OK, Frankie... you know, sometimes a storm cloud is just a storm cloud. So wait a second, wait a second. So you're saying these uh, tiny invisible robots can kill?

C3: Yes. And they can think.

D: Well, you heard it folks, tiny invisible killer brains. And I was worrying about the Hanso Foundation. DJ Dan, back in three, gotta slip into my impenetrable, lead suit...

A:  You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

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June 16

DJ Dan Update

His newest podcast is now up.  From his podcast archive page, the bottom row has changed, so that it links to subLYMONal ( (the writers muffed up the HTML on this one, and forgot a bracket; it should only link from the one image "fallout1").  This icon has now changed, to say "BigD" in the upper left:


Enter BigD


Highlights from the podcast:

Complete podcast transcribed:

6/16 Podcast Transcribed
A:  Coming to you live from the Astral Plain... [DJ DAN JINGLE] You're Listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

D:  Ok ok ok, so my little Conspiraspies, look into this one.  There's something rotten in the state that used to be part of Denmark. I'm talkin' Iceland.  I'm talkin' what's become the hottest nightlife destination north of the equator.  I'm talkin' the South Beach of the North Atlantic.  Hey, as far as my wife knows, I've never been to Iceland. Ya know what I mean?  Heh, I think you do.  Now,if you know anything about Iceland, you know they barely have a police force. And why? These people have no idea what crime is. I mean they let Bjork walk the streets.  Right Tanya, you like Bjork?

T: Wait, wait, wait.  Was she in her duck outfit?

D:  [Laughing] That aside, trust me, they've got there share of crimes.  It's goin' on right under their noses, and nobody is doing anything about it.  Well, I'm here to change that.  I'm here to talk about the unreported crimes of Iceland's own Vik Institute.  A mental hospital funded by none other than [Voiceover: DUNNN DUNNN DUNNN THE HANSO FOUNDATION (EVIL LAUGH)]  Yup.  The Hanso Foundation.  These are the guys.  You see 'em on TV. They're building a bridge to a glowing future of peace.  They're harnessing the atom to give us nuclear genius children.  You get it.  They're the ultra sick society of researchers started by this Alvar Hanso.  Who used to make machines of war and apparently got hit with a case of the guilty garrison and decided, "Hey, I'm gonna start a-new".  But you know what they say about leopards.  They'll bite you on the neck.  Or is that white tigers? I dunno.  Point being, what is going on at the Vik Institute?  No one really knows. But thanks to the work of a hacker known as Persephone, we're starting to get a picture.  We've got a disgruntled head of the hospital, Dr. Armand Zander, who sends a letter to Dr. Thomas Verner Mittleverk, Alvar Hanso's pitbull, demanding to know what's going on in his own facility. Go the Hanso site right now and check the hack in the mental health appeal.  It will blow your mind.  Right off the bat, Zander calls himself a prisoner in a hall of mirrors.  And he goes on to talk about autistic savant patients being administered secret proprietary memory tests.  I mean just what is going on? I don't know, but I say we shut 'em down.  Marissa from Trenton, go ahead.

C1:  Hey Dj Danny.  What if The Hanso Foundation really isn't up to anything at all?

D:  SHUT DOWN! COME ON PEOPLE!  I'm reading off the darned website.  Jorge from Portland, how is that microbrew?

C2:  Hey, it's all gone DJ Dan.  Hey, and I'm on the page right now, um I'm wondering uh, what's autistic uh, what's autistic savant again?

D:  Well, uh, it varies, but a lot of times, they're like, uh, they're like human calculators.  You uh, you ever uh, seen Rain Man, Jorge?

C2: Yeah.

Dan:  You tryin' to be cute, Jorge?

C2:  Yeah, hehehehehe, yeah.

D:  SHUTDOWN! Tanya, are you even screening these calls?

T:  [Automated-sounding] Screening the calls.

D:  Oh, come on Tanya, not you too.  Heh, OK.  You're getting back at me for telling your age on the air last week aren't you?

T:  Screening the calls.

D:  I, I said you were a young thirty. Tom from Orlando, bring me the magic.

C3:  Heeey, DJ Daaan.  [Stoned laugh] So, I think I've got it figured out.

D:  Yeah, do tell.

C3: Well, well, I, I was just imagining, if I was Mittelwerk, and I'm calculating top secret stuff...

D: Yeah, like, like what?

C3:  I dunno, like, like nuclear fusion. [Bong hit sound]

D: [Laugh] Alright, get on with it, come on.

C3:  I'm calculating nuclear fusion, and I've got a history of getting in trouble, so the one thing I don't want to have is a, a data record, but uh...

D: Ok, so what you're saying here is, is you don't use a computer at all?

C3:  Exaaactly [Laugh] I'd do it in my head. Or, or, or as the case with the Vik Institute, I'd get the autistic savants to do it in their head.

D: Yeah, but the thing is with autistic savants, you, you can never really know that they are capable of doing that, see? So...

C3:  So I give them proprietary memory tests.

D: Tom, nice, I LIKE IT! And I'm givin' your refer stinkin' ass Conspiraspy of the Month! D'ya hear that, Tanya?

[Tom laughing in background and saying YEAH!! Laughter]

T:  [Automated-sounding] Conspiraspy of the Month.

D:  Uh, can, can we sign up Tom as the Conspiraspy of the Month?

T: Conspiraspy of the Month.

D:  Tanya, please, are you really that mad at me?

T:  Conspiraspy of the month.

D: Yeah, yeah, OK, it looks like the inmates are running the asylum, folks.  DJ Dan, be right back...

A:  You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

Additionally, the ROT ( homepage had a minor update of a thread which linked (, a real Verizon ad, with a little info on DJ Dan (last row, to the right) as a 'real' character.  Not much new there aside from that.

Images courtesy of aggiesean and dragon44 of LOST-TV
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June 16

Life Extension Project Update & SHUT DOWN

This is was a HUGE update today.  WARNING--this is a one way clue, meaning that once you go down this path, it will close out THF site to you in the future (logs cookies, and you'd have to clear cache and start over again from the first clue), so look carefully and  don't blink! 

It started when Persephone posted a new clue on her backsite (  It was this image:


The key is to take the first letter of all objects on her desk:

... and spell out recluse, which is the next password.  To find the update, go to Life Extension Project and click on the word "mortality," and enter it there.  You'll see a LOT, so look carefully:



Note that the letter is from a doctor who can't get through to Alvar Hanso... and thinks he has something very unusual in his blood tests!  THE Sickness?


Note that as time lapses, objects are steadily taken from Hanso's desk...


Click on the top bar, and when asked the name of the director "Armand..." enter Zander (from the last clue):






Followed by many flashes of images from the THF webmaze, and then:



You will be SHUT OUT of the site for good after this point!  Just the normal progression of the game... stay tuned...

Images coutesy of lametterey, truffula and goAlvar
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June 16 Video of Rachel Blake

Wow!  Just when you thought the updates were through, one more find, this time on ( 

Presenting to you: Rachel Blake--The REAL Persephone! (

EDIT 6/19:  It appears that they removed the video from the above site.  Judging from Speaker's refusal to speak of the video, and the fact that ads have been removed from DJ Dan and other TLE sites, it is speculated that the video was uploaded prematurely by (and that they may now be penalized from having their sponsorship contract revoked--this is speculation only).  The video was uploaded unedited to YouTube: (

(This is unmodified, and was part of, which does not allow for random users to upload video; also, the actress has made appearances on TV shows such as The West Wing, so it is considered an authentic video, just one that was released out of the writers' schedule.)


Now, you're probably wondering, what am I thinking going to all this trouble to hide my identity, if I'm just going to show my face and use my real name. The fact is, whatever Hanso, Mittelwerk and these guys are hiding, they believe in it.  They've dedicated their lives to it, and they will go to any length to protect it.  Chances are that they already know who I am.  And if they know the face that's going to take them down, you should too.  Just promise me this, if they get to me, promise me that you won't let The Hanso Foundation's crimes go unpunished.  Because they might be able to stop me, but they can't stop a hundred of me, or a thousand.  So let's rock.  Shall we?

Image courtesy of jlmlostarg
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June 19

Rachel Blake's Blog & Coppenhagen Post 01

Well, after a weekend of cliffhanger, we finally have new news on Monday.  Although indications over the weekend were iffy about whether or not they would use the Rachel Blake video in the ARG, looks like they've decided to come out with that storyline after all... yay!

The first clue was seen on the hidden site today... it was of a mysterious creepy face (that of the Asian lady in the THF intro), with the eyes blocked out, speaking in what seemed like gibberish (with tunes from a music box or ice cream truck playing in the background):


The audio guys took this clue and played it backwards, to the numbers:

101 118 105 100 101 110 116 32 97 103 101 110 100 97

They are translated to the next password:  evident agenda

Where would these numbers be used, might you ask?

Well, there had been hints all this weekend (since the video appeared) of a new site called (  This was determined not to be a fake site because it is located on the same server as ( and (  Today, right around the same time as the new password was being deciphered, a blog appeared of a young lady Rachel Blake, who said she was traveling around Coppenhagen, for recreational reasons, she claimed. 

Note that her wallpaper:


Matches the "Where is Alvar" hacked update map from last month.  On the right, in the "Extra Info" box, you will enter evident agenda.

You are then taken to a screen where you have to enter your birthday (it doesn't *appear* at this time to make a difference what you enter... not sure why they collect this?).

And then you are let into the hidden backsite:



She says she is now hosting her new video (the same one from below) more securely, and that she will come out with future updates on that site, with clues on the pages of major commercial sponsors, and passwords on the backsite.

She also has an interesting "correspondence" with a guy name Mel0Drama, who claims to have information about a "Dr. Hacket" who is "in our heads".  He also claims to work for the archive of the Engineering Development Center in Atlanta.  He says he has secret documents "on the company mainframe, in a vault".  Persephone is suspicious, but they arrange to talk again tomorrow.  We'll see!

It should be of note that this blog can receive comments from anyone, including everyday fans like you and me.  I would not trust anyone in the blog comments if they say they have secret clues, even if they call themselves "rachel blake".  Clues will likely be posted to the body of the blog.

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June 19

Let Your Compass Guide You Update:  WTK Video apology to DJ Dan

There was an update to (  Now, instead of clicking on the 108, you'll want to click around the 8 o'clock area.  What appears is a faint image of Persephone (shown on left), taken from another famous painting (see right comparison) with the faint letters "WTK" (note that these are the initials of William T. Kilpatrick, a Jeep Daimler executive who signed out of a deal with THF for Jeep to sell many cars to the foundation).  You'll want to click anywhere here:

( (

From here, a login box pops up.  Use the initials wtk as a username to get in, with the password themouthpiece.

( (

The man in the video has his voice very disguised, so it's very hard to understand.  Here is the best my friend was able to decipher:

I have no business coming out like this, but I need to clear the air on something. Consider this my public apology to DJ Dan. I had the wrong person and will make it right soon. To the believers, I must stay away for awhile, but keep digging. Jeep rescinded the contract for good reason. I'm proud (or part?) of that and will reveal what I can, when I can. Thank you (Minister48?), your true believer.

Image courtesy of Maestra and

Transcript by lab5
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June 19

Orientation Testing Issue Video

Yet another bizarre video surfaces!

If you go to the SHUT DOWN THF site now: (

You'll notice that though it appears just a static image of the red warning message, the music gets gradually louder and louder.  Do NOT move your mouse for several minutes; if you do, you will have to start over.  You need patience for this, but about 1 or 2 minutes after the sound peaks and disappears, you will get the following message that appears:


If you go to that site, you will see first:


(New DHARMA symbol?  What is it of??)

And then be bombarded with a HUGE number of images, all that flash before us in a split second.  I've made a chart, based on the group work of some other folks:



Clue first found by Oli at Speaker's Inside The Experience Blog

Images in chart almost all screencaptured by the hard work of truffula (with the exception of 7 by DeathMountain), justanothersky and Antiuser
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Post by: Pandora on June 20, 2006, 06:16:17 PM
June 20

Rachel Blake Coppenhagen Post 02

Rachel Blake's newest post challenged us to find her new video, and linked to the ROT ( homepage.  At the Verizon backsite message board, there was more chatter, and the old link that goes to (

This is where the new video is hidden:


(Story called the "Ultimate Journey", masquerading as one about a motorcycle trip, but actually it is Rachel's newest video).


On it, she attempts to follow Mittelwerk around, and unsuccessfully tries to get in to a warehouse to see him, disguised as a pizza delivery girl.  Since she saw the sign "Archives", it's speculated that "Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants" is just a front for the Engineering Development Center.

Later on, she mentions in her blog that her new friend Joen (the 'dodgey guy') let her in... Mittelwerk's last query was still on the screen:



She challenges us all to help her find the password.  Someone named "Jambi08" comes up with a 'clue', saying that he has an interest in Danish nautical history, and found a book that tied The Black Rock (an old slave ship) with Magnus Hanso out of an old Danish sea trade book he just happened to have:


Shortly thereafter, someone else named "Terry Idaho" gave her a link to a "website on shipwrecks" (, which also talked about "The Black Rock" as a shipwrecked slave boat.

The interesting thing about this is that we did some research on this whole "Black Rock" business, and there are clearly no other websites that cooberate this information, including detailed searches of Google, Wikipedia, Lloyd's nautical database, or Ovid.  The shipwreck website was made very recently, and the photograph appeared photoshopped; the bandwidth was exceeded shortly after the post.  The last thing that cemented it was that the image was found at this website (  "The Black Rock" is in fact a picture of the HMS Victory (a battleship) that was etched in 1884; now in dry dock in Portsmouth, UK.


This has significance to the ARG, because it means that "Jambi08" is not a fan, but one of the writers, who manufactured this clue (historically inaccurate) for the purposes of this game and was planted in the comments section to lead us in the right direction.  It appears that webmaze writers will also be taking the persona of "one of us" in her blog comments, sneaking in to give us clues.  That being said, we can't know who is who, and I'd recommend not believing something is a 'real' clue until it is posted to her main blog.

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June 21

Rachel Blake Coppenhagen Post 03

Rachel appears to now be on the tail of Hugh McIntyre, presenting evidence of his marital infidelity.  She believes he is a "smart tactition," because from what she has gathered, his girlfriend seems to work for the Global Welfare Consortium (a world health watchdog organization that is supposed to prevent abuses by companies such as THF--see pg 1 ( for GWC letters).



She also links a document from THF ( which cemented this partnership with the GWC.
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June 21

DJ Dan Update

DJ Dan's newest podcast links back to (, in the owelles directory: (

Highlights from the podcast:

Complete podcast transcribed:

6/21 Podcast Transcribed
A: Coming to you live from the part of your craw where it all sticks! [DJ DAN JINGLE] You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

D: Life know what that is? It's dumping hormones and drugs and cocktails of vitamins in your body in the sad hopes you'll squeeze out an extra 10 or 20 years.

T: Good morning to you, too, DJ Dan.

D: Yep. Tanya... what's a meaningful life?

T: where you meet the entire living cast of Gunsmoke?

D: [Laughing] Tanya is just obsessed with TV Westerns. And..while her response was glib, she actually makes a good point: if you fulfill your hopes and desires, make an impact on the world... if you do these things, and you have some fun in the process, have you not lived a good life?

T: I'd say!

D: So..would you agree that Ghandi lived a good life? Martin Luther King? Jimi Hendrix? Lou Gherig? Jesus of Nazareth?

T: That list only included men.

D: Fine, fine, fine. Mama Cass. Happy?

T: Most of those people lived unnaturally short lives, DJ Dan.

D: And yet, they changed the world. They didn't wait around. They didn't buy into the lies of THE MAN! Selling you on his pipe dreams. That's right--Chris, from Kansas City--what do you think?

C1:  Huh now, look DJ Dan...I believe in life extension, ok?

D: Mm-hmm. Tell me, Chris... are you enrolled in a... uh... life extension program?

C1: Yes I am... it's manufactured by this local company called Flower of Life Enterprises--

D: LOCAL, you say? Try local by way of Denmark! Chris?!

C1: Huh?

D: I don't wanna alarm you, son... but you are in the grips of The Big Baddies!

C1: Yeah... but I'm tellin' you... I feel great--

D: And I'm telling you that Flower of Life Enterprises is a subsidiary of none other than [Voiceover:  DUNDUNDUN THE HANSO FOUNDATION! EVIL LAUGH] [Laughing] I figure I harp on these guys enough, I oughta have a button.

C1: Uh... who's the Hanso Foundation?

D: WHO'S THE HANSO FOUNDATION! SHUTDOWN!!! Sorry, Chris, had to do it.  I feel something coming on... it's takin' me over... it's makin me do this--

T: Ooooohhh... here it comes again--

D: It's a vast conspiracy, Tanya, of the medical community, the pharmecautical companies, the "wellness" groups, and these pseudo-science quacks with their "miracle" formulas-like the Hanso Foundation...they keep saying they will extend your life? It's a vast conspiracy to take your money and lull you into a sense that you have "all the time in the world"... they're singing a lullaby, Tanya, and the fight is going out of the world!  Now, to answer Chris' question, the Hanso Foundation is Numero Uno on my hit list... and why? 'Cause they LIE! 'Cause they're shrouded in secrecy, 'cause their founder, Alvar Hanso, arms-dealer-turned-peace-flag-waving-pseudo-scientist-Liar-in-Chief, Hanso HIMSELF has been undergoing, according to one of my conspiraspy sources, life extension treatments that have rendered him a Monkey Man!...A FREAK SHOW! Unfit for contact with the public! Why do you think no one has seen this guy in years?! 'Cause he's swingin' through the trees on some mountain in the Netherlands! Now we've all seen their website, and we've seen our hack artist Persephone's good work... The Hanso Foundation's got this crazy old orangutan named Joop...yeah...supposed to appeal to the kids. But, if you click on him--he just goes FRICKIN' BATTY! Now... call me crazy, but I'm willing to put money on the fact that this Joop is none other than Alvar Hanso himself... and I'm afraid, Tonya...I'm afraid that any day, our poor friend Chris is gonna look just like him! Conspiraspies... let me know. Have I gone too far? Has DJ Dan finally cracked up--or could it be that I am I on to something? Your theories, your rants, your raves... when we come back!

You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.
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June 22

Rachel Blake Coppenhagen Post 04

Rachel says she planted a bug in a pepper shaker at a vegan place Mittelwerk goes to as a "secondary office".  She hid the recording on Lost Ninja ('s forum (another blog, much like the Austrailian version of Speaker ( that's planted by ABC, and is sort of "in-game").  If you go to the message board and click "reply" to any message, and then click on the "objectionable comment" link to the right. It takes you to a log-in.

User Name: rblake
Password: 105years

Click the link to "Peeping on Tom".

When it was found, the translation of the Korean that she approved was:

MITTELWERK: Minsu, so great to see you.
MINSU: Dr. Mittelwerk. Good to see you too. Mr. Paik sends his warmest regards.
MITTELWERK: He's just saying that because we've paid him so much money.
MINSU: Ah. I see that it's straight to business.
MITTELWERK: As always.
MINSU: I think you'll be pleased to hear your ship is almost ready; with all the modifications. But I have to warn you - this kind of ship can't dock just anywhere.
MITTELWERK: We have a port. How long will it be?
MINSU: I'd say no sooner than three weeks.
MITTELWERK: Could you pass the pepper? So what will it take to make it 2 weeks?
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on June 22, 2006, 07:19:51 PM
June 22

Message from wtkFleet35 to Rachel

There was an update to the compass backsite mailbox today in the Trash folder: (

A message from a guy named "wtkFleet35" to "OpenersHep".  If you recall, OpenersHep is the one you log on with at the main compass site (, and who asks you "Are you one of the good ones?" after you get the needle to line up with 108.  OpenersHep is also an anagram of Persephone, so it appears to be secret communication with Rachel that ended up in the Trash folder!

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Mon Mar 1 21:34:42 2006
[21:34] OpenersHep: Hey.  I have something for you to see.  It’s important.
[21:34] wtkFleet35: who is this?
[21:35] OpenersHep: A friend.
[21:35] wtkFleet35: really?
[21:35] wtkfleet35: …
[21:35] wtkFleet35: all my friends have names. do you have one?
[21:36]   OpenersHep: You can stop them, William.
[21:38] OpenersHep: You have no idea, do you?  What you’re contributing to.  What you’re helping them do.
[21:38] wtkFleet35: who? stop who?
[21:38] OpenersHep: Your business partners. The Hanso Foundation.
[21:40] wtkFleet35: look, think you’re talking to the wrong guy
[21:40] wtkFleet35: sorry
[21:40] OpenersHep: WAIT!
[21:40] wtkFleet35 has logged off.
Session Close (OpenersHep): Mon Mar 6 21:40:42 2006

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Fri Mar 03 13:08:17 2006
[13:08] OpenersHep: Good.  You’re online.  Look, I know how that came off before – maybe a little… stalker-y?  Sorry.  But, I’ve gotta talk to you.
[13:10] wtkFleet35 has logged off.
Session Close (OpenersHep): Fri Mar 03 15:12:23 2006

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Sat Mar 04 21:30:10 2006
[21:30] OpenersHep: William.
[21:30] OpenersHep: Are you there?
[21:40] wtkFleet35: enough already!  Tell me who you are or I’m blocking ypi!
[21:40] wtkFleet35: you!  this is ridiculous!
[21:41] wtkFleet35: 5
[21:41] wtkFleet35: 4
[21:41] OpenersHep: Stop
[21:41] wtkFleet35: 3
[21:41] OpenersHep: So, you’ll listen?  If I tell you my name?
[21:42] OpenersHep: Promise not to boil your bunny
[21:42] wtkFleet35: cute
[21:44] OpenersHep: My name is Rachel B. I have information… it’s about Africa.  Do you know what I’m talking about?
[21:50] wtkFleet35: not a clue
[21:50] OpenersHep: I don’t believe that.  And neither do you.
[21:51] OpenersHep: The Hanso Foundation is using your vehicles, Bill.  They’re hurting people, and your vehicles are part of it.
[21:51] wtkFleet35: that’s not possible
[21:52] OpenersHep: They’re being used for transport.
[21:52] wtkFleet35: my vehicles…
[21:52] wtkFleet35: are being used… for TRANSPORT?
[21:52] wtkFleet35: wow.  Hope you didn’t strain anything coming up with that one.
[21:52] OpenersHep: You want to joke around, Bill?  Or you want to know what’s REALLY going on?
[21:55] wtkFleet35: i have work to do.  no time for your nonsense.
[21:55] OpenersHep: Fine.  Take your time.  Wallow in your denial.  And when you come around, take a look at these files.
[21:57] *** OpenersHep is trying to send you "".
[21:57] OpenersHep: Whenever that night comes, when you can’t sleep cause the guilt’s eating you alive?  Come find me.
[1:34] *** You have received F:\admin\my_docs\
Session Close (OpenersHep): Fri Mar 03 1:34:42 2006

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Sun Mar 05 09:23:14 2006
[21:40] wtkFleet35: ok. tell me more?

It appears that the guy's name is William and works for Jeep, and Rachel is trying to tell him THF is using their vehicles for something bad... but what?  And what is

As an aside to those who follow the webmaze closely, a few posts up, I link a video that was posted by "jeepchannel" on YouTube.  A friend of mine actually PM'd this person, suspecting he was in-game last month (after he had loaded other video having to do with the compass site), and he had PM'd a reply warning that we should "look out for a WTK to come up in the webmaze".  This pretty much cements it--seems like the guy making the apology is William Kilpatrick, who signed the earlier contracts for Jeep Daimler to sell 23 vehicles to THF; Jeep later renigged on it with no open reason given.  This chat seems to be the missing part of the puzzle, since we can assume had something to do with the Capetown Inquirer scandal with illegal harvesting of organs in South Africa.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on June 24, 2006, 12:09:37 AM
June 23

Rachel Blake Coppenhagen Post 05

Rachel has a new entry on her blog, saying that Mel0Drama helped her to link a new video somewhere on ( (it’s a real life site where people list things they’d like to do or have done and have profiles).  The big clue that was supposed to tip us off was actually in post 01, her msg to Mel0Drama:

Me: Cool. Gotta go. I've got 43 things to do to stop their "better tomorrow"

(If you missed that suble hint, don't feel bad... I've had an account there for a year and didn't catch it)

Once you go there, use her login name from her blog:  RBlake (  You'll find this young lady (, who has a pic of her in disguise, and 43 items on her list.   


#4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 are all one-word entries.  The hint about what to do with them comes from #43:  Drink a refreshing beverage.  This is a clue to go to Sublymonal (, and enter the words in those listings, which are:

truth safe reckon copenhagen alvar sumo

as a string.  When this happens, everything goes blank on the page, and all you are left with is a single entry box.  The hint here again comes from that last line with Mel0Drama (tricky!)... what is in quotes is the password:  better tomorrow.

Once you get in here, you'll find yourself in an interesting hidden directory of Sublymonal:

Many of the folders are empty or error, but the 48 folder contains RB's video.  She bumps into Mittelwerk as she is stalking him... and he drops some maps... of islands!



Unfortunately, they really don't seem to compare well to Danielle's maps (from the show, for comparison)...


Of interest is that it does appear to be a map of some islands in Ontario, Canada near Thunder Bay (the one with the lake may be an island called Puff Island):


The other item of interest in this folder is the memo:


It's dated 1988 and is correspondance from Dr. Hackett (previously mentioned by Mel0Drama as someone he worked for at the EDC) and a Dr. Kini at Lewis Laboratories.  It talks about a "Project Sumo".  Lewis Labs appears to have been contracted by THF at some sort of research formulation (of a new experimental drug?), which didn't go so well the first time because of the strict implementation parameters THF was setting at the time.  They apparently now are in double blind reformulation trials, which Dr. Kini believes are going well (a double blind study is one in which the study participants and the researchers both don't know who the control group is from the experimental group that gets the treatment being studied--this rules out human bias).

Note that "fruitful" is in quotes, and there's something about "pun intended"... fruit?  Where does that fit in here?

Images courtesy of truffula and linuxmoose (who also first found the location)
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on June 26, 2006, 04:33:07 PM
June 26

DJ Dan Update

New podcast links to; the direct link is: (

Highlights from the podcast:

Complete podcast transcribed:

6/26 Podcast Transcribed
A: Coming to you live, from the hackles on the back of your neck [DJ DAN JINGLE] You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

D: It's happened, Tonya...I'm in looove...

T: Who is it this week.

D: Nope! This one's different, Tonya! This one's special. This love, Tonya... it's SHUTTIN' ME DOWN!

T: And why is that, Dan?

D: Because it's a forbidden looove...

T: You're married. Every love is a forbidden love.

D: Does a priest date his parishioners?

T: I hope not...

D: Does a shephard date his flock?

T: Once again...

D: And her name is Rachel Blake, Tonya, and she is the unltimate Conspiraspy.

R: How did you meet?

D: Oh, we didn't. But we have to. If you're listening, Rachel... we need to talk.  So... here's the deal... I'm on the web, surfing my favorite Area 51 sites, when one of my conspiraspies IM's me...Garthazoid! You're a shout out! So... I head to this little blog by this beautiful girl, saaay lower, uh, middle 20's? Has that scrubbed movie version of a girl-next-door look? All smiles and eyelashes. And the site? Talks about how she's on she's on a post-college Euro tour. So, I'm thinkin' " this chick's a little slice of heaven, but, really, why does Garthazoid think I ought to check this out?" I mean...Garthazoid, you know what's going down. We're talking crop circles! We're talking Loch Ness! And if I could, just for a second, just to put this whole business to rest for you Nessieheads? It's a SOUND STAGE, you morons! Same place where they faked the Mars landing! Anyway... point is, Rachel's blog is pleasant...but I don't have the time to be finding out which Geronimo Jackson song little Suzy Cornbelt is listening when she misses her mommy! But, then I enter this code GarthaZoid sends me...and the bells and whistles go off *snaps fingers* and Jesus-Mary-Joseph-Stalin! We got ourselves huge hunkin' 'nother ball 'o wax! It's a video blog! Turns out Rachel is stalking this corporate dude, and the more I watch, the more I realize everything is connected...because the dude is none other than Dr. Thomas Werner Mittlewerk! Evil name, I know...and it fits. Cuz, if you don't know, Dr. Mittlewerk, he is a perpetrator of attrocities in the name of good... Dr. Mittlewerk is President of none other than [Voiceover: DUNDUNDUN THE HANSO FOUNDATION Evil Laugh] A.K.A. Evil Inc., A.K.A. Secrets International, A.K.A. We-Do-Bad-Things-In-The-Name-Of-Wickedness-And-Greed-And-Sell-Them-To-The-World-As-We're-Saving-The-Plant-Through-Our-Science-One-Adorable-Child-At-A-Time! Cue the rainbow and fuzzy puppies. So, I'm on the site--and you've go to go! The footage out there is just NUTS! And then I start to think... is Rachel our girl? Is this the infamous Persephone, hacker of the Hanso Foundation website? Could be. And THEN I start thinking...what is she doing? Is she like us? Is she looking for Alvar Hanso, who's been strangely missing from the world for the past 4 years? Is she really after Mittlewerk? Is she gonna take them all down? Is she gonna take them all down to China Town? I mean, who knows? And then I get worried...Rachel, once again, if you are've got to grow a fake beard, or something, honey. These Hanso people, they're... anyway.... [Fades]Conspiraspies... eyes on the prize. If Rachel Blake is willing to risk her pretty little neck, let's step up and help her! Go to her site, rap with her! And if you ever happen to bump into her in the real world, and she is being followed by some shady goons? Do us all a favor, and drop a banana peel...

A: You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on June 26, 2006, 06:58:44 PM
June 26

Rachel Blake Coppenhagen Post 06

Rachel has a new video, and challenges us to find it again, this time linking to LetYourCompassGuideYou (  Click 108 again and log in.

In the trash folder (, there is a new folder now.  It is called "Illumination" (note the name), which takes you to the general Jeep Compass marketing website (  If you explore the interior features section (, find the pulldown menu on the right and click on "removeable flashlight". 


If you then click "view demo" underneath, you'll find that it's a video of anything but the flashlight (illuminating!).

That's Rachel for you, spunky and knocking over this evil lackey of Mittelwerk with none other than an iron!  :D  She does a comparison shot to show that he is the same guy as was helping Mittelwerk when she bumped into her and he dropped his maps:


The question is, what was the "other fire he had to put out at The Institute"... and which Institute (Vik)?  He apparently was sent there to "fix the situation" and was following Rachel to the hotel.

Images courtesy of lametterey and jlmlostarg
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on June 27, 2006, 12:04:57 AM
June 26

Retrievers of Truth Update

The technicians on the ROT backsite have stayed busy.  Some of their in-between update chatter posts haven't been as interesting, but this latest one was probably one to pay attention to. 

If you don't get it you don't get it. iobiSeeingYou 06/26/06
DSLerator - 3:48pm - Ok, this week we'll be asking the questions.
iobiSeeingYou - 3:53pm - Well actually they're hints. 
DSLerator - 3:57pm Yeah... hints to a clue that will lead you to a clue. The answers are words that are right in front of your face on the pages of
iobiSeeingYou - 4:21pm - For security reasons, we'll be posting these hints in a lot of different places and you gotta find them. Then you gotta find the words that answer them. Once you get them all, and we mean all, you can use them.
BroadBandBeatnik - 4:24pm - So basically y'all gotta be on the lookout daily for a hint to where to find the hint that will lead you to the clue that will lead you to the clue to THE CLUE.
DSLerator - 4:26pm - Got it?
Fiberoptician - 4:28pm - Oh yeah. Makes perfect sense to me.
iobiSeeingYou - 4:30pm - Ok then.... The first word in the first song in Cabaret.

The first word in the first song in Caberet is "Wilkommen" (German for "Welcome").  Welcome is on the site:


Sounds like we will get more clues as the weeks go on...

Image courtesy of aggiesean
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on June 28, 2006, 12:20:03 AM
June 27

Rachel Blake Coppenhagen Post 07

The newest blog entry finally recognizes linmoo’s great contribution of finding the islands as being a group near Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada)… however, Rachel still seems convinced that she may have seen yet another that wasn’t captured by the camera which was near the equator. This all leaves ME scratching my head… if the writers of this game wanted us to look for islands on the map there, why didn’t they use ones from there in the first place?

The other new info from this blog entry is that GidgetGirl starts providing some clues–about involvement of the Vik Institute (previously introduced in that awful game of Simon before THF shut down) and Dr. Zander again. A fire had broken out, and a new character–a mathematician named Vigi Benoffski–ended up getting killed while getting caught in it. The way they make it sound isn’t very accident-like, is it? And is this mathematician tied in to Valenzetti? Was this the mysterious man he was visiting?


June 27

Retrievers of Truth Update

There's more chatter to the message board, with inferences that characters such as DSLerator are on AIM under those names, and that clues obtained for those AIM IDs will be considered "in game".  I received this clue from someone who got such an AIM msg:

Ok here’s some info that I gotta give you all so I’m gonna copy and
paste to make it easy on little ole me.

Here’s your next hint:  25 15 21 18

It’s simple and I’m sorry but you’ve got more work coming so it
shouldn’t all be hard work.

 Next up:  We’ve been getting some weird vibes like someone might be
catching on to us. We might need to change the ROT PW.  If you can’t
get in just drop an email in the box. The nice Doctor has composed
another of his email puzzles so you’ll have to figure out the new PW.
Just adds to the fun don’t it.

Thanks for all your hard work.  You guys are great.

Translation:  25=Y; 15=O; 21=U; 18=R or Your appears to be the next clue.  Put with yesterdays, it spells Welcome Your

This clue was received at 9:02 PM EDT on June 27 by jlmlostarg
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on June 28, 2006, 04:29:34 PM
June 28

Rachel Blake Iceland Post 01

Rachel just arrived in Reykjavik, Iceland.  From her backsite blog, a "fan" posts more info about the mathematician, Bernoffski, who supposedly died in the Vik Institute fire while visiting a friend.  In this blog ( which is supposed to be about this professor, he was supposed to be in Perth, Australia on a lecture tour.  Rachel and her "fans" believe that this is likely a cover story by either Bernoffski, or someone who doesn't wants to hide Bernoffski's true whereabouts in Iceland.

This appears to be corroborated by Rachel's newest video, which has been loaded to ( (hidden in the source code of the "Links" section).  An alternative is this fan-uploaded YouTube version (, for those who can't view the slow download.

In the video, she manages to convince Dr. Armand Zander (who earlier talked about the Vik Institute, which he was hired by THF to direct, as being a "hall of mirrors") to meet her at a restaurant. 


Zander appears reluctant to talk at first, but after she tells him that she read his earlier letter, he confides in her that the "secret ward of patients" was not full of patients at all--but rather mathematicians that are incarcerated against their will, and forced to work on an equation all day.  He also talks about the autistic savants who are like "computational machines" forced to work in the same project, which involves heiroglyphics.   

Those who are regulars to our site will already know that we have figured out the heiroglyphics from the game (as being the same ones from the show, at the end of the countdown sequence):


YouTube video uploaded courtesy of mattthepale of The Lost Experience Clues Blog; Heiroglyphics translation courtesy of a Middle Egyptian Dictionary (Faulkner) found by spreadtheword of SWLS
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Post by: Pandora on June 29, 2006, 03:38:02 PM
June 28

Mandrake Wig's MySpace Blog

It appears that ( is in-game as well--first introduced over AIM by DSLerator, and then Speaker said "Keep an eye on this site."

If you recall, Mandrake Wig was first introduced in the email that you got when you signed up for the ROT newsletter as "Just call me Manny." 


He's certainly a strange looking guy, and you'll notice that in his photos, there's a picture also of Dr. "Wally" in a Verizon store:


He has a strange About Me intro, much like "Wally"'s:

Call me Manny. My mother was a botonist and quite fond of narcotic/poisonous plants, roots, and herbs - her favorite being Mandrake. My father was a airline pilot of German decent who loved the Sunday comics. His favorite comic character, no surprise, was Mandrake The Magician. My parents were a match made in heaven. I was raised all over the world but the family finally settled in the Lost Angeles area. I am a friendly and outgoing person who loves people.

In his June 21 post "Responsibility taken," he mentions a strange story about him missing a plane flight.  He got drunk the night before, and ended up missing a flight from "Down under" (Australia) to "Angel city" (Los Angeles).  He woke up feeling like he was "dead or presumed dead," turned on the news, and found that the flight "didn't make it, didn't get there, never got there."  Friends and family were relieved and ecstatic, but he had mixed feelings, saying "Did I escape death or miss out on the adventure of a lifetime? Or both?"  Was the plane that he missed Oceanic Flight 815??  He goes on to talk about getting in a car accident and needing facial reconstructive surgery.

In his June 28 post, he asks 5 questions:

When life hits a rot note... find some answers

Question #1

It was the first R-rated motion picture.

Question #2

Classic Sci-Fi movie E.T. the Extraterrestrial is watching in the film.

Question #3

To which Ralph replied, chicken necks.

Question #4

Not a friend to the radio star.

Question #5

Kitty Carlisle starred on this game show.

The answers to these five questions are as follows (most sources cited are from The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) (

1.The Split
2.This Island Earth
5.To Tell The Truth

Answers #3 & 4 are in particular "called out" in the blog:

But I will tell you this, questions 3 and 4 really stumped me

It is believed that these are special "word clues" along with Welcome Your from previous.

Answers compiled by jlmlostarg
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on June 29, 2006, 05:21:28 PM
June 29

Rachel Blake Iceland Post 02

Rachel says that the creep she knocked out with the iron is still alive (she assumes, since she checks the newspapers), and speculates on Gary Troup's book The Valenzetti Equation as possibly being the one Mittelwerk is forcing the mathematicians at the Vik Institute to work on.  She says that Dr. Zander was able to send her an image of the heiroglyphics, below:


...shortly before she was unable to contact him, and says that they might have gotten to him.  She mentions the "death" meaning, but also speculates on whether or not they could be representatitve symbols if rearranged.

At the bottom she writes "01.53 P.S. ROT", which appears to direct us to a post script in an ROT message...
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on June 29, 2006, 05:28:46 PM
June 29

Retrievers of Truth Update

A new post is up:

Spy me to the moon. - 06/29/06
Fiberoptician -8:12am
I'm reaching out but I wanna make sure we're all on the same page. Here's where you all should be right now. You have four words. Today you can pick up two more hints for the hint hunt (I love saying that it sounds funny and dirty) for a total of... say it with me children, "six!" Wait, I gotta message... I'll be right back.
Fiberoptician - 8:27pm
And we're back! You know what? Espionagin' ain't easy. Ok so today some things will happen. I can't tell you what right now but you'll know when they do because you'll be stuck. What do you do when you're stuck? Go back to the beginning and start the process again. I spoke to this doctor friend of mine and he's agreed to help me the only way he can. A short PS with a WORD that will lead you to the first part of my special super secret thing-ama-whatsit. Parts two and three... humm.. I'll be back.
Fiberoptician - 9:40pm
Ok here you go. Tomorrow aka Friday, The Drake... everybody loves The Drake, will clue you into something he's been working on. There will be something in there for the hint hunt...hehehehe... sorry, and there will be a WORD in there somewhere for part two of my sweetness. Then... oh wait....
Fiberoptician - 9:50am
Then... sorry... on Saturday I will personally... not in person... give you the final WORD that will give you the final piece of my super excellent secret spy stuff goodness. Oh but I gotta tell you how to use these WORDS... yeah right... so I'm setting this up now. One sec...
Fiberoptician - 11:05pm
This is how it's gonna work. When you get a WORD, like the one today, Go immediately to (, and in the address field type in the WORD right after the / and quicker than Vader can choke a flunky you gets the goodies.

Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on June 29, 2006, 06:54:47 PM
June 29

Mandrake Wig Blog Update

Manny has confirmed the four clue words found previously, by bolding the words WELCOME YOUR NEXT VIDEO in his newest entry, "Thank you all."  He thanks a lady named Lena, who appears to be a real MySpace person, who introduced him to Flickr image galleries, where he can display his photography.  He links his photo album below:

( and (
...were both taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina (L is an image of the ship, Vapor de la Carrera; R is an image of the statue bust of Gabino Coria Peñaloza, who wrote the lyrics to Caminita)

Note that there are also images from Australia (sea turtles, Qantas Australian Airlines), Korea (Korean BBQ is his favorite food), a picture of Wally again (who he says is a "friend from another life"), golden retriever dogs, and a "half moon" ("Spy me to the moon" was the name of the last ROT post).


Info and correction on Gabino Coria Peñaloza provided by Winston
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on June 29, 2006, 11:00:52 PM
June 29

Retrievers of Truth Update / SPIDER PROTOCOL Letter

A new newsletter was released from the ROT site today.  The email said:

Dear friends,

I want to thank you all for registering for my newsletter. Things in the world
of Bole and the Retrievers of Truth are very exciting as of late. The RoT is
getting worldwide recognition and I will be appearing on several television
shows in Korea and Australia in the very near future.

The other day I was walking along the river, Bien Ecouter, near a friend’s home
in Switzerland. I was contemplating the nature of things and eating a
buttercream torte when a yellow lab came out of nowhere and blocked my path. I
stood motionless for what seemed like an eternity stunned by this intrusion all
the while wondering what the creature’s intentions were.

The yellow lab is a highly evolved creature, as I have stated on my website and
in my many books. When they venture into our personal space it is usually for a
reason and at this moment I could not fathom what this particular stranger
wanted of me? Had he heard of me from other retrievers? Did he sense my
willingness to communicate? Was this all just a coincidence?

After a few seconds our eyes locked and we communicated. He stated his name was
“Wand Prowess.” He then stated that I should remember his name, “not as it is
but as it can be.” Then he began what seemed like a poem, “In the Pacific I’m in
the ocean bare, when I’m up north I’m the sea bear.” I tried to question both
statements but he just looked at me, turned and as he was about to walk away he
said, “I’ll leave you with two things to ponder” and he then turned and ran off.
These are they:

Maslow’s hierarchy

Keep who’s eye on the prize?

I only tell you these tales of my journeys to entertain. But I do hope these
incidents in my life will inspire you to look more deeply into your own.

Yours truly, Dr. Vincent “Wally” Bole

PS: Consuming a diet high in fiber can be beneficial to the BLOOD.

A few interesting things about this letter:

1) There is a poem about a golden retriever. There is mention of “wand prowess”, which anagrams to “new password”. I has been hinted on the ROT backsite that the password would be changed, so this was no surprise. In the poem, there is mention that “up North, I’m a sea bear”. This should come to no surprise to anyone that this is the “polar bear” (Ursus maritimus = Latin name of the polar bear = sea bear), also the new password for the ROT backsite, replacing “porter”.

2) Two of the lines: Maslow’s Hierarchy (a psychology theory about human NEEDS) and Keep who’s eye on the prize (YOUR) may be the last two words in the secret word series: WELCOME YOUR NEXT VIDEO NEEDS YOUR

3) If you use the capitalized word in the PS (BLOOD) and put at the end of, you will get a PSD document linked from “part 1″. If you use Photoshop or a picture editor, you can see that it is actually 2 layers. Make the top layer 100% translucent (0% opaque, or invisible), and the bottom layer 100% opaque. Someone figured out that if BLOOD = red (color of letters from the letter) that MONEY = green, and SORROW = blue. Using these three words and following the same process of transparency and layering of all three produced this letter:


Spider Protocol?  An Island with unique properties?  It does appear that we know what CCS is--mentioned previously, the Copenhagen Cartographical Society.

Image courtesy of (and manipulated on Photoshop by) duality

Clue "MONEY" found by Dennis and "SORROW" by Belly0fdesire at The Lost Experience Clues Blog

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Post by: Pandora on June 30, 2006, 02:58:41 PM
June 30

DJ Dan Update

The new DJ Dan podcast links to the ROT site (new password polar bear): (

Highlights from the podcast:

6/30 Podcast Transcribed
A: Coming to you live, from the fire in your belly... [DJ DAN JINGLE] You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

D: And uh I'm here talking to Russ...

C1: Russell...

D: Russell... uh yeah Russell Andrews who's here to tell you...

C1: [Talking over him]...Who's here to tell you that we are in a lot of trouble and most of us don't even realize it...

D: Russell, Russell, Russell!  I'm trying to be polite here! Russell! [C1 continues talking over him "...we have an ecosystem on the brink of collapse here..."] Tell us, what is your job?

C1:  [Chuckle] Now, I've already explained, I'm a mathematical forecaster and..

D: Now, now, hold it right there, just hold... my listeners hear "mathematical forecaster" and already [Tongue click] they're disconnected.  Now Russ, tell me, what does a mathematical forecaster do?

C1:  OK, basically I use algorhithms to forecast systematic--

D: *EHHH!!* You use math to predict the future--but Russ, nobody can predict the future!

C1:  Not true--

D:  I repeat, NOBODY.  I don't care who you are:  who you are, what you do, who you pray to, what kind of computer power you're packing, what kinds of degrees your holding, what kind of tarot cards, and star charts and tea leaves and coffee grounds and pigs blood and moo-moon suits and--you can never predict what's coming out of my mouth right now--give me-it a shot--try try TRY--SIX BACKWARDS CHURCH DUMMIES!  You know? Madagascar! Huh?

C1: [Chuckle] So what?

D: So I just proved my point.

C1: Look, DJ Dan, if what I'm saying is so far off the mark, tell me, why would the U.N. hire Enzo Valenzetti in 1963 to apply the laws of statistical probability to predict the future--of mankind?

D: Enzo Venzo-whatawhatawha?

C1: Enzo Valenzetti.  He was the greatest mind in mathematical history.

D: Then, then, how come I ain't heard of him.

C1:  'Cause he died before his prime.  He was piloting a plane from Naples to Paris, and he just--disappeared.  He--he was killed.  KILLED, DJ Dan, to hide the TRUTH.

D: And uh what truth might that be?

C1:  OK, after the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.N. decided to apply my field, uh, to the problems of humanity.  They hired this Princeton grad student Valenzetti to come up with an equation that would help look into the fu--

D:  Alright, Rusty, Rusty. What did this equation say?

C1:  Well, nobody knows. It was an oral presentation to the U.N,. and then the whole thing's been suppressed. And he developed it on his own in seclusion.

D:  Then how do you know that this Valenzetti Equation even exists?

C1:  Because a book was written about it.  I've been trying to get my hands on it for years, but it's out of print, and somebody just bought the original publisher...

D:  Yeah, sounds like a real conspiracy theory, Rusty.  And who, pray tell, bought the publishing company?

C1: The Hanso Foundation.

D:  SHUTDOWN! Very clever, Russ, very clever, but I've seen enough parlor tricks in my day to know when I'm being had.  Next caller.

C2: [Rachel's voice] Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to shutdown your callers, DJ Dan.

D:  Oooooohhh, a feisty one! You sound WAY too hot to be one of my Conspiraspies. Who am I talking to here?

C2:  Here's what I know. Remember your Vik Institute show? The mental hospital run by the Hanso Foundation full of number-crunching savants in a mysterious third basement? I know for a FACT it's full of mathematicians, and those savants?  They're running an equation over and over. It's just like what you said.  Mittlewerk doesn't want a data trail.

D: So you think they're running this Valentiki equation?

C2: Guess you are as smart as you look.

D: Ooooohhh. If I wasn't married I'd take you to the Puerto Rican beach where I grew up and marry you on the SPOT!

C2:  Too bad you're married!

D: [talks dirty in Spanish]

C2: wanna know what I'm wearing?!... Something cute.  Too bad the Hanso Foundation wants me dead.  You'll never get to see.

D: Wait a minute, who is this, really?

C2:  Persephone.

D:  PERSEPHONE?!... Perse--Tonya, quick!  Trace the call, trace the call right now, trace the call, trace it right now! C'mon!!

T:  Trace it? With my pencil?

D: Just... wait... DJ Dan, more in love than ever before...

A: You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
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June 30

Rachel Blake Iceland Post 03

Rachel in her newest blog entry (, recaps the mathematician's calls to DJ Dan, and the implications of this scenario--that Valenzetti's death was part of a conspiracy by Mittelwerk and THF to conceal truths found from his equation.  Dr. Zander is still missing, and Rachel fears that 'they' got to him.  She also says Mittelwerk has been missing since the fire, and she suggests that he's off to set up another "savant sweatshop" for continuing work on the equation in secret.  She opens the door to speculation that Valenzetti is not dead, but just in hiding.

GidgetGirl, who is now working with Rachel on the same blog, suggests that Mittelwerk may have gone to Sanremo on the Italian Riviera, where Valenzetti was from, to continue his dirty work.  She also briefly admits that she may have heard Valenzetti come up in a different context in the past, but does not give details.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
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June 30

Mandrake Wig Update

Manny has added two more photos to his album, one more bizarre than the other.

The first:

Green like MONEY

...Seems just like validation of yesterday's clue...

The second is stranger:

Bole with pie
Get a clue: Direct observation or participation?

...Is even more cryptic.  Note Mandrake peeking in (from a mirror? doorway?) on the left, and the interesting caption below which hints that it is a clue in itself.  Googling "Direct observation or participation" gives the Webster's Dictionary entry for "experience" or EXPERIENCES, which is the next word in our string of clue words.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
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July 1

Retrievers of Truth Update

An update on the ROT backsite (

The clue's the thing. - 07/01/06
DSLerator - 10:43am - You need to get a clue.
iobiSeeingYou - 10:44am - But from where my love?
DSLerator - 10:45am - You get it from the waitress! THE END?

This points to CHECK as being the next word (since you get it from the waitress at the end).  By complete luck, someone guessed the word TOMORROW as being the last word in the string, and added it to the end of ( (

It came up with a new login and passworded textbox, however.

Clue found by acts4food of The Lost Experience Clues Blog

The proper clue to the word TOMORROW was given over chat on AIM by in-game handle iobiSeeingYou--her clue was "Rob Morrow's daughter's name".  Her name is Tu Morrow.

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July 3

Rachel Blake Italy Post 01

Well, Rachel is now in San Remo, Italy, on the tails of Mittelwerk, several THF & GWC higher-ups, and apparently it seems Valenzetti might not be dead after all.

The login name she gives is rblake and the pw is allveggie at the end of the long string: (


She mentions a hint of a family relationship with someone else who had gut feelings that were misleading ("Maybe it's in my genes"), but doesn't say who.  She also signs off with the catch-phrase "Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash," which was used by Jimmy Durante in the 1960's, a secret sign-off to his late wife.  See Wikipedia entry for Durante, HERE (

Image courtesy of lametterey
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July 3

Valenzetti Equation Website

Speaker has introduced a site called ( as being in-game.


The information within this site is almost identical to an edit into Lostpedia ( on May 10, 2006, by someone at an IP address which matches that of Javier-Grillo Marxuach (and which had at one point been thought the output of a spammer/hoaxer, until the IP was confirmed).

Lostpedia entry for Valenzetti, almost identical to that within site
Though shrouded in mystery, this much is known about the Valenzetti Equation: it is a
mathematical calculation designed to predict nothing less than the exact number of years
left before the extinction of the human race. Although little is known about the
circumstances leading to the creation of the equation, mystery novelist Gary Troup put
forward an interesting theory in his sole non-fiction book "The Valenzetti Equation"
(a fair-to-middling tome which owes as much to popular conspiracy fiction as it does to
higher mathematics).

According to Troup - whose research is primarily based on interviews with "UN members"
willing to break their non-disclosure agreements, and recently declassified Soviet
files - the equation was the end result of a study commissioned by the United Nations
following the Cuban Missile Crisis. With their respective nations having just faced the
very precipice of mutually-assured destruction, the United States and Soviet Union - under
the auspices of the Security Council - secretly sought Valenzetti out as a disinterested
third party and charged him with the creation of an infallible mathematical algorithm for
the prediction of Armageddon.

Less than a year later, Valenzetti returned with his eponymous equation - which, reportedly,
is not unlike the Drake Equation (sometimes mistakenly referred to as the "Sagan Equation"),
but far greater in complexity. Because of the conditions of secrecy under which
Valenzetti produced his work, the totality of the equation has never been brought to light,
nor has his final tally for the number of years left before the human race extinguishes
itself with nuclear fire. Compounding the mystery is Valenzetti's steadfast refusal
to discuss his work (he is best known for allegedly torching his proof of Fermat's
last theorem after it was verified by a group of colleagues).  Valenzetti’s mysterious
death and Gary Troup's disappearance (and presumed death) on Oceanic Airlines flight 815,
which was lost over the pacific on September 2004.

Enzo Valenzetti

Very little is known about Enzo Valenzetti, save that he was born in the island of Sardinia
sometime in the late 1920's. Identified as a math prodigy from an early age, Valenzetti
attended the prestigious Fibonacci State Institute of Advanced Sciences early in
life - achieving the equivalent of a full doctorate before the age of sixteen - but his
strident desire for privacy, compounded by a gag order placed on his personal information
by the Italian government - reportedly in exchange for his services - has thwarted even
the most intense of inquiries into his career and movements, and Valenzetti’s death silenced
many who sought to tell his story. Similarly, Valenzetti has never published his
research - but his reputation is legendary among mathematicians and scientists alike.

As a young man, Valenzetti reportedly spent a significant amount of time in the company
of such luminaries as Kurt Godel, Albert Einstein, and John Forbes Nash, but, as no record
exists of his having had a tenure at any major academic institution, it is difficult to
establish his exact contributions to the field. Most controversial among those who follow
advanced mathematics is the contention, made by several prominent figures in the early
sixties, that Valenzetti was first to devise a proof of Fermat's last theorem - a proof
verified by several colleagues - only to throw the completed work in the fire so
that - according to his former assistant - "other could have as much fun as he did in
solving it."

Valenzetti's most legendary contribution is said to be his eponymous equation. Anecdotal
reports indicate that Valenzetti, at the request of the United Nations, devised a
complicated algorithm capable of predicting the exact date of the extinction of the
human race. As with so many things relating to Valenzetti, the actual equation has never
been seen. The result of Valenzetti's equation remains unknown and is the subject of much
speculation. Sadly the answers to many of the mysteries of Valenzetti’s life vanished with
him after his single-engine plane crashed during a trans-European flight.

Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
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July 4

Rachel Blake Italy Post 04

Rachel has a new recording which can be found on Lost Ninja ('s blog, by clicking the "Truth in Lost Radio" link (  The username is rblake, and the password is organharvest this time.

Mittelwerk, Peter Thompson and some "Hanso cronies" (including a female voice) are heard discussing Bernoffski and Valenzetti (and his equation) in secret.  It appears there is some dissention in the ranks, as Thompson questions if they have the right equation (since it was donated to Alvar Hanso, who hasn't been seen), Mittelwerk points out that he should "watch the orientation film", and then pulls rank on him ("Who cured your cancer?"). 

Full transcript of recording
TM=Tom Mittlewerk, PT= Peter Thompson, UW=unidentified woman

TM: I admit, the fire sets us back, but all we've really lost is time.
UW: And Vigi Bernoffski. If his family goes public-
TM: They won't. I've seen to that.
UW: We're already funnelling millions into your mental programmes without knowing if this equation's even-
TM: You say it like it's an insult. "Mental Programmes!" The Mental Health Appeal is the centrepiece of all our future plans.
PT: Tom, we're not disputing the theory. But take a step back. How can we ever know with any certainty we're working with the real Valenzetti equation?
TM: Because Peter I am certain.
UW: What does Hanso have to say?
TM: Hanso is totally on board.
PT: (sarcastic) Yeah. It'd be nice if he made an appearance.
TM: (angry) You want to see Alvar Hanso, Peter, why don't you watch the orientation film, he talks all about the Valenzetti Equation. I'll send you the DVD.
PT: It's not for me Tom, it's for our partners.
TM: Then let me be clear. This is the equation. Now, if you believe the web geeks, legend says Valenzetti never even kept a copy of it for himself and that's true.
He offered it to the UN; they didnt want it. But Alvar Hanso did. Hanso wanted to carry out research - good work based on the Valenzetti Equation. And in exchange, Valenzetti donated it to us.
PT: No, he donated it to Alvar Hanso. We have no way of knowing if he gave us the real equation.
TM: Do I work for you, Peter, or do you work for me? Who cured your cancer? Tell me. I want to hear you say it.
PT: You did. Tom.
TM: Then this conversation is over.

Also in Rachel's blog, GidgetGirl admits he has seen Valenzetti's dossier, and claims it isn't too informative, and is reluctant to give more despite Rachel's pressing.

Transcript courtesy of winston
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July 05

Rachel Blake Italy Post 03

New recording is found on the Channel 4 site ( 

Rachel is trying to bribe a nurse to talk about some "treatments" Mittelwerk had, which involve a total blood transfusion and proprietary formulations of medications, and a whole slew of vaccinations.  She also confirms that her mother is now dead. 

Rachel continues to speculate in her blog that the transfusion has something to do with the experimental LEP treatments and with Dr. Eliza Vasquez's concerns from her previous letters to Alvar Hanso before he disappeared (that there was something strange in his blood).

Nurse "Sophia" Recording Transcribed
Nurse: Did you bring the money?
Rachel: Yeah, I brought it.
Nurse: That's all of it? Give it to me.
Rachel: Just wait a second!
Nurse: No money, no information.
Rachel: Look, I'm gonna give you the money. But I need to know you're "for real" first. What was Mittlewerk doing at the hospital?
Nurse: I don't know this Mittlewerk.
Rachel: Do you have any idea what these people are doing?
Nurse: Why should I care?
Rachel: I guess you shouldn't. Thanks, goodbye.
Nurse: ...wait. He was getting treatment.
Rachel: What kind of treatments? Why?
Nurse: You don't want to be looking into these people. I'm sure you have a...a mother that cares about you.
Rachel: My mother's dead. She cared very much about me, but...she's gone.
Nurse: Is that why you're doing this?
Rachel: Yes. It is.
Nurse: We gave him a blood treatment, an exchange transfusion.
Rachel: Is that what it sounds like?
Nurse: We replaced all his blood with fresh blood.
Rachel: Why would someone do that?
Nurse: I need my money.
Rachel: You said "treatments." What else?
Nurse: We give him injections. Vaccinations, mainly. Hep-A, B, DTP... different types of flu, Typhoid, Yellow Fever...and they were a propriatary formulation.
Rachel: I don't understand. Where would you be going that you needed so many vaccinations?
Nurse: You don't have enough money for me to tell you that.

Transcript courtesy of aggiesean
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July 5

DJ Dan Update

Found by clicking on the Sublymonal ad at the top of his Podcast Archive page (; entering anything after "I LOVE ___" will type out the word "Pyramid".  Click on the pyramid icon, and it will take you there.

( (

Highlights from the podcast:

7/5 Podcast Transcribed
A: Coming to you live from Stonehenge....[DJ DAN JINGLE]  You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

D: Yep, we're coming to you live, and I'm shuttin down The Man, that's the plan, so you don't know the what hit the fan. So much for my hip hop career.

T: Come on, Dan, you're old school.

D: Yep, hang a grandfather clock around my neck, that's how old school I am. Speaking of, I call myself a DJ, but how often do you actually hear me play music? Yeah, jump on that, Conspiraspies. We're havin a good time today, ladies and GMOs. We're in our blue track suits. We have our name brand white sneakers. That's right, we're celebrating the anniversary of.... Heaven's Gate! [Crowd cheers] Cults, people, we're talking about cults. Tonya, do you have a favorite?

T:  Uh, what about those guys, with the red scarves, you know, who just said they cloned their leader?

D:  Good one, but you know, I mean, I have a soft spot for the Heaven's Gaters, you know, the sheer ambition, just gets to me, okay. They killed themselves to hitch a ride on a comet. Kinda poetic. So, my sweet conspiraspies, are you in a cult? Were you in a cult? Are you about to drink the Kool Aid? Are ya makin the Kool Aid? Call us first! Tell us all about it! Lets take Mike from Texas - soooweey! Mike, you got a shotgun under the seat?

C1:  You betcha, DJ Dan.

D:  Don't mess with Mikey! Mike, what is your cult connection?

M:  Well, I'm listenin to The Cult...

D:  That's a band, you dink. People, do I have to explain? No self respecting cult calls itself a cult. The Cult itself is not a cult. And even if it spawned a cult, it certainly would not be a cult.... SHUTDOWN! Bo from Minnesota... I hear you spotted a cult in your hometown.

C2:  Yes sir, my nephew joined these bald chanting guys, you know, dancing, handing out flowers in the street...

D:  Chanting guys? Chanting Guys?!? They're not a cult! Everyone knows they're a front for extra-terrestrials - SHUTDOWN!! Come on People, give me something real. Anthony from Patoski, Michigan. That in the thumb, Anthony?

C3:  Um, its more in the pinky finger. Anyways, DJ Dan, I think my grandma was in a cult.

D:  Grandmas don't join cults, SHUTDOWN! Just kidding. Continue, I am captivated.

C3:  Um, well, she was getting her doctorate in I think psych at the University of Michigan in the 60s. And she joined this group, I guess, called the Karma Imperative, or something...

D:  The Karma Imperative? Okay now, THAT sounds like a cult.

C3:  Yeah, and um, well, she told my mom about how she was going with the Karma Imperative to some place in the South Pacific.

D:  Island, continent, cruise ship? What are we talkin about here? Come on, give me somethin....

C3:  Um, she just said it was like, I think, The Flame, or the Fire?

D:  Moving on, moving on....

C3:  Well, they never heard from her after that. It was like early 70s when she went; nobody at the University heard about the Karma Imperative. And well, they had, like, a funeral for her and everything.

D:  Well that is a tragedy. A human, real-life tragedy. It makes me sick, Anthony, SICK! These repugnant, selfish, clannish, cronyish, mystical, brainwashing pieces of dung that take away our loved ones. Conspiraspies you heard it! Anthony from Patoski has lost his grandmother to the Karma Imperative. You know what to do, you know who you are. I need some dirt on Karma so we can find Tony's Granny and SHUTDOWN the man! Back after these messages.

A: You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

Transcript courtesy of truffula
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July 6

Rachel Blake Italy Post 04

Rachel says that last night, after losing Mittelwerk, she stumbled upon a finding at the wharf:


Unknown for now what is significant about the name, Helgus Antonius.
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July 10

DJ Dan Update

DJ Dan's newest podcast is up, linked from ( from the owelles folder.  CLICK HERE ( for the direct link.

Highlights from the podcast:

7/10 Podcast Transcribed
A: Coming to you live from the bug planted in your head... [DJ DAN JINGLE] You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

D: Dan: Get your dialing fingers ready, Conspiraspies--it's time for our first brand new spanking series: "Where's Alvar?" Now, if you've been following the work of our dream girl, whistle-blowing, investigative, whipper snapper Rachel Blake, who may or may not be the hacker Persephone - who in true Conspiraspy fashion literally shutdown the hanso foundation website then you know she is having a little bit of a problem. See, she is hitting a lot of dead ends, most of them circulating around the fact that she can't seem to locate the man with all the answers, the ring leader himself, Alvar Hanso. Tonya, where do you think Alvar Hanso is?

T: Er, standing right behind you?

D: Wha? Whoa! Right, almost gave me a heart attack, Tonya. I have one of those actual size cardboard cutouts of Hanso standing right back there in the corner, printed it from that Narvik photo. And Tonya knows I have a bad memory. Anyway, back to topic: I wanted to help Rachel find Hanso, so I thought to myself. Self, you've got a worldwide network of eager Conspiraspies and most of them have two very curious eyes, so I've decided to put those eyeballs to use, Conspiraspies. Have you seen Alvar Hanso? Have you had a run in with the man himself? Then give us a call, first caller? Brad from Michiana. [Mispronouncing]

C1: Michiana!

D: Where the hell is Michiana?

C1: Er, Southwest Michigan, North West Indiana, we are sparsely populated.

D: I can see why... Bradley, where's Alvar?

C1: I'm pretty sure I saw him at Mr. Cluck's, he was eating a family bucket, was all by himself.

D: Breasts? Or Legs and thighs?

C1: I think it was like...

D: SHUTDOWN! Billionaires do not eat legs and thighs! It's a fact, look it up. Andrew from the San Fernando valley. Like, totally, Andrew, where's Alvar?

C2: Dan, I was visiting a friend in the Santa Rosa hospital for the mentally ill and I could swear I saw a guy who looked just like Hanso talking to the doctors.

D: Intriguing , we know these guys are into the mentally ill. When was this, Andrew?

C2: Two months ago

D: Two months... SHUTDOWN!

Useful information only, people, Come on! Lindsey from NYC, you are on baby.

C3: Hey Dan, I was doing a photo shoot at a soccer stadium in LA and I swear Hanso was running a tour de stade.

D: And what in the holy heck fires is a tour de stade, Lindsey?

C3: It's where you run up and down all the stairs in a stadium.

D: SHUTDOWN! Recent estimates put Alvar Hanso at somewhere near 112 years old, I don't care what kind of life extension drugs they are pumping into the old boy. I couldn't run a tour de stade when I was twenty ok?

T: I think that might be more of an individual problem, DJ Dan.

D: Tonya, don't make me come into the producer's booth.

T: If we had a producers booth...

D: Yeah, sorry about that. Steve, from Florida...

C4: DJ Dan, you're awesome.

D: Well I know that, where's Alvar?

C4: Er, I know for a fact that he was taking applications at an army recruiting office in Tallahassee.

D: SHUTDOWN! Everybody knows there ain't nothing but strip clubs and waffle joints in Tallahassee. And Hanso doesn't strike me as a desperate man. Tony from San Fran, where's Alvar?

C5: I'm pretty sure I saw him in a hot air balloon.

D: Ok, that's a billionaire sport. Tell me, Tony where were you at the time?

C5: In a hot air balloon.

D: SHUTDOWN! Speaking of hot air! OK, lightning round: Just name the location--Nat from Raleigh: Go!

C6: Niagara Falls

D: American or Canadian side?

C6: Canadian?

D: SHUTDOWN! Kevin from Des Moines, where's Alvar?

C7: I'm pretty sure I saw him at a diner last night a few miles from here.

D: Populated or unpopulated road.

C7: Unpopulated.

D: Tonya, take down the info. Don from Athens, Georgia or Greece?

C8: Greece, by way of Georgia.

D: OK, now I'm really confused. Where's Alvar?

C8: Well, I heard from a friend he went to a faith-healer in Ayer's Rock in Australia.

D: On the fence with that; will have to go with SHUTDOWN! Hanso is The Man and The Man ain't vibing with the faith healers. OK, last call before the break: Nikolai from Philly, where's Alvar?

C9: [Russian accent] Hi DJ Dan, I'm frequent traveler and quite often in the VIP lounge of Oceanic Air, I have seen old European gentleman, absolutely fitting Hanso's description, always with drink in hand.

D: And this drink what was it?

C9: Looks like he drinks Manhattan.

D: SHUTDOWN! If you'd have said mineral water I would have bit. Well folks, our journey today was most likely fruitless, but keep those peepers peeled, and tune in two weeks from now for another edition of Wheeeeerrrrees WHOA! [Almost sounded like 'Walt'] Tonya! Help me get rid of this cardboard cutout! C’mon, c’mon. Let’s get it out of here. It’s freakin’ me out.

A: You're listening to DJ Dan, shutting down The Man.

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July 10

Rachel Blake Italy Post 05

Looks like Rachel is still in Sanremo, frustrated as ever in her new post ( She says that she realized she is being hacked, but not by who. She has a couple of shoutouts from real fans who post to her blog, but no firm leads on Helgus Antonius–after checking with the harbormaster, she’s convinced it is a ghost ship because it “never arrived and never left” (she also seems to like the interpretation of the name as “The Holy Flower”). She does mention a few lines from a fictitious Geronimo Jackson song.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
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July 12

Rachel Blake Italy Post 06

Rachel records an interesting message from GidgetGirl: Recording found HERE ( (login RBlake, pw FalseDegree). It seems there’s some confirmation of why GG feels like she is personally involved (possibly that she is Hugh McIntyre’s mistress).  Also, GG sounds a bit like Darla, from the first 877-HANSORG phone number (check back at the beginning of this thread, May 2nd entry, for that recording).

Phone Recording Transcribed
Rachel: Hello? Hello?
Woman: Yeah.
Rachel: Who is this? Hello?
Woman: Just another Monday morning quarterback.
Rachel: GidgetGirl? How did you find me?
GidgetGirl: Is that really important?
Rachel: Where have you been?
GidgetGirl: Hiding, which is what you should be doing.
Rachel: I AM hiding.
GidgetGirl: If I can find you so can they. But they're leaving you alone for some reason. Why, Rachel?
Rachel: Why are you calling now?
GidgetGirl: No. Don't do that, don't avoid the question.
Rachel: I'm NOT!
GidgetGirl: It doesn't make sense. Me, I'm involved. The man I love, say what you will about him, about us, he's involved. I can't get away, but you? Rachel, you have a choice!
Rachel: Like you have a choice to fall in love with a married man? I don't HAVE a choice, I HAVE to do this, and I'm sorry, but I can't tell you anymore!
GidgetGirl: I have something for you. A package. I think it's time we met.
Rachel: Where?
GidgetGirl: Here, in Paris.
Rachel: But I'm in Italy, I can't--
GidgetGirl: Tomorrow. Check your e-mail, I'll send you the meet location. It'll be encoded, but you're smart, it shouldn't be a problem.
Rachel: And how will I know you? What's your name? Please, you know my name!
GidgetGirl: If you've made it clear, that's all I know. You'll know me.
Rachel: Okay.
GidgetGirl: One more thing.
Rachel: What's that?
GidgetGirl: No cameras. You're reckless, Rachel, and reckless will get me killed.
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July 12

The Hanso Foundation Commercial Starring Mittelwerk

It seems to have aired during the last quarter of the 23rd Psalm rerun, and also may have played before Jimmy Kimmel.  View it HERE ( on Youtube.


Honestly, not exactly the most informative of clips, but mentions of “encouraging spirited debate” have brought up speculation about whether some new forum or blog will be opening up soon. There is the site,, which shares the same server as Rachel’s blog, the compass site, and the original THF site before it went down, but no one has yet cracked the username and password.

Image courtesy of scullygirl818

Video uploaded courtesy of LHorse007
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July 14

Rachel Blake Update

Rachel's site has an update, though it's not a post by her.

It has an image of a park:
Which directs to (

It is in the directory "/crying/", and the signoff is simply:

Mel0drama appears to be the one who helped Rachel post this link, as he says in her blog comments:

Rachel, I'm taking your silence as a call for help. I know you wanted to make sure these videos are secure, but I think people need to see this video. I'm putting it where a lot of people can find it. I only hope you're not... no, I have to stop with the bad thoughts!

listen, look and watch

This is a clue that we are to go to ( and enter listen.  Doing so goes to a music video by Talib Kweli.  Anytime while it is playing, you can click on his right eye (the "look and watch" clue), and it will take you to a secret video after entering the username and password from above.

Apparently, the video has Rachel on it crying, and talking about how she tried to meet with GidgetGirl recently.  She didn't make it, and Rachel sits in front of her computer monitor to show us that she was recently killed, along with Hugh McIntyre, in a staged car "accident."  She reveals that GidgetGirl was in fact Darla Taft (the woman on the 877 HANSORG phone messages) from the beginning, who is also Hugh's mistress from the GWC.  With both now dead, Rachel realizes she is in grave danger herself, but not before gunshots ring out through her windows, and her video gets cut off.

The screenshot of the newstory; note that fictitious site's layout is identical to that of the BBC:
( (

Images courtesy of truffula and goAlvar

Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on July 14, 2006, 07:17:04 PM
July 14

Retrievers of Truth Update

The new thread called "How'd you like a greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?" talks about the "attrocity" of a new Hanso/Mittelwerk commercial appearing on (  The ROT techs DSLerator, iobiSeeingYou and Fiberoptician believe that one of their own, BroadBandBeatnik, has betrayed them and taken a job with THF.

At the ( site, the video is found by clicking on The Hanso Foundation icon. 



Advertisement Transcribed
Business lives and dies on communication. And when all business is extending lives, human health, advancing technology to mend an injured planet, communication can literally mean the difference between life and death. As President and Chief Technologist of the Hanso Foundation, it is my job to make sure that the beneficial work of this multilingual multinational multidisciplinary organization reaches every one of the good people we are trying to help. The Hanso Foundation isn't just about the cutting edge of science. It's about bringing people together from prize winning scientists to villagers of the developing world under the banner of better living through innovation.

Without Broadband, we would be completely in the dark. Our ability to communicate relies on real time video conferencing, uploading and downloading vast quantities of information, and the lightning fast transmission of e-mail, around the world and back.

A lot of people call the medical, educational, and scientific advances made by the Hanso Foundation a godsend. And they are right. But - if you ask me, it is the godsend of Broadband that truly allows us to reach out to a better tomorrow and do what we must.

Images courtesy of leleana
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on July 17, 2006, 01:56:53 PM
July 17

Retrievers of Truth Update

Wally has sent out a new newsletter. 

Dear friends,

Thank you for supporting the Retrievers of Truth. You unwavering loyalty and patronage are what keep me working so hard to get the truth out there about the Labrador. Things are going very well for the organization and for myself. I would not be speaking to you if it were not for your belief.

Today I would like to talk to you about something that has effected us all at one time or another - change. Change is the nature of existence. Do you think the now mighty and mentally superior Labrador retriever was always such a symbol of canine superiority? Definitely not.

I myself have experienced change in my life. An awakening or rebirth of sorts. And from that change came personal growth. A flowering, if you will. When a young yellow is but a pup he hasn’t the slightest inkling of the changes he will endure. He goes though life as a pet only to later become the true master.

I can’t tell you how to overcome change but I can tell you to look to the future. Aim for the stars. Pick a point in your mind that you want to reach and allow yourself to change - to adapt and be ready for anything that might come your way.

Like a wise old yellow once told me, “If I didn’t change my mind, I’d be thinking the same things every single day.”

Yours truly, Dr. Vincent “Wally” Bole

Also, Mandrake Wig on MySpace ( has changed his top friends to all people (real accounts) who are faceless (have no profile picture). 

Lastly, the old password polar bear no longer works for
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on July 18, 2006, 01:51:44 PM
July 18

Rachel Blake Update

“Rachel” or someone has a new post (probably Mel0Drama)… only says:


With a link to a picture of the back of someone’s head and linking to ( The key is the click in the lower right corner around 8 o’clock again (near the old WTK/Persephone picture hotspot). It will take you to the admin directory, where you enter the above username & pw. There are two items; one links to the old WTK video from jeepchannel (apology to DJ Dan on YouTube, which we’ve seen), and the other back to the Jeep website (

To find the video, go to (it is found by going to the ( site, and clicking on the security features “crush zone” hotspot on the grill of the car, and then viewing the demo):

Here is a screencapture of the man in this video compared with "the fixer", or Mittelwerk's driver:


It appears that the guy who has been pursuing her is not who she thought he was... and may actually be trying to help her!  Is he Mel0Drama, who has been helping her post the videos?  Also, the last line is about Rachel's true identity, and how they shouldn't say it on video.

Image courtesy of rvturnage
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July 19

DJ Dan Update & Hanso Commercials

At DJ Dan’s site (, there are 2 new commericials, click “Eyes on the Man (” and then the pictures of Mittelwerk.

Pic #1: Links to THF, still shut down (has been a new link at bottom for Mittelwerk THF generic commercial, which we’ve already seen).

Pic #2: Links to LEP commercial (

Pic #3: Links to MFi commercial (

Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
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July 20

Rachel Blake Update

Rachel’s got a new post directing us to a video on ( You have to follow the “Monster Career Advice” link at the bottom (, and then "celebrity advice videos (" and “Can she trust him” for the video at the bottom ( She captures some things about “the fixer” on her glasses cam; he appears more and more to be Mel0Drama, and not necessarily the 'bad guy' in this story. 

Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on July 21, 2006, 04:53:19 PM
July 21

Rachel Blake and Retrievers of Truth Updates

In her newest posts on ( are images of a note to GidgetGirl and clues to Spider Protocol. They point us in the direction of the Retrievers of Truth (, but now none of the passwords work for here.

Meanwhile, over AIM, DSLerator and iobiSeeingYou were giving clues to look into someone named Pedro Armendariz, an actor. He played in the movie adaptation of “The Pearl”, by John Steinbeck; it turns out that Steinbeck is the new ROT ( password.

If you now enter, you can see a weird thread "3 will... 3 will... ROCK YOU!", discussing Korean food.  Only the last thing that is mentioned is not really food at all, he was a character (a Korean Minister of some department, from a previous update, who is the back pocket of THF).  This in turn leads to (, where clicking on the “Fuel Passions” link and then clicking on the small lighted building just below the text on the left-hand side of the screen opens a password window with a login box.


That's where you use the "Korean food" reference:


With the “Fixer”’s help, Rachel ends up with Darla’s (AKA GidgetGirl’s) apartment key, and goes exploring. Turns out she left her a few gifts before she died, including a fake ID pass, tickets to Sri Lanka, classified info on Spider Protocol, a map of the Helgus Antonius, and a video of Darla herself before she ran off (unbeknownst to her, only to be killed). The last thing Rachel says on the video before she gets cut off is about the Helgus being a hospital ship… and asking why all the wards on board are quarantined…




Rachel says in her newest post that she ended up in Sri Lanka, apparently she used the ticket and is on the tails of this story. As many may recall, Darla’s voice first appeared on the 877 HANSORG number, leaving a voice message for Hugh that Sri Lanka “just wasn’t right”. It’s a dangerous situation!
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July 21

Mandrake Wig Update

Manny now has a new entry in his MySpace blog (, titled "You’ll find what you’re looking for… I have faith in you all."  He still continues to rotate the friends in his "Top 24" list.

In the new entry is more cryptic (but sage) advice, such as "How are we to find our way if were not allowed to walk on our own?  See the light if everyone is showing us the way? We all need to live, love, laugh and all the other L words that make up a fulfilling existence with observance rather than direction. Everyone needs to find their own way through this thing called life."
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on July 23, 2006, 02:07:30 PM

July 22

Comic Con &

During Comic Con 2006 in San Diego, CA, Rachel Blake interrupted the middle of the Q&A session with the LOST Panel.  See the full YouTube video of the encounter (

Rachel's Outburst at Comic Con Transcribed
[Young lady stands up in middle of Q&A in front of panel]

RB: I have a question.  Hello?

Damon: Hi. 

RB:  HAVE YOU NO SHAME. [Someone screams "Rachel!", someone cheers]

Damon/Carlton: What?


Damon:  Uh, I have a little shame.

Carlton: I have no shame.

RB: Don't be cute!  Tell us what you know about The Hanso Foundation!

[Raucous applause erupts throughout audience as people realize who she is]

Damon:  The Hanso Foundation is a... uh, philanthropic organization... that we have co-opted for the purposes of LOST, stuck it at the end of an orientation film... 'cause we thought it would...

RB: Those films are real!  We deserve the truth!

[More applause]

Damon: We came up with those films... We're writers...

RB: You're liars!  [Audience laughter] You're promoting them as some sort of force for good, but they're NOT!

Damon:  Uh, Dan Brown uses Opus Dei in the Da Vinci Code... [Someone on panel calls security]

RB: Oh my God.  STOP.  Since you claim not to know, why don't I fill you in?  How about the name Joop?  105 year old orangutang?  How about the fire in Iceland, do you know anything about--stop. STOP that.  [Audience laughter]  Do you know anything about organ harvesting in Africa?  How bout the deaths of Hugh McIntyre and Darla Taft of the Global Welfare Consortium? [More applause]

Damon:  There, there are other people waiting to ask questions... We have no connection to the Hanso...

RB: I'm sure that they want me to ask these questions. [Applause]

Damon:  We have no connection with The Hanso Foundation...

RB: That's a lie!  They run ads on your show!  They're putting money in ABC's pockets to prove themselves this great philanthropic organization...

Damon: Maybelline runs ads on our shows, and they're not part of the "International Makeup Global Consortium".

RB: Stop it, you're protecting them.  You're protecting a very real, very dangerous organization. 

Damon: Look, it's not real, it's a television show.  There is no Alvar Hanso! [Applause]

RB: It IS real.  The Hanso Foundation is real.  The DHARMA Initiative is real.  Thomas Werner Mittelwerk is real.  And what he's doing in Sri Lanka right now, he's doing terrible things--THAT's real.  Where is Alvar Hanso??

Damon: He's an actor!

Carlton: He's on a window in our TV show...

RB: Alvar Hanso is real!!  And I am living proof of that!  And my name is Rachel Blake, and I am real! [Applause]  And if you want you want the truth, you will go to!  And you have blood on your hands, you have blood on your hands, and you have blood on your hands!  [Pointing at panel writers and screaming now] You disgust me!!  YOU DISGUST ME!

[Led out by security]

Very shortly after her outburst and direction to (, the site went online. 


It appears that Rachel has now gone underground again, and has a video about Sri Lanka, but can't hide it all in one place.  If you read the instructions, she talks about finding fragment codes and glyphs hidden various places on the internet:


At least 2 of the fragment codes can be found in the site itself (see two images above):

1) 7HKBH <== found on Intro page
2) RRGYXS <== found on Instructions page

At least one was found at Comic Con:

3) 4HO<== found on Damon Lindelof's wristband during autograph signings

A) Sign up for hansoexposed.

B) Log in with your chosen email and password.

C) Enter the fragment codes here:


D) To take the video out of storage, drag it to the sequence bar like so (use the scroll bar if you collect a bunch):


E) You are in the "Arrange" section to start out with; if you don't like the order, drag them in the sequence bar.

F) To watch the videos, go to "Zoom" in the upper right, and click on the middle medium sized box ("Inspect"), or the right large sized box ("View"):


G)  Make sure you click "Save" at the end to keep your video fragments.  You can also send them to other people with accounts.


Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
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July 24

Rachel Blake & Fragment Code Updates

Two more fragment codes have been found:

4) OHGE <-- Speaker ( ‘was emailed’ an image of another wristband (likely the writers, seeing that none of us had found it yet, decided to give us this hint)

5) 748L <-- found on Rachel Blake's blog (

All the fragment codes, along with their glyph images, will be catalogued HERE (
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on July 25, 2006, 08:29:00 PM
July 25

Fragment Code Updates

More fragments discovered, primarily on puppet blog sites.

6) FVH7N < --- Speaker’s blog ( (hidden link)
7) 88CH < --- Lost Ninja’s blog (
8 ) 1EY8AZCZNA2 < --- Lost Ninja’s blog (
9) VDADOS7YRE0 < --- Lost Ninja’s blog (
10) 3GTVI0M11 < --- Entertainment Weekly Article (,6115,1218433_3_0_,00.html)
11) IG3X < -- UK LOST podcast (

Lostpedia ( has a Glyph Gallery ( which will keep track of the images associated with the codes.

July 25

Mandrake Wig Update

Manny now has 3 new photos in his Flickr photo album (

Captioned "only in australia can you get a fresher perspective on the universe where evil lurks"
The upside down statue of Charles La Trobe is in Melbourne, Australia.

Title mispelt "el"
Captioned "there are days when i feel like hitting my head against a brick wall"
Statue of businessman hitting his head against a building wall in Los Angeles, CA.

Captioned "from the outer space"
A statue of a shark in a house roof, in Headington, England.

Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on July 27, 2006, 09:50:48 AM
July 26

Fragment Code Update

12) XIGZ2Y10S2 < -- Rachel Blake’s blog ( (front page)
13) GMX18BCJ < -- DJ Dan’s Links page (
14) 4KVKLAYDM0 < -- unknown primary source; discussed Speaker’s blog ( comments section, apparently someone wrote a scrïpt to figure out the one code that only one person had, but was not sharing with the rest of the community


July 26

Rachel Blake Interview

Rachel Blake is "interviewed" by Doc Jensen in his Entertainment Weekly column (,6115,1219122_3_0_,00.html).  It is mostly humorous, with no obvious new information.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on July 28, 2006, 01:24:46 AM
July 27

Fragment Code Updates

15) M6XY398  < --- Lost Ninja’s blog (
16) 3ZGT  < --- Fuselage diaries (

July 27

Retrievers of Truth Update

There’s a new thread up at the ROT ( backsite (don’t forget, password = Steinbeck), where BroadBandBeatnik tries to redeem himself after accusations of being a traitor, by posting a picture of him at ComicCon (as his alibi, saying he didn’t upload the Mittelwerk commercials). However, it doesn’t appear to be an image of the LOST panel.

Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Basics & Summary)--Check in here first!
Post by: Pandora on July 29, 2006, 01:21:08 PM
July 28

Fragment Code Updates

17) ZY6C < --- Speaker’s blog ( (found hidden in Week 3 Roundup when the Hole2 image is clicked after a very long maze of hints from one of Speaker's comments in the comments section)
18) 7TI  < --- Official LOST magazine, US
19) RXMHJH9Y <--- Official LOST magazine, UK
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: Pandora on July 31, 2006, 12:26:44 PM
July 31

Fragment Code Updates

20) RGMR < --- Other Girl's (LOST UK) blog (

July 31

Fragment Code Updates

21) VIX7ZXT97 < --- LOST podcast (

August 2

Fragment Code Updates

22) 89RMCOCDC6D < --- Gary Troup's page under "About" (

August 3

Fragment Code Updates

23) VOU8VPNPS5X < --- physically found at King's Comics in Sydney, Australia, following hint by LOST Ninja (
24) 750NZF8X < --- from text messaging 83188 Mobile in the UK, following clue by Other Girl (
25) NZ59 < --- found in Australian Yahoo LOST video, following hint by LOST Ninja (
26) E82KNI8L < --- found on Speaker's blog (

August 4

Fragment Code Updates

27) 90VDHOHU < --- DJ Dan's merchandise page (

August 5

Fragment Code Updates

28) NANITE < --- found in People magazine Sprite ad
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: Pandora on August 08, 2006, 05:30:15 PM
August 8

Fragment Code Updates

29) KU12PB5LV7 < --- found at blog (
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: Pandora on August 08, 2006, 06:21:57 PM
August 8

A new website, originally advertized in LOST magazine, went live today at (


It gives a lot of details about the company behind the Apollo Bar (which appears in both the TV show and TLE, as a reward for the autistic savants).  It was founded by a man named M. David Benson; he and his roots in Norway, and has a family tradition of military service.  There are a bunch of Numbers references on all the pages, and a few references to the Jeep FC-150.  Unfortunately, the number which appears in the bar code of all the candy bars, 185192, does not work as a fragment code; nor does the "ENJOY BY" date (Oct 23-06).

On the Company page, there is a picture of a hot air balloon, another LOST reference.


At the bottom of the site, it says:

The Apollo Candy Company is a subsidiary of The Hanso Group.

and links back to (which is still as of this date, down).

Image courtesy of truffula
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: Pandora on August 09, 2006, 01:42:43 PM
August 9

Rachel Blake Flickr Album & Another Dr. Hackett/EDC Letter About Apollo

It was found that entering NANITE over at ( also leads to a clue which discovered Rachel Blake’s Flickr album ( when you spell the names backwards in a search (”lehcarekalb”).


In the album, in addition to the previous NANITE glyph, there are also several pictures of pieced of a ripped letter, which when put together reveal the following letter:


TO: Dr. Hackett
Apollo Candy

FROM: G. Downs
Engineering Development Center
Atlanta, GA

Date: July 21, 2004

RE: Test Study

Dr. Hackett,

Initial research shows release of the psychotropic compound to be
a success. The acid and flavoring agents of the beverage disguise the taste. More tests are necessary to reach optimum viral spread. My superiors are eager for you to join our effort, once you have extricated yourself from your current situationn.


Recall from previous clues that Dr. Hackett was Mel0Drama's ex-employer at the EDC. And now we know how Apollo ties in--using the flavor to disguise intentional spread of a virus!

The definition of psychotropic is Having an altering effect on perception, emotion, or behavior.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: Pandora on August 09, 2006, 01:44:18 PM
Aug 9

Fragment Code Updates

30) E2LL1Z5E < -- ( (in the link section, after clicking "Sri Lanka")
31) 5BE < -- one of the ads on UK Channel 4 (

Aug 10

Fragment Code Updates

32) R3PUX4 <— physical location outside of Sydney, Australia harbor, hinted to by LOST Ninja previously

Aug 11

Fragment Code Updates

33) GLLV8B <--- part of a long scavenger hunt sponsored by TLEC ( (and fully described at their site), which led from ( to MySpace (, and ultimately ended with a real life find on a t-shirt by Team Lena
34) GMIWRLHHNHM < --- (
35) TRIBALWARS <— People magazine Jeep ad
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: Pandora on August 11, 2006, 06:24:11 PM
Aug 11

Apollo Candy U.S. Giveaway Dates ( has been updated so that some of the pages now have a “US Distribution” button now.


When clicked, it lists the following locations in large US cities for free candy bar giveaways (one per customer):

EDIT 8/22 (Make note, dates/locations have changed once again!):

ESPN New York
Park Ave Country Club

8/24, 6-10PM
Central Park Summerstage

King County Merrymoor Park

8/24 & 8/25
Minneapolis, MN
Minnesota State Fair

Washington DC
Tyson’s Corner Center Mall

8/25, 8PM
Indianapolis, IN
Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation West Park

New York
NYC 1/2 Marathon

8/29, 7PM
Santa Monica, CA
Santa Monica DriveIn At the Pier

8/29, 7:30PM
Portland, Maine
Mill Creek Park

9/2, 7PM
Harrisburg, PA

9/5, 7PM
Santa Monica, CA
Santa Monica DriveIn At the Pier

9/6 12PM-6PM
ABC Times Square Studio

Dallas, TX
Granada Theatre

9/7 5PM-10PM
Washington, DC

Lexington, KY
Jacobson Park

9/9, 11AM-3PM
Philadelphia, PA
Smith & Wollensky

9/12, 5PM-9PM
Chicago, IL
Rockit Bar & Grill

9/15 & 9/16
Memphis, TN
Cooper Young Festival

9/16, 7PM-11PM
Santa Monica, CA
Viceroy Hotel

9/19, 7PM
Santa Monica, CA
Santa Monica Drive In at the Pier

9/20, 5PM-9PM
San Francisco, CA
Americano Retaurant
(Hotel Vitale)

There are no promises, but it seems likely that the wrappers or bars themselves may have glyphs and/or clues on them.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: Pandora on August 11, 2006, 06:26:50 PM
Aug 11-12

DJ Dan Update--First LIVE Podcast and Fragment Code Update

DJ Dan  ( 's first LIVE Podcast was 11PM-1AM PST at (  For those who couldn't catch it, catch the mp3 HERE ( for download (takes a while).  Due to the hard teamwork of many Lostpedians, we now also have a complete (and very long) transcript:  Part 1 ( & Part 2 (

Much of it was joking around, and many real life callers got SHUT DOWN.  Speaker and LOST Ninja were among the many real life callers, but there weren't a ton of real clues in the 2 hour broadcast.  Three concrete clues include:

1) There was a glyph posted on RadioHarvest’s radio station door in South Bend, Indiana.

It was found early morning:
36) 4R19Y0UXB6Y

2) There will be a real life glyph posted on MONDAY in a public place in a major metropolis that rhymes with “fresh air”… I’m 99.999% sure this will be Times Square. ;)

3) There were a few callers that were plants, including Malek (confirmed as the name of “Fixer”), who gave a string of numbers that he said were part of a decryption cipher. He gave them really fast, but they appear to be:

240, 249, 68, 61, 37, 118, 75, 118, 75, 233, 231, 150, 36, 184, 157, 51, 144, 180, 253, 50, 144, 180, 253, 50, 173, 30, 222, 192, 13, 82, 1

If you check those page numbers in the book, Bad Twin, the first word of each page corresponds to:

240 - I
249 - killed
68 - no
61 - on
37 - who
118 - well
75 - he
233 - -ence
231 - robbed
150 - everything
36 - hilt
184 - exhausted
157 - it
51 - sleepily
144 - -ing
180 - crisp
253 - as
50 - next
173 - shared
30 - excellent
222 - the
192 - infuriated
13 - the
82 - up
1 - Paul

First letter of each page corresponds to:

“I know where he is. I can set it up.”

The whole podcast ended as The Hanso Foundation lackeys found the radio station and they scrambled to leave, amidst sounds of gunfire.

Mp3 of podcast courtesy of fastenyourseatbelts

Complete transcript courtesy of Lostpedia team

Radio Harvest glyph found courtesy of Hansolow

Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: Pandora on August 15, 2006, 03:37:32 AM
Aug 14

Fragment Code Updates

37) CHOCOLATES < -- Sublymonal ad in Entertainment Weekly
38) A0Y8 <-- the glyph that finally popped up at Times Square

Aug 15

Fragment Code Updates

39) 56LHZJDCL7A4 <-- LOST Ninja’s blog (, click for Celeb Survivor, then go to the blog entry mentioning LOST, then click on the LOST link

Aug 16

Fragment Code Updates

40) XWZW < -- Commercial at Speaker’s Blog (
41) 44KU2VKQ < -- Found in Sydney, Australia, physical location, near dock (not yet activated), after clue from Lost Ninja
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: Pandora on August 18, 2006, 09:57:17 AM
Aug 16

Retrievers of Truth Update

The Retrievers of Truth ( chatter updated again, with the title spelt out C-A-S-E.  Also, INVESTIGATIONS is capitalized, unknown if these are direct clues.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: Pandora on August 18, 2006, 10:13:36 AM
Aug 16

SubLYMONal on MySpace

SubLYMONal popped up with a MySpace page (

Though MANY MySpace pages about The Lost Experience are fake, this one appears to be in-game. It is professionally made with flash graphics, Talib Kweli music music, and is able to block out standard MySpace ads from the navigator bar, which ordinary members are not able to do.

When you click on the swinging can of soda, you see a billboard.


You can play gulpy sound effects when you click on the images, and make the tongue light up like it's on a copier when you press "copy".


There are links to 5 friends (Tom is just the default friend, maker of MySpace, that everyone has, other 4 are unique, including ).


Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: Pandora on August 18, 2006, 10:22:49 AM
Aug 17

The Chocolate Factory Sign Language Video

Now, if you go over and enter CHOCOLATES into SubLYMONal (, you will get a message that says “call tom k yegato”. If you enter TOMKYEGATO in a number pad on a phone (866-593-4286), you will get a recorded message that says “Sod off, I’m watching the tube.” This is a clue to go to YouTube (; if you go over there and search for "RBlake", you will find a video by CHARLABEELK (Rachel Blake anagram) called:

“The Chocolate Factory” (

We have some professional translators on the job already giving input, and from all accounts, it’s some very bad signing that is hard to read because of the quality of the video.

Slowed-down version loaded HERE (

Here is one of the better translations so far:

Friend of Rachel. I’m Mel; I sell Apollo Candy. Apollo first attacked Mittelwerk, and are having chemists run tests on (letters, can’t interpret, may be DI 9FFTR731). ___ (spelled word hidden in front of glyph on shirt, might be Hackett) found something important but Mittelwerk can’t allow the results to be given up, he hates competition. There was a big argument. (Hackett?) goes with _p__k? (name?), found a new glyph to give Lost. ___ (illegible sign) time, must save people.

I will edit if we come up with something better.

Slowed-down YouTube video loaded courtesy of Tapdawg

Sign language courtesy of Meredith, Trace, Kinetic, PhD, Pilferk, and KJ
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: Pandora on August 20, 2006, 09:46:19 PM
Aug 18

Fragment Code Updates

42) VACCINE <-- found as a glyph under RicherDeeperBroader ( “Take a Tour” (listen).
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
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Aug 18

Retrievers of Truth Update

The ROT ( site has updated with a new thread “To tell the sleuth”…

Seems like Beatnik wasn’t at Comic Con after all. DSLerator found out the picture he took was actually from the “Antlers, Oklahoma Craft and Farm equipment exposition and bake sale”. However, Beatnik still professes his innocence and says that he was asked to post the Mittelwerk commercial on BroadBandStories (4th movie from right, top row) “by a friend” (female).
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: Pandora on August 21, 2006, 09:57:13 PM
Aug 21

Fragment Code Update

43) ESJ4X6EBNC < -- on the side of a car near Entertainment Weekly building, chased down by UnseenPresence AND Tapdawg in LA
44) THEFLASHLIGHT <– found in Jeep print ad last week

Aug 22

Fragment Code Updates

45) FRXRUK9TQ <--- found on (, after a friendly hacker started giving clues for “A S M U I D O B N” have appeared, which may be anagrammed to “SUBDOMAIN”.
46) 25KOCJS6S6 < --- found at  (
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Aug 22

Apollo Candy Giveaway Updates for U.S. & U.K. has updated their U.S. giveaway date/locations, which I've edited into the previous post.  Additionally, they have added on info for the U.K.:


While supplies last, simply go to your nearest Forbidden Planet store (from Thurs 24th August) and say the daily code. Trust us! Your tummy will thank you.

Thursday’s code is “Alvar Hanso”.
Good eating, UK!!

For the UKers, I did a little research, and found that Forbidden Planet's site has a store locator, click HERE (
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Post by: Pandora on August 23, 2006, 12:17:19 PM
Aug 23

Fragment Code Updates

47) 0UJ2 < --- found in videos section of Channel 4 UK site (

Aug 24

Fragment Code Updates

48) PFKAB5QXK < --- real world Australian glyph found after hint by Lost Ninja (
49) ING93A11RO86 < --- found at Singapore Lost site  (
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Post by: Pandora on August 24, 2006, 10:39:18 PM
Aug 24

Well, people have been getting their candy bars from the giveaways!  The events have been frought with miscommunication and disorganization, but some people have managed to get them; the bars say ( on them, directing to the new site by the same name, which went active this morning.  It is a site for recording images of people who got the bars, and take pictures of themselves with them.  It records the percentage found, and the locations of the people who found them.  It appears that some special bars are mixed in with them, called "Golden Oracle" bars, which require keyin of special codes on the wrappers.

Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: Pandora on August 25, 2006, 09:18:51 PM
Aug 25

Fragment Code Updates

50) GZ2I < --- DJ Dan’s Eyes on the Man page (
51) ZFTLZAGO014H < --- Australian Channel 7 site (
52) VE5SMC < --- Lostpedia scavenger hunt (
53) TROPICS < --- ( ad, under “results”

Aug 29

Fragment Code Updates

54) IRZ7 < -- The Fuselage ( Diary

Aug 30

Fragment Code Updates

55) NARVIK < -- ( ad
56) OUDW < -- Lost Ninja ( July 31 post ad for “Snakes on a Plane”
57) 307L97BDB9 <-- Rachel Blake blog ( when "57" in Links clicked

Aug 30

Retrievers of Truth Update

The ROT ( site has updated with a new thread “Delivering the Goods”

It doesn't say much aside from the fact that Beatnik's loyalty is still doubted by the others, and they seem to have gotten a delivery of Apollo Candy.

Aug 31

Fragment Code Updates

58) 5XW3O < -- real life glyph found in Australia after clue by Lost Ninja (
59) BAX5OUX8T < -- found at Channel 4 Entertainment ( under “newest show”

Sep 1

Fragment Code Updates

60) PKDBAH7J < -- in pieces, from both Lost Ninja’s blog ( & Speaker’s blog (

Sep 4

Fragment Code Updates

61) QUARANTINE <– found in Verizon ad in Entertainment Weekly.

Sep 5

Fragment Code Updates

62) 7C8R <-- found at the end of 7/4's Lost episode on UK Ch 4
63) XQGRMH <-- Speaker (’s scavenger hunt starting at his picture at ( and ended back in his reader mail.
64) FLHO6CUM181 < -- found after Speaker YouTube video clue led to another scavenger hunt
65) 354G8 < -- found on coffee mug in Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sep 6

Fragment Code Updates

66) 2NG39Z <-- found by Ixalon in the UK Glyph Hunt
67) V4UMMA <-- found after another Speaker ( scavenger hunt

Sep 7

Fragment Code Updates

68) KCQBMLI6 < -- found in scavenger hunt that started at Lost Ninja’s MySpace ( page.
69) ZR2J < -- found in the UK Glyph Hunt (London)

Sep 8

Fragment Code Updates & Sri Lanka Video is COMPLETE!

70) PGVPE4EC <-- found in the source code for Rachel Blake's blog (http://"") (main page) and viewing the many .png images seen there.

This brings us to the conclusion of the multiple-week Act III which was the great Glyph Hunt!  The Sri Lanka Video is now complete, and viewable on YouTube, placed in order by thousands of devout fans; view a completed 70/70 & ordered version HERE (

( (

Full transcript of this very important video (which at many points tie directly into LOST) below:

Sri Lanka Video Transcript
[Music plays]
© 1975 The Hanso Foundation * ORIENTATION *

Alvar Hanso:
I'm Alvar Hanso. If you are watching this film, you already know and have worked with Gerald and Karen DeGroot, founders and masterminds of the DHARMA Initiative.
By now, you also know there are many research goals for our joint venture. What you may not know, is why we have assembled the DHARMA Initiative, why we have assembled the greatest minds in the world and given them unlimited funds and access.

As with all you've already been told, you are bound by your honor and commitment to keep what you are about to hear a secret. In a few weeks, after your induction counseling and survival training, you and your colleagues will be shipped to a top secret facil[ity...]
The precise location of the facility is known only to myself, the DeGroots, and the few high ranking members of my organization. Why all the security, all the secrecy? The answer is simple: Your research is intended to do nothing less than save the world as we know it.

In 1962, only thirteen years ago, the world came to the brink of nuclear war. The United States and the Soviet Union almost fulfilled the promise of mutual assured destruction. A promise they continue to foster through a destructive Cold War. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, both nations decided to find a solution. The result was the Valenzetti Equation. Commissioned under the highest secrecy, through the U.N. Security Council, the equation is the brainchild of the Italian mathematician Enzo Valenzetti. It predicts the exact number of years and months until humanity extinguishes itself. Whether through nuclear fire, chemical and biological warfare, conventional warfare, pandemic, over-population...
The results are chilling, and attention must be paid...
Valenzetti gave numerical values to the core environmental and human factors in his equation: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. Only by manipulating the environment, by finding scientific solutions to our problems we will be able to change those core factors, and give humanity a chance to survive.
Although the equation has been buried by those who commissioned it [STATIC] panic. It has always been my belief that we ignore warnings at our own peril; and thus, the DHARMA Initiative was born.

DHARMA is an acronym for Department of Heuristics and Research on Material Applications. It also stands for the one true way. [STATIC] ...and through your research, you will help human... [STATIC].
We have constructed several stations on the island, underground laboratories with the facilities you will need to do your research, with optimal expediency...all of the support you will need, including regular medicine and food drops will be made in perpetuity.

A radio transmitter has also been erected on the island broadcasting in a frequency and encryption known only to us. The transmitter will only broadcast the core numerical values of the Valenzetti Equation. When, through your research, you manage to change the numerical value of any one of these factors, when you have created through science the [unaudible] ... We will know that the one true way has been found.

That is the work to which you have committed yourself. Change the core values of the Valenzetti Equation, and you will change the course of destiny. The fate of the human race is in your hands.
Thank you and namaste.

Thomas Mittelwerk:
We all know what happened - the DHARMA Initiative failed and in spite of every effort of the Foundation, we are gripped in the tyranny of those six numbers.
We have tried to change those values by manipulating the environment in many, many ways. We have done our level best, and yet this inscrutable equation keeps bringing us back to the numbers. So now, we have to take radical action and I just want to tell all of you, that I trust you to do what is best.

The villages of Filan and Vetul-Milani have allowed us to test our vaccine on them. They think they are infected by a virus carried by local macaques and they believe we are bringing them the cure, so when you go in, you have to keep up the story. You know it by heart, don't waver. When the deaths begin you must comfort everyone with compassion and empathy then the bodies of the dead must be brought to the station immediately for full genetic work-up. We must make absolute certain we are hitting precise genetic targets we have engineered into the virus.

The optimal mortality rate is 30 percent. Our operatives at the Vik Institute have verified this figure. If more or less people succumb, we have failed. We need not take any more lives than is absolutely necessary.


Scientist #1:
[Raises hand]
But Tom, these are people, innocent human beings, and we're just-

If you knew, with mathematical certainty, that you could end all famine, war, and poverty, what would you do? Exactly, you'd find the best way to get it done - precisely, surgically, without allowing for any more suffering than is absolutely necessary. (Sigh)

It is not fair that innocents have to die so that we can perfect this virus but I promise you, someone is going to hell...

Is there something reflecting in the back?

Rachel Blake:
Oh God!

Somebody grab her!

Hey! Hey! Get her!
(incomprehensible shouting)

No! Get off me! Get off! No!

Scientist #2:
We got her.

Get off me! No! It's-

Video on YouTube uploaded courtesy of Timdorr

Transcript courtesy of Lostpedia
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Sep 9

Rachel's Response to Malik and DJ Dan Update[/b]

Speaker ( recently "got an email from an anonymous tipper".  It was an image with a long string of numbers, pictured backwards. 


When translated from Hex to ASCII, and then read backwards, the clue reads:

M--Conscience is keeping you in the fight is it? Heard you call in to DJ Dan. If you're talking about who I think you are then you already know my answer.

Appears that the message may be from Rachel to Malik.  She references one of Malik's last phone call to DJ Dan's Live Podcast on Aug 11, where he created a code that was translated "I know where he is, I can set it up."  (Sounds like he is talking about Alvar Hanso)

In related news, DJ Dan is holding yet another live podcast, this time on Sep 23, 8PM PST, discussed on his Podcast Archive page ( 

Sep 10
Malik's Response to Rachel

In response, Malik seems to have posted a different code on Lost Ninja’s blog (, which (when translated) reads:


R — I think it’s fair to say, whatever conscience I have was built on faulty equipment. This is a matter of duty. Loyalty… Speaking of which, I’ve been troubled by the very recent disappearance of an old friend, de Zylva. We all saw your Sri Lanka video. You were captured at the end, and yet, there you were, blasting those Lost producers in San Diego not a week later. And, I have to wonder… did de Zylva have something to do with that? Do you know what’s become of him?

Sep 11
Rachel's Response to Malik

And now, a third coded email! Coming to you from the third piece of the triumvirate, Other Girl (, decoded to Rachel’s reply:


I knew you were behind that. I just knew. He never told me, you know?

When I hit the ground I was sure I was dead. The camera was broken, they were dragging me to my feet… and then a burst of gunfire in the air. These were SCIENTISTS, unarmed. They hit the ground. But not Mittelwerk. He kept coming until de Zylva turned the shots in his direction. Once Mittelwerk was face down on the ground, de Zylva grabbed my hand and we were gone. With the camera.

He didn’t talk. He said he was de Zylva, that was it. We knew Mittelwerk was already in pursuit, but we stuck to tunnels that had been dug out during various wartimes. We had some close calls. The goal was the American embassy in Colombo, but when we got there, we knew that was impossible. It was being watched — the airport, too. de Zylva said The Hanso Foundation had too much influence in Colombo to take the risk.

And, then, they caught wind of us again. We knew we could be caught at any second, and the only important thing was that video. EVIDENCE of Mittelwerk’s world-wide decimation plot. I’d planned for this. All I needed was a secure, high-speed connection. The Hanso goons knew it too. They surrounded the place while I was uploading. We barricaded ourselves, de Zylva knew an escape route. I barely got out, made my way to a friend of de Zylva’s who could get me to India. I swear, I waited for de Zylva. But he never came.

I’m so sorry.

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Sep 12

Rachel Blake/Hanso Hack Update

There is a new code line at the bottom of (

Pdeo eo jkp ukqn bwqhp. Wo ukq kjya odkqpaz wp pda pkl kb ukqn hqjco, sa’ra whh ckp “xhkkz kj kqn dwjzo.” E fqop dkla iu bneajz eo naopejc awou.

Sdana wna ukq? E’hh jaaz ukq pk iaap ia ej Jknswu.

One can use a Caesar cipher (take the alphabet, shift it over a few as the key) to decode:

This is not your fault. As you once shouted at the top of your lungs, we’ve all got “blood on our hands.” I just hope my friend is resting easy.

Where are you? I’ll need you to meet me in Norway.
Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
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Sep 13

Rachel Blake/Hanso Hack Update

Another secret communique back from Rachel this time to Malik. There is Morse code in an mp3 file at (

M — Wish it were that simple. Fact is, as much as I want to, I still can’t trust you. I want to believe you are the man who helped me in Paris, but De Zylva’s name was not unknown. You could be Mittelwerk himself, springing a trap under my feet. I need confirmation it’s you. I need you to tell me something only you could know.

Sep 14

Rachel Blake/Hanso Hack Update

A new binary-coded message by Malik in reply showed up on Rachel Blake’s site ( When decoded to hex and then ASCII text, this is the message:

R — I respect your caution. Suppose it’s warranted, after all you’ve come through. I can’t remember it exactly, but I think when we were in the stairwell in Paris, you muted the mic as I said “Because he wanted me to help you, and I can’t question a man who would launch the Mental Health Appeal… to save a loved one.” Say what you will about him now, his heart was once in the right place.

Sep 14

Rachel Blake/Hanso Hack Update

And Rachel, in reply, wrote to her hidden blog (, the msg: “111151131047156103155116056″, which is octal, and decodes to the anagram “IiY’nCmN”, which is rearranged to:

I’m in NYC.

Sep 15

Rachel Blake/Hanso Hack Update

Malik’s message following that is an coded image of binary on (


You lived in 3 different apartments. Be waiting outside your second at 7:45 PM. I’m sending a car. Hope you remember the brand of iron you hit me with, because that’s the code.

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Sep 18 Update

A short (and frankly, not that exciting) update. Rachel sent out a short email directing us to go to ( Once there, there is a collage graphic made up of pictures of Apollo-grabbers that says UNITE. It reminds us that DJ Dan’s next live podcast is on September 24th (Sunday) at 8 PM PST, so it appears the end game could be approaching.

Title: Re: TLE- The Walkthrough (Updated Clues)--Check in here first if you are playing!
Post by: Pandora on September 24, 2006, 05:34:26 PM

Sep 21 Update ( closed down today, with an unusual message:


Click on the word "removed", and you will be taken to an unusual video on YouTube (, of a musician (real life, Eric Hutchinson) playing in a restaurant as part of the 'Jeep Compass' tour.  Halfway through one of his numbers, someone from the audience interrupts him, saying he is William T. Kilpatrick (our own WTK), and raving about The Hanso Foundation's evil plans to use a fleet of Jeep Compasses to transport illegally harvested organs. Before the end, he is dragged off by Hanso goons, though he throws up a bunch of papers which may contain the LYCGY ( URL, says that everything we need to know is in the "Missing Organs folder", and shouts Rachel's name.  He is then filmed as he is thrown in the back of a van with MI plate 1646HH.



Strangely enough, this was all caught on another YouTube video ( from a different angle by others who were eating in Potbelly Sandwiches in Michigan at the time (appears to be real life staged event?).


Next, if you go back to the ( site, you can note at the bottom in dark font the numbers "13/9/19/19/9/14/7/15/18/7/1/14/19", which again, translates to "MISSING ORGANS".

Inside the /USR Trash folder is a continuation of the earlier Rachel (as OpenersHep) & WTK chat conversation from months ago, though now, it appears that this part took place after the kidnapping, and it is no longer William Kilpatrick talking on the other end (looks like they may have done something awful with him):

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Thu Sep 21 1:58:03 2006
[1:58] OpenersHep: you there?
[1:58] wtkFleet35: Hello Rachel
[1:58] wtkFleet35: I was just thinking about you.
[1:59] OpenersHep: why's that?  what's going on?
[1:59] wtkFleet35: Because
[1:59] wtkFleet35: You're on my mind
[1:59] OpenersHep: ...
[1:59] OpenersHep: trying to win creepy points, will?
[1:59] wtkFleet35: You should watch that tone
[1:59] OpenersHep: who is this?
[1:59] OpenersHep: obviously not william...
[1:59] OpenersHep: spit it out
[2:00] wtkFleet35: Did you really think you would get away with it Miss Blake?
[2:00] OpenersHep: what've you done with him?
[2:01] wtkFleet35: See what you have done Rachel?
[2:01] wtkFleet35: All the people you have hurt.
[2:01] wtkFleet35: And for what, hmm?
[2:01] OpenersHep: tell me you sicko
[2:02] wtkFleet35: Don’t worry about Mr. Kilpatrick.  He is in good hands.  He is helping others in ways he never imagined. 
[2:03] OpenersHep: what is WRONG with you people?
[2:04] wtkFleet35: We promise not to boil his bunny.
[2:05] wtkFleet35: Oh, not to worry my dear. We already have
[2:05] wtkFleet35: By the way, nice place you have there in the Big Apple.
[2:07] wtkFleet35: Rachel dear….you there?
[2:07] *** "OpenersHep" signed off at Thu Sep 21 2:07:33 2006

Also inside the /USR Trash folder is the long-awaited ( file.  It unzips into evidence.pdf, which contains a series of documents which prove The Hanso Foundation's culpability in the harvesting of illegal organs in South Africa, and their use of specially equipped Jeep Compass vehicles to accomplish this.


(Note again above, the reappearance of the name "Vialex" as a preservative for organs)


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Sep 24

DJ Dan Update--Second LIVE Podcast and Rachel Blake Final Video

On DJ Dan’s podcast aired at 8PM PST; listen to the mp3 HERE ( At just after 9:15 PST, Rachel Blake called in. She said she ‘had an insider’ on the Lost panel and talks about what made her start hacking. A caller called in with a live audio feed of The Hanso Foundation getting raided, though Mittelwerk blew up the building and escaped. When Rachel is pressed for details, she gives the big reveal, leading us to (http://http:/ for her final video.  It is now removed from the other site, but can still be seen HERE ( on Youtube, with the Sri Lanka video ( section cut out.


The truth is out--Alvar Hanso was kept near-prisoner in his home due to medical treatments (life extension? never fully explained) by Mittelwerk, but did nothing to stop his unethical activities.  Towards the end, the big reveal is given, and what many suspected: that Rachel Blake is in fact his daughter.  She had traced the funding for her education back to The Hanso Foundation, and that is how she got started researching the organization.

Video Transcript
(Outside a house, Rachel knocks. Titles show up that she is in Narvik, Norway. A man answers the door, letting her in. Inside, opera music plays and we see another man stood in the living room. The man is Alvar Hanso)

Alvar: Leave us.

(The man goes upstairs, as Alvar motions Rachel to sit)

Alvar: (Sighs) Rachel Blake.

Rachel: You recognise me?

Alvar: How did you get past security?

Rachel: I have contacts inside your Foundation. The nurse who comes in regularly to take your blood was called away on a family emergency. I’m her replacement.

Alvar: (Chuckles) Clever. So, did you come to draw blood?

Rachel: How can you joke, after everything you’ve done?

Alvar: You brought in a recording device.

Rachel: No. This is between you and me.

Alvar: I can hear it Rachel, its in your bag. You must have thought you could walk into my home, armed with nothing but the truth, and extract a confession from me.

Rachel: Something like that.

Alvar: (Chuckles again) I think your idealism touching. And, since its the truth you came for, I suppose that is what I should give you. On tape.

(Rachel moves the camera round to face Alvar, as he sits up in his chair quickly)

Alvar: The men you see here, work for the Foundation, they do not work for me. Their job is to keep me inside. To keep me from talking to anyone of importance. I’m a prisoner…

Rachel: No! You are not dodging the blame.

Alvar: No. I’m not. I am to blame. For training Thomas Werner Mittelwerk. For grooming him to be my successor. For giving him all the tools he needed to do the awful things he has. He cannot kill me, but he can keep me locked up while he kills millions of what…

(Rumbling from outside the room spooks both Blake and Hanso, and Rachel has to momentarily cover the camera)

Alvar: ..he is the one who has done all of the things that you have exposed, And much worse, all in my name. And yours.

Rachel: Mine?

Alvar: Thats why you came. The reason why you’ve investigated the Foundation. You wanted to learn more about the trust fund that paid for your upbringing. You wondered how a single mother, could pay for an education, and all the advantages you were given. But you, are a beautifully intelligent young woman, and you were able to trace the funds back to the Foundation. You searched, and even as you realised all the evil that was being done, even as you turned against everything that the Foundation now stands for, you kept on, because you knew the path would lead, to your father. And now I need your help, even if I don’t deserve it. I may never leave this house alive, and it’s only a matter of time before the guards realise who you are. So take this confession, get it to the press, to the authorities, to anyone who will listen! Make a scandal, Rachel! You are the only one who can bring down Mittelwerk, and set me free. Go now Rachel, finish this once and for all. Go!

Rachel: So long… Dad.

(Rachel begins to leave as the video cuts out)

Transcript courtesy of Lostpedia
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Sep 27

Hanso Update

A few days after DJ Dan's 2nd live podcast aired and Rachel Blake revealed her last video, ( went back up.  The content was a letter of apology and regret from Alvar Hanso himself.  He discusses how his trust in Mittelwerk was misplaced, and how it cost lives, and talks about Rachel publicly as his daughter.  He says that with her help, he was "exonerated and freed from imprisonment." 


However, if you click on the word "humanity", a creepy image and audio of Mittelwerk will still appear.


He says:

"You've taken a battle, but that's all it was, a battle. Humanity needs me, now more than ever. I have the virus, I have the will, and I will not fail."