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Have you seen the trailer? It will definitely be funny AND violent. I'm just not too sure about the guy in it, he was in Adventureland and I thought that was an awful movie.

Yeah I've seen it. When I say violent though I mean I wanna see the brain flying out haha. They can't really show that on TV.

I didn't see Adventureland but I love Bill Hader so I was planning on watching it. Not good eh?

Bill Hader wasn't really in much of it, but when he was, he was great. I just didn't like Kristen Stewart, I think, because to me she was basically playing the same character she plays in Twilight... angsty teen, indifferent and self-destructive. She even does the same stuttering thing that she does in Twilight.  :-\ I didn't really like her in either movie. I'm not sure she can act. But anyway, the kid in Zombieland is the same kid from Adventureland, and it looks like he's being typecast now, too.

Sucks for him. He looks like a Michael Cera wannabe anyway.

Nobody else can be Michael Cera, he rocked in Arrested Development.


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