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I have the book Bad Twin and am in the process of reading it.  The author's (one of the people who did not survive the crash) letters to his publisher are cool.  I mentioned Cindy the flight attendent to my DH and he swears he heard mention of her on the show at some time.  Anyone remember?

Anyone else interested in Bad Twin?


if i'm not mistaken (and i can be):

Cindy was the black haired women/flight attendent who mysteriously disappeared from the 'tallies' group right before Shannon was killed.

Yes, that's who Cindy was, ruwhour.  Check the Index for her profile.

As for Bad Twin, I mention it in the sticky on referenced books, though I haven't read it before myself.  How do you like it so far, Sarah?  I know I was a little put off by the way the writers plugged it so heavily as one of the "literary references"... when it's really more product placement to me (since it is a LOST spinoff, and they are getting a cut of the profits).

I also added Gary Troup (the fictional author who is presumed dead as an 815 survivor) to the Character Profiles.

Just finished reading the book and it was entertaining. It paints and interesting picture of the world around the survivors. The Hanzo foundation in their 42nd floor laboratory are very close to the Widmore corperation (Widmore was on Henry Gale's hot air ballon and manufactured the pregency test Sun took). Alvar Hanzo is a friend of the seinor Widmore and previously sat on the board of directors. Now Dr. Thomas Mittlewerk sits on the board in his place and is the sole ally of Cliff Widmore son of the ailing. Both are the heir apperent to thier respective organizations. The rest of the board of directors is often at odds with them on the direction they are taking the company.  Try entering "heir apperant" into the box on Mittlewerk's page on The book and website paint an nasty picture of him. I'm pretty sure this the "him" that fake Henry Gale is so afraid of and not Alvar Hanzo.

The following is a clip of the Author Gary Troup doing an interview....


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