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Fox's "24"

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Jungle Otter:
It wasn't bad - interesting twist....and the head of CTU is a pansy in my estimation

Agreed. Good episode I thought. For a second I really thought Freddy Prinze Jr. was going to get shot. But yeah, good ending.

Jungle Otter:
I have lost all respect for President Taylor. Hmmm, former president Logan is absolutely right. We should screw Jack over just to get a peace agreement. Let's totally forget that the Russians were in it from teh beginning. Let's forget their role in the assassination of a foreign leader. Let just put all that aside, wrap it up in a bow and store it away until some historian digs it up many years from now. Who cares as long as we have peace?

I did enjoy seein Jack give Walsh a smackdown - that was awesome!!!  ;D

President Logan is this show's Ben....and the current President follows like a puppy dog to his manipulations. Jack has to put Logan in his place!! 

Lookin forward to next week!

I knew he was gonna take that chopper.

Dude: Sorry we had to meet under these circumstances.

Me: Yeah cause you're about to get a gun pulled on you!


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