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Just saw an Oceanic billboard in the early shots of FlashForward!  Any chatter about this show?

this is some crazy stuff:
ummmmm we need some forums for each episode on this show as well.   THIS WAS THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING I HAVE SEEN SINCE LOST.

I'm hooked! Can't wait til next episode! Glad I recorded it so I can watch it again. My guess for Suspect Zero is Charlie from LOST. The kangaroo, wth!?? FlashForward getting good reviews on Twitter also. It became trending topic, yes!!

this is some crazy stuff:
SO heres to anyone that wants to start a site.  Maybe it will be where we all go after Lost is over.

Jungle Otter:
Looks incredibly interesting. One of the clues the FBI agent had on his board was "Red Panda" - I'm guessing a company of some sort as there was an ad on one of the buses that went past earlier in the show. I want to see more!

I surmise the kangaroo escaped when the keeper passed out at the zoo....


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