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Anyone seen this and is it really scary??

Trailer at the bottom.

Madam P:
Entertainment Weekly says it'll scare the socks off you.  Apparently it's going to be sort of like Blair Witch.  It was filmed at a cost of (get this) $11,000... in some guy's house. 

I watched a preview and it looked dumb...along with all the other ghost shows...

I think it depends on what scares you.  Some people don't find ghost stuff scary at all, so this may not be the movie for everybody.  But many of my friends who did see this film said it was awesome. 

I'm just afraid that with all the hype that my expectations will be so high, that I'm doomed to face disappointment. I am so jaded when it comes to horror films now. Nothing scares me.

I hate gross out movies, cuz they don't scare me. They just gross me out.

I'm hoping that Paranormal Activity will give me a couple scares. Or just creep me out a bit. I like movies that make me think about it days later and leave me feeling uneasy.

OMG just saw this movie and LOVED IT!!!!!  Went in not expecting alot and came out very pleased. 

Now, this is not the movie for people who expect a CGI- special effects, action packed blood fest.  It was filmed in the Blair Witch style without the rollercoaster, nauseau effects.

What I loved about this movie was the subtlety of the scares and the build-up of tension through out the film.  This was a very character driven movie and filmed entirely in the house where "paranormal" activity is seemingly plaguing a young couple.  What I loved is that you never actually see much and what you do see is creepy. The audio was really freaky too.  What I also noticed is because it was documentary style filming there was no music in the background to set the mood. For me, creepy music can lend so much to a horror film, but because this was shot like a "home movie" it still was able to creep the beejezus out of me. 

The acting was SUPERB because the two main characters did not look like they were acting at all. They seemed so real to me.  The dialogue did not feel scripted.  It all seemed so natural despite all the supernatural phenomenon that was going on. And their reactions to the events seemed real to me as well.  I really felt a connection with these people and sympathized with them which made it all the more frightening when all the weird shyte started happening.

I admit there were a couple scenes that went a little over the top for me and took away from the realistic feel this film had.  But overall, I LOVED this movie and I wasn't screaming or anything like the preview audiences, but it definitely had me thinking about it after I left the movie theater. When it comes out on DVD I am sooooooo buying it!


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