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Well and Charlie and Penny are in it, along with the whole Oceanic billboard....Which was on screen a good four seconds I think....I FIGURED IT OUT, when they BLEW UP THE HATCH, it made everyone's mind skip ahead, instead of the island skipping the whole world did.

this is some crazy stuff:
that would be awesome but i dont think so.       and the chick that Sawyer conned in the long con is in it to. 

This is a great show.....I guess the writers that are paid by ABC have to sign off on NO Free WILL....just kidding not trying to start a thread fight here in it's first week

I am Hooked

^ they do have free will, but the point is is that its going to lead to what they saw...

penny, charlie, cassidy :D

i think the one walking around at the stadium was the boy's dad and the future love interest of penny :D

this is some crazy stuff:
its charlie or the boys dad. i would say.


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