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Mysteries of the Universe, Dharma Initiative Video Series

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ABC has started a new video series investigating the Dharma Initiative. Lets post any finding in this new series here and see what secrets we can find.

You can find the write up and see the video here. http://lost.cubit.net/archives/2009/07/mysteries-of-the-universe-inve.php

Well, I will agree that we know that there is a secret society and ancient one perhaps.  So this is how they might flesh out things for  us that they could not incorporate in the series.  Or add more mystery  :o

As always thanks for keeping us updated there Juggy!  Good to have this information at our fingertips

It's cute that the next videos are being released on the 4, 8, 15, and 16 of the next four months.

LOL I did not even notice that pattern.

At comic con the producers stated that Dharma will not be much of the show next season. This is one way of bringing in their back story.

hee hee... I only noticed the number sequence because I was writing it down on my calendar... I'm such a geek!... and I wondered if there were a pattern.

It'll also appease the fans during hiatus, this and the Lost University thing, even though that has more to do with the Season 5 Blu-Ray release, right?


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