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I can't remember much about the old show, other than it was a bad experience when it was releaved the aliens were

Morena Baccarin AND Alan Tudyk?! I might have to watch. They've also taken after Lost and cast a Party-of-Five-alumn, Scott Wolf.

Um.... does this mean that Juliet is really gone?  :'(

^ nah


--- Quote from: Suzanne4Auburn on September 29, 2009, 11:15:25 AM ---I hope it's better than the original as well. I am excited that the Leader of the aliens is that girl from Serenity!!! She is great! I will definitely check this one out

--- End quote ---

My Dad said the same thing it is a remake of another show, what where and when was this on?

I am going to try it because of Elizabeth Mithcell and it is getting good reviews. I am not going expecting to like it much, not a big alien fan.


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