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Saving the World
« on: May 14, 2009, 09:20:53 PM »
What if DHARMA and the Hostiles tolerated eachother because they held the same purpose: to save the world from the upcoming holocaust.

1. According to the ARG, Dharma's purpose on the island was to change the core numbers in the Valenzetti equation (4,8,15,16,23,42) in order to change the outcome - the end of the world. The show never confirmed this, but Damon and Carlton said that the ARG is mostly canon (esp. Valenzetti and Hanso). Today we find out from Radzinsky that the Swan needs to be built, since he spent 8 years planning it in order to 'change the world'. So we can probably assume that the Swan was the key to at least changing one of those numbers. But they failed. The incident happened, and The Swan could not be used for its official purpose.

2. We don't know much about the others, but we do know that they believe they are the 'good guys', trying to do what's best for the island and the world. We know that 'the one who will save us all' is in the Shadow of the statue, and Jacob seems to be the one referred. Jacob, unlike his nemesis, believes in people and in the progress they can achieve. They also talk about loops. What if Jacob is trying to change the world so that it doesn't end anymore, breaking the loop apart? In that case, he would instruct his people to apply his plan.

So DHARMA arrives on the island. Jacob is not thrilled, but he gives them a chance, since they're both aiming the same goal. But when DHARMA fails, Jacob thinks that the scientific method is doomed to fail, and orders the Purge. Meanwhile, being the Taweret that he is (speculation, I know), he tries to prevent the death of his people by trying to solve the 'birth on the island'. Since his statue is destroyed, he doesn't have the power to do it himself, so he sends out for Juliet. When that doesn't work, he gets mad, again  blaming the scientific method, and arranges for Ben (the appointed leader) to die.

So they could all be working to save the world. This makes a lot of conflicts seem like children fights. Locke vs Jack - irrelevant. Widmore vs Ben - just a medium level power struggle with no important consequences. The appearance of Jacob in this episode really diminishes the importance of most of our 'leaders' (Ben, Richard, Widmore, Eloise, Locke).

That's why Widmore and Eloise and Ben were trying to get all of the people on the island. They hate eachother, but they are on the same side. The real conflict, or war, as Widmore put it, is between Jacob and The Black Clothed Dude. And that's season 6 for you  ;D Will they join the Others and 'save the world', or will they choose the other side and end the loop as usual?

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Re: Saving the World
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2009, 09:49:06 PM »
Eloise insisted on having Locke in a coffin on the plane so I am sure she is in with the black shirt guy. She and Widmore will be against Jacob.