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Point Place WI:
Yes, I know I am an above average Lost fan but 24 on fox is definitely stealing the thunder.  I guess the format is so much more amazing than "Lost."  Lost jumps around even though I like flashbacks.....the relevence is pointless until we get some answers on why the heck they got on the Island in the first place!  24 has structure to each episode being an hour and the entire season is one day.  Jack must save the day as a Government CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) agent working to protect the United States.  Action packed with non stop danger. 

Jack Baur Owns

I guess what I'm saying is that if you like "Lost" try "24" only a few episodes left for both series but you can always rent past seasons!

i agree with you 24 is an awsome fast pace show.  But lost is different.  To me at least it seems deeper.  That there are more levels to it.  24 has Jack Bauer saving the world. and he saves it every year.  and god bless hime for it.  I love 24 and i love lost.  But to compare the two is like comparing apples to sledgehammers.

i agree with you waylost- they are totally different shows

Every season of Lost is intertwined...if you started watching starting the third season you would be well Lost

In 24 the seasons really dont need to connect together... i started watching 4th season and what had happened in the 3 previous didnt really matter
also- as exciting as it is, the plot in 24 is somewhat the same every season... it basically follows the same path with a different WMD...and we all know Jack isnt going to die, and in the end he will save the day- like last season when he supposedly "died" at the end... i didnt for one second think he was actually dead
Still i think 24 gives you your hours worth of TV everytime, and rarely disappoints

Lost meanwhile...the exciting part of each episode could be toned down to a 10 minute section...yet this does make the viewer crave for more... I mean i think about lost alot more than i do 24 during the week.

I'd say if i had to choose, i would choose Lost, just because i have no freggin idea what will happen in the next three episodes... in 24 i know everything will be ok cuz jack bauer will save the day

season finale tommorow... ohh schnikeys(that good)

all i can say about that finale is woooooowowowowoooooooooooow. i mean jesus christ 24 just kicked it up a notch!... everthing that i said in that previous post about 24 being predictable is totally erroneous now! totally did not expect that type of finale at all


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